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The Dispute

Underwater Asylum
24-05-2005, 10:59
All around the Land of Deus, space craft landed... In that thin strip of no-man's land between nations, hulking behemoths settled and disgorged their cargo of Mecha and marines. Small vehicles took position all around the area, powering up and creating a jamming field... And through all this, an announcement boomed over every radio, television and computer...

"Citizens of The Land of Deus... This is Emperor Narqu of Underwater Asylum. You are now under lockdown until a suitable agreement can be reached. Anyone attempting to enter or exit the nation will be shot. This will be seen as an act of aggression on your part. This blockade is of peaceful intent."

The marines began laying charges on bridges, prefrab bunkers were erected. Sentinels began moving ammunition and houses out from the massive maws of cargovessels. GM Artillery Mecha settled into firing positions.