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A Day in the Life

29-04-2005, 00:46
It was down by the docks where they found the body, bloated, nibbled on by fish, chewed by rats, a panorama of greys as it lay on the banks of the Erdring River. The stevedores had seen many corpses in their days, but this one was very different from the rest, something almost absurd, as if it had been inflated. After many lost breakfasts, someone eventually rang the police, who promptly added their meals to the feast.

The senior officers examining the body -- more accustomed to witnessing the greatest depravity into which humanity can submerge itself -- were perplexed by the possible causes of death.

"Drugs?" Detective Sergeant Imbert pondered.

"Can't be," Detective Inspector Oldenbruck declared. "Must be from pollution or some such bollocks."

Whatever the cause, the forensic pathologist would hopefully find it.