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Coup Attempt in The Lemurian Ideal!

The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 17:43
It is dark, the only light one could make out were the lights of a certain jeep that parked by the east wall of the capitol building a.k.a. the prime minister's residence. Two masked men with Kalishinkov rifles silently step out onto the pavement, one, appearing to be the leader, motions to the other, the other walks over.

"Clean and and sharp, that is what we want, let the citizens clean up the rubble."

"We will be swift, Abdul. Let the infidels know no mercy!"

The two men shoot open a window with their rifles, shattering the glass. The leader jumps inside while the follower dons a grappling hook and scales the wall.

Inside the building, Abdul sprays his bullets, richocheting against the smooth, marble columns while the guards take their pistols and fire their lonely bullets, hoping to hit the attacker in a vulnerable spot. One guard goes down, then another! The floor is flooded with blood while the attacker has only been grazed in the arm, but he can still hold his gun.

A statue's arm gets shot off and the chandelier comes crashing to the floor with an ear-piercing shatter, landing on top of two guards.

Ducking and firing, he hides behind a column and kills another three guards. One guard, with his last breath, feebly calls the army reserves.

"[gasp] under...........attack..................[gasp, goes limp]"

Abdul, hearing this infidel call the army reserves, waits patiently as he fires. This clash of wills was only to begin.


Meanwhile, the other gunman swings between terraces with his grappling hook, praying to reach the sleeping prime minister in time to do his dastardly work.

But the Prime Minister is anything but asleep, for he had heard the gunfire.
He sprints into his closet hoping to avoid assassination. The vibrations in the closet walls continued to be all too real. Some plaster in the closet walls began to detatch.

A small puff of wind filled the room followed by the clump of heavy boots. The gunman hears a shuffle inside the closet door and lifts his hand to open it.

Suddenly, some gunshots! And the gunman falls down dead, the bullets piercing right through his body into the closet door.

An army helcopter carrying men to guard the Prime Minister had saved his life.
Five men step out into the Prime Minister's chambers as the prime minister steps out of the closet to escape from the ruined building.

The Prime Minister runs with his guards through a corridor overlooking the main foyer. Bullets are flying everywhere in small balls of fiery light seeking blood. Below, a parade of men in black suits wearing army helmets closing in around the sole gunman.

The gunman takes out a small, thin item and smiles.

The jeep outside blows into a huge fiery mass, blowing off the whole east wall, a portion of the south wall, and most of the foyer.

The Prime Minister was listed under critical condition and currently fights for his life in the intensive care unit at the H. Narsicos Polyclinic. Only three other men have the same fortune as he has to be alive, and are all listed in the intensive care unit.
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 17:54
The acting deputy, Dravidanos R. Kardan, has ordered a swift investigation as to this travesty, and an autopsy and DNA testing of the body of one gunman. The second gunman's body is unfit for autopsy as it was charred when the detonator was set off.

The Prime Minister's wife, currently on a diplomatic trip to the Principality of Balaam has been notified of what has happened and is returning immediately.
25-04-2005, 17:58
The Free Land of Nedalia sends its condolences and hopes the Prime Minister has a speedy recovery. We completely condemn the actions of these terrorists and open ourselves to the Lemurian Ideal incase need for aid is wanted.
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 18:09
The citizens of the Lemurian Ideal thanks the Free Land of Nedalia for its aid and condolences at this terrible time. The people celebrate your actions with great zeal and consider you a friend of their country, and I thank you personally myself as well as the parliament. Let us both hope that whoever sent these killers is caught swiftly. The State has declared a three-week period of mourning for the two-hundred and sixty-four people killed, and citizens are flocking to the town square waving flags singing the national anthem. Our state has been put on high alert in case of another attack, this time directed at the citizens.

Once again, we thank you deeply.
The True Way of Alan
25-04-2005, 18:27
The Holy Empire of The True Way of Alan sends its condolunces and offers any help or aid that is needed.
25-04-2005, 18:29
25-04-2005, 18:31
Madam President Echo Maxwell knowing the violent nature of most coup attempts on a personel level wishes to offer any aid needed in dealing with this terorist threat and any future ones.
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 18:42
The Holy Empire of The True Way of Alan sends its condolunces and offers any help or aid that is needed.

The Lemurians thank you deeply.
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 18:44

We thank you as well, the Lemurian Ideal is in desperate need of protection in case of another attack.
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 18:48
Madam President Echo Maxwell knowing the violent nature of most coup attempts on a personel level wishes to offer any aid needed in dealing with this terorist threat and any future ones.

Thank you greatly, Phalanix. I had only heard about the coup attempt after it happened. The people thank you for your concern and put trust in your nation that you will protect them against any other terror attack.
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 18:50
Breaking News!

Investigations have revealed that the body of the gunman sent to assassinate the Prime Minister during the gunfight is that of Hassan Ivanov, a member of a Chechen militia bordering the Lemurian Ideal. The second gunman's body, the one who detonated the car-bomb, has been identified as Abdul bin Mustafa al-Thalathi, a member of an Iraqi terror group known as Ansar al-Sunnah who had first arrived in Iraq from Lebanon and went from Iraq to the Lemurian Ideal. Why they wished to assassinate the Prime Minister rremains to be found out, but experts suspect it had to do with the Prime Minister's initiative to found a worldwide alliance against tyranny. However, because the Chechen and Iraqi militias are in control of no government, why they would wish to assassinate a world leader with no previous viable conflicts with these groups remains to be seen, and also, why they were able to penetrate our borders in the first place remains a topic of great concern.
25-04-2005, 18:52
"The Empire of Kamarok sends deepest condolences and has decided to put a large sum towards the reconstruction appeal.

we have diverted one orbital satelite to keep a watch on The Limurian Ideal and has put the Imperial Air Force and Imperial Navy on immediate standby.

hopefully a swift repair to these unfortunate events will leave our nations safe and unified."
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 18:56
The people thank you deeply for your bold initiatives, The Ideal considers you a friend to our people (as well as the other nations sending their condolences, of course)!

Let all of our nations be safe in the face of this great travesty.
25-04-2005, 19:43
He kicked the writhing sack visously, and lifted him into the van, the rifle slung casually over his shoulder with the safety off. He wasnt taking any chances, it had seemed too easy so far but conflict was inescapeable. He closed the doors, paused for a brief moment and opened them again. he swung his rifle round and pressed it against the sack.
"is this your leg?" he demanded quietly,
"mmfpff [cough] yes... [cough]" answered the sack, visibly tied at one end,
"good" the masked man replied, firing once. the silencer procured a dull thud as the echoing scream alerted the guards. he quickly climbed into the passengers seat as the guards responded. they ran out of their cabin, fumbling with pistols then falling one by one to the kalashnicov fire of the masked mans acomplice. the van sped up as they approached the gate, ramming though in one blow. the custom plow front helped alot, no ordinary vehicle short of a tank could break down the gates of Maximum Security Psychiatric Institute. they sped into the darkness, a sobbing coming from the back of the van.
"that infidels lucky we chose this instead of the flatbead truck" he joked,
"yeah, kinda cold tonight" replied the driver, his eyes not leaving the road.

a good ten minutes past, they were about halfway to where they would get means to leave kamarok soil forever, they hadn't enjoyed their breif stay.
"whats that noise?" the driver asked, a quizical look on his face,
"that guys still cryin', leave him to sob, i say" replied the gunman,
"no," responded the driver, "that faint chugging sound... holy **** its a helicopter, they know! they know! quick, grab the stinger!"
"we brought a stinger!?" the gunman said, clutching the tube, his knuckles were white, his voice shakey.
"we brought that C4 as well, incase we should have to detonate!"
"i wasn't told of this-"
"f***ing fire it! now" the driver commanded, "bring those infidels down!"
as the gunman fired the stinger missile, the helicopter swung around and flew backwards infront of the van, the missile missing it my a fraction of an inch.
the gunman seized his partners kalashnikov, firing at the helicopter, one bullet clipping the rotor gear, smoke billowing from the mortal wound as coolant and oil sprayed out and onto the windscreen of the van, the driver swerving violently and crashing into a tree on the roadside. the helicopter spiraled out of control and crashed some miles away, killing all but one of the occupants instantly, and the survivor dying some hours later from fragments imbedded in the chest and stomach.
the terrorists exited the van and began to walk, dragging the screaming sack.
"you had to shoot him in the leg!"
"it put him in his place, besides, he sqirms funny"
"this aint funny now you moron, we gotta drag this crap eight miles!"

BREAKING NEWS :: Kamarok Head Weapons Scientist Kidnapped!!!

"At exactly 1:36AM this morning an unknown amount of terrorists broke into the Maximum Security Psychiatric Institute and kidnapped ex weapons scientist Jason Thorn. Aged 58, this man was dismissed from the military and incarcerated without trial, reason or a release date from the Kamarok National Marine Corps or the judge that sentanced him. resons are currently unknown for his capture but it was rumoured that he was removed from employment because of "illegal weapons tests" and "crimes against life".
the official statement from Cheif Commander Thomas O'Brian was;
"J.Thorn was incarcerated for revealing to us the depths of science that we hope the human race may never see again. the order has been issued for him and his captors to be shot on sight since we cannot let any of what he knows fall into enemy hands, as this would be worst-case-scenario for not only kamarok, but Earth in whole. The trouble is, we don't know who they enemy is or what they hope to achieve, or even how they found out about who he is, where he is, and what he is." K-News
The Lemurian Ideal
25-04-2005, 20:20
We have a weapons scientist in terrorist hands, danger of another attack, and the world in instability. We must do something!