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Terroists Strike Planet Federation Capital.

The Planet Federation
24-04-2005, 15:58
PFN BREAKING NEWS--------------

Today at 2:35 PM Local time a truck bomb carring an unknown amout of explosives detonated as members of parliment just emerged from the captiol building after conjoining in an emengercy session of parliment to discuss the Confella terriost network and its spreading support throught the Planet Federation.

The truck bomb killed an unknown amout of parliment members, But it is known that the bomb destroyed the entire entry hall and most of the front structure of the capitol building. The bomb left a 25 meter crater in the soil and unconfirmed reports say people felt the blast as far away as the outskirts of the city approx. 20KM away.

Among the known dead are Chief of Commerce, Todd Rodenburg. Chief of International Affairs, Adam Thomas. Also Stephen Garcia the Head of National Intellegence or P.F.S.S. died en route to the hospital.

Prime Minister Ricky Hanekamp has declared the city in a state of emengercy and has put all 3 Planets of the Federation on lock down mode. As of 4 PM local time all incomming and outgoing traffic from The Planet Federation is suspended. And military forces were put on their highest alert. A speech from the prime minister is expected shortly from an unknown location somewhere within the Federation.
Union of Russia
24-04-2005, 16:06
Your nation has our deepest condolences
24-04-2005, 16:11
OOC: Hmm, sounds like my title lol, Well, I would help if the same thing wasnt happening to me :p
The Planet Federation
24-04-2005, 20:24
Ladies and Gentelmen.

The United Peoples of The Planet Federation today came under attack as a truck loaded with 1 ton of high energy plasma explosives detonated in front of the captiol this afternoon. The truck killed 82 of the 189 Members of parliment along with some close friends and heads of staff from the federation. The blast also killed the Delegate representing valdoia of the Planet Federation.

As of this moment im inacting Emengercy ordiance 1123 this immediatley stops all trade in and out of the Federation. All government and governemnt owned offices are now under emengercy orders to not allow any unauthorized personel into the building and they have the authority to use deadly force to keep any personel away from the premsis.

All foreign embassies are under lockdown code and will not allow anyone onto the premsis. The captiol is under a tight lockdown all transportation out of the city is closed. Noone will be allowed to enter or leave the city until we can find the ones responsible for this crime.

In accordance with out terror policies ive been in contact with our UN Delegate and other UN nations we have asked for military assistance to enforce the emengery acts that are now in effect.

In accordance with the emengercy policies the following now take effect.

1. A cerfew in now in effect starting at 11 PM and lasting until 7PM the next day.

2. All private military forces are now under government control.

3. All natural recources and other vital assests under private control will now come under military control all profits made from these companies over the next few months will go directly to the governemnt.

4. There will be no rioting raping mudering pilliageing of any type any such acts will be dealt with swiftly and severely.

5. All transportation systems are now under government control.

Your local news stations will brodcast the rest of the emengercy policies.

We ask the Planet Federation to pray tonight that any more terroist actions stop so we can morn our losses in peace. Furthermore remaining parliment members along with senior members of staff and myself are being moved to a secure location.

We hope these policies do not have to remain in effect for long but as long as our nation is this crippled and we are unsure of future attacks these acts will be in effect and enforced.

Thank You and Goodnight


That was Prime Minister Rick Hanekamp were going to go off the air now and resume brodcast tommrow. Good Night and God Bless
24-04-2005, 20:26
The Planet Federation
24-04-2005, 22:32
-----Government News Agency-------

A nuclear device was detonated over the city of Dentyne just several seconds ago the city housed several command and control bunkers where high class V.I.P'S were staying the nuclear detonation completely destroyed the city. The cities population was 1.2 million as of now there apperars to be no suvivors. The Prime Minister Under his powers have suspended all constitutional rights and the Federation is now acting under a state of martial law. All military personel will now be acting as law enforcement agencies. The constitution is herby suspended. And people are to remain indoors.

People living outside Dentyne will be immediatly moved to reduce fallout casualities.

All power plants are now under governemnt control.

All news agencies are now under government control.

All farms are now under government control.

All roads are now for military and rescue vechiles only unless you are on your way to work or have an emengercy.

All off duty military personel are to immediatly to report to there Emengercy Alert stations.

All doctors and medical staff please report to your respective hospitals and await further instructions.

All government officals and employes please report to your offices and await further instruction.

As of now all air traffic is suspended.

We ask all citizens to please remain indoors for the time being. We are currently working with planetary and local officals to get things going again as soon as possible. We ask the federation citizens to pray for those lost and that these acts of terror stop. We thank the citizens for the coorperation in this matter and if you need anthing please call 1533212`2133 or your local law enforcement offices. Once again please stay indoors unless you have a medical emengercy or your in the military or in the medical profession.

---------------END TRANSMISSION--------------------
The Planet Federation
25-04-2005, 01:10
Government News Agency------------------------

A high enegry Plasma device detnotaed over the city of Donesk just seconds ago the city was were the Federation security council was holding an emengery meeting in order to repond to the recent terroist acts in the Federation. The city contained 800 thousand people and 2 military bases along with a naval base. Unconfirmed reports say the council was in a phone meeting with other nations the time the device exploded it is expeced there were no survivors.

Military casualties are unknown at this point but it is expected they will be severe. Since the detonation there has been no communication from the security council they are expected to have perished in the blast.

Emengercy forces are now coordination with the Prime minister and relief agencies to bring an end to these acts.

A Speech from the Prime minister is forthcomming from an unknown location.

This is Higgins Pockets from governmental news agency 11265 Singing off
The Planet Federation
25-04-2005, 01:11

Ladies and Gentelmen the Prime Minister

(Clears Throat) People of the planet federation the last 24 hours have been dome of the longest and darkest of my life. I know weve all lost friends and I know our freedoms are being trampled on and frankly i know it sucks. Our nation was created to promote peace and human rights not to be a dictatorship. But as the events of the last 24 hours have given me supreme powers over all aspects of the government.

Ladies and Gentelmen our federation is under strict lockdown mode. If you have any knowledge in any form of medical practice please report to your desginated area which will be broadcast after this speech. I will now give an update on our current cabilities. Our conventional forces are on highest alert but Edmond Army base and Boyer naval yard were completely destroyed. Our forces are down to 65%

Our Parliment has taken substantal losses out of 189 members only 16 are left alive the Federation Sucurity council was completely destroyed in the Donesk blast.

Among the senior staff the Vice Prime Minister, Planetary Minister, Director of International Affairs, Press Minister, Internal Affairs officer, Intelleigence director, and Alliance Minister along with other junior memebers of staff perished today in the mutiple attacks on our way of life. All the second in commands are now in those offices and we are operating on emengercy act 1342542 Granting us parlimentary powers. Our Law Lords are in a secure location and are able to defend our decision to lock down the federation.

We will work with others and no matter how long it takes will repair our crippled nation and find those resonsible and dead or alive we will get justice.

Today almost 2 million Federation citizens perished they were our mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. We will not rest until there killers are brought to justice.

Thank you and God Bless
The Prime Minister of The Planet Federation
Ricky Hanekamp
The Planet Federation
26-04-2005, 23:13
Ladies and Gentelmen The Prime Minister

(Clears Throat) People of the Planet Federation im adressing you tonight about the terroist attacks that happened 2 days ago on federation soil. We are making progress i know that many of you are scared......scared of whats to come and scared of change....but there will be change in order to ensure this great nations survival we must and we will change.

This is not the time for beaurcracy or politics this is a time for unity. This is a time for all of us to come together and say WE WILL NOT GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT, WE WILL NOT VANISH WITHOUT A FIGHT. Were going to live on were going to survive and god willing we will grow stronger from the losses we suffered almost 72 hours ago.

(Takes Drink of Water) Tonight im speaking to you from Alphaomega 1 which as many of you know is the jet for the commander and chief in times of crises. This just proves what these terroists have done they are attacking are very way of life. Therefore I herby lift the stay indoors ban. I want you all to return to work and go on with your everday lives. Keep shopping, keep going out to eat, keep doing the things you did before this tragety fell upon us.

As of now the nation of Votswana is the only nation to send troops and medical aid to our nation. We are much in their debt considering they are also under constant terroist attack. We thank the leaders of that nation and hope more aid is soon to come to us from other nations.

Last night i initated Minister Emengercy act 231 granting full acess to our food and energy reserves until trade can resume these reserves are massive and will last us for up to 18 months if need be. We are confident that we will be able to resume trade soon but until that time we ask all citizens to please cut down on rations just slighly so we can absorb our food reserves as slowly as possible.

We are unsure if these terroists are done with this madness but until we are sure please report anthing out of the ordinary to your local law enforcment or military personell. Unfortanly the military and national guard will be serving as local law enforcemnt until martil law is abolished wich im sorry to say may be some time.

Please pray for the well being of those still trapped under the rubble and that those weve lost on this horrific week.

Thank you and Goodnight.
The Planet Federation
26-04-2005, 23:17
The Planet Federation Formerly Reqiests international aid be sent to our nation ASAP we are currently under martal law and acting under emengercy powers. We need food water medical equipment and any avaiable military units that can be sent.

Thank you
Director of Emengercy Managment
Ed Homa
The Planet Federation
26-04-2005, 23:38
Ladies and Gentelmen

The Prime Minister

Citizens of the Plantet Federation it is with much rejoice im broadcasting to you from indise the capitol this evening to discuss what lies ahead.

Our troops we believe might have found 12 terrorists cells operating in Lamaboad and Tutchilli on the Western Province of mandatti. We have begun bombing runs and we will capture them and find more. This is just a small step in our war on terrorism we thought we could live in the shadows and be just another face in the crowd but we were wrong. We were very wrong and 2 million citizens of this great nation payed for it in blood the rest of us payed for it in tears. And Anger. (Pauses for a moment to wipe a tear from his eye) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NDIoOAIIND OH GOD_!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OFPNMFPNOINGOIGNONS:GFS)G_IG+}O+O+_KGNSPSN_-------------------TRANSMISSION ERROR--------------------------------------------------------


We have lost our transmission with the prime minister due to unknown causes. We are sure we will have the matter corr.....(Shots and explostions in the distance) Oh my god im standing about 3 blocks away from The Palace and it seems there are...OH MY GOD! there are mortar rounds and thermal detonator rounds hitting the palace. We are unsure but we believe that is where the prime minister was giving his speech. Oh my god it seems......yes several civilian clothed men are rushing to the palace gates we dont know if they are off duty police officers or.....Oh my god there shooting the soliders protecting the palace. I can descibe this but they seem to be heading for the entrance we are unsure of the security inside but we are sure it must be extremely good given the events of the past 72 hours. They seem to be placing small.....oh my lord that must be cobra 14 plastique. Oh my god we will try to stay with (Huge Explosing rocks the city and the announcer falls over) OH MY GOD!!!!!!! The entire palace seems to be in flames seems.......yes it looks like more military personel are on the way these are probably Hinzallah special forces troops which were the ones assigned to protecting the capital. (Gunfire grows louder and more furiotic) I dont know how to describe it its simpily a war zone down there. We see special agents emerging from the capital entrace. (Helicopter flys over reporters head) oh my that must of been either a transport helicopter or some kind of gunship. Judging from the looks of it, it seems to be a gunship (sound of missiles firing and explosions hit the gorund) oh my god this is amazing nothing like this has ever happened in the Planet Federations capital. Let alone in the middle of the city on the palace grounds. (3 more helicopters wiz over reporters head) It seems a transport ship and 2 other ships probably escort ships are now flying towards the palace. We know that the royal family was on a diplomatic mission when the terrorist events happened 72 hours ago and they are now under that nations security. Yes it seems the transport ship has landed on the roof and is picking up a VIP, Possibly the prime minister. There is a extreme amount of other people.....i can barley see it but it looks like army and special agents. The helicopter is taking off now. This is unbelieveable ive never seen anthing close to this before in my life. It seems the helicopter has made it away safely and is now under escort of 2 heavy gunships.

The fighting is still taking place on the palace grounds but it looks like the terrorists are highly outnumbered. This looks like the end for this terrorist cell and soon to come many more. We are going to go and try to get a closer look but for now this is Rick James singing of for government news agency 113245.
The Planet Federation
01-05-2005, 13:30
Ladies And Gentelmen
The Prime Minister

citizens of The Planet Federation im speaking to you tonight to discuss our progress.

We as of now have captured 25 Terroist cells throught the planet federation. We are and although much of our military movement is G-14 Classified. Ed Homa is acting as the vice prime minister under my authority as many of you know he is the Director of Emengercy managment.

Id now like to discuss the recovery efforts in Dentyene and Donesk we have found no survevors in with city and although we are hopeful we do not think there were many people who survived those horrible explosions.

Tonight ive called this news confrence to return tranportation news agencies to private ownership and I am dreadfully sorry that we had to maintain government control for so long.

The other issue on the table is trade systems we are taking control of all trade but is is being reopened under government control me and my staff feel this is a nesseceary step in slowly returning the federation to normal.

I would also like to than the leaders of Passivocalia Rhudaer and Vostawna we are much in their nations debt because of the vast amount of medical humanitarian and military aid they have given us over the past week.

Efforts are going very well in Dentyene and Donesk we expect the rubble removal and recovery operations will take about 12 months but they will go on non-stop. Im extremely hopeful that martial law can be removed within several days. Our recovery forces are spread extremely thin so if you would like to volunteer please report to your local police station.

We have asked all regions and planets to have parliment elections 8 months from today all regions have complied. We hope these elections will be uneventful.

Now for the good news.

Restoration and repairs have already begun on the capitol and are expected to be done within 2 months this just shows the terroists our resolve and that we will never surrender to their way of life we will always beat terror.

I will be adressing the news core tommorow from the Ministers House tommrow. Until then my fellow citizens rest easy knowing we will win the fight.

Thank you and Goodnight.

--------------Government News Reporter-----------

Ok we will now be turning over control to your local news agency good night and godbless
The Planet Federation
03-05-2005, 03:12
Ladies and Gentelemen of our great federation we are broadcasting live tonight from the Ministers House where the Prime Minister of The Planet Federation, Ricky Hanekamp will be giviing his first question and answer session with distinct members of the press.

(Prime Minister Enters through side curtian, all voices go silent and all memebers of the press rise)

Please Be Seated

(All Press memebers are seated quietly)

Citizens of The planet federation i have a short brief on our recovery efforts then we will get to the Question and Answer session.......As of now we have found 58 People under the rubble, considering the size of the blast we are somewhat amazed that many survived we hope and pray there are more still clinging to life under the ruins of Donesk and Dentyene. As for the terroist threat,....through our massive military efforts we have found 38 Terrorist cells as of this morning and although most of our efforts are classified i can tell you we are making massive process in finding the leaders of those resounsible for thos horrible attacks 9 days ago.

I will now take questions.

(All members of press raise their hands and begin shouting)

Umm Yes You in the front

(Woman reporter for the Federation tribune stands)

Reporter- What of the terrorists that attacked the Palace several days ago??

PM- All but 2 of those terrorists were killed the 2 that were arrested were wounded and were treated at Hemoya National Hostpital and are now under police interrogation.

Next Question.........(Looks around the room) You in the back row

(Tall man stands up)

Reporter-Guy Todd sir with the Oirland Daily, is it true you were giving a speech in the palace at the time it came under attack.

PM-Yes i was giving a speech to the federation when the palace came under attack. But i was in a secure room well within the palace and at no time was my life in danger but my security thought it best i be evacuated to a safer location.

Next Question Please.....


PM-Go ahead

Reporter- Since im sure your secirty is substansial and only a select few knew of your location do you think there might be a security breach somewhere high up in the chain of command?

PM- We are looking into that possibility but accout that attack as pure luck.

Next question please.....hmmmm You on the left Mrs....Putnam right?

(Lady in red dress stands up with brown hair)

Reporter- Yessir Mary Putnam with the Omega Chronicle what about the royal family??

PM- They are doing fine and in an extremely secure location unfortunaly we feel it best they do not return to the federation until we have sorted all this mess out.

Next Question.........You in Front

(Dark Man stands up)

Reporter- Jamal Willams with the Crest sir when do you feel that martil law will be abolished?

PM- Well i dont want to set an exact date but i feel sometime late this month or early next month.

Ill take 2 more questions....hmmmm......yes you over to the right.

Reporter-Sydney Nokii of the Eastern Times, Do you think elections for new members of parliment will be uneventful?

PM-Absoultly 100% and we will make sure of it.

Final Question- Hmmmmmm YOu in the very center.

Reporter-Harry Goammet with the Planet Federation News Broadcasting- any word on when trade will be privatized again.

PM- Sometime withing the next 2 months.....Now if you will ex.....(Harry Gommet interrupts)

Reporter- Excuse me sir but what of the rumors of military violoations in several homes along with reported tortureing of prisoners and violoations of military code of conduct.

PM-That classified and none of your buisness our military will do what needs to be done to see this never happens again.

(Pm Walks out of the room)

Well that was Prime Minister Ricky Hanekamp and now back to your regual programs.
03-05-2005, 03:20
My nation offers our deepest condolances and utter shock. :( Prehaps something can be done. Prehaps a coalition could be formed withn the goal of aiding each other with the growing threat of terrorism? I eagerly await your view, and may your nation recover with due speed.
The Planet Federation
03-05-2005, 03:35
we thank the nation of NYC and hope we can begin telegramming eachother so perhaps we can aide eachother in times of need please telegram the panet federation ASAP

The Prime Minister of The planet Federation
Ricky Hanekamp
The Planet Federation
07-05-2005, 18:58
Ladies and Gentelemen The Prime Minister.

Citizens of The Planet Federation I come to you tonight with good news.

As of 6Pm Capitol time we have cut down Confella terroists indise the Planet Federation down to what some believe is only 5% of the total amout of cells there were before the events of. April 24th We have captured or killed 62 known terrorists cells within the Planet Federatrion.

As for the royal family they are currently in the nation of Ruhaddar but we hope to bring them home within the week. Elections are 4 months away and we are hopin they will be massively uneventful.

As of now im abolishing martil law and all emengercy ordinaces enacted since April 24th... With the exception of the emengercy act that allows us to use our emengercy food and recources.

Trade will now resume under privitazation as will all things the military has taken control of the last few weeks.

It was a sad day to see our nations military come into our buisnesses and take control but i can say it is a great day when we can give control back to the things that make this Federation so great.....The People.

Recovery efforts are doing great we have found 300 People alive under the rubble.... more than we thought we would ever find. We are very hopeful there are many more. Civilan response to our requests for aid in the clean up along with other nations help has greatly helped our nation and we expect clean up to be done in half the time of our previous estimate. Approx 6 months.

I have appointed new mwmbers to te 13 man security council. There names are.

Ed Harris ( Charman)
Tom Gomaa
Wal Jacobs
Sam Donnwe
Austin Sommersut
Eric Labtec
Matt Dennet
Henery Kennge
Anthony Boley
George Smithe
Jacob Fellhoelder
Si Fisher
Jim Lovell

Parliment is acting under their second in commands and is acting in full capicity.

This is Prime Minister Ricky Hanekamp singing off and god bless our nation.
________________________END TRANSMISSION______________________
Terrorising Anarchists
07-05-2005, 19:13
How is your country treating its citizens since they feel a need to kill members of parliament?

Your people has our deepest condolences.
The Planet Federation
07-05-2005, 19:17
We assure the Terrorising Anarchists that these terrorists were dissidents that wanted anarchy among our Democratic nation so they could rule with a worlord like and iron fist governemnt. This will not be tolerated and we will make sure our democratic nation survives at all costs.

Furthermore we thank your nation for its condolences and we hope friendly relations will come out of this horrible tragety.

The Dircetor of International Affairs
Joe Hem
Terrorising Anarchists
07-05-2005, 19:18
We assure the Terrorising Anarchists that these terrorists were dissidents that wanted anarchy among our Democratic nation so they could rule with a worlord like and iron fist governemnt. This will not be tolerated and we will make sure our democratic nation survives at all costs.

How do you know that?
Have you been in contact with them?
We have anarchy but no warlords.
The Planet Federation
07-05-2005, 19:21
We currently are holding 3 top members of the Confella terrorist network and they stated their intetions with professionalism.....but the fact reamins they are terrorists and we will make sure our democratic way of life survives. We do respect the Terrorising Anarchists way of life and we accept it is your decision to have a government of that form. But we also ask that you do respect our way of life and our form of government.

The Dircetor of International Affairs
Joe Hem
Terrorising Anarchists
07-05-2005, 19:29
We respect your way of life as long as your people feel free and happy.
If that is the case we hope your terrorists are getting their punishment, but if it is not, we are always ready to stand up for oppressed people around the world.
Would you mind if we send some delegates to make sure the prisoners are treated as descriped in the Human Rights Treaty
The Planet Federation
07-05-2005, 19:36
I accept your offer to observe our treatment of prisoners furthermore we welcome your leader to our nation for our Royal DInner celebrating the return of the roayl family.

Im sure youll find our treatment of prisoners is ideal.

The Prime Minister of The Planet Federation
Ricky Hanekamp
Terrorising Anarchists
07-05-2005, 19:48
We thank you for your accept and have already send 50 internationally accepted men, they will arrive at your central airport at 2300 local time.

We had a bit of a fight about your offer for celebrating the royal family, since 99% are republicans and because we have no leader.

After a lot of fighting we did agree to accept your kind offer, so we spend more time to find out who would be a good representative. I offered to go, but was accused of being a political careerist and after 57 votes we agreed to send Biver Hansen who is totaly unknown among international political leaders but he's a nice guy and he can drink anyone under the table.

The Planet Federation
07-05-2005, 19:54
Your Delegates will be met with members of our Delegate welcoming committee as well as with the Diplomatic Protection Agency
Terrorising Anarchists
07-05-2005, 19:57
We thank you and wish you a good day and a happy party.