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Pintopia starts development of "Star Wars"

24-04-2005, 21:46
"Pintopia, in what can only be described as genius, today began production of its very own "Star Wars" defense system. The plans for this system were leaked to Pintopia by an anonymous country. This country had begun the plans but had to stop due to lack of funding and support. Pintopia was more than willing to pick-up were this country left off. More news on this later."
Green Sun
24-04-2005, 21:50
Green Sun thinks that Pintopia shouldn't try to overwork themselves. Instead, you should ask a nation with the skill , money, and people to make this system for you and a group of others. At your young age this isn't a feasable task. It would be more fitting if you assembled a group of nations capable of doing this to work together to make it useable for the entirity of Earth instead of just your own nation.
27-04-2005, 01:22
OOC: I said Pintopia was beginning development. It didn't just appear. Of course we will be seeking help from outside nations. We have started The United Republics Of Freedom for this very purpose.

IC: Our developmental and national security secrets do not not concern you outerworlder!!!!
Green Sun
27-04-2005, 02:29
The five million Green Sun citizens living on the Green Sun Penninsula beg to differ with your comment. Green Sun is not an outworlder nation. We started on Earth and we're still ON Earth so we don't think that's a very accurate comment.
27-04-2005, 04:47
We now know where you are located, The Trinary Empire of Green Sun is in
Teh Awshumness of Kal which contains 7 nations and was also founded by Green Sun.

OOC: I read a post that you said you could defeat a nation without landing your tanks on the earth and confused it to mean you where from space.

Pintopian Daily Planet
April 26th 2005

Retraction: It was stated in a recent column that The Trinary Empire of Green Sun was from outerspace. The Trinary Empire of Green Sun is actually located in Teh Awshumness of Kal on the planet of Earth.
27-04-2005, 06:40
And the very first satellite will be called..."The Anakin Skywalker"

no j/k
28-04-2005, 02:04
Our national security is no laughing matter.