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Dread Lord Bane bans all freedom

Dracun imperium
27-04-2005, 23:46
Imperial Order 1100
All of the subjects of the Dread Lord himself, Emperor Bane are hereby stripped of all rights and freedoms given to you by the previous Dread Lords. You are now hereby complete and totally subject to any order the Dread Lord commands. Failure to abide by this Imperial order is on Pain of Death. A new law enforcement branch shall be created to enforce this order they are the S.O.F.s (Social Order Force) and have the ultimate authority to kill on sight, and are under the supreme command of the Dread Lord himself.

This order was quickly passed and the S.O.F.s ranks were soon swelling due to transfers from Supreme Imperial Legionary Officers (The Dread Lord's Private force). Dracun had now become under the supreme command of one man, Emperor Bane The XXXV and they couldn't be in worse hands.
Nikolaos The Great
27-04-2005, 23:54
Official Public Announcement

I hope Dread Lord Bane will keep the friendly relations with Greece intact. We support the Dread Lord Bane and has the right to do what ever he wants in his own nation.

-Emperor Nikolaos Onassis
Athens, Greece
Dracun imperium
28-04-2005, 00:27
Message to Emperor Nikolaos Onassis,
All though we have no prior relations, relations are possible between the Dread Lord and yourself Emperor Nikolaos.
Imperator Shimara
Advisor to the Dread Lord.
28-04-2005, 00:30
Official communique from the Sharina Technocracy:

Emperor Bane XXXV, what is the reasoning behind this policy change? How are you planning on enforcing this, as this would be an incredibly difficult task to carry out aganist more than a billion people.

~Sharina office of Foreign Relations (SFR)
The Island of Rose
28-04-2005, 00:32
Official Reply:

Oh come on. So what if you banned all freedoms? Nikolai, the CEO of Rose Nationalized Arms, stole candy from a baby. You can be so much evil and meaner then that, just letting you know.
Chancellory of Foreign Affairs
Dracun imperium
28-04-2005, 00:34
To the nation of Sharina
The system of the Dread Lord has been in power since Dracun's formation, and we have yet to encounter a promblem. However your points are valid and we will explain. Fear is the answer, and we have always kept our playthings in control by fear and you ask our reasoning? Meh, because we felt like it.
Imperator Shimara
Advisor to the Dread Lord.

Damm you!
Imperator Shimara
Advisor to the Dread Lord.