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Assault on Leningrad [Earth II][ATTN Zeeeland]

27-04-2005, 15:46
The day was clear as crystal. In other words a perfect day, if it hadn't been for the fact that a heck of a lot of military units were en route for Leningrad, ready to avenge the insults made to Cotland by Zeeeland. Cotland had been insulted by Zeeeland one time too many, and now it was time to show the damned Zeeelandish that Cotland meant business!

In the Baltic Sea, three carrier battle groups and two Amphibious Assault Forces covered the western approach, with fighters in the air and missiles ready to be fired. A flight of ten Cottish F/A-18F Super Hornets were heading for the capital city of St. Petersburg in Leningrad Oblast. They carried 2 AIM-9X Sidewinders, 4 AIM-120C AMRAAMs and 6 GBU-12 Paveway II bombs each. Another flight of four F-22N Sea Raptors flew alongside them with 2 AIM-54C Pheonix's, 6 AIM-120C AMRAAMs and 4 AIM-9X Sidewinders, to protect the Super Hornets. Two EA-18As flew a few kilometers behind and jammed the Zeeelandish radar while locking on to the sites with their 4 AGM-88 HARM anti-radar missiles, while a single E-2C Hawkeye flew well behind and provided AWACS cover.
F/A-18F Super Hornets heading for St. Petersburg

From the seaside, four Ticonderoga class guided missile cruisers turned up against the wind and fired off twenty BGM-109 Tomahawk (TLAM-C) cruise missiles each towards military facilities in Leningrad. All in all, eighty TLAM-Cs were heading for Leningrad. It was time to bust some Zeeelandish skulls.
Cottish cruiser firing a Tomahawk cruise missile

A similar situation were happening on the Leningrad-Karelian border. Twenty-four A-10 Thunderbolt IIs flew in to bomb the Zeeelandish defenses covered by fourty-eight F/A-22A Raptors and twenty-four F-16C Fighting Falcons armed with AMRAAMs and Sidewinders before the ground force would move in. Eight divisions were ready to move in from various points on the border with Zeeeland. More then enough to take the enemy, provided that the Zeeelandish wouldn't call in allies. In that case, Cotland would do the same thing, as well as sending a further sixteen divisions to help out on the borders. In the White Sea, two Cottish fleets, three wings and four divisions were ready to counter any attack from the north. Meanwhile border defenses were mobilized to prevent any friends of Zeeeland from interupting the annexation of Leningrad.

OOC: Waiting for Zeeeland to post.
28-04-2005, 01:49
tsar Sputnik moved up and down the corridor with his Minister of defense and minister of Diplomatic affairs mikhail Bondarenko...... Cotlands seeming unstoppable arrogance and nationalistic Imperialistic Stupor will never end. Zeeeland has done nothing wrong to cotland.... It can only be said that Cotland was Leningrads access to the sea. this was later televised on Zeeelands Imperial television Service. Arm All army divisions on red alert around the Capital region these Cottish Dogs and i can emphasis that word enough will not i repeat not. walk into our beloved capital....."yes your Highness" with that Mikhail Bondarenko left the room......

that said a provisional emergency capital was set up in Kishinev molodova(goverend now by deputy prime minister Vladimir Tupin) in Zeeelands most loyal Colony which is now Intergrated fully into the Motherland.

In leningrad

200,000Armed spetnaz elite divisions lined the streets of leningrad giving the city an ominous Ambience.1500 Zeeeland krueger Tanks rolled down Tsars square with The Inner City being Cleared to set up sniper positions. and anti aircraft flak guns. they dotted the city. all citizens were advized to arm themselves aswell and fight for tsar and country as Cottland will take no prisoners.

The Zeeeland Imperial navy was blockading the port of leningrad for 150 miles out to sea. there were 5 "Volov" navy A Class Frigates, 10 Bolof "B class battleships with surface to.Steaming out of leningrad escorted by 10 wolf Subramines and a flyby by a batlle groups of 120 Migs and 1 Air craft carrier with 150 Kamikaze pilots ready to die for the Tsar. and perserve Zeeelands way of life.
28-04-2005, 02:03
Nationalistic fervour was at fever pitch. Cotlands gratiotous bombings of Zeeeland towns througout the countryside and in particular Ladoga was being received by the public both right wing and left wing alike as an attack by satan. civilian caualities are believed to be around a thousand in just 4 days of the battle. The govenrment has urged an interfada(Eternal Uprising) if Zeeeland was ever taken by Cotland to the mass uproar of approval by the general populace. tsar sputnik with tears in his eyes march to the palace gates to his people and the international and imperial media and stated this "all peoples of Zeeeland, we have been attacked by an advisery twice our size population wise but with that that givesz them exacly minus that number when it comes to honouring the sanctity of fellow russian nations. Tsar sputnik now debilitated lifted up a ak kalashnikoff and fired it into the air the public screamed to the delite of what was to follow.

a zeeeland air force battle group flew over the sky. 150 migs zeeland made Akalov m45 battle jets flew over the Leningrad sky flying to Intercept with cottish forces........
28-04-2005, 02:43
The counter attack army was hurried due to the unpredicted attack by Cotland which destroyed Belgrov Defence base in a matter of a few hours. However the government predicted such a rash move by cotland and began mass conscriptions to the army. anyone over 17 would join the army. The airforce was relatively weak. but with what they had they had the best of. 20,000 troops marched to defend the fronteir town of Tomblast (they were consripts and Elite forces alike) while the Cottish air offensive continued trying to pummel the Zeeeland army into submission. however the zeeland airforce was upt to the task of defending the consript centers were the Zeeeland govenment churned out 100,000 fresh troops a day. The reserve arsenal was saved for such an occaision that if ever Cotland attacked the reserve supply could supply guns to 1 million consripts.

However also general chief of military command Nicolai Rochenko put emphasis on not just using conscripts as "cannon fodder" and had divisons formed which combined conscripts with regular Infantry and elite force divisions. this is what they consist of.

Army Division A: Leningrad City Defense Forces: (protecting perimeter of 30000sq km radius around the city)
100,000 spetnaz elite troops 200,000 Spetsnaz Logistical

750,000 regular Zeeeland Imperial Infantry: 500,000 Logistical

300,000 Zeeeland Concripts: logistical same as Infantry

15000 Artillery battery Trucks (Zeeeland made Zill 55)

5000 Flak Guns (dotted mainly around key areas of Leningrad city)

5000 SAM Vehicles 15,000 logistical support

5000 Krueger heavy tanks, Tank personnelle: 30,000.

Air Force: 200,000 logistical support

20,000 Mig Fighter planes, 50,000 air crew

5,000 Alexov Battle Bombers.

Defense Force Divison B: protecting the paremeter of the rest of the region

75,000 Spetnaz troops 120,000 Spetsnaz Logistical.

1000,000. Zeeland Imperial Infantry 2000,000 Logistical

600,000 Zeeeland Conscripts.

30,000 Attillery trucks (Zill 55)

50,000 Flak Guns. dotted mainly around major towns like Ladoga and Tomblast.

5,000 SAM vehicles 15,000 logistical support

20,000 krueger Battle Tanks 300,000 tank crew. 100,000 logistical.

Air force: 200,000 logistical

20,000 Mig fighter planes 50,000 Air Crew,

10,000 Alexov Battle bombers.

this is wehat the imperial ministry of defense could muster up before the bombing raids from cotland forced military counter action.......
28-04-2005, 04:19
Official Andrehervian Government Statement

After viewing the steady expansion of Cotland after the last few months, the Central Committee of the Communist Shield of the Andrehervian Proletariat views this attack on a member of URFCA and ally of us as an attack on greater Andrehervia itself. We condemn the expansionist policies of the Cotland Government and if the Cotlandish forces do not immediately withdraw, further action will be taken to remove Cotland from Zeeeland.

-Jeffery Hine,
Official Andrehervian Government Spokesman, Public Relations Unit


"Witzenberg, have we forgotten our honour?" yelled Terence McMullen, risen from his chair in anger, pointing at the Premier. The meeting had been going on for three hours with no solution or compromise from anyone. "We should take action against the invaders, remember your own doctrine? That one you approved not so long ago?"

Gordon Miocevic, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and another member of the Central Commitee, sighed and put up the point he had done so for three hours. "Cotland is a very powerful nation. They've taken sizeable amount of territory in the last few months without hassle. Zeeeland, on the other hand, is just another small oblast. What would we gain from defending it, apart from hundreds of dead soldiers and a new enemy. And that's before we discuss how we're going to get to Zeeeland."

"Central Andrehervia is too far away to get sizeable troops there, but the Ukrainian sector is close enough to get soldiers there by plane," piped up the Minister of Home Affairs, Stephen Lyons, "But, even so, I still agree with my colleague. It's otherwise pointless to defend Zeeeland from Cotland, but perhaps military and economic aid would help? Let them fight for their own Oblast."

"Listen," interrupted the Deputy Premier Daniel Fellows, "We've been here for three hours now. We've come to no solution. All we've done is repeat the same damn rhetoric over and over again. If anyone has anything new to say, do so now."

The room fell quiet. Terence McMullen, still standing, sighed in despair and anger at this silence and slowly sat back in his chair.

"We've been sitting around here doing nothing for hours," the Home Affairs Minister commented, "But the Premier had the final word on everything we do." He slowly turned to the most powerful man in the country. "It's all up to you now, Donald. What do you say we do?"
28-04-2005, 04:39
Official Statement from the Squornshelan Government:
As both Zeeeland and Squornshelous are members of URFCA, and as Squornshelous has publicly pledged support to Zeeeland in case of invasion, Squornshleous condemns the Cottish invasion of Zeeland's sovereign territory. If Cottish forces are not withdrawn immediately, military action will be taken against Cotland.

Hans Riker
Squornshelan Minister of Foreign Affairs

Murmansk Oblast:
All military personel went to instant readiness, and the order came down to move to Alert Level 2, just one step away from war. missile cruisers and submarines left their morrings for the comparative safety of open water, and hundreds of airplanes were poised on tarmacs and carriers, ready to take off.
28-04-2005, 10:11
Imperial public response

The Empire regret that Andrehervia and Squornshelous are threathening to intervene. We have no quarrel with you, nor do we wish to have one. We consider the incident in Leningrad a matter of internal security. The Empire of Cotland have every intention to assume command of the territory of Leningrad, which belonged to Cotland before it was stolen from us one hundred years ago. Therefore we have a historical claim to this rebelous province. Not to mention the fact that we have been insulted time and time again by the rebels in Leningrad. We draw the line here! I give my personal assurance. No citizen of Leningrad shall be harmed unless they provide the Cottish soldiers with a reason. The reasons shall be among others attacking Cottish soldiers and materiell, carrying of arms, and violation of Cottish laws.

We have no intention of withdrawing, and are offering this to the people of Leningrad. Make no resistance, and no harm whatsoever shall come to you. If you insist on making this difficult for us, you will have to face the consequences. It's your call. The Cottish forces will continue their entry in Leningrad.

Imperial Government of Cotland


OOC: So you have more then 2,4 million men under arms in Leningrad (not mentioning the undermanned logistics). That should be your entire military then. Ah well, at least they can't do much with the serious lack of logistics. Who's gonna hand out food, water, ammo, etc for your soldiers? How does the people get transported? What do you do with your wounded? All I need to is send a cruise missile at your resupply points, killing your logistics personell and you are screwed.

Also, 40 000 fighters and 15 000 bombers? Kinda godmode, eh? I would seriously consider revamping those numbers slightly. And do you have the specs for all that equipment? For example, how long range does the Zill 55 have? Which kind of ammo does it use? Crew size? Range? Is it self-propelled? I could go on, but you get the picture. It would really help increase the quality of the RP. As it is right now, I'll save myself a lot of trouble by just carpetbombing Leningrad with Mk82s and Mk84s ("dumb" bombs), or maybe B61s and B83s (tactical nukes).

Just a friendly piece of advice :)


IC: On the border with Leningrad, a total of eight divisions were ready to spearhead the invasion once the air force had completed their decimation of the Zeeelandish airforce.

In the air over the Cottish border, twelve F-22s were about to engage a flight of more then 100 Zeeelandish fighters. Relying on their stealth and manouverability to avoid detection, the Cottish fighters waited till they were within a range of 20 nautical miles before they fired two AIM-120C AMRAAMs each towards the enemy. Once the missiles were fired, they immediately split up and hit the deck (flying 200 feet above the ground in Mach 0.9).

Meanwhile the Cottish attack planes were busy attacking the Zeeelandish ground forces and SAM sites. While the 24 A-10s attacked ground forces (infantry, tanks, etc), ten F-16Cs armed with six AGM-88 HARMs each attacked the Zeeelandish SAM and AAA sites on the border. The Imperial Cottish Air Force had plenty of both F-16s and AGM-88s, and a determination made of titanium. If nothing else worked, the Cots would start firing cruise missiles towards the enemy.

A message went out to the Zeeelandish government.

Secret IC

The Empire of Cotland is hereby offering the government of Zeeeland a trade. In exchange for the oblast of Leningrad, the Empire is willing to offer total control over the provinces of Benin and Equatorial Guinea to Zeeeland. All The Zeeelandish government will not be stopped from leaving Leningrad, nor will any Zeeelandish citizens who wish to be moved there. You have our word. All we ask for in return is the oblast of Leningrad. We will hold the offensive untill we recieve an answer from you. We expect it within 24 hours. Untill then the Empire shall not move one soldier into Leningrad. We will however maintain the air offensive.

Imperial Government of Cotland
28-04-2005, 15:13
Official Andrehervian Government Statement

Despite the reasoning of the Cotland Government over the current Leningrad province, the Central Committee is still not convinced over Cotland's motives. We have therefore placed the Andrehervian Defence Forces on Orange Alert. Depending on the response of the Zeeeland government, the Central Committee will order the military to Red Alert and aid Zeeeland in its attempts to defend its homeland. However, if the Cottish and Zeeelandish leaderships come to a compromise, we will stand down.

-Jeffery Hine,
Official Andrehervian Government Spokesman, Public Relations Unit
29-04-2005, 02:44
Official Hawdawg Response

The Holy Republic of Hawdawg officially recognizes the right of Cotland to reacquire this territory that was taken from them so long ago. To all nations that threaten our ally Cotland, we will not hesitate to intervene with our armed forces if so requested. Any attack on Cotland by an outside force would be considered Blasphemous in nature and would warrant a response from us that would shake the hallowed halls of your most precious cities, towns, and countryside.


Josey Wales
Prime Minister
Holy Republic of Hawdawg
29-04-2005, 02:54
We fully support Cotland in what can only be described as a just and sacred attempt to purge the foul Zeelanders (im in bombadistic government propaganda mode, if you couldn't tell), however, the great military of our most grand Sultanate of Elephantum is busy in Oman, Arabia, Somalia, Southeast Asia, and Kuwait, purging the unclean, and will not be able to aid you in your quest.
29-04-2005, 03:04
Official Squornshelan Government Statement:
We fail to see how an invasiobn of the sovreign nation of Zeeeland can be considered a matter of internal security. Despite the fact that Cotland may have once possessed Leningrad, Zeeeland is recognized by the Squornshelan governemnt as the rightful owners of this territory. Again, we implore the Cottish government to reconsider their rash actions and withdraw their invading troops. We will allow two days for negotiations between Cotland and Zeeeland, after which, we will enter this war in defense of Zeeeland.

Hans Riker
Squornshelan Minister of Foreign Affairs
30-04-2005, 01:09
bump for Zeeeland
30-04-2005, 04:13
ok I dont know much about "military statistics" so this may be a crap RP. can somebody telegram me some friendly advice and what should be a relatively strong and more Importantly "viable army" for zeeeland. population 300 million. (this would not be a walk over for you cotland.) :(
30-04-2005, 04:17
The skies of zeeeland were crimson. which was apt considering the dire situation this relatively flegling nation was in....
30-04-2005, 11:28
OOC: Here's the TG I got from Zeeeland.

The Empire of Zeeeland
Received: 7 hours ago
Zeeelands motherland is Leningrad Oblast. however which we took away from Baltic Karelia I guess. so thats Irrelevent.The trade does seem fair. You get a monopoly in Russia and I extend my territory in Africa. i will talk with my ministers and come up with a decision in a bit. in the meantime I suggest a ceasefire. :)

So we're in a mode of ceasefire. That means that diplomacy is in effect, and that the attack is halted (temporarily). I'll keep you guys updated if there are changes.


The orders came down the chain of command rather quickly. All operations were to be temporarily halted due to attempts of diplomacy, effective immediately. The Zeeelandish SAMs and AAAs had already claimed eleven Cottish fighterbombers, but not without losses themselves. Hopefully the diplomacy would make sure that there were no more Cots or Zeeelandish killed. After all, the people who hate war the most are soldiers...
01-05-2005, 06:41
Zeeeland agrees to this ceasefire. the people of our nation are sick of the Tsars Autocratic ways and his extremists views an have succeeded in a Coup to overthrow him. The new provisional goverment is set up in Niger. we are in the process of trading Leningrad oblast for the two provinces Cotland holds in Africa. (I will make a thread later relating to this coup) :)