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Sharina's Fourth Age of Reunification (Earth V)

26-04-2005, 19:26
A middle aged man paced back and forth in front of a large televised map of New England, with three states colored in light green, with symbols fluctating throughout the map. Several large dark purple splotches materialized into the far western edges of the green colored states, along with golden lines travelling back eastwards towards the ocean and three major cities of Boston, Providence, and Fall River.

A ringing sound is heard, and the middle aged man took controlled strides towards his wooden desk, cluttered with various paperwork, a flatscreen display, and a desktop computer. The man deftly took the phone out of the reciever, and quickly held it up to his ear.

"Xavier Veristek calling Major General Tresniel Pra'vac."

Pra'vac nodded absentmindedly before responding quickly.

"Confirmed. It is he."

The other voice began speaking in a firm tone, signifying a position of leadership and power.

"Operation Colonial is confirmed. Live well."

The line hung up, and Pra'vac nodded once again to himself.

It is time. The Marxist Corporation of Fodmodmadtol has fallen, and it is now Sharina's duty to pick up the pieces.

Pra'vac punched several new number combinations into his telephone reciever, opening an line of communication towards SharTac New England HeadQuarters. A small feminine voice spoke from the other end, countless kilometers away.

"SharTac NEHQ here."

Pra'vac spoke two words before hanging up, so to avoid foreign hackers or eavesdroppers tracing his signal.

"Colonial positive."

Pra'vac slowly walked behind his desk, his mind full of thoughts and plans for the upcoming battle for the Eastern Seaboard. He sat back in his chair, and busied himself with paperwork to pass the time. Several hours later, the televised map emitted a long beep, as the map transformed into a new version of itself.

The dark purple splotches began splitting into multiple smaller splotches, as they crossed the border between New York - Massachusetts, and New York - Connecticut. The splotches took onto meaningful shapes as the map zoomed into the general vicnity of the two state borders. Isometric renditions of armored vehicles, armor-clad infantrymen, supply trucks, and aircraft made their presence known. Large elongated shapes formed up in the blue seas outside of Connecticut and New York, and took on the identity of naval warships of varying classes, ranging from destroyers to large aircraft carriers.

Large red circles erupted onto the map screen, encircling the cities of New York City, Yonkers, Albany, and Utica as primary targets. Dark black lines began extending from the advancing isometric images of Sharina's armies and terminating in the four targeted cities. Another black line began extending past New York City and entered the former state of New Jersey. Several numbers and text scrolled upwards in a text box in the lower right corner of the large map, displaying several significant tidbits of information.

[Sharina Task Force 1-A]
[Target: Albany]
[Strength: 300,000 troops.]

[Sharina Task Force 1-B]
[Target: Utica]
[Strength: 300,000 troops.]

[Sharina Task Force 2]
[Target: Yonkers]
[Strength: 300,000 troops.]

[Sharina Task Force 3]
[Target: New York City]
[Strength: 300,000 troops.]

[Sharina Task Force 4]
[Target: New Jersey]
[Strength: 300,000 troops.]

[Total committed forces: 2,000,000 troops.]
[Offense: 1,500,000 troops in New York and New Jersey.]
[Defense: 500,000 troops on Defense Duty in New England.]

Major General Tresniel Pra'vac steepled his hands, as he began pondering possible scenarios and future engagements in New York and New Jersey.

Thus, the hour is at hand.

Sharina's Fourth Age of Reunification has begun.
26-04-2005, 21:00
To: President Mina Veristek

The forces you requested to help in the possible event of a Fodian invasion have arrived in San Fransisco yesterday. Since the Fodian threat no longer exsists we deem it a waste to just bring them back again.
We therefore offer them on lease to you for use in your stabilization of the Fodian area.
The troops could do with some live combat actions so this is the perfect opportunity. If you accept please reply.

Admirsal Jia Long.
26-04-2005, 21:37
To: President Mina Veristek

The forces you requested to help in the possible event of a Fodian invasion have arrived in San Fransisco yesterday. Since the Fodian threat no longer exsists we deem it a waste to just bring them back again.
We therefore offer them on lease to you for use in your stabilization of the Fodian area.
The troops could do with some live combat actions so this is the perfect opportunity. If you accept please reply.

Admirsal Jia Long.

Greetings Admiral Jia Long,

Thank you for your continued offer of assistance. Sharina shall never forget your kindness, and it shall repay your kindness three-fold.

Your troops will be more than welcome to participate in Sharina's upcoming effort in Costa Rica, Panama, and Columbia. They will gather much needed battle experience, and upon their return to your homeland, they could become trainers to enhance your military even further.

I shall be enclosing a gift of $10 billion upon the return of your troops to their homes once the campaign is concluded in Latin America / South America.

In addition, let Sharina know if you need any kind of support or anything down the line, and we shall be more than happy to offer whatever aid or support we can.

Live well and prosper.
~President Mina Veristek
26-04-2005, 22:29
Operation Colonial: +1 week

Major General Tresniel Pra'vac stared at the large map display and smiled slightly. The green shade had grown in size from the original shading of the three states of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The green shade denoting Sharina ownership and control enveloped New York City, and extended up aganist the New York - New Jersey border. The shade also enveloped the town of Yonkers, as well as the majority of New York within 60 kilometers of the New York - Massachusetts and New York - Connecticut borders.

A flag with a fist in it materialized above New York City and Yonkers, denoting a siege. Several isometric images of Sharina Task Forces 1-A and 1-B were arrayed a stone's throw from Albany, within a dozen kilometers. Several icons with a question mark above them appeared, showing unexpected resistance from a much larger force than anticipated.

A flag bearing the Greater Sixth Reich insignia rose above Albany, denoting mysterious communications in the German language, as well as radio frequencies unique to Greater Sixth Reich.

Major General Tresniel Pra'vac stared at the Greater Sixth Reich insignia, and groaned imperceptibly.

What are Sharina's allies doing in the middle of a war zone? What are Europeans doing in America, nearly half a world away? What is going on here?

Pra'vac picked up the phone on his desk and punched a coded number sequence. The phone shook slightly from the sheer force of Pra'vac's intense finger jabbing. Suddenly the familiar feminine SharTac NEHQ voice came online, and Pra'vac nearly roared into the phone.

"Could someone tell me what in Klothas are Greater Sixth Reich forces doing in Albany? Why hasn't Sharina been informed of this? I demand to know what is going on with our allies! Someone in SharIntel needs to be put into the cheese grinder, for the poor lack of intelligence gathering on Greater Sixth Reich status!"

The feminine voice was slightly taken aback, but quickly regained her composure.

"General, this matter will be brought up to President Mina Veristek, as she has been conducting all diplomatic matters lately. I shall connect you to her momentarily."

A minute passed by, until Pra'vac heard a click.

"Major General Tresniel Pra'vac, what is this about Greater Sixth Reich forces in New York?"

Pra'vac cleared his throat, for he was speaking to the most powerful woman in Sharina.

"Ma'am President, I recieved reports from Sharina commanders near Albany that they detected radio waves and signals that corresponds with Greater Sixth Reich. They have also determined the language spoken to be German, which further confirms the presence of Greater Sixth Reich forces in the general area.

What I don't understand is that how SharIntel could have missed this. Surely, we must have had plenty of dossiers and information on Greater Sixth Reich, as we are allies with them."

President Mina Veristek suppressed a growl, not directed at Pra'vac, but at the incomptent SharIntel service.

"Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I shall contact Greater Sixth Reich immediately. This matter will be resolved promptly.

Live well."

Pra'vac nodded towards himself, as he spoke into the phone's mouthpiece.

"Thank you. I will see this campaign through. Live well."

The phone hung up, as Pra'vac sat back pondering this turn of events.


President Mina Veristek sighed as she hung up the phone, slightly fuming inwardly. She quickly began composing a message to Greater Sixth Reich, as she knew time was of the essence in a large scale military campaign. A message was sent within an half an hour.

Comminque to Greater Sixth Reich:

Greetings, friend.

It has come to my attention that Sharina military forces have ecountered radio signals and tranmissions in the vicinity of Albany, which match your signals and language.

I would like to know what this means. Do you actually have a base in Albany, or are there some terrorists that are somehow copying your signals and language.

We must get to the bottom of this before lives are lost un-necessarily.

Live well,
~President Mina Veristek
27-04-2005, 07:11
To:President Mina Veristek

We are pleased to read of your acceptance of our offer and your generous gift.
The third armoured and fifth mechinized infantry are under the command of Colonel Huang Tai.

Detail of their compositoion are enclosed:

Admiral Jia Long

3rd Armoured Regiment.
400-T-90s MBTs
150-Type 89 120mm Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Guns
333-D-54 'Howler' S/STs
100-Type-88 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery
76-Mi-26 'Halo' Super Lifters
4-D-20 'Land Train' Command and Supply Vehicles
66-PLZ-45 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzers
100-Mi-24 'Hind' Attack Helicopters

5th Mechinized Infantry Regiment.
5,038- FASA Troopers
100-D-54 'Howler' S/STs
466- BMP-3 APCs
133-Type-88 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Artillery
166-Mi-24 'Hind' Attack Helicopters
100-Mi-26 'Halo' Super Lifters
3-'Land Train' Command and Supply Vehicles
34-PLZ-45 155 mm Self-Propelled Howitzers