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New Carthago emerges... (FT)

New Carthago
25-05-2005, 02:25
New Carthago Military Vessel - Hasdrubal (, Ba'al class battleship closing with client world "Eredeth"

Admiral Mago strolled up and down the bridge of his ship as it closed in on the world. Eredeth had always been a problem to the Carthaginian Empire, late with its tribute, never giving enough troops in times of war - not that they were needed - of course, and always hesitent to give the customary greetings to Carthaginian officials. Well, this time, a show of force had to be made to prove -once and for all - who was clearly in charge of this backward world. Surprising, Mago mused, that such a backward world wasn't immediately shocked into submission when the Carthaginian navy first encountered the planet. Most other cultures consider us Kings, Gods... And worship us accordingly.

The people of Eredeth, a temperate world on the outskirts of the Carthaginian sphere of influence, were a basic human standard shape. The hospitability of the world had originally attracted the Carthaginian scouts, who reported upon entering the system, that the world was habited, like so many others they had found. It seemed the nearby systems were in a particularly suitable condition to recieve life, as many of them did just that. Still, this had its own advantages. New Carthago was plainly the most powerful of the surviving sovereign powers by a considerable margin, as they were about to prove to the united Kingdoms of Eredeth. Of the United Kingdoms, only one of them had firearms to any kind of degree, though they were still on the path to discovering internal combustion, relying on horse analogues for transport, a curious being with 6 legs, an unsightly, waddling gait, and very long hair. They could keep a fair pace for a very long time, and could carry heavy loads without appearing encumbered. The Eredeth themselves were obliged to mine the ore of their planet, and pay it to the Carthaginians in tribute, which would be picked up by shuttle each month. Last month, the shuttle had gone home empty for the third time running, and disciplinary measures had been approved. It was why Admiral Mago was here in the Hasbrudal. As a gift to the people of Eredeth, they had been gifted with a functioning radio transmitter to keep in contact with the orbiting Carthaginian probe, which would communicate any messages recieved to Carthago itself. It, too, had been silent. No explanation. No warning that the payment would once again be missed. Admiral Mago intended to make sure that the Eredeth explained the situation to his satisfaction before he disciplined them accordinly. Opening a channel to the Radio, he requested to speak to the Monarch of the United Kingdoms of Eredeth.

A gruff voice came over the radio suddenly, crystal clear, and evidently belonging to someone desperately trying to contain their nerves.
"This is King Syphax. What is it you want? Why do you come here, Carthaginian? Why do you return where you are unwelcome?"
"King...Syphax. What an amusing coincidence. As far as my recollection goes, King, you were informed of my name, and my rank. As it does not trouble me to inform you again, I shall. I am Admiral Mago of the New Carthago navy. And I am welcome where I say I am. Carthago has been benevolent enough to grant you rulership of the Kingdoms of Eredeth. A self governing province of the Empire which only requires a small tribute of your more basic materials. Yet, for all we have given you, you seemed to have reneged on your half of the bargain. Three of your months, you have sent us nothing. It's a betrayal of trust, Syphax. Carthage needs to feel we can trust you, or you can't be allowed to govern yourself any more. You understand, don't you? The senate are not an unreasonable people. When I leave here, I want to tell them that from now on, you won't be late with your tribute. Can I do that?"

There was several seconds worth of static on the radio. Just as admiral Mago was getting impatient, a weary and resigned voice (but nevertheless, with a touch of relief) came over the intercoms.
"You may tell the senate that they will have their tribute, and the missing tribute, next month."

Smiling grimly, Mago responded,
"I appreciate this, Syphax. You have the showings of a wise man afterall. Gunnery: Fire."

It disappointed Mago that he did not get to see the look on Syphax' face as his death became reality, but it was a trivial thing to be concerned over. The ship lurched slightly to the side as a broadside fired, rumblings from the bowels of the ship rising to meet him. Viewscreens around the bridge gave him a 360 degree view of the surrounding space, but it was only the area next to the planets capital, such as it was, that concerned him. He squinted down at the surface in a vain attempt to see something, but in reality, this archaic planets capital city was far too small and far away to see any evidence of the destruction wreaked upon it by the Hasbrudal.

"Ensign, focus in on the capital city of Eredeth for me. I want to see it one last time before I destroy it. You know, for such a primitive people, their architecture was quite impressive. Still, there will be plenty of times to tour the ruins later, and surving cities to see." Seeing the ensign having not respond, he repeated, "now, Ensign."

On the main screen, an aerial view of Ghyren appeared. Green and tan coloured buildings and parklands with the people going about their business. The industrial section could be seen in a single section of the city. Their industrial revolution was happening, but it was only isolated at the moment. A split second later, the city centre erupted into flames. Fireballs expanded all over as the broadside impacted, doubtless killing thousands. At this range, however, it felt so impersonal.

"Give them a second volley, as soon as possible. Finish the chore, so we can end our business here and report our success."
A second force once again pushed the ship to the side, and more of the deep bass rumbling filtered its way up. What remained of the city erupted again, any soil not immediately vapourised was flung up as plumes of dust. It would doubtless interfere with weather cycles for years to come. But they had brought it upon themselves. Perhaps next time Mago had to pass this far from Carthago he would be given the proper respect due to an officer of the Carthaginian navy.

"Dispatch a runner to the neighbouring kingdom. Inform the monarch there that they now represent the entire people of Eredeth, and they have four tribute collections to fulfil by the end of their next month. Inform them that the surviving population of Ghyern is to be rounded up, and is also part of the tribute collections. They are property of the Carthago senate now. Supply them with a radio so that we communicate with them. "

The Ensign departed to carry out her orders.
25-05-2005, 02:27
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The EverQueen
25-05-2005, 06:55
Space is soft. For those that can make craft to travle through it, they can pass through it with no resistance. Speed, ah, tis a different thing, for without the proper engines, the ships of the Mighty Everkingdom would not be able to move to the new planets, although some could debate thats a good thing, most would hang you for it. Still, this is all not the fabric of what we are telling.

The Craft, looking like a giant leaf shape, came flying out of nowhere, no small rips in space, nothing along those lines could be seen. But they had, they had opened a Silent rift, which did not show their presance. Sinica smiled, before going back to grooming his long Brown and gold feathers. His ship, and all the crew, watched the massacer below.

"Well, that was not good" He growled softly.

"Sir, we don't know what happened, and we need to ally with these people." Came the soft voice of the Robed Arch Mage. "Give the Orders, send the message."

"Yes Master Oralnio" The Griffon Chortled, before composing a Message.

To: The Ship Recently fireing apon the planet
From: Sinica, Commander of the ship near you.

No, don't fire, we won't hurt you, although we applaud your skill at being able to kill Planets not yet off Advanced Enough technology to ARGH........Hell, I am Arch Mage Oralino of the Everkingdom. Excuse my friend here he is a bit out of sorts, his feathers got ruffled a while back and he hasn't put them back yet. We are here to open talks, hopefully to a better future.

Thank you for not fireing apon us
Gaian Ascendancy
25-05-2005, 08:35
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New Carthago
25-05-2005, 14:03
Mago recieved the message from the somewhat... strange looking vessel. Managing a first contact situation with barbarians was often most tedious, having had the honour of introducing four worlds into the Carthaginian Empire, all of them far more compliant than the people of Eredeth, but owing to their even more primitive nature, not trusted enough to self-govern. All but one of the planets had not even endeavoured to find out who their transcontinental neighbours were, never mind who sat waiting for them in the stars, and the sheer sense of awe that a Ba'al class battleship invoked meant that the dumbstruck savages could often not communicate coherently -not that Mago expected it of them- of course. These strangers, of course, were different. They were in space. Still, it was not unknown for the savages to sail the waters of Earth, long since abandoned... why should it surprise Mago so much that the occassional barbarian species managed to sail between the stars?

Sitting back on his chair in the centre of the circular bridge, Mago composed a response into the translator. Unfortunately whilst it could easily transmit alien voices to a cool, synthetic, Punic audio, it had difficulty in turning the mother language into one of the savage tongues. It had to be done in simple writing.

From: Admiral Mago of the Carthaginian navy, official ambassador to the world Eredeth by order of the Carthaginian Senate.
To: Arch Mage Oralino of the Unknown Vessel in Carthaginian space.

"Fellow spacefarers, it has been a long time since we have seen the likes of you. We had thought there were no more of your kind left in the galaxy, and had resigned ourselves to aiding the primitives on worlds such as these to better themselves. Thankfully we see this is not the case. Though I do not have the authority to conclude any such talks, it can be quickly checked with the senate. On board our vessel, we have dining and meeting facilities, though we were not expecting guests, and so have brought along none of the finer goods the Carthaginian people, and its varied provinces, have to order. This is, after all, a military vessel, and we are used to being invited to eat on worlds that we have enlightened, as a token of their eternal gratitude.

You may be wondering, why it was that we have fired upon one of our own worlds? Such an act could often be seen as self-defeating. The Carthaginian senate, however, tasked me with the removal of that city, and its monarch, as it was a parasite to the Carthaginian people. We gave them the benefit of our protection, the unity of their planet under one ruler, and we have safeguarded their future for as long as it is necessary, that is to say, until they themselves can take to the stars and safeguard their own destiny. All we ask in return is slight payment. Minerals, food, the slightest percentage of what makes their world unique. They, however, after recieving the benefits we have bestowed upon them, refused to fulfil their side of the agreement. Under the leadership of their king, they ceased mining. Ceased putting stocks of their food aside. The senate seen it as an act of base treachery, but one that the leadership must take full responsibility for. People of such an undeveloped culture cannot be blamed for putting their faith in the highest among them, and so cannot be blamed when they are taken in by his lies. Thus we disciplined the leader, and his closest followers, but allowed the rest to survive, all the wiser for the demonstration of how Carthago treats those that wrong them. In the end, less of their people will die and they shall thank us for our mercy. However, I do not seek to justify my actions to you. I answer only to the Senate of Carthago. Should you decide to accept our offer of talks aboard our vessel, the "Hasdrubal", we shall gladly oblige, and send word to the senate asking to empower me with the authority to speak for them. Should you reject this offer, then we must politely ask you to leave our territory if you have no further business here. We do not seek to be overly harsh, but the Carthaginian people are still aware, however dimly, of the last time people of a foreign land seeked to impose upon our territory. It would be best to let these feelings lie dormant, and perhaps die permanently."

An eloquent lie, but a lie nonetheless. Carthago was not in the habit of making equal peace with potential rivals. If they seek to trade, as always, Carthago would oblige. But boundaries, forced friendships, ties of alliances, could all too often strain the Carthaginian people and its treasury to breaking point when the inevitable occured. Their talks would be fruitless. But hopefully, if Mago played it right, they would leave feeling they had gained the galaxy.

(Now for the OOC stuff. Thanks for the kind words, Gaian Ascendency and Al-imvadjah. Always good to know that I haven't seriously messed it up.)
Flaming Souls
25-05-2005, 20:23
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Ticonderoga II
25-05-2005, 21:01
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25-05-2005, 21:10
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Ticonderoga II
25-05-2005, 21:46
Coming out of Drop Space, the two ships moved forward. In there routine scans they had witnessed something...odd. An end to a city, possibly more. Something else that had warranted their attention was the use of a long thought dead tactic, broadsides. Having no records of such tactics for at least the past millenia, they were more than interested in how it would fare in the modern day and age.

The ships reached what they deemed a safe distance, approximately 500 kilometers from the ship, now seen as a New Carthaginian ship. Feeling that they were safe from assault, they left their weapons powered down but shields at full. The larger of the two ships, a 3 kilomoter long Yadam Class capital, sent out a message.

To: New Carthago ship
From: TS Oroboro

We noticed in our scans that you use a unique style of fighting. We were wondering how well it has worked in battles. Also, we would like to open up diplomatic negotiations with you.

With the message sent, the smaller ship, with its Burnt Orange and Gold paint job, began to patrol the 500 meter area around the larger ship.

((OOC: sorry for the short post, head hurts, and have to work soon))
New Carthago
25-05-2005, 23:18
It seemed that this was the day for new arrivals to Admiral Mago. Another flight of guests had appeared, and just as unwelcome as the last. He got back up again from his seat, and strolled right out of the room. Mago was a member of one of the oldest families in New Carthago, originally hailing from Carthago, the daughter city, the mother city. He was of an old North African ethnicity, and he had jet black hair, which was neatly combed back. His eyes were a dark green, though the shading of his skin around them was a strong, again dark, frame. His face was lean, yet strong, and his build was tall, but perfectly proportioned. He was imposing, majestic, and graceful, beneath which lay a cold and calculating mind. The poster child of the New Carthago navy, he had risen through the ranks quickly and without mercy. His command had brought the downfall of entire nations, bringing them swiftly and surely under Carthaginian dominance. But he was not a member of the Senate, the old ogligarchy. He easily could have been, but they left a poor taste in his mouth. Far better to have the command of several thousand fine warriors than to be bickering in the senate house endlessly. Mago was a man of action. Words were a frame with which he could more easily reach his goal. Those who considered themselves the most civilised commonly resolved their differences in such a weak way. He had shown them what he made of their "civilisation", and was satisfied to do so. Marching in a most militant fashion down the corridors of the Hasdrubal, the thrum of the machinery kept his pace. He passed the mess hall, the meeting rooms, and the bulk of the crew quarters as he made his way deeper into the bowels of the ship. He had not planned a route, he was simply clearing his mind before he handled the major diplomatic decisions. Word from the senate had returned not long ago that he had permission to do whatever he felt wise in the negotiations. He looked at the message once more.

"To: New Carthago ship
From: TS Oroboro

We noticed in our scans that you use a unique style of fighting. We were wondering how well it has worked in battles. Also, we would like to open up diplomatic negotiations with you."

A short... succinct message to be sure. Evidently the writings of a warrior. At least that was something. Diplomatic talks would be short, and they would either have the outcome that Mago wanted, or none at all. Ironically, the one and the same thing. Curiously, they seemed to already know of the Carthaginian Empire. It was a worrying development. It implied that this... TS Oroboro had either encountered the New Carthago people, through spying, encountering one of the client worlds, or visiting Carthago itself. But he had never heard of the designation TS before, and the Old League had long since disappeared. It couldn't be them. What had mainly concerned Mago though was the question regarding Carthago battle doctrine. A unique style of fighting? There was never anything in the archives that suggested that the ram and broadside was anything other than the only reliable form of battle. Concerning, but re-assuring, equally. if other travelling nations had abandoned such tried and true tactics, they would be surely defeated in conflict. It should never be assumed, however. Every tactic has a counter, he reminded himself. But the question had another implication. Such a blunt way of asking about an enemies tactics could be concieved as a clever double bluff. The enemy desired to know the battlefield prowess of Carthago. It had evidently some knowledge of it, weighing up the bountiful worlds of New Carthago with the risk a war would take. The best way to answer such a question would be to not answer it at all, in order to prevent a possible foe gleaning any useful information which Mago would regret giving.
He stopped in the middle of a wide corridor, and took out a small electronic notepad. It was linked to the bridge of the Hasbrudal, and could be used to send out a message to the approaching TS vessels.

To:TS Oroboro
From:Admiral Mago of the Carthaginian navy, official ambassador to the world Eredeth by order of the Carthaginian Senate.

It is fortunate that you have arrived at such a time, TS Oroboro. We are currently in process of greeting distinguished guests from another world. Your talks of peace, prosperity, and hopefully unity shall be recieved on the NCMV Hasbrudal. There you shall dine with me, and we shall discuss the future of our three peoples.. There is much we may find that we have in common with each other, alliances which may be made, preserved, and allow us to forge ahead without fear of destruction. As soon as you are available, join us here aboard the Hasbrudal.

Mago closed the notepad, it's light red glowscreen flicking off. He began to move again, turning right round, and marching to the mess rooms and meeting rooms. There was a small amount of professionalism and decorum required to meet foreign dignitaries, even when the intention was merely to get them to leave as soon as possible.
The EverQueen
26-05-2005, 08:11
The Arch Mage Smiled, before sending the Reply.

We shall come

I will assume from the name of your own nation and the resemblance that ship has to one of the Carthoginian Navy, a nation I am familar with as I was one of the ones cataloging its rise before the Sundering, that you are of human desent, this being said, you may want to tell your men that the first thing you will see emerging from the ship is Not an unintelligent beast, although he may act it sometimes, but is infact personell of the EQP Navy.

Arch Mage Oralino.

With that, the ship launched a shuttle, which looked strangly like a feather. It moved towards the Larger Carthoginian Craft extreamly quickly, its engines turning off near the side. Then, without care for customs and such, it moved to the area it deemed ((Rightly so, because of the Psyker they where able to pinpoint Mago's mind.)) THe Bridge, and extended a silver walkway. When the thing attached, anything in the things way turned a strange Green Colour, as if it where a hologram. Then, quite dignifiedly, a Griffon, Easily able to take four of the crew for a ride, walked in with a sash around its front with the Velinio Flower in bloom on it, the main colours green White and gold. Behind him, with less grace as he tried to run after the longer leged being, moving at a fast walk. This one wore the same colours, but was only a tad taller then the humans, and the only difference was the angular features, and the upswept and lobless ears. He Finally got next to the Griffon, before bowing from the waist, the Griffon, who outranked the Arch-Mage Beside him rolled his eyes and stood impassivly, before letting out the spoken words in Fluent Carthoginian.

"Ah, Hello" His voice boombed. "How do you fair these days, and more importently, where in the Seven Levels did that one who sent us a message go?" The Arch-Mage Paled, before sighing. This was going to be a long day.
26-05-2005, 13:23
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26-05-2005, 13:26
a lone slip fighter drops out of transwarp
New Carthago
26-05-2005, 23:17
The bridge of the Hasdrubal nearly turned to panic as the aliens made their entrance. Captain Similco, however, was quick to take command. Keeping a firm face of imperium and authority, she commanded the rest of the bridge to keep quiet, despite her own nerves. Similco was of Native American descent. Not quite as illustrious as Mago, whose family claimed to have pure blood descending to the Phoenicians, but it made no difference any more. The New Carthago people had intermixed so much that although there were still many different ethnicities, the lines had blurred considerably. Mago himself was likely a mix of Phoenician, Numidian, Libyan and Egyptian. Similco, who was roughly 25, was another quick riser in the Carthaginian navy. Highly attractive, she had a lightly tanned skin, with strong brown hair, though that was bound back into a ponytail, which hung down her back. The uniform, an off-white jacket, fading to a gray shirt and trousers, contrasted her smallish stature, and exuded power. Standing in the centre of the bridge, just in front of the admirals chair, she was directly opposing the Griffin, when it appeared. To the crew, she was a rallying banner. Whilst she stood, fear was temporarily cast out.

The Griffin spoke his greeting, and she responded promptly, strong voice forming each word perfectly.

Admiral Mago is in the meeting room, awaiting your, and the other dignitaries, arrival. There he has prepared the finest food we have available, should you desire it. There he will discuss the future of our two peoples, and the path we take. Someone, she said, pointing a finger at an officer standing attentively at a console will go ahead to announce your presence.

Snapping a quick salute, the officer sprinted full pelt out of the bridge and down the corridor to find Mago.

Quickly continuing without allowing the aliens to interupt, Similco continued,
I would not expect Mago to be pleased with the manner of your arrival. Depositing the envoys of an alien, uncontacted world directly into the command centre of a New Carthago vessel may be considered both arrogant and threatening. Not qualities we look for in our allies. Furthermore, the breach of protocol by not docking your vessel in the clearly visible airlocks could be percieved as an affront on our culture. Many first contact situations have been irreprably damaged due to what can be considered the deliberate insults on another people, especially when they are without cause. Regardless, Mago is a wise man, and will look beyond any.... indignities if you prove genuine. At the very least, she continued with a wry smile, you will have his full attention.

At that moment, the officer return, distinctly out of breath. Gasping, he spoke.

Mago.... will see you now. Carthaginian troops will escort you to him.

Bringing his breathing under control, the officer rested one elbow on the table. Outside, through the open bridge door, two soldiers with full battle armour on, a small circular shield on a metal armoured suit with a long Falcata sword in the other arm, snapped to attention. Their faces were obscured by combat helms, and both were somewhat taller than the average human. The Griffin, and its envoy, was to follow them to Mago. The corridor outside, whilst dimly lit, was both tall and wide. Pipes and wires jutted out from the walls as neon lights above swung slightly from their mountings, causing the shadows to dance around them. The long corridor had numerous exits leading to rooms, escalators, cupboards, weapon holdings. At the very end of it though, a powerful light shone out of a door, where Mago sat waiting.

(OOC: The troops are under orders not to talk with any members of the envoys.)
26-05-2005, 23:29
The Imperial Battlecruiser exited the newly created wormhole that had appeared just seconds before the Imperial BattleCruiser hails the Carthago ship, "This is the Imperial Battlecruiser Dragons Eye we are here to patrol the area looking for possiable colony worlds for the Imperial Republic."
The EverQueen
27-05-2005, 00:25
The ship disconected and flew off, leaving the two Mismatched pair inside the ship with no internal support. The Griffon, ((Check your spelling, we define Griffins as the unintelligent Speices, Be VERY carefl with that)) snorted in response, while The Arch Mage sighed, before speaking in High Elven.

"I told you to do what they commanded, not our ways." He said quite softly. "What the hell where you Thinking, sometimes I wonder if you are a Griffin!"

"Quite little one" Sinica "I am not bound by those stupid rules, remember, I am the superior officer, and I am allowed to do this as I wish."

"Shut up" Oralino said weakly.

"Make me" Sinica said, before letting out a deep throat chortled.
27-05-2005, 01:47
A Muktari cruiser, Titunac class, hyperboosted into the area of the the Erethian planet. The Muktari had always traded food for ore with another planet in the system, but they had recently set up an embargo against the planet-nation, cutting off Muktar's food supply. The Hugust had been sent to "renegociate" trade possibilities.
Seeing various foreign ships, however, the commanding officer readied his intercom.
"Unidentified vessels, this is the Hugust of the Colonial Confederacy of Muktar. Due to a recent embargo by a local planet, we are unable to exchange our ores for their food. If any of your nations are willing to trade, please send a representative to our vessel."
Flipping off the communicator, he turned toward one of the officers. "Lower the AG to 10 m/s^2, and lower the shields around the docking hangar. Set up the beacon lights so they know where to go."
Outside the ship, pulses of light emminated inward along the artificial rocky front of the ship toward a cavern-like hangar.
27-05-2005, 01:54
The Dragons Eye hails the Muktari cruiser "The Imperial Republic of Deatharon represents a group of Nations that pool resources together and shares them. This group is called the FTU and we would be willing to add you to the union."

OOC: TG me and I will send it to the leader of the FTU
New Carthago
27-05-2005, 17:21
(OOC: Everqueen, it's CarthAginian, and not CarthOginian. It's no big deal, which is why I didn't mention it before. I'll assume that you're now in the meeting room with Mago, if that's ok? It'd take an annoyingly long time if we RPed every tiny little detail.)

Admiral Mago stood from the long table as the two aliens were guided into the meeting room. A fairly ostentatious room, with a single table, with chairs surrounding it. Two large, single chairs, were at either end. One reserved for Mago, the other from the head delegate, though it was doubtful the creature would take the offer. In the centre of the table, bowls of food were arrayed. Meat, pasta, potatoes, breads. Nothing particularly luxurious, but food that would keep the thousands of crew well fed for any voyage.

Mago smiled broadly, though his hands remained by his sides. They were nowhere near enough for a closer greeting anyway, what with the mahogany table blocking them, unless they chose to walk around. Beckoning them to relax themselves, he began to speak.

Greetings to you, neighbours. It has been too long since I have had the pleasure of entertaining such esteemed company. Still, there is no point in procrastinating un-necessarily, and it seems that our other guests may be refusing our generous offer of company. It matters not. We have much to discuss. Doubtless your peoples have much they desire to trade, and we have much to offer -----

Mago removed his notepad quickly, a frown on his face at his displeasure at being interrupted. It only grew deeper, his brows furrowing on his face, as he read the message. Two new contacts. It was getting ridiculous. One of them had the sheer audacity to claim there was another planet in the system that harboured life, though it desired trade, no more. That was something. No false promises, lies and misdirection was needed there. Similco could handle that situation. As for the second vessel, the Dragons Eye, it would not find what it was looking for in the Eredeth system. All worlds were property of the Carthaginian Empire, and all interlopers without permission would be expelled. Forcibly, if necessary.

I apologise for the interruption. I gave orders not to allow such a thing unless it was an exemplerary situation. It appears it is one. I shall be only a moment, please. If you have anything to say, I shall be ready to respond in a moment. Mago said this without looking up from his electronic notepad, hitting keys in rapid succession, hammering out orders for his crew to follow.

Captain Similco:
Whilst I am 'delayed', you will appoint a representative to journey to the "Hugust" with orders to allow trade between our people. Nothing more. New Carthago does not need to be restricted by alliances or friendship at this point. Inform them that any worlds within this system are by order of the senate, property of the Carthaginian Empire, so there is no confusion as to precisely whose world they are blockading. This must be impressed upon them. We will not be seen as willing to negotiate our borders, unless it is to our benefit.

Furthermore, this same message, regarding property of all worlds within the Eredeth system, should be made clear to the commanders of the "Dragons Eye". Be civil with your assertation, however. First impressions, Similco. Inform them that whilst we cannot have colonies of other sovereign powers within our borders, their trading vessels will be welcomed. That is all.

Mago placed the small pad back within his jacket pocket, and looked back up at the delegation he was recieving.

Now, where were we?

(OOC: you can assume, Muktar and Deatharon, that Similco has sent out an ambassador and the appropriate message. Muktar, if it's all right with you, I'd like to skip the tedious spaceflight between vessels, and just begin with the negotiations?)
27-05-2005, 17:35
OOC: Fair enough. However, I should clarify it was the natives who were blockading us. They were quiet angered when the found out that the growths they were shipping us massive quantites for limited ammounts of ore (their dietary staple) were a source of food for us.

Inside the hangar, the Carthagian vessel landed in the vacuum-shielded area with ease. A stout, clean cut man in government uniform, Negociator Ashik, was waiting with a pair of infantry. Once the representative came out of the vessel, the guards were dismissed to their station at the entrance to the hangar.
"Greetings, representative. I trust your vessel was able to navigate the ships camoflauging aspects. I am Negociator Ashik, designated by Muktar to negociate trade and alliances. The negociation chambers are this way." He gestured toward the door the guards were now stationed at with his spare hand, the other occupied with a datapad.
New Carthago
27-05-2005, 18:26
(OOC: ah, not to worry then. )

The hatch of the small Carthaginian vessel, bearing a similar shape to an ancient rowing boat, with two hellenic eyes peering out from the front, opened up. A small flight of stairs unfurled, and the ambassador stepped out. Clad in the New Carthago navy uniform, crisply pressed. Of an English ethnicity, his now gray hair still hung loosely down by his ears, whilst his eyes had sunk back into their sockets, but still peered out intently. Seeing the negotiator, he advanced directly towards him, and extended his hand, gripping firmly. He made full eye contact with the negotiator as he listened to his greeting, and responded cordially.

Greetings to you, Negotiator Ashik. I am delegate Hanno. I thank you for your concern. I was able to pilot ably through your camouflage, an interesting trick to be sure. These negotiations should be brief, and profitable to both our parties.

Seeing himself being directed towards the chambers, he began to walk in loping stides towards the door, and the negotiation, mentally preparing himself, an old personal ritual he had always maintained, despite the apparent ease of his situation.
27-05-2005, 18:56
As the diplomats approached the chamber, the door opened by sliding into the floor, revealing a simple room about 6 by 30 meters, with a long table within. The door was equidistant between the two endseats, one of which Negociator Ashik began towards.
"Take whichever seat you find most comfortable. The Tunnelers tended to prefer the seat nearest the door, in case you're wondering about the acid damage on that seat."
New Carthago
27-05-2005, 19:46
(OOC: I'll assume that when my diplomat speaks he won't be talking to mist and shadows, but rather the negotiator?)

Seeing the acid-damaged seat, Hanno decided to take it. After all, he was the guest, and the guest should not seek to impose upon the host by taking all of the finer things, even something as minor as the choice of seat.

Placing a small electronic notepad, similar to Magos, on the desk, its red glow as it activated reflecting on his face. He read the message sent to him by Similco to ensure that he had made no mistakes, seeing the assertations, demands, and any possible compromises, he was to make. As usual, it insisted on trade, and no more. Less was acceptable, but undesirable. And no concessions. That was particularly clear. Flicking the screen off, he locked eyes with the negotiators, and began.

I'm here on behalf of Captain Similco, Admiral Mago, and the Carthaginian senate to negotiate trade between our two people. In particular we can trade metals and minerals, as well as food, directly from this system, though we can pull greater luxuries from further within, should it be profitable. We are prepared to exchange works of literature, entertainment, including A/V holocasts, broadcast rights for programming within our nation, provided that you reciprocate. Local cuisine can also be exported, though again, this can't be a one way road. Furthermore, I've been instructed to inform you that this system belongs to New Carthago, and nobody else. Whilst you may have traded with locals that we were unaware of, they are only unwitting, and untapped resources of Carthago. You needn't worry, however. The senate of Carthago hasn't approved of a blockade of your traders, and the situation will not doubt be resolved shortly. Such a waste isn't in our nature. In fact, I believe that Mago will proceed directly to the world after our various meetings have been resolved. You shall have your trade, and we'll have ours.

Now though, that I've made our position clear, is there anything you would like to bring to the table? We are very interested in what goods you could offer us. Hanno concluded his short speech, and awaited the response.
27-05-2005, 20:28
Negociator Akish nodded and slid his datapad along the table, its minimal friction surface allowing it to slid easily to Hanno. It shows the numbers for Muktar's iron and uranium ore production, as well as supply of refined steel. Although it isn't noted highly on the list, bacterial samples can be found toward the bottom.
"As you will see on the datapad, our primarily available resources are iron ore and uranium. We also have expansive connections with mercenaries, as they consist of roughly 10% of our military. As it was noted in our initial transmission, our primary import of interest is food from the Tunnelers, who reside in the volcanic planet further in system. It's understandable you didn't notice them, the entire living ecosystem is underground. We hope we can negociate a contract that fits the interests of both our nations, but Muktar getting food out of the deal is essential."
New Carthago
27-05-2005, 21:34
Hanno smiled warmly. These people were like Carthaginians, in spirit. He glanced over the numbers, Impressive indeed. Whilst most basic ore was supplied by the client worlds, elements such as uranium, which required some technological prowess that Eredeth and similar lacked, were in fairly short supply. He noticed that Akish seemed intent on keeping a strong supply of food, almost as if there would be severe consequences should such a supply remain inconsistent. New Carthago, with its abundant supply of food, surplus that could not be easily stored, could certainly fill their demand, for a price. The more exotic materials, bacterium, to use Akish' example, could be useful, though it was beyond Hannos expertise to give examples of those corporations that have use for them.

Very satisfactory. To this end, it is highly likely that a trading station will be constructed in orbit of the planet Eredeth. A large freighter containing food from around the empire will likely be dispatched to the Hasbrudals current position, where it will be kept for you to purchase. I'd anticipate such an arrangement until the station can be completed. You'll most likely be contacted by corporations operating within Carthaginian space, or the senate of New Carthago regarding what they, or we, wish to purchase from you, so it would be advised for you to ensure that these resources are ready to be sent in as short time as possible. Impatience is regarded as a virtue in the New Carthago marketplace. Procrastinators are not known for lasting very long. I don't think we have further business to discuss, however, so it would be best to draw this meeting to a close. It has been a pleasure to do business with your people, Akish.

Tapping a small button on the size of his own notepad, a small diskette popped out of the side, and he placed it on the table. Standing up, he began to return to his vessel, quietly satisfied with the ease of the meeting.
27-05-2005, 21:45
Akish nodded as he got up. "I'll inform the government at Muktar of the plan. It has been a pleasure doing business with you."

As Hanno's ship left, Akish made his way back up to the bridge. There, he saw the commander waiting eagerly.
"Our food supply will be restored, although what we provide will be dependant on the needs of the Carthagian Corporations. They apparently didn't know the Tunnelers were here, and will begin imposing their law on them ASAP. It's safe to say this is no longer a rogue system anymore, but a trade point in the eyes of the Confederacy."
"Understood, Akish. You can go back to bed now."
The EverQueen
28-05-2005, 01:35
Sinica snorted, crossing his forpaws and laying on the ground, still his head reached the height of Oralino. Oralino sat on the chair, taking a bowl of pasta. Sinica mearly began to speak.

"Yes, we do with to trade, but your more to us then mear trading vassels." He attempted a smile, although it looked rather wolfish. "Ah just kidding my friend, the Elves wouldn't let me do that. Well, as for what we have to trade, I will let Oralino do the talking."

The elf stoped, swallowed a mouth full of Pasta and began to speak. "Yes, mainly the Everkingdom exports anything the user wants, and usually for a price. However It depends on what you have as to what we wish." He smiled.
28-05-2005, 02:07
Captain Alexi, listen to the message sent by the Carthaginian responds and replies, "We wish to send a diplomat to start relations with your people." The Imperial Battlecruiser has shields up but weapons powered down to show peaceful intentions.
28-05-2005, 02:22
The Hugust suddenly began to redirect, pointing toward the Sol System.
"Pilot, what's going on?"
"Distress signal from an Oni in Sol, sir. They got ambushed answering a distress beacon and need reinforcements."
"What area?"
"Asteroid belt, sir."
"Move out."
With a kick and a snap, the Hugust was in hyperboost.
Ticonderoga II
28-05-2005, 23:17
A lone ship dropped from the Oroboro and headed towards the Carthaginian ship. When it reached approximately 100 meters it came to a stop.

To: New Carthago ship
From: Diplomatic Craft Exo

Where shall I dock with you ship?

Waiting for a reply, the lone occupant of the ship made his final checks, making sure that the ship was ok and that he had his data pad. ((OOC: Gonna say you sent me the airlock location to save time))

After he recieved the location of the airlocks, he piloted the ship to the area. Docking, he waited until it was safe, and crossed the threshhold into the Carthaginian ship.

As he waited patiently for an escort, he made sure his uniform was in order.
New Carthago
30-05-2005, 02:34
Mago listened to both guests speak, taking no food for himself, keeping both hands firmly clasped in front of him. After some deliberation, he had concluded that the Griffon was indeed the highest ranking delegate. Despite this, he was unsure who to address his response to. A rare occasion for Mago. Deciding it would be most prudent to simply address whoever had spoken to him last.

Carthago is not often in a position to export anything other than the protection our navy affords others. However, it should be noted that as well as vast food surpluses, of all kinds, we have plenty of common ore. Exotic elements such as plutonium, uranium, deuterium are in far shorter supply. In addition, more technological goods can also be sold. We believe our computers are the height of Carthaginian sophistication, and we have high-grade intelligences easily the match of anything we have yet to encounter, though we have, by design, constricted their personality capabilities. We believe that a machine should remain a machine. In addition, we have both maintainance, translator, cook, and various other droids which, requiring little upkeep, can be used to work endlessly and consistently at their named duty. Our military systems, such as our weaponry, ships, and shielding systems, are not for sale. You can surely see how doing such a thing might compromise our position in this part of the galaxy.

What I would anticipate desire for, though, as an admiral this is not my specialty, are any goods unique to your culture. There is a high demand for eccentricity, often we import various religious artifacts from client worlds, purely for decorative value, you understand, and suchlike. One must remember that it is a very rare occasion when we encounter people that could be considered equal to us, so we often have no need, or capability to acquire, foreign goods.

Reconsidering his decision to take nothing from the table, he poured himself a glass of red wine, direct from New Carthago itself. Tasting it gently before taking a larger mouthful, he swirled it around his mouth to get a taste for it. It tasted of mass production, to put it mildly. He swallowed it quickly, and placed the glass by his side.

Aside from that, Mago rejoined, without detailed information about what you really export, aside from vague cryptic responses, I could not be more specific.

A small flash from his notepad indicated that the next guest had arrived.

Now, if we have nothing else to do, my next guest has arrived, and I must ask you to depart shortly. If you have something to offer, now would be the time.

The airlock continued the industrial theme of the entire vessel, steel gray armour plating continuing for roughly 400 metres in either direction. Various other smaller vessels were parked in the lanes heading into the distance, crew and soldiers dotted around. On the ceilings, autoguns turned and swivelled as they surveyed the location, looking for any intruders. Elevators dashed about heading into the bowels of the vessel, carrying various unimportant goods around and about. From one of these elevators, Captain Similco travelled down to the bay. She had decided to meet the Ticonderogan herself. Exiting the elevator, she marched swiftly to the airlock as the representative emerged from their craft, and spoke, authoratitively, yet warmly:

Welcome, delegate. I am to escort you to Mago, who is waiting for you in the meeting chambers. Unfortunately, they are on the other side of the ship, which is quite the journey. If you would follow me, the transport elevators are this way. She turned round, and began to walk back towards one of the elevators, looking back to see what the representative looked like, and to ensure that they were following.
Ticonderoga II
30-05-2005, 04:39
Fleet Admiral Tenneth gave the aproaching officer the once over, and listened to her little speech in silence, deciding to use discretion at this stage.

At the commencement of her monologue he merely nodded and followed after her. As he walked away from the ship he pulled something out of his pocket, it appeared to be a key ring and he pushed a button on one of the devices attached to it, as he did, the door to the ship closed and a faint 'beep beep' was heard. Smiling slightly he continued to follow the captain.
The EverQueen
30-05-2005, 07:49
Oralino smiled, pulling out a small pin, which he stuck into his fingre, immidetly from his eyes a holygram type thing projected, showing the items they produced. In a few seconds the first colum changed Apperance, while the second began to fill up. Oralino smiled and began to speak.

"As you can see from my rather strange table here, we have a number of Cultural things, not only from our own nation but others as well." The image changed, showing a picture of a number of searpents ((Yes it is spelt right, Searpents is what the Sepristis nation Tsuranis main race are called.)) Wrapped around the massive form of a Black figure. "This item is a relic of the Sepratist movement, this" Once more the image changed showing a planet. "Is a world we discovered aproxamatly seven hours ago, its main population are barly invented weapons and such, In return for a price, supplies as well as credits, we may be able to lift our own fleets needs." Once more the image changed showing a number of metals. "And these are the metals mentioned, they are sold for normal market price or next offer, we also have if you are interested, Mind Dead Searpents, which follow any orders given, and make exillent cannon fodder." He waited, while the Griffon placed its head on its fawpaws.
New Carthago
31-05-2005, 00:11
Most...interesting... Mago said quietly, almost at a whisper. Speaking louder, he continued on. I would recommend that you either designate a vessel to remain here whilst this list is passed on, or give co-ordinates that we may use in order to locate you for further trade. Either is acceptable to us. Your offer of soldiers in particular is most interesting, though we tend to prefer our men and women to be able to think creatively. Still, the ability to wear down our foe before the true soldiers of the Empire board and carry the fight is not to be underestimated. This new world that you speak of. Is it far from here? I would not wish to sound like a desperate man, but worlds inhabited with intelligent life is an important situation to us. And vitally, is it within your own sphere of influence and domination? or does it exist beyond the reach of your people? Well, regardless for now, I must ask you to leave. As I said, my next guest is on his way, so I am afraid that for now this meeting is over. It has been a pleasure to talk and meet with you however. Simply transmit any details regarding the continuation of trade when you return to your vessel. We shall be contacting you.

Hannibal made a waving hand signal to soldiers outside the room, who walked into the entrance of the meeting room, and waited to escort the envoy to the airlocks.

In the elevator, Similco stood opposite the Ticonderogan delegate as they shot through the vessel. Lights flashed by over her face in steady periods. Aside from that, it was fairly dark, but not unlit. She turned to face him, and asked,

Who are you? Yourself and your people. You turn up in our space, from nowhere we have heard of before. And I'm curious. Besides, the transport in this ship is frustratingly slow. And this seems to be the best way to pass the time, no? She furrowed her brows as she took in the Ticonderogan delegate properly, his stance, his appearance, trying to gleam some information that would assist her in classifying him.
The EverQueen
31-05-2005, 00:27
The Griffon stood, shaking himself before walking off. They moved to a remote section of the ship before the Arch Mage Waved his hands and spoke some words in Old Elven, and in an instant, the two dissapered.

They arrived on the Bridge of their own craft, and Sinica began to roar ((And this was the very essance of what he was doing)) Orders.

"Send coordinets of the Planet to them, as well as the coordinets of Krine Station, or another Trading Base a olong disstance from the War feild with the Searpents." He looked softly at his enemies. "And then wait for them to react, I have things I need to do." Before he promptly began to groom himself.
Outer Heaven MK II
31-05-2005, 14:17
Planet Cathago, Cathago system

"We're dropping out of Subspace now General."

Over Planet Cathago, a rip in space-time occured. Slowly, it expanded, and turned blue, and it rippled slowly. A few moments afterward, something huge emerged:

The Outer Heaven Super Destroyer Evangeleon. 18KM in length, and armed with 45 Turbolasers, as well as 20 Plasma Beam Cannons and 10 Shivan Beam Cannons, the ship was a deathwish to anyone who opposed Outer Heaven, and was a standard ship in the navy. The Evangeleon also had hundreds of torpedo turbes, and eighty Flak Cannons.

On the Bridge, General Krath grinned.

"So this is the New Cathago Homeworld?"

The nearest Tactical Officer nodded.

"Yes sir."

Krath sighed.

"Lets see what their first move is. And look out for any communications they try and send us. We don't know if we can talk to them over standard Subspace channels."


And so, the OHSD Evangeleon held it's posiston over New Cathago, awaiting any contact. While it's shields were up, the weapons were only minimally powered, showing that conflict wasn't their primary motive...
New Carthago
31-05-2005, 15:24
Carthago was a beautiful world. Its climate had been cultivated, and developed over the centuries. Forests, fields, mountain ranges covered vast areas of land, and the glorious city of Carthago glistened near the equator. Easily visible from space, Carthago was a combination of trade hub, and weapons platform, brought about by years of siege mentality. The sun shone down on the cities pristeen towers, and the large dome of the space dock. In which sat the vessels of new Carthagos trade fleet, and the military vessels undergoing refit.

In geostationary above New Carthago, an orbital weapons and security platform sat observing the quiet. Such a duty was often considered punishment, with little activity, or even company. When the large vessel appeared so close to Carthago, very few people were prepared. Aboard the weapons platform, the soldier was taking a nap when the alarms began to blare. Sitting up sharply, he slammed his head off of a bulkhead, though he started to run almost straight away. The small control room roughly thirty metres from his bed told him all he needed to know. Monitors in a large circle around the walls shown images of the very foreign, and very large vessel. Sitting in a swivel seat in the middle of the red-lit control room, he picked up a keyboard and began to hit commands in. Two guns mounted above and below the platform swivelled and targetted the vessel. all around the planets hemisphere hundreds of identical platforms done the same, targetting their weapons on the ship.

Under the surface of Carthago, the military command centre was almost instantly buzzing with activity. All sensors were scanning the ship, and all available military assets were mobilised to surround it. In the far reaches of the system, assorted ships began to head back to Carthage, to ensure the situation remained in hand.

A single message was sent up to the ship from the military complex, bounced off of several satellites to disguise its initial location.

Foreign vessel, this is Senator Sophonisba. You have entered Carthaginian territory without permission. Identify yourself, and state your purpose quickly.
Any hostility will not be brooked. You have 30 seconds to respond.

On the surface, the planetary guns themselves turned to face the vessel, charging their weapons ready to fire in case this first contact turned sour.
Outer Heaven MK II
31-05-2005, 15:44
"Sir, we've locked onto their communications frequency. Putting it through now."

In the speaker placed in the right armrest, a harsh voice boomed forth.

[Foreign vessel, this is Senator Sophonisba. You have entered Carthaginian territory without permission. Identify yourself, and state your purpose quickly.
Any hostility will not be brooked. You have 30 seconds to respond.]

General Krath grinned.

Fiesty bunch aren't they...

He nodded at the Comm. Officer. After a few seconds, a beep could be heard. Krath cleared his throat.

"Senator Sophonisba, this is General Krath of the Outer Heaven Super Destroyer Evangeleon. We are here to talk with your leadership. Be assured that we aren't willing to take any hostility toward you, but as a warning in the friendliest of ways, firing on us would not be beneficial for you or me."

Nodding at the Comm. Officer, he turned to the Tacticla Officer. When another beep could be heard, Krath sighed.

"If you detect any indication of weapons charging to fire, activae the Tactical Jump System, and go for pattern Beta-094."

The Tactical Officer nodded.


Across space, the following message was sent out by the Evangeleon:

[Senator Sophonisba, this is General Krath of the Outer Heaven Super Destroyer Evangeleon. We are here to talk with your leadership. Be assured that we aren't willing to take any hostility toward you, but as a warning in the friendliest of ways, firing on us would not be beneficial for you or me.]
31-05-2005, 15:58
The Emperor was, as usual, residing in the command center of the flagship of his personal fleet, almost as big as the Empire´s own, when the ship suddenly came to what seemed like a near stop, though it was simply going in sub-sound speed.

"What are you doing?", he asked the captain. "I did not order this. Explain yourself or be punished by the laws of Sonaj."

The captain, a man of rather large build, though nothing compared to the Emperor, started to sweat. He knew perfectly well what would happen to him if the Emperor thought he was lying.

"It´s the safety system", he said quickly. "Apparently, we are somewhat close to another ship, so the engined slowed down to avoid collision, my lord", he continued, kneeling in front of the terrifying ruler of Sonaj.

"A ship?", the Emperor responded. "There have been no documentations of any ships found on this route, except the ones of this planets, but they have never been so close to it as you claim. Are you trying to lie to the Emperor?"

The captain, now fearing for his life, knelt deeper as he once again addressed the most terrifying being he had heard of.

"The ships do not seem to of this planets, my lord. They seem to be prepairing an attack on it, sir."

After a few moments of silence, the Emperor spoke once again.

"I believe you. Not that it seems probable that anyone would get the idea of attacking this huge lanet, but because it seems so far-fetched that I doubt you could come up with it yourself, Captain. Hail the other ships. Tell them to move off, but leave one of the Class V Arcanii scout ships behind. It´s orders are: Stay out of it, whatever happens. Stay as hidden as possible, and at signs of threat, fall back. But find out how it ends. I want to know the capabilities of these armies.", the Emperor finished, his eyes sparkling a malevolent red.

"Yes, my lord", the captain answered, looking much less tense, though still petrified.

"You heard the Emperor! Carry out the orders! We move of the route and will position ourselves 5 nilfas away from this battle."

"Remeber, captain, if you are wrong, you will be punished", the Emperor noted. Once again the captain started to sweat.

So the fleet left, leaving only a single, small ship behind, looking almost invisible next to the darkness of space. It´s captain ordered stealthmode, and it was all but indetectible, though harmless.

OOC: Nilfas is a measurement of distance, obviously. It is roughly one fifteenth of a lightyear. Also, no Imperial ship has ever been close to New Carthago, the safety system is very sensitive. The fleet was actually quite far from the planet.
New Carthago
31-05-2005, 16:16
Sophonisba recieved the reply, but said nothing. She had heard reports that the inner system escorts were about to arrive. The foreigners wanted to talk, and perhaps trade... though their method of making contact was offensive in the extreme. Arrogant, and obviously overestimating their power. Carthago was not a world of backwater savages, but enlightened spacefarers. Evidently, to these people, actions would be far louder than any speech she could rattle out.

In orbit around the planet, New Carthago vessels began to arrive. Astarte class vessels appeared enclircling the vessel. Aboard, their captains aligned the bow of their ships to face the aliens. Putting all the shield power in the front rams of their ships, they were well prepared for any acts of sudden aggression. Thousands of soldiers assembled in the front of the vessel, in their Baalat-Gebel battle armour. These warriors were the proud footsoldiers of New Carthago, the finest footsoldiers they had ever encountered. Silent, they waited for combat, or for peace. It didn't matter to them in the long run.

Seeing the arrivals, the first of many, Sophonisba picked up the communicator.

General Krath, you can see that you are surrounded. However, the New Carthago is not a warmongering race. We merely defend what we already have to the best of our ability. If you truly mean no harm, then these vessels, and our navy will do you none. This is merely to preserve our own safety. You wish to talk to our leadership. Well, as a senator of New Carthago, I am qualified to hold such meetings. As I doubt you will be willing to travel unaccompanied, and we are not willing to take the risk of allowing unknown foreigners to land on our home soil, I shall allow you to travel, with a small escort of no more than thirty men, to the Carthaginian moon, Gades. You will find Gades spaceport visible enough. You are permitted to dock one shuttle, were you will be brought to the Gades administrative palace. There we can talk over whatever you wished to... discuss. I shall await your confirmation, and then proceed to Gades.
Outer Heaven MK II
31-05-2005, 19:18
Krath smiled.

"I love it when threats work to my advantage. If only this wasn't a diplomatic mission..."

He sighed.

"Communications, send them a Confirmation message. Tactical, activate the TJS, but make us jump to the moon. Lets show them that surrounding us is pretty damn well useless..."


A few moments the confirmation message was sent, the rip in space-time occured again in front of the Evangeleon. As the ship went through the Subspace Portal, Krath could only imagine how surprised the Commanders were that they could do that even though they were surrounded...

The Evangeleon emerged over Gades almost instantly afterward. A few minutes after, one sleek, black shuttle launched from a concealed hangarbay, followed by two Cobra Gunships. Once the shuttle docked, the two Gunships pulled off, and went back to the Evangeleon.

General Krath straightened his uniform, and turned to his two Royal Guards behind him.

"Remember, keep your Electro-Staffs out at all times, but don't get your Shock-guns out unless this all goes to pot. Got it?"

The guards nodded, they rarely spoke anyway. Turning around, Krath proceeded to the airlock, his guard shadowing him. Hitting the big red button on the wall to his right, Krath watched the airlock doors roll away...
New Carthago
31-05-2005, 21:23
The ship dissapeared momentarily from Carthaginian sensors. In one of the astarte's, an older captain remarked on his experience of the old league. He had only been a few years old when the league was finally brought to heel, but their vessels had an equal tendancy to disappear at awkward moments. They had gotten a reputation of cowards, without the courage to fight man-to man, instead preferring to keep the New Carthago warriors at bay. In response, the Ba'al class warship was unveiled, which merely picked them off wherever they appeared. It displeased the Carthaginian warriors to fight so dishonourably, but then, when they were accorded none themselves, what is the honour in fighting such an enemy? When it returned, the new Carthago vessels simply used their powerful engines to manoeuvre themselves right back into position.

There was a very small, military spaceport inside the military complex. A large, hollowed out cavern held an Astartes', and several shuttles to move troops around. Four soldiers were accompanying her as she got into her vessel, keeping the rowing boat shape of Hannos vessel. Sophonisba had the same African descent as Mago, with long, unbound hair flowing down her back. Her face was quite compact, she had more free space around the frame of her face than most people. Lean, and quite tall, she had a short stride, somewhat contradictorily. An official looking suit, similar, but somewhat looser than the suit men wore, it was a long, skirt, jacket, and shirt, all a gray-black colour, with white lining. The soldiers, used to a quick marching pace, had to hold themselves back to stop overtaking her. A ramp from the shuttle descended from the side, as she clambered in. Behind her, the soldiers entered in single file. The glow from the lights on the shuttle was a soft green, and it caused the soldiers slightly off-white armour to be shaded in that colour. Their large ballistic shields were held firmly across their chest, EM field deactivated, which usually gave the shields a light pink hue. The Falcatas hung in a scabbard by their side. Sophonisba sat in the pilots seat, and almost instantly, the ship picked up and began to head towards a concealed exit on the surface of the planet. The ship gained speed at a tremendous pace, and sped towards the moon of Gades, a desert moon with a single, vast colony, the city of Gades. The endless dunes of the moons disguised the city on approach, as it had the feel of a sandstone ancient city. The only distinction was the administrative palace, which shone in the sun, and towered into the blue sky. The significantly smaller dome of Gades spaceport was where Sophonisba headed. Docking inside the dusty bubble, she noticed with considerable ease, the foreign vessel. She had parked the vessel rather close to it, after all. She exited the hatch, flanked by her soldiers, and proceeded to meet with the delegate.

All around, activity buzzed. Vessels buzzed about their business, crew ran left and right to meet departure times and to find the equipment to load their heavy freight. Fortunately they were entirely too busy to pay any attention to the foreign vessel.

Calling to the delegate, Sophonisba said;

General Krath! Delegate Sophonisba here. If you would follow me, we can begin this meeting.
Outer Heaven MK II
31-05-2005, 22:16
Krath and his Guard whirled in response.

"Okay, remember the plan. Only if they attack first." He whispered.

Walking over to Sophonisba, Krath took in the sights and sounds, and was amazed at how oblivious these people were to his presence, and his Guard.

These people must trade non-stop, which can only be good for us...

Nodding at Sophonisba, Krath smiled.

"Lead on Senator."

The Guard however, took up a staring match with the Soldiers themselves.
New Carthago
01-06-2005, 14:57
A small monitor in the comm-officers console lit up as the co-ordinates were recieved from the alien ship. He sent a small messege to Admiral Mago, informing him of their arrival, though no response was immediately forthcoming. The matter was not urgent, however, so he felt it unwise to prompt Mago for a response.

New Carthago

Sophonisba led Krath into the administrative palace. A monument to Carthaginian engineering skills, it was grand, yet delicate, but unmistakably beautiful. Inside, its marble floors gleamed, reflecting whatever stood upon them. To someone unused to them, they could be treacherously slippery, but Sophonisba had first hand experience of that, and was careful not to repeat it. The hall, with red walls, adorned with paintings, had multiple exits, though there was one significantly grander. It was through these large doors that Sophonisba took Krath. The room itself, however, was utilitarian. It had a small table, and a few seats. Another table pressed against the wall had expensive foods and wines lined up and down it. Pulling out one of the seats, Sophonisba sat down. Two of the soldiers stood next to the doors, whilst the other two stood behind Sophonisba. She placed her own electronic notepad on the table in front of her, though it was off, screen dark and blank. Seeing Krath take a seat opposite, she decided to begin.

General Krath. Would you care to explain just why you have turned up, in a particularly large and well-armed vessel, without warning, or explanation, and seek to start talks with us? It seems particularly strange to me that whilst I have never heard of you, you seem all too aware of us. I'm sure that you can understand my.... scepticism at the entire situation. But I still don't know why you are here, which was, after all, my question, and I would appreciate an answer.
01-06-2005, 15:52
"A foreign has landed on the moon, if I would have to guess, I´d say they were discussing trade or politics", captain Harko of the Class V Arcanii ship Mertol reported. "No hostility seems to be present."

The Emperor smiled slyly.
"You seem to have been incorrect, captain. The punishment for lying to a superior officer is skinning of the feet. Lying to the Emperor, on the other hand,"the flames surrounding the Emperor grew larger and darker. "is death, by torture."

"My lord", the petrified captain answered."I only claimed that it seemed as though a battle was imminent. I never said clearly that there was one for sure."

"So you talk back as well", the Emperor roared. "You will be handed to the High Priests to be offered to Sonajara! Then you will know suffering."

"My lord, I", the captain started.

"If you finish that sentence, I will make sure your entire family will be sacrificed with you. Guards, bring this man to the arrest."

"Lieutenant, you are now captain. Remember what happened today. Call back the Mertol. I wish to speak to the people of this planet. Bring only this ship and a small escort, I do not expect hostilities."

"Yes, my lord."

The Emperor smiled. How many times had he not looked upon this planet and wondered what kind of people lived there? He had lost count. Trade with the planet would surely be good for the Empire, and he could use some good news.

The battleship moved of towards the planet, with an escort of nothing but a dozen fighters and a carrier.

OOC:Sonajara is the god of Sonaj, and the flames I mentioned always surround the Emperor, as a sign of the fact that he is chosen by Sonajara to lead his people.
Outer Heaven MK II
01-06-2005, 16:19
A small monitor in the comm-officers console lit up as the co-ordinates were recieved from the alien ship. He sent a small messege to Admiral Mago, informing him of their arrival, though no response was immediately forthcoming. The matter was not urgent, however, so he felt it unwise to prompt Mago for a response.

New Carthago

Sophonisba led Krath into the administrative palace. A monument to Carthaginian engineering skills, it was grand, yet delicate, but unmistakably beautiful. Inside, its marble floors gleamed, reflecting whatever stood upon them. To someone unused to them, they could be treacherously slippery, but Sophonisba had first hand experience of that, and was careful not to repeat it. The hall, with red walls, adorned with paintings, had multiple exits, though there was one significantly grander. It was through these large doors that Sophonisba took Krath. The room itself, however, was utilitarian. It had a small table, and a few seats. Another table pressed against the wall had expensive foods and wines lined up and down it. Pulling out one of the seats, Sophonisba sat down. Two of the soldiers stood next to the doors, whilst the other two stood behind Sophonisba. She placed her own electronic notepad on the table in front of her, though it was off, screen dark and blank. Seeing Krath take a seat opposite, she decided to begin.

General Krath. Would you care to explain just why you have turned up, in a particularly large and well-armed vessel, without warning, or explanation, and seek to start talks with us? It seems particularly strange to me that whilst I have never heard of you, you seem all too aware of us. I'm sure that you can understand my.... scepticism at the entire situation. But I still don't know why you are here, which was, after all, my question, and I would appreciate an answer.

As Krath sat down, his Guard stood behind him, crossing their Electro-staffs.

As Krath listened, he nodded occasionally, and then grinned.

"And an anwser you shall get. A few years ago, Outer Heaven joined forces with an Empire known as Balrogga. Together, we created the 'Intergalactic Trade Hub', a special system, connecting the Multi-verse together. The ITH, is quite simply, a system of wormholes which can be manipulated to send anything over vast distances, to where you want to. It's mainly used for trade, and many Space Nations across the Multiverse have joined us, a great deal in this one," Krath paused, "The ITH is very beneficial to Nations, because of it's cheapness, and the fact that it renders and need for FTL Drives obsolete."

Krath then held his hand out, and one of the Guards made a Pad appear in his hands so fast, that the Guard appeared to do nothing. Only the brief movement of the cloth covering most of the armour betrayed to Sophonisba that the Guard had made any movement. Krath put the Pad down, and made it turn to face Sophonisba.

"Here are the specifics. The reason we came here, is to quite simply, offer this service to you." He stated. He retracted his ahnds from the table, and sat back, waiting for Sophonisba's response.
New Carthago
03-06-2005, 03:44
(OOC necessaries first.

Sonaj: apologies, I didn't see the second post. However, I'm currently going to be resolving 2 trade agreements, and two more diplomatic negotiations (if I include yours)... I'm a little bit trade-agreemented out, at the moment. expect a response within the next day or so... but I don't post unless I'm satisfied with it, and if I can't think of anything new to write, I'm rarely satisfied with it.

Now. Back to the scheduled programming.)

Sophonisba listened to Kraths explanation. Whilst she could accept it as the truth, it was not quite the answer she was looking for. Perhaps she had been too subtle in her phrasing of the question. She signalled to a guard to bring her two glasses, and a jug of water. Pouring herself a glass, she placed the jug and the spare in the middle of the table.

She took a sip, and rephrased her question.

As interesting as such an offer is, I fear you have misinterpreted what I was asking. My real question was, how do you know of us, yet we do not know of you? who are you? I know that your people are from a place called Outer Heaven. That much you have made clear. But that you know of us is not. We should at least know more than the name of those who bring us such offers, why they would do it, why they have taken an interest.... It's highly irregular. Could you explain this to me, before we continue about your.... ITH system?

Feeling there was nothing else she had to say at this moment, Sophonisba sat back in her chair. She maintained constant eye contact with Krath, however, though this was standard practice in the senate house of New Carthago.
Ald Dagoth
03-06-2005, 03:57
On the remote Carthaginian world of Chrysus, six small ships dropped out of FTL, just outside the sensor range of it's small garrison. Activating sensor shielding, they slowly made their way through the blind spot of the Carthaginian ships waiting sunside, and descended through the atmosphere.
03-06-2005, 12:27
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The Lightning Star
03-06-2005, 13:00
OOC: AWwww, I thought I was the only Carthaginian Empire on NS...(at least the only ACTIVE Carthaginian Empire on NS that does alot of RPing)

05-06-2005, 01:52
Laura Berjer, Once the Jedi Crystal Reeves who had been forced to change herself to allow herself to walk through the streets of the Imperium without being shot, rubbed her Temples. The Death had hit her mind only now, a show of her age she thought jokingly. Then the underlying message sent by Genitalius.

The plan failed, my ship was destroyed in the Attack, require assistance. She swore, if he was caught they would be revealed, and a war could ensure. She moved swiftly down the streets, heading towards the old Imperial palace.

She now stood before the Senate, awaiting her orders. An hour previously she had given her message, then been sent out while the Senate came to a dessision. Before her, the Speaker began to...well speak.

"Laura Berjer, By order of the Republic, you are here by to take one Utility Craft with Jedi, as well as five K-32 Fighters. You are to find the Agent Genitalius, and bring him back. Should this not be possible Suicide will be enforced, do you accept this Charge?"

"Yes Speaker, I will so this for the Republic" She said grimly.

She smiled, one Utility Craft with Jedi, that would mean she could get Samuel and Samantha To come. She sighed in content, the old team would be back.

"So who do you reckon this Laura is My Love" Her heart skiped, that voice she knew better then any other. Samuel Coote, The single most powerful Jedi she knew...after herself of corse. And the other was his wife, Samantha Coote.

"Not sure Darl" she said in an accent that could be called Australian. She came up, raising her hood.

"I am Laura Burjer" She said in a deep voice. "I will be your Commander for this mission."

"Why I will be, its Crystal Reeves." Samuel said softly.

Immidietly Laura Activated her Lightsaber and drew a Adament sword. "Where!" The mental message was different. I am that name no longer, do never call me it again.

"Sorry" Samuel Said softly. "I made a mistake."

"I hope your skills are larger then that, I only got you for the legends about you." She smiled. "I heard you trained the Dreaded one."

"No, mearly payed for it." He joked.

They began to talk as they loaded onto the Transport craft. The Craft lifted off, followed by the Five fighters, not even clearing the atmosphere they entered Hyperspace...

And Emerged on the Dark side of Eredeth. Quickly they Set down, using every Trick, Psykic Force related and Technilogical to hide their presance. Then they began to track Genitalius...

Who was currently hiding in mud as a number of the Old Kings men hunted him. He held the two Emberly Pistols in his hands, placing a Psykic net over his surroundings. Then he felt it, the form of one of them entering, immidietly he fired, and smiled as he felt the man skin down in death. But more came, and he fired again, and again, yet they came to quickly, thus he drew his saber, which flashed, cutting through their armour with practised ease. Death followed them quickly, and he began to run once more. He was so tiered though, he wanted to sleep...
07-06-2005, 02:05
The Astrosleuth slowly approached the borders of the new nation they detected.

Their first indication was a flood of radio signals about 30 light years away. They recorded many of them to analyze the language to establish a data file for the translator. Once that was completed, the Explorer Class vessel began their journey to the source. As they approached, they continued to monitor all communications so as to generate a history of the new people. Using the data, they figured out the borders of the government and set course to them.

At the border near Eredeth, The Astrosleuth halted and begin to broadcast a message.

Greetings from the Balrogga Empire,

We detected your presence and decided to see if you need any assistance. It appears there are many other ships in your area and we have detected strong energy reading that might indicate heavy weapons fire. We would like to assist you in repelling these invaders.

Captain Dar’Thon
The Astrosleuth
Ticonderoga II
08-06-2005, 01:36
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New Carthago
10-06-2005, 21:54
Mago blinked in astonishment as the message appeared over his electronic notepad, white writing on a red background.

An offer of assistance from complete strangers was a strange thing, indeed, but today had been a day so devoid of normality that the surprise had faded beforelong. The vessel, Astrosleuth, was nowhere on scanners, but inside communication range. Either it was cloaked, or rather far away, which would explain its ignorance to the origin of the weapons fire. Either way, that was not of the concern of Mago. He noted, with slight interest, however, that they had used the Punic language, instead of speaking whichever strangled tongue they had developed on their own, which pleased Mago. Opening a seperate document on the notepad, he began to feed a response into the notepad, which, lacking a Balroggan language to translate, simply packaged it into a small file which would be sent to the foreign vessel.

To: Captain Darthon of Balroggan Vessel
From: Admiral Mago, commander of Ba'al Class Vessel Hasdrubal.

Greetings from the Carthaginian Empire. I am Mago, Admiral of the Carthaginian Navy and ranking Officer of all Carthaginian forces in this sector. Your offer of assistance, whilst appreciated, is fortunately, un-necessary. There are no hostile vessels in the vicinity. any weapons fire you detected was from our own vessels, to opposing forces that have since been managed, on the world of Eredeth. Regardless, I extend my gratitude for your offer, and cordially invite you aboard the Hasdrubal for talks involving the future of our two nations. Enclosed are the precise co-ordinates of our vessel. Though I there are currently guests aboard, Captain Similco should be able to entertain you until I am available.

Mago sent the message off to be relayed, and sat back in his seat, Hoping that the visitor Similco was holding would arrive before long.
11-06-2005, 06:29
The new King of Eredeth paced, his hands reaching out to the radio. His scouts had just reported ten of the old kings guard dead in the forest, five of which had been shot by an unidentified weapon. He picked up the radio and began to speak in a quivering voice.

"Excuse this on?" He said, into it. "I am the new King of Eredeth, I have something Admral Margo Might want to know about. We recently found a number of the old kings guard in one of the forests surrounding the old city when we where looking for people to round up, thing was, they where dead, half of them where killed by sword and the other half, we are not sure how they died, I just thought you might like to know."

Laura and her team came up as close to civilisation as they dared, and even then they where not sure if they where looking in the right place. He could be anywhere, and they had to find him before anyone else.
13-06-2005, 22:50
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17-06-2005, 15:55
After some time thinking, the Emperor adressed his new captain.

"Captain, lets see if you are worthy of commanding the personal fleet of the Emperor", he said.. "I´ve changed my mind. Take us back to Sonaj as quickly as possible. I will be timing it. Start... now."

"But my lord..."the captain began.

"I suggest you get a move on unless you want to end up as your late former captain.", the Emperor interrupted.

The captain swallowed hard. "New orders! We move to Sonaj!"

The ship came to a halt, along with the entire fleet. It moved along, and then dissapeared.

OOC:He is needed elsewhere. I might come back later...
Ticonderoga II
20-06-2005, 09:01
Fleet Admiral Tenneth listened to the question with a faint smile.
Who are you? Yourself and your people. You turn up in our space, from nowhere we have heard of before. And I'm curious. Besides, the transport in this ship is frustratingly slow. And this seems to be the best way to pass the time, no?

"Yes, this indeed does seem to be the best way to pass the time. As for who I am, that is the simplest question to answer. I am Fleet Admiral Tenneth, of Ticonderoga Space Command. As for who my people are, we inhabit a small solar system in the Blackeye Galaxy. We are a fairly militaristic nation, so that we may sufficiantly defend ourselves from the constant threats located in the Blackeye. The reason you have never heard of us, that is also simple I suppose. We, thus far, have been fairly isolationistic, as most people would not understand our devotion to a military lifestyle for only defense, thinking instead we seek to conquer the universe at large. So there you have it, an abridged version of who my people are." Tenneth said, standing with perfect posture, looking his opposite square in the eye the entire time.
New Carthago
23-06-2005, 10:20
Similco nodded, but did not say anything in return. She was not expecting a detailed history of their people anyway, it is not something that most people keep rehearsed. It did not stop her being slightly unsatisfied with the answer, but it was only a slight concern. Besides, at that moment the elevator doors began to open, and she lead Tenneth out, along the corridor which connected meeting hall, to bridge, to canteen. Proceeding down the hall a few deliberate paces ahead of Tenneth, she came to a halt outside of the door of the meeting room, and signalled to Tenneth that he should go in and take a seat. She turned sharply to Mago, to await any further orders.

Similco, it appears that we are to have further guests, and I may not be able to discuss matters with them at this moment. You are to go to the docking bay once more to await them, from there, you may handle the situation as you please. Remember that under no circumstances are you to deviate from Carthaginian foreign policy, for any reason.

Mago glanced back down at his notepad, and promptly placed it in front of him on the table. As Similco departed, heading back towards the elevator to the docking bays, she smiled slightly at Magos phrasing at her orders. Carthaginian foreign policy, being secretive as it was, but unwilling to give any form of concessions simply requested that she find out as much as possible, and give as little as she could in return. There was a subtle irony in telling Tenneth what he would gain from the meeting before it had begun, in a phrasing that it would not be possible for him to comprehend.

In the meeting room, Mago took in the admiral. He respected that they sent a warrior to deal with him, and offered him the wine, and food that was left (fortunately a great deal) over from his previous guests. Wasting little time on other greetings, however, he began.

You represent your government, as I represent mine, in this matter. I am sure you have noticed how unusually busy this space has been today, so I am afraid that this must be kept brief. However, brief is a relative term at the negotiating table, something I am unfortunately familiar with. I shall start with the basics. New Carthago, he sighed slightly as he began the trade spiel again is willing to trade with your people, as we trade with all foreign peoples... for us to do so, we require information on precisely what it is you can offer us. Whilst this may not be the most tense of meetings, it will be useful as a foundation for whatever notions of future friendships you would like the Senate to entertain for future times, and from there we can work out what would best serve our own interests, for now, at least.

Aside from this, there was remarkably little to say, so Mago felt it would best at leat to put up the facade of bluntness to the warrior dignitary, though at this moment, Mago was concealing little.
23-06-2005, 11:53
“Hmmm, they have several guests apparently. It would not be in the best interest to go barging in like all the others. Patience will win out.”

Captain Dar’Thon reread the message sent to him from Admiral Mago. He accessed the AI with his Neurolink and composed a reply in Punic and quickly sent it off.

Admiral Mago, it is good to hear from you so quickly. From the wording of your message it appears you are currently very busy with several guests. For this reason we will hold our position at your border until you are finished with your business. Please send word and we will meet you or you can meet us here. Please do not take offence, we just don’t want to be centurion and barge our way into places where we do not belong.

Captain Dar’Thon
The Astrosleuth

Dar’Thon converted the message to Punic and sent it to The Hasdrubal. He then accessed the language files with his neurolink and began to learn to speak and read Punic fluently.
New Carthago
23-06-2005, 13:17
(OOC: To explain any confusion to readers, and for my own impatience, the following section -between I and Balrogga- technically takes place after the Ticonderogan delegate has left, simply to keep the RP flowing.)

After the Ticonderogan representative stood up and left, Mago again picked up the notepad, to read the Balroggans response. Seeing their offer of moving the discussions to their vessel, he took the opportunity to do so. This meeting room was getting to him by now anyway, having spent far too much of the day sitting talking to other aliens. Standing up, crewmen of the Hasdrubal moved into the room, clearing away the mess, their order seeming like chaos. He entered the elevator, and it began to shoot down towards the docking bays.

Several minutes later, the elevator came to a short stop, and the doors pulled open. Mago stepped out into the cargo bay, attracting the greetings of docking bay workers. He returned them, and walked in long strides towards his personal shuttle. The ship was coloured a light gray, and had a very tall bow and stern, almost exactly like the diplomatic vessels. The only noticable difference was the large FTL device partially concealed in the stern, a large round lump on the underside of the craft. The door at the sides swung open, the bottom part forming a ramp Mago used to enter the craft. Red panels illuminated the interior of the craft, glaring off of the windows, and Magos face. With a slight grimace, he began the long, complex proceedure of bringing the craft to full activation, frantic activity registering along the readouts as the ship powered up. After a time which seemed far too long to only be a few minutes to Mago, there was a lurch in the vessel, indicating that it was operating under its own power, and was now resting a few inches above the bay floor. Aside from a bass rumbling, the ship was deathly quiet. Finally sitting in the pilots seat, he took the ships controls, and eased it gently out of the docking bay, through its dull pink semi-permeable shield, and in the rough direction of the Balroggan vessel. His mind was calm as he tapped out the response into the computers communicator.

Balroggan Vessel.
Admiral Mago on way, expect contact in a short time.

There seemed little point for expansive niceties for such a simple message, so he sent it on ahead unadorned. Leaning back in the expensive leather chair, whilst activating the filters on the windows to block out the glare of hyperspace. Tapping one of the buttons on the seat, the ship lurched forward and into hyperspace. Despite the filters, a dim blue/green glow seeped in and filled the cabin, mingling with the red of the panels.

Roughly half an hour later, the ship shot back out of hyperspace, waking Mago, who had fallen asleep in his chair rather quickly, back up. Ahead of him was a large sleek ship against the backdrop of space, lights glistening on its hull. Toggling the communicator up to audio with his foot, he spoke into thin air, though it was all picked up by the microphones.

This is Admiral Mago calling Balroggan vessel Astrosleuth, requesting permission to dock. he stated, with an almost lazy tone. A few moments later, the confirmation came through, directing him to a strip of lights near the underside of the vessel, their docking bay. After a few moments, Mago leaned up out of the seat, which sprang back up slowly behind him, and took hold of the controls once more. The docking bay, of a similar type and position to the one aboard the Hasdrubal, was a strangely familiar sight to Mago, who had expected something altogether more alien. Regardless, he shifted the shuttles approach to it, and began to speed in. As the ship began to fill to dominate Magos view, he applied a little reverse thrust to slow the ship down to a more acceptable speed, and allowed it to slip into the docking bay. Killing the forward thrust totally, Mago allowed the vessel to rest on the docking bay floors, before climbing out of his seat, tapping the appropriate buttons that would open the doors for him. Captain Dar'thon would be able to see Magos silhouette against the red ambient lighting of the shuttle, through the square windows. The side door of the shuttle opened, which would be flat on with Dar'thon. Mago stepped out, ducking under the top section of the door which was still opening. Proceeding to Dar'thon, he took grasped the Captains hand, and held it across his chest for a short moment, before releasing it.

Good day, Captain. I, as you are aware, am Admiral Mago, of the New Carthago navy, and of the vessel Hasdrubal. I am here to negotiate with you on behalf of our people. It is a great privilige for me to be standing here, hopefully what we discuss will be most fruitful.

He awaited the captains response, as he examined the docking bay.
28-06-2005, 00:45
Captain Dar’Thon greeted the Admiral in Punic, their native tongue.

“Greetings, Admiral Mago. I am glad to see you have finished with your other appointments. Please accept my hospitality while I give you a tour of my ship.”

Dar’Thon noticed the admiral had been stealing glances around the landing bay.

“Would you like to start here?”

“It would serve as good a place as any to start. Since we are here already, it will save a trip back to see it again.”

“Very true. This is the landing bay of The Astrosleuth. It has permanent berths for 20 fighters and two shuttle craft. There are spaces reserved for additional craft when we get a chance to meet others. These are the AS-5 Proteus Fighters. They are multi-role craft that allows us to maneuver about the battlefield almost unhindered. They are single pilot craft but each has a built in AI that is uploaded right before the launching. The pilots, as well as almost every citizen in the Empire, possess Neurolinks allowing us to directly contact the AI and control the craft with our thoughts. This makes reflexes insanely fast and allows the pilot to see around him in every direction using the fighter’s sensors. It is very hard to sneak up on one of these without getting your tail feathers singed off. We have a repair facility located over here to both build and to repair fighters and shuttles. We can replicate parts if we don’t already have them on hand.”

The Captain led the Admiral deeper into the ship.

“These are the engines. As you probably noticed, we don’t have exterior engines. Our Mirage Drives are all self-contained. We use Dimensional Drives. They allow us to Uplift to the 7th dimension where distances are about 24 times shorter because we “skip” across the space-time continuum. As an example, if a freighter took a day to travel 10 light years we could do it in an hour. Our shields are also generated by the Mirage Drive so it is harder to hit any shield generators because they are deep within the ship. We carry a back-up ion drive but in more than 300 years we have not needed it.”

The Captain continued to lead Admiral Mago through the ship.

“This is the Torpedo Bay. We store our assortment of Torpedoes here. We have several different choices in strength but the Grav Torp is one of our first we developed. We created the others because sometimes a Grav Torp is just too much. They generate a singularity in front of them and attempt to eat their way through a ship. If you want to take prisoners, they are not the ones to use.”

Dar’Thon led Mago to his quarters.

“These are your quarters while you are aboard The Astrosleuth. The other door leads to a suite we had remodeled to accommodate the talks we will be undergoing. Whenever you are rested and want to continue, just use the computer to call for me and I will be here shortly.”