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Farbanti Trade Conference

The Vuhifellian States
11-05-2005, 23:01
To: World Financial Leaders
From: Vuhifellian Government and Mega-Corporations

Message from Vuhifellian President Stevan Daniels:

We welcome the leaders of the world economy to the Farbanti Trade Conference in the Greykan Capital of Farbanti. It is in our interest that the world economy grows, we invite the nations of the financial world and the leaders of their nations and corporations to this trade conference. Seeing as the attendents have very high authority, security will be provided. The points which will be discussed during the meetings will be as following:

* Lower Tariffs between attendee nations
* Modernized Industries
* Economized Trade Routes
* Better trade between attendee nations

Of course many other issues may come up during the meetings such as decreasing production costs while keeping goods at current market prices. We hope that the world economy will benefit from this conference and so we hope that the world financial leaders will attend.

Best Wishes,
President Stevan Daniels
11-05-2005, 23:34
The Second Empire of Fluffywuffy is in need of several trading partners, and requests that envoys from corporations in the Second Empire be allowed to attend the Farbanti Trade Conference. We already have no tarrifs, and the purpose of said envoys from our corporations would be to have them work out deals to export such products as automobiles and import such things as cheap cothes and the like.

-James McCall
Trade Minister
11-05-2005, 23:47
The Nation of Mondoth wishes to express interest in trading with the Nation of The Vuhifellian States. Out main trade products are strategic materials including oil. Our main Needs are for Aluminum, Paladium and other exotic materials
The Vuhifellian States
12-05-2005, 20:51
12-05-2005, 21:01
The United Kingdom, a strong believer in economic prosperity for all, would formally like to apply for a seat at the conference. The head dignitary would be that of Prime Minister Alistair Tetley, along with his minister of finance and leaders from the Azazian business world.

Emily Deveraux
Minister of Foreign Affairs
The Vuhifellian States
13-05-2005, 00:53
The Vuhifellian States
13-05-2005, 01:39
13-05-2005, 01:50
The People's Republic of Spartanox would like to request a seat in the trading conference. Our country is interested in any metal resources.

Neil Harling
President of Spartanox
13-05-2005, 02:17
The Republis of Siap would like to apply for a seat. Siap has a stong supply of heavy metals (Actinoids, trans-uranium metals), tea, and military equipment. We have a need for grain. We would also like to invite any nation or corporation to move to Siap, as most employee benefits (maternity leave, etc.) are paid by the government and the convict-lease system has been reinstituted.
The Vuhifellian States
14-05-2005, 01:12
14-05-2005, 02:18
Our country also has vast amounts of grain. Grain is one of our primary food in Spartanox.
The Vuhifellian States
14-05-2005, 15:41
The Vuhifellian States
15-05-2005, 16:38
I bumped humpty dumpty off teh wall
La Habana
15-05-2005, 16:46
La Habana would like to participate in this trade conference. One of our primary exports is tobacco products. La Habana currently has a shortage of electrical goods, and would be happy to trade our high quality tobacco products in exchange for electrical goods with any nation that is willing.
La Habana
15-05-2005, 16:55
Vuhifellian States, does your country produce electrical goods?
The Vuhifellian States
15-05-2005, 19:43
Yes, the Mega-Corporation Petran Electronics specializes in electronic equipment and the likes.
Van Luxemburg
16-05-2005, 07:28
From: Van Luxemburg
To: Vuhifellian States

Our Grand Duke has also expressed his meaning to attend the Farbanti Trade Conference. He is interested in setting up trade treaties and the like, because, until now, van Luxemburg couldn't trade it's Natural resources:
coal, iron ore, bauxite, zinc, uranium, antimony, arsenic, potash, feldspar, fluorospar, gypsum, timber and fish. he will be coming together with our Financial Affairs and Trade minister Fernando Batiste.

A. Van Luxemburg,
Minister of Royal Affairs of the Grand Duchy of van Luxemburg.
The Vuhifellian States
19-05-2005, 12:42
The Vuhifellian States
20-05-2005, 12:12
bump, Trade Conference begins tomorrow
The Vuhifellian States
20-05-2005, 20:41