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Manipulation and Discord (Open RP)

Dracun imperium
26-04-2005, 02:07
Bane sat on his infamous marble throne and watched his diplomatic and military officers give reports. Frankly, he couldn't give two shits about all of this. He'd rather just go into isolation, and begin to use his little play things to his advantage... this is when he got the idea.

Bane quickly ordered the dismissal of the officers, to their surprise. They however didn't say one word, fearing the creature that was before them. He quickly went to work in his mind, planning every detail. No one was to disturb him, to do so meant terrible consequences and that's why Lord Adrian was picked for the mission.

The guards couldn't stop him, he marched his way right in, he knew Bane wouldn't dare touch him, he was after all Bane's younger cousin and Bane's father had cared for him like a son, and had basically been Bane's brother, but at this point nothing was guaranteed.

"Dread Lord, I bring urgent news from the holding facilities for those who supported Loki-"

"Adrian! You were told not to disturb me..." His voice like a deep venom. Even Adrian was taken back by this tone, and Bane's appearance didn't exactly help that much.

"Dread Lord, it is nessecary, the captives are talking of revolting-"

"What did you say Adrian?" Bane asked, suddenly very curious.

"I said-"

"I know what you said!" He said slamming his fist deep into his marble throne, "Explain yourself."

"Well rumors are circulating that they are looking for a figure head, and they will revolt, and place a new Dread Lord in your place, a threat no matter how small they are."

"Indeed... have they picked a figure head?" Bane asked.


"Excellent, come close my cousin, I have much to share with you...."