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The Force be with you...(FT)

Green Sun
14-05-2005, 04:37
After the NeoBlack Sun base incident, the soldiers there made an astounding discovery. Their General Lucas was not a conventional Terrorist General, but a man that studies the arts discovered in a galaxy far, far away. Tehy discovered a Jedi.
They had heard of Jedi from United Cultures citizens who left UC to live in GS. They knew only of the Sith, whom they had fought but now where allied with, and their enemies, the Jedi. It seems that he only joined Black Sun to rid Green Sun of the Sith, who had already infiltrated Green Sun. Instead of killing him, they made a new objective to transfer him to Earth. His story checked out. There are over two dozens Sith in the Green Sun parliment and a Sith school. The Jedi have gained popularity with the populace. To prevent them from going at each other's throats, Parliment told them to both sign up for admittance to the Theocratic Trisection of the Government, which they did. Jedi Master Lucas had to be banned from Green Sun and was transfered to United Cultures because of his involvement with the terrorist organization Neo-Black Sun. Tensions are high in Parliment, since twenty-four of the one-hundred fifty members are now known Sith. Empress Natasha and General Homer garuntee there will be no fighting between the two in Green Sun-owned areas.
Green Sun
15-05-2005, 00:01