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Pilot approves one trillion dollar aid package

27-04-2005, 04:00
Pilot News Service
Aid package to Christintinea

With negoitations coming to an end between Pilot and Christintinea, President David Mitchell has announced that his nation will contribute one trillion dollars over the next ten years to foster economic growth.

"I believe that it is in the interest of Christintiea not to have to raise taxes on their citizens to bolster economic growth. All of us can be a little more generous", said President Mitchell at a news conference outside of the Christmas Bay Dignitary Reception Hall.

The Pilotan Senate approved the aid package on what can be as far from a party line vote as possible. Twenty two Independents joined eighty Democrats and fifteen Sierra Paracel Senators and twenty independents joined the entire Republican caucus, making the vote 117-93. The treaty still has to be approved by the Governors' Assembly, but a voice vote held earlier today revealed that only two Governors were planning to vote against.

"I thank the Pilotan people for aiding their regionmen, and such acts will never be forgotten", said Christintinea Prime Minister Alano Berto.

The conference, held in Pilot's capital city of Christmas Bay, added fuel to rumors that Christintiea would attempt to enter the Pilotan Union as a province, and then transition into a state. The announcement of the deal created a groundswirl to the rumors, which became even louder as some viewed the aid package as preparing the Christintiean economy to merge with Pilot's. Neither President Mitchell nor Prime Minister Berto would comment on any plans.