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Decade of Destruction: (Neo) Random Kingdom History, 2025-2035

Neo RK
25-05-2005, 17:29
OOC: The timeline is due to a shift in Random Kingdom RPing into PostModern Tech, however, to keep things fair, for the first decade or so (until Neo gets large enough to be believable in RPs) NRK will RP at Modern Tech.

SemiIC: This is intended to fill in a gap caused by a sudden shift in RPing. It is a timeline of major events in the history of RK and NRK from 2025 (end of Farmina War) to 2035 (opening of First NRK Island Committee).

2025: The Farmina War ended dramatically in RK having being lost. RK became an asset of Farmina.
Early 2026: New Random Kingdom Government inaugerated. Capitalist Block President Meg Herst elected.
Mid 2026: Farmina withdraws from RK, which is now a mostly independant nation, but Farminan ideals still resonate... for the time being.
Late 2026: Acoran Sr. (Ascot) flees Random Kingdom by use of subway system tailed by the RKSS.
2027: Ascot leaves the Golden Hills. Ascot Exodus formally starts. Arconirian Islands chosen as location for successor to Random Kingdom. 4 people are added to the directing force, and a substantial number of RK citizens are taken.
2028: Ascot terminated by RKSS, 2 former government officials take his place.
2030: Neo Random Kingdom founded by fugitives on the AE system. Exodus now overseen by a board of 8 actively involved "directors", and a plan to convert willing outsiders into citizens inaugerated.
2031: 4 of the 8 directors are killed in an ambush, but an "army" of full-time volunteers is founded and sent into RK.
2032: The so-called Ascotian Army is popular with people of all ages, and the numbers of converted and smuggled reaches an all-time peak.
2034: Capital of Ascotia completed. Acoran Jr. becomes involved in the AA as an external tactics advisor.
2035: First Island Committee (NRK interim government style) created. Acoran Jr. gives up his position in the AA to become the joint Prime Minister of Reclaimation.