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The April Disaster: A Chain of events...

26-04-2005, 20:57
Andrei puffed on his cigarette again, the white smoke mixing with the sky and rising into the ozone layer. Andrei's finger wandered from the trigger guard on his M4 to the mug of coffee that was lying on the table, staining the oak with a dark brown liquid that would require some cleaning to remove. He watched silently as the Green Party Demonstraters walked round in a circle, the boards bouncing slightly off their shoulders. Emblazoned upon the wooden stands were words sprayed in green, such as
Stop the killing!, Our planet deserves to be equal!
Behind the marching Green Party Supporters was the Dorsalgrad Armour Munitions Factory, which apart from creating shells from 76mm to 155mm in calibre, burnt huge amounts of carbon dioxide that spread into the clouds and anything above, huge steeples of smoke reaching high into the sky as a formation of fighter planes zoomed past and breakneck speed, the rain bouncing off the dark green camouflage metal...
The supporters had been there for hours now, and Andrei had been assigned to watch them in case anything goes wrong. Which it hadn't. yet.

If Andrei was actually bothered he would have noticed the growing larger group of youths, their hair shorn short [almost too short] and wearing large brown and black overcoats - to anyone the red armbands would have meant they were members of the Communist Party, but on further inspection [they didn't want to make it TOO obvious] a swastika could be made out - yes, that's right, the rather big [or at least it was now] group of Hogsweatian youths was actually a gathering of the Fundementally Extreme National Party - the FENP, which under a month ago was deemed illegal and beforehand members had been shot by armed police - really, the only type of police in the Soviet Union. They came into Andrei's line of sight when they crossed over, passing the Green Party demonstrators. A few of the environmentalists were almost scared - they knew that the FENP really hated the Green Party [almost as much as the Jews and the Communists] but the older members didnt' expect something to happen. Evidently the FENP members didn't take note of the helicopter circling overhead, or at least they didn't notice it. Helicopters were common in Hogsweatian Urban areas and they hadn't assumed it had been watching them and lining them up in the training laser of the SM30 six barreled high velocity armour piercing anti personnel chaingun.

A FENP lobbyer, a young man, possibly only 16 [it was legal to join the Communist Party at the age of 8, but any other party had to wait until 16, the age where any person could go to prison] picked up a stone - and without knowing it, sparked the biggest age of civil unrest and strife in Hogsweat since teh last civil war. Andrei, the helicopter pilot, and the few attent green party members were witenessing history. Seemingly travelling in slow motion, the stone flew, spinning and turning, unlike the moon in orbit [although alot more jagged and nasty] and eventually smacked, with speed, into the forehead of a n old Green Party member - the only Green Party MP. The 65 year old man fell straight to the floor, the stone lodged in his skull, his nearly balding head hitting the stone cold floor killing him outright. The man, Utar Stuvek, a Slav by definition and also a Jew, was greatly respected by members of the Communist Party, Liberal Democrat Party, and Conservative Party for his determination and still, as an environmentalist, patriotism.

Andrei started to move. He dropped his coffee and spat out the cigarrete, and taking the M4 from his back and cocking it he jogged over to where the stone was they saw the soldier the group began to run, almost all at once..The helicopter however had already documented what had happened. Little did they know armed police had already closed off all the exits from the small corner of dark Dorsalgrad.

gotta dash.