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The Crackdown On The Scum In The Regions Of Non Chavs And Spandazia

10-05-2005, 22:30
Earlier today Spandazia and NonChavs launched a terrifying and swift attack on the slums of their respective countries. In a bid to eradicate Chavs in their countries the leaders began a campaign to rid their nation of these foul creatures. dictat Hansen had the following to say

"Today is a good day for all people. We have managed to eliminate the problem of 'chavs' in mine and Patrician Jacksons nation. May this day be forever remembered in our history books."
Dictat Hansen later paraded round his capital city of Spondagol with a Chavs head on a stick.
Non chavs
10-05-2005, 22:36
Today in a frightening pincer move in the ghettos of the holy empire, patrician Jackson and his secret police the," non chavian eradicatiors force union" or ncefu, for short, eradicated the chav population in most of the country. The patrician had this to say earlier today:
" I don't know why the chavs keep coming back, but now hopefully they won't come back."
Non chavs
10-05-2005, 22:41
The Patrician released this statement earlier today:
" I've heard that chavs are a bit thick, but I mean it's a mystery why they kep returning. Our motto is:"if you're a chav, you'll die" and the country is religiously involved in eradicating all chav lifeforms."

The patrician ended the interview by presuming that chav's can't read and that he'll take further measures in the future to stop chavs even arriving.
10-05-2005, 22:43
This leaves the box open for what the duos next move could be. There is obviously a strong alliance between the two nations, so is there more to follow. Dictat Hansen had the following to say about this.

" There will obviously be more attacks on unpopular minorities groups, as they are liked by no one. We can only give you this list and tell any members of the groups in this list, to run, like hell.
Illegal immigrants.
pop artists.
tax dodgers.

Hansen was obviously very pleased with the attack andit will please people to hear that more are to follow.