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Birth of the Chinese Empire (A Modern WORLD Only)

22-04-2005, 04:33
Yeh Zhao Feng, now in Beijing takes office as China's temporary Chancellor. The coronation, which, under special circumstances will be held in a few days which will give Xiaguo time for preparations.

The new Emperor, Zhang Fu Guo of Taiwan will be crowned in Beijing's Hall of Supreme Harmony like many Emperors before him. Several hundreds of officials, including ministers will swear in under Loyal Oath to the New government and Emperor after ceremonial signings during the Coronation process.

The Chinese government will be inviting foreign Countries, including BG, the new Japanese government, the India's, and Dra-Pol. Despite the ongoing tensions. Yeh has decided it is best to show off China's new government and attempt to make and renew alliances.

Thousands of Chinese troops will be patrolling Beijing and the Bohai and Yellow Sea fleets will be on full service in the Bohai and Yellow Sea.

.:::Coronation Plans:::.
NOTE:All religious places of worship are expected to ring bells and conduct the Morning prayers and well wishes to the new government and the Emperor.

The celebration will be held for a week. Businesses are closed, with the exception for the government, which will be off for the first two days.

All protests and rallies will be disbanded immediatly and the city will be patrolled by armed Chinese soldiers.

Foreign officials are expected to wear formal suits and dresses with a choice of their National garmets.

All foreign guests will be living at government paid for, five-star hotels, and will be driven by Chinese provided Hongqi's.

1. The Palace gates will be opened very early in the monring. Chinese Imperial guards, dressed in ceremonial Hanfu's will be armed and will be out at all gates patrolling. Hundreds of more guards will stand stationary at the Palace walls holding banners and will also be armed. Hundreds more will line up the palace routes and the stairways. Tiananmen square will be already closed from the public in advanced.

2. Hundreds of Government officials, religious leaders, and foreign officials will be allowed to enter the palace and will be directed to their seating arrangements. The courtyard will be empty for the ceremonial kowtows by Chinese officials.

3. Major roads leading to Tiananmen square and nearby government buildings will be closed off. Once roads have been cleared of, Tiananmen Square will reopen for the public and the following parades.

4. Hundreds of officials starting with the lowest ranking positions will begin signing the Pledge of Oath. From the lowest positions, the pledges of Allegiance and Loyalty will proceed to the Higher raning positions such as the Ministers and cabinets. Once done, a ceremonial kowtow, followed by speech by the Emperor and Chancellor will end the coronation.

5. The foreign officials will be led out to Tiananmen Square, witnessing thousands of people awaiting their emperor. General Liu, or the Minister of War and Defense of China will present the the crowd the first ever, National Army, consiting of Xiannese, Sinoese, and Taiwanese within the parade. Which he will also lead the parade via a tank along with the Tank Bat. General Liu will be the parade's Grand Marshal.

6. The parade will feature the Chinese National Defense units followed by marching bands, youth groups, commercial floats, and much more.
Beth Gellert
22-04-2005, 05:01
(Tag for now.)
22-04-2005, 05:05
The Spyran consul-general to Xiaguo, now reappointed ambassador to China, makes preparations to attend the coronation. Given the strength and importance of China in military and economic spheres, Spyr hopes to establish peaceful and mutually beneficial relations with the new government of the Middle Kingdom.

In a break from a tradition of modern dress, the ambassador orders in the specially-tailored robes of an August Empire emissary, from the era of closer Lyong-China relations during the Tang Dynasty. It is hoped that such dress will befit the nature of the coronation ceremony.
22-04-2005, 05:09

(I'll make a formal post when I go home.)
22-04-2005, 05:12
OOC: I forgot what Hanfus look like. Please post some sample pictures to jog my memory.
22-04-2005, 05:16
As plans are underway, Gen. Liu has conceded the position of Parade Marshall as such a task is much more appropriate for an executive captain from the Honor Guards.

Still scratching his head, Liu has suggested that show off the modern China to the world, modern ceremonial uniforms (suits and tunics) should be worn, with selected units of the imperial guard in Hanfu.

OOC: Why the hell should Dra-pol be invited? His delegate will come, and probably crap on our carpet.
22-04-2005, 05:35
OOC: No, I am not part fo the Han Revitalization Groups, but I rather have the Han Fu as the official dress of China instead of the Qing Clothing.*-http%3A//
Chinese Women in hanfu Gallery
^Some Chinese guy, part of the Hanfu Revive
^ Same guy in Hanfu driving a car.
^Horseman, modern picture
Hanfu gallery
Common Woman Hanfu

Imperial Hanfu
^The One Zhang Fu Guo Will Be Wearing
22-04-2005, 06:05
If They do crap on the carpet, we will show them a tour of the Beijing Execution chambers.

Dra-Pol is invited because they're an important trading partner, and is also a neighbor. Dra-Pol is Xiaguo's 6th largest trading partner with Sino, Taiwan, and the Lyong Nations topping the list.

As I have said before, All high ranking officials will be wearing the appropriate uniforms. After the ceremony, the officials will change to prepare for the speech. The Emperor will change into the uniforms, as long as all officials who will be heading out to the stands for the parade. The Emperor and the Ministers will be at the Southern Gate of the Palace facing Tiananmen Square and will deliver the Address to the Empire.

A bullet proof glass wall will be installed at the gate to protect the officials and the Emperor, as well as multiple patrols and snipers nearby.
22-04-2005, 12:42
Having done his best to study years of Chinese tradition in the past few weeks, Zhang arrives in Beijing, bringing a small contingent with him - ECN Admiral Tian, and ECAF General Ma.

(tag, more to follow)
22-04-2005, 23:58
OOC: Being chief of the Armed Forces, wouldn't Gen. Liu be observing the parade along with the Emporer and other VIPs?
Armandian Cheese
23-04-2005, 00:34
Russia would wish to send an envoy to the ceremony. Would senior diplomat John Buzkovski be allowed to come?

OOC: C'mon, you invite Dra-Pol for reasons of trade, and not Russia? Oh, and I'm really sorry to bring this up again, but when will Lin be blamed for the Moscow bombing? The public demands an explanation.
23-04-2005, 01:03
OOC:Um, if you read, I said Chinese has invited All nations.
23-04-2005, 01:09
Liu's request has been approved and will be sitting with Liu.
23-04-2005, 10:24
OOC: Check the thread, that sniper faced a very painful interrogation. Withholding morphine is not considered torture, considering the suspect's condition.
Lunatic Retard Robots
23-04-2005, 23:24
A Hindustani delegate will attend the coronation, probably the Deputy Foreign Minister, as the Foreign Minister herself is in Argentina.

As there is no real national dress of Hindustan, being a very diverse nation with a wide range of ethnic groups, Deputy Foreign Minister Rajiv Singh will come in a generic business suit.
Dai Nippon Koku
24-04-2005, 21:23
Foreign Minister Shimizu Yuki will attend the coronation as a representative of the DNK government; his attendance is seen by Tokyo as the first step towards re-establishing ties with China.

Minister Shimizu will be clad in a black-&-white silk longevity suit.
25-04-2005, 09:52
Consul Pak Seung-Il travelled across the Yalu by that rarest of things, a Drapoel bridge, in a train newly re-painted to disguise at least something of its great age. Most was engine green as opposed to a more normal and distinctive Drapoel red and blue arrangement. The Consul himself had pushed to play-down Dra-pol's distinctive nationalism and its particular traits of the revolutionary nature.

Pak had been made to understand -while to almost anyone else it would have been denied or else dismissed out of hand- that the comrade Director was gravely concerned for the Republic's future prosperity. Not so long ago, Hotan was afraid by moves towards Chinese unity under Liu's domination, which appeared to pose a direct security threat to the Choson people, and military spending had actually found a way to increase, largely as forces constantly re-positioned themselves and the whole nation dug-in where previously it had been building towards greater flexibility and mobility in its military. Industry had begun to disperse from its old concentration at Kanggye, which was seen as dangerously close to China (having been located there during better days for Asian authoritarian socialism), and in the reunified southern territories, fear of Chinese aggression was played-up in hopes of making south and north identify with one another and of having southern eyes look to the powerful northern military for defence.

But more recently, Pak had come to realise, the Director Secretary thought that more likely was a withdrawal of favourable trade relations granted by the Igovians. Hotan was big enough to admit -privately- that the Soviets' approval of the Neo-Anarchos and their apparent swing to the left was a threat to traditional ties that the Beddgelens had perhaps made out of necessity in a previous want of more natural allies. The Choson People's Republic, thought Hotan, was one of those allies kept by the Soviets only for two reasons: first to frustrate the reactionary capitalists and their interests in east Asia, and second because there were few more desirable alternatives.

If Da'Khiem lost biased Soviet trade concessions, Dra-pol's longest ever sustained period of economic growth would almost certainly be reversed, making the still relatively young process of integrating reunified southern populations with the north incredibly difficult as allowances to consumers would have to be cut below levels to which the long pampered southerners were accustomed.

Pak Seung-Il was supposed to avoid upsetting the Chinese, and even to try for more, as Hotan was resolved that Dra-pol should re-enter into trade with China before Igovian aid ran out, so that what may be the last of that aid may be directed as well as possible towards meeting the new demands of trade with new markets.

The Director's belief about myths and secrets of the CPRD stopped about there, but the Consul -without admitting it- went a little further, daring to believe that there were more similiarites between the Republic and even Sino than either side cared to admit. Hotan truly meant it when he called Liu all manner of unflattering names and spoke of Chinese threats to Korea or described the Chinas as reactionaries, fascists, bourgeois, or whatever else took his fancy in the past. He was now doing this much less in public, but anyone who met him personally could see that he still believed in the differences between a reactionary China and a revolutionary Dra-pol.

Pak would admit to himself, though perhaps to no other in Dra-pol, that he saw more similarities than differences. He could better understand why the Soviets might turn sour on the Republic, and how Dra-pol might in future relate to China. It was all about the government, of course (so long as Sinoese racism could be put aside). The Igovians didn't like government, and everybody else concerned did. As the Consul saw it, China and Dra-pol were nationalists -and while they were nationalists from different countries, there was no reason for this to cause conflict: neither could win points on the other's soil- and they both truthfully enjoyed strong central government and had more to fear from anarchist ideas embraced abroad than from one another. Further, and related to that fact, there was much centralisation in economies in both cases. As much as they may try to slander one another, Pak found it hard to believe that the Chinese governments really kept their noses out of private enterprise, and on the other hand the CPRD's economy was not one of real community so much as of state capitalism. Again, he couldn't see how the Chinese would possibly see this as a threat to their governmental powers.

Consul Pak Seung-Il had -obviously- not taken to the Kurosite custom of adopting an ancient 'pre-Chinese' single Drapoel name, which was generally thought to be a good thing for dealing with China, that was as opposed to sending somebody who'd made a personal point of rejecting Chinese influence. The Consul had seen some difficulty in deciding how to dress for the event, thinking at length about how it'd look for him to turn up to a coronation dressed in the usual militaristic uniform with over-sized hat and Unified People's Army decorations for service to the revolution. On the other hand, traditional Drapoel dress had never really gone out of fashion with most in northern Korea, but was far too plain, he thought, for such an important event abroad.

Still, as he arrived in China, it was obvious to see that Pak had elected to don the more elaborate attire kept alive into the C20th only by the upper ranks of feudal society and very nearly forgotten under Kurosian I, though the Suloists had flirted with its use in upper government under the unpopular Kurosian II. He had previously accepted the revived fashion of shaving one's head save for a long plait on which would generally be worn a weight for use in Drapoel martial arts, and wore a little cap that normally would be removed as the only sign that he was about to seriously hurt somebody. The Consul would arrive as the now unusual sight of a Drapoel person wearing a Hanbok, the coat in which had a flap on the right side in subtle tribute to Drapoel isolationism and ancient dismissal of more western fashion for male/female divides. Its decoration was far less elaborate than the imperial Hanfu displayed, but still a world apart from the drab one-colour fashions of the Drapoel masses and even the Director.
25-04-2005, 10:26
From: Lauren R. Smith, Secretary of State, United States of Credonia
To: Yeh Zhao Feng, Chancellor, Xiaguo
Subject: Coronation
Encryption: None

Your Excellency,
President Sutton of the United States of Credonia wishes to send a representative from the Credonian government to attend the coronation ceremony in Xiaguo. Though we have not had relations with your nation in the past before, we see this as a perfect opportunity to open relations with your nation and possibly develop a peaceful and prosporus relationship. If allowed, I will be sending Alexander Nicolas Sutton, son of President Sutton and former Emperor of Credonia (before his overthrow by his father) to represent our great nation. We eagerly await your reply.


Lauren R. Smith
Secretary of State
Department of State
United States of Credonia
25-04-2005, 15:52
My Apologies, but, Credonia, checking your background, I don't think you are part of the AMW RP.
26-04-2005, 22:21
OOC:Assume we are already in the Palace and is now waiting for the EMperor to be coronated.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, the people of China, and fellow compatriots. Today, we will see, that a new China be born. Heaven has chosen China's leader once again, establishing the new dynasty and a new government.

I present to you, Zhang Fu Guo. *Standing Applause* Now if you all please remain seated, a ceremonial recognition and a sign of respect will be done by the hundred member assembly, including the thousands outside."

While hundreds of officials begin moving toward the grand courtyard, several officials present the official Mandate of Heaven to Zhang Fu Guo. Zhang Fu Guo places his Imperial seal on the parchment and stamps it.

"You, Zhang Fu Guo, from now on, will take on the duty as the Heavenly Emperor of China..." as Yeh continued reading the edicts, several religious leaders begin to line the walkways holding gifts, presenting them to the Emperor as a vow.

As Dida's, a Chinese trumpet, starts pitching up tunes, and erhu's start the melodies, and the drummers start drumming, the Beijing Orchestra begins to play the 'Daring General', Yeh finishes the last of the edicts.

"For he is Emperor, and all will fear and respect him. You may now crown the King of 10,000 years!"

As he finishes the last sentence, general Liu places the Military cap, made of silk and lined with gold and silver, the Chinese seal, made of jade and sapphires glimmer in the light. The modern approach to the Imperial dress has given China the Modern and genuine form of image.

Following the Edicts, hundreds of the oficials kowtowed after every order. "First Kowtow!" as they bowed, "Recieved!" as they reclined and placed their palms on the bare floor. "Given!" as the officials stood back up. They repeated this for eight more times, in total, nine times.

After the the Kowtow and Oath of Loyalty, the populous outside were doing the same, but of a less organised way, and thousands waved flags.

Church and temples bells rang, and scared places of worship began a special prayer for the new Emperor.

All the people within the palace are now moving out of the Palace to Tiananmen Square and are being seated. The Emperor will now deliver an address to the Empire, and a speech to the foreign governments.

OOC:It is already near sunset, the sun still out, and thousands will recieve the Emperor. Hmm, _Taiwan will hopefully make a speech on the enxt post.
27-04-2005, 02:21
Zhang looked at the crowd over Tianamen square. This was beyond anything he had ever dreamed possible.

"My friends, my brothers, my fellow Chinese. Today, you have witnessed the beginnings of a new era. Yes the long awaited day has arrived - China is united once again. China is reborn. And now I have been given the most important duty of my life, to serve the people as your Emperor. To work for you. I thank you for your support. I thank you for your trust."

Zhang paused and extended his arm out, like he was waving. The applause grew and thundered through the square. He was like a politician after an election victory. Looking at the direction of the foreign delegates, he begins speaking once again.

"To the leaders of the many nations that have congregated here : I wish to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to attend this illustrious rebirth of the nation. To those whom have been fearful of China in years past, I tell you this : The aggressive and belligerent China of those days is no longer. The Chinese are your friends. Let this day mark the burying of old hatreds. Let this day be the genesis of a new friendship between China and the nations of the world."
27-04-2005, 04:34
As the Emperor finished his speech. A conference was to be held at the People's Hall in Tiananmen Square where the Chinese leaders will discuss areas of importance with the foreign emissaries. They were soon escorted to a nearby building within the city and went underground. From there on, they went through underground chambers and had taken a cart across Tiananmen Square, underground to the vaults of the People's Hall. Under Xiannese control, many palaces and cities were upgraded with underground fallout shelters and extended government rooms.

Dozens of people were seen at work at there underground offices. The whole lot were escorted upstairs and found themselves in the People's Hall. Under certain security precautions, going through the under layers would be safer.

The delegates were seated and Yeh, as Chancellor of China began to start the conference.

"Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the people's Hall, the government Committee Gathering center. I apologize for the confusing tour underground, but it was necessary for us to keep everyone safe.

I bring you here today for the first motion of peace from China.

Minister of Trade, Wang Ya Mei, of China."

"I, behalf of China propose a free trade package to all countries here today. A Free trade agreement between Japan, China, Korea, and India will allow our economies to improve and strengthen."
27-04-2005, 07:09
"The Unification of China and the Opening of Japan from Ringist isolationism herald a wondrous new era of cooperation and prosperity across Asia. Spyr, and likely the other nations of Lyong, would be most eager to enter into a comprehensive agreement amongst the nations of this continent, to guarantee free trade and non-agression between all peoples of Asia."
Dai Nippon Koku
27-04-2005, 08:58
Shimizu Yuki nodded in agreement.

"It is the most fervent hope of my government that Japan can rejoin the international community, and more importantly the Asian brotherhood of nations. I can say with great confidence that we will be most willing to enter into this trade agreement."
27-04-2005, 22:18
Minister of Mass Transit, Dr. Xia Wen of China.

"It is a pleasure to speak here today. I would also like to add, that China needs to work with the Lyong Nations to rebuild railroads and highways in order to encourage tourism and trade. Chinese ports and harbours are close to being rebuilt and re-fitted after the wars and have become much larger and adequate for large cargo ships. I think we need to work together to form a better shore to shore communication."

Madame Yeh of China.

"Good Evening. One important issue I wish to address here is the concern China has over BG's invasion of the southern island nations, concessions of the European countries. The BG Soviet government is trying to grab hold of someone, but is unfortuantely stangling his neck. The populous on these islands are outnumbered by the missiles the BG Soviet government is using. China will remain neutral, but we wish to talk this over peacefully here today. We wish to understand all the respective governments position here today."
28-04-2005, 04:09
"The Lyong position on the Franco-Bedgellan Conflict is unclear even to us... at home, debate rages as to our official position. War is never a desireable occurence, but the world is currently falling into the grip of Imperialist powers who seek to squeeze dry the peoples of the world for their own selfish desires. Our gracious hosts will no doubt recall the history of imperialism in our own region of East Asia... the Opium Wars, the division of the Middle Kingdom into European concessions and much of Asia into occupied colonies, the Pacific War wherein countless arocities were committed by an expansionist Japanese empire... even in recent history, the war which united the nations of Asia to cast down Bonstockian imperialism. When Versailles speaks of retaking its old colonies, hints that peoples such as the Koreans have no right to self-determination, it can hardly be expected that allof Asia shall sit and await the coming of the storm.

Against Lyong, the French holding of New Caledonia has done specific wrongs... evidence points to that base as the point to which aircraft returned after dropping French commandos into Lyong... agents who proceeded to murder a half-dozen individuals and engage in arson & kidnapping. Following this, French officials revealed that their naval warships had engaged in an overt act of piracy in the Pacific, accosting and threatening to harm the crew of a Lyong-registered merchant ship sailing in international waters.

We understand that many do not agree with Igovian actions in this matter, but the simple fact remains: French criminal/imperialist activities in Asia, and across the globe, must be curtailed, and the base for such actions in Asia at New Caledonia cannot be left to continue unabated."
Dai Nippon Koku
28-04-2005, 11:11
"Most of you probably think that given Emperor Shinseiki's previous ventures with the French, we would be baying for Igovian blood. However, our government can see Igovian reasoning, even though we do not agree with their practical methods.

We have no doubt that they see themselves as acting in the best interests of all Asian nations, but one of two scenarios may emerge from their campaign. Firstly, the Igovians defeat the French. They may then go on to 'liberate' Roycelandian colonies, Quinntonian protectorates or even self-determining nations which they claim are not in line with Igovian ideas of good governance. They could engage in numerous wars, inevitably dragging Asia into the wider conflict.

The second scenario is just as disasterous. The French repel the Igovians, then decide to pacify Asia with the assistance of their Holy League allies. Such a war would be catastrophic for all concerned.

We will be neutral in this conflict, but we will be watching carefully. We know from experience how easy it is to believe yourself to be righteous while embarking on hideous wars of conquest. We can only hope that the Igovians do not fall for the same temptation."
28-04-2005, 22:04
"I, as representative of China, has a proposal."

Chancellor of China, Yeh Zhao Feng.

"I believe forming an Asian Union can benefit Asia itself along with all its countries and regions. As Europe begins to emrge again as a powerful region. Asia is emerging from its past, with examples of China, Japan, india, and the South Sea Islands. And because we are all emerging, we must allow peace and cooperation between each other. Such a Union will not only cover trade, but will also touch issues, and disputes in which we all can do. Wars may be prevented, tensions and disputes can be solved with peaceful understanding of each other. Such a Union was once formed, but had collapsed since the Bonstockian times. It truly worked in liberating Japan from feudalist governments, and had also develope stronger trade links between countries."
Lunatic Retard Robots
29-04-2005, 01:02
The Hindustani delegation gives its full support to such a pact.

"A loosely-bound Asian Treaty Organization would be highly beneficial, providing a venue for ideologically opposed nations to discuss their differences without resorting to violence. War doesn't benefit anyone, and it is all too easy to fall into the trap of patriotic fervor before you see the mistake, and go marching off to death and destruction while at home domestic problems cause the people to starve and industry to collapse," says Rajiv Singh.
Dai Nippon Koku
29-04-2005, 18:09
"Although the Japanese government cannot give immediate support to the idea of an Asian Union, we will certainly be looking towards future membership of such an organisation. At present we are engaged in the liberation of our people from Teike oppression, and our efforts must be concentrated most heavily on achieving that goal."
30-04-2005, 01:27
Emperor Zhang gives his support to such a proposal, as such Asia is such a hotspot!
East Islandia
30-04-2005, 01:29
Xiaguo, those are some strange looking chinese dresses you have. dont chinese dresses come in one piece, instead of two? i remember some discrepancies (at least compared to all the martial arts movies i've seen).

My dad, who makes traditional cheongsams, seems to agree that it is strange.

btw, may a delegation from my nation attend the conference? Though I must warn you, in Islandia, Caucasian Islandians have been taking over the government as of late, so perhaps you may not like that...
30-04-2005, 04:30
Yes, you may attend. Those are the traditional Han Fu's, literally, the Dress of the Han. Before the Manchus established the Qing Dynasty, Chinese wore this specific dress, which is in no way related to the Manchurian, Qing Dress, which includes the Qi Fu's, Qi Paos, and the Cheongsams.

This clothing is pre 1850's Qing. The Qing Dress, which had foreign influence of the slit bottom dress, and a reduced sleeve and higher collar. The Qi Pao, literally means Flag/Banner Dress because of the one piece clothing.

The Han Dress is much more beautiful in my opnion, although the Qifu's are more mdern because of its history. There is something called the Han u Revival. Many Chinese are wearing Hanfus out in public much like in Japan and Korea where they wear Hanboks, and Kimonos, which also came from the Chinese Hnfus. hanbok from the Chinese Han Dynasty, and the Kimono came from the early Chinese Kingdom of Wu, which had been first to establish contact with the Japanese.
East Islandia
30-04-2005, 18:23

Hmm... I see I was mistaken about the dresses, and my apologies. Still, the hanfu wear is quite pretty.


As the Islandian delegation quickly disembarked from the Airbus A380, onlookers would note that something strange was occurring. Of the three diplomats (Foreign Minister Kang, Vice-Premier Sachdev, and Premier Flaherty) all three were women. And two of the three were not of East Asian descent.

It had truly been a first for Islandia when Premier Flaherty, the first Caucasian Islandian to obtain the post, was elected in a landslide. Premier Kim, who had nearly destroyed the nation with her isolationist policies, was still a strong contender (her party held majority in the Politburo) and she was still popular amongst the soldiers and generals. Ms. Flaherty was also not of a military background, a first in almost a century of rule, and further, unlike the females who preceded her, was not stunning, at least not by previous standards. In fact, she was strangely matched, with orangish hair and pale green eyes which seemd to peer right through the souls of those she spoke to.

Still, she was not ugly, and at the very least, she was capable, mroe capable than some of her predecessors, some of her detractors (mostly from the ultra0nationalist parties) grudgingly admitted. Still, the people had not shown any real annoyance at having a Caucasian Premier, and Ms. Flaherty was as Islandian as the rest of them, speaking with an endearing lilting, northern accent.

Her staff was even more eclectic than Islandians tended to be; Vice-Premier Sachdev, a handsome, Indian/Thai Islandian man in his late forties (single to boot) had been a renowned lawyer before he took office as her right-hand man. Further, Foreign Minister Kang, who worked her whole adult life (all thirty years of it) as a diplomat did not look her age.

As usual, hard-liners began to mutter and pout about the direction the nation was taking, but overall, the Islandians didnt seem to mind. Isolation was a thing of the past, and besides, many were itching to travel. This explained the rise in costs of plane tickets to such destinations as United China, Taiwan, South East Asia, Korea, Japan--even America, long expensive and far.

Ms. Flaherty is wearing a conservative pantsuit. Sachdev is wearing male Indian garb, and Kang is dressed in a red and yellow sunflower pareu. Kang is holding an elegant Chinese-style willow-leaf broadsword with inlaid gold and silver, as a present to the Emperor. The broadsword once belonged to Admiral Shin, who fought Japanese pirates and who was half Chinese himself.

sry for the long post...havent been posting for a while, so needed to update u guys on what was going on.
East Islandia
01-05-2005, 00:45
starting up the AA again seems to be a good idea.

Btw, would anyone want to Roleplay something based on Korean Air Lines Flight 007? The plane disappeared en route to Seoul, and no one knows exactly what happened to it. We could get perhaps Beth Gellert to be Russia...
01-05-2005, 18:50
OOC:The plane was in Bohai restrictive military water, and have been shot down immediatly.

The Islandians, who have set foot for the first time since the Xiannese battle for Japan were welcomed by many hundreds of Chinese, who already were in high morale after the coronation. All three Islandian representatives were escorted to the People's Hall where the foeign representatives are chatting with the Emperor and the new legislature.
East Islandia
11-05-2005, 22:59 wut about starting up the AA again? Its been a while and it would be fun

Whos up for joint military exercises?
11-05-2005, 23:54
The Asian Alliance was a great organisation, uniting the voices of Asia in community, and the fists of Asia against imperialism. In these times of European despots overtly seeking to imperialize Asia once again, and others in the shadows who wish to create divisions and conflicts amongst Asian peoples where there ought be none, it is our collective responsibility to join hands and hearts once more.
12-05-2005, 00:45
League of Asian Nations.
Asian Union
Asian Alliance
Asian Allegiance

China is supporting a governing body for all Asian nations. It must be loose, but will have power to overturn countries.
12-05-2005, 00:51
"While foreign imperialism threatens Asia, we must seek unity of purpose... once the imperialists are cowed, further discussion may be warranted, but a body empowered to overturn governments should be limited in that regard to overt imperialists... otherwise it becomes vulnerable to abuse for political purposes or exploitation by foreign shades who wish to divide and weaken us so tey might achieve their imperial goals."
East Islandia
12-05-2005, 01:05
it does make me nostalgic for the AA's glory days. Sigh... so long ago.

Ok, so to make things right, let us first compile a membership list and a list of requirements.


East Islandia
_Taiwan ?

Anyone else?
Lunatic Retard Robots
12-05-2005, 01:21
Parliament, which has recently shown a trend against binding international agreement, begins to discuss the proposed Asian Alliance (despite the fact that the Hindustani delegate already endorsed it).

In the end, Parliament shows a slignt lean towards joining. It is, however, very strongly recommended that the Asian Alliance be a fluid organization, more a forum for the discussion and resolution of international disputes than a binding and restrictive alliance. Parliament also calls for the introduction of provisions dealing specifically with grevious state-sponsored crimes, and to such ends suggests that the Asian Alliance adopt some kind of convention based on Raphael Lemkin ('s prototype.
12-05-2005, 02:29
For the last time, all three China's; Xiaguo, Sino, and Taiwan will be represented by CHINA. All three nations have unified to form one government and country.
12-05-2005, 02:58
For the last time, all three China's; Xiaguo, Sino, and Taiwan will be represented by CHINA. All three nations have unified to form one government and country.

OOC: You tell 'em, Yeh!
Armandian Cheese
12-05-2005, 02:59
Russia is very interested in joining an Asian Union, especially with the potential markets for Russian resources that it may open.
Dai Nippon Koku
12-05-2005, 12:59
Japan would be very interested in joining now that the Ringists have been defeated; it should help with the domestic rebuilding process as well as rebuilding diplomatic ties.
12-05-2005, 17:04
"The recent war at New Caledonia has proven the need for cooperation and thought amongst the states of Asia... on the one hand, the Bedgellan attack was an extreme reaction. On the other, New Caledonia has served as a base for French piracy against neutral shippingin international waters, which is obviously not something that can be left to occur again. If we could unite to discourage acts of agression and imperialism by all states, then a solution could be found which avoids both war and continued criminalities.

For example, China is now seeking bases in the Pacific... united, an Azn Alliance might exert pressure on France to do as she has already done in Polynesia with the Roycelandians: have her demilitarize her New Caledonian holdings and grant China basing rights. She would keep her territory, piracy would be ended, China would gain its needed facilities, and there would be no war or needless civilian death."
12-05-2005, 19:10
Consul Pak Seung-Il arrived in China the representative of a Korean nation producing works worth well beyond a hundred billion Quinntonian dollars yearly and receiving aid worth many millions more. Already his brief was changing as much of that aid melted away and the Republic's economic expansion hesitated.

While this and his slightly more than usually elaborate uniform -his Hanbok- were unsettling, and the sound of foreign voices equally so, Pak was comforted a little by both the ceremony and the subterranean setting of the People's Hall, things quite familiar to members of the Drapoel administration.
This talk of free trade though was again unsettling him. A small nation such as Dra-pol -outnumbered almost two to one by Spyr, more by Hindustan, and perhaps forty to one by China- could not hope to compete in all sectors and would be forced to specialise, making it reliant upon other nations for many of its economic needs. This, both Kurosites and Suloists will agree, is bad for Korea, since she would be vulnerable to blockades, sanctions, piracy, imperialism and all the other demons haunting Asia. Pak does not immediately see any way for Dra-pol to engage in free trade except as a pawn to empires that have found themselves unable to beat her by honourable means.

Still, Da'Khiem does want to see trade with China increased somehow, and Hotan is even said to be considering the possibility of associating the CPRD with China for defence. The Director sees Russian imperialism as a threat to Asia from Europe as demonstrated on China's border in Kazakhstan, can't imagine NATO enjoying unification of either China or Korea, and no longer feels that he has any significant influence in Portmeirion.

He speaks too of opening Dra-pol to Chinese tourism and establishing a list of approved destinations for Drapoel foreign tourism, to include the Lyong treaty states and China. Neither of these things have happened before in recorded history, and it is hoped that such steps might be enjoyed in northern Korea as a novelty while satisfying restless southerners in the Choson People's Republic. As well it would open such important cultural sites as Mount Paektu to Koreans in the ROK and in approved states such as -potentially- China. Hotan is probably keen to see approved Drapoel tourists bringing back apropriate new ideas and items, as well.

Essentially, Pak will make it apparent that the CPRD may be convinced to further decrease militarisation along the Yalu, to offer some sort of military co-operation to the anti-imperialist cause, certainly to reduce such minor irritations as the aggressive patroling of Korea Bay and the Yellow Sea by PAAF and People's Navy assets, maybe to go as far as abandoning whatever support it won't admit to giving Chinese Maoists and other such groups and individuals, to finally get around to cracking down on all those illegal amphetamines that seem to be leaking from Korea, and such things as this. Allowing the titanic weight of foreign market forces to dictate the direction of the Drapoel economy, however, seems less likely to happen, though the fact that the Consul bothers to reply at all to talk of free trade -rather than to pretend nobody even mentioned it to him- may indicate to some that past Kurosite experiments in Seoul and the ill-fated so-called Free City may not be entirely consigned to history...
13-05-2005, 00:41
Secretly IC:

Gen. Liu reports to the Chancellor's office, only a couple of blocks away from the Aug. 1st building (former HQ of the old PLA) where his office is now located.

"We need to be clear that there's a fine line between co-operation and a down right sell off. Of course, we need increase military contacts with Russia, but all must be done to keep the Punjabs at bay."
Lunatic Retard Robots
13-05-2005, 01:01
Secretly IC:

Gen. Liu reports to the Chancellor's office, only a couple of blocks away from the Aug. 1st building (former HQ of the old PLA) where his office is now located.

"We need to be clear that there's a fine line between co-operation and a down right sell off. Of course, we need increase military contacts with Russia, but all must be done to keep the Punjabs at bay."

OCC: Oh Sino, you are precious.

With a population twice that of Beth Gellert and Hindustan combined, militarization at least one order of magnitude greater, an airforce that could match every armored vehicle in the Hindustani army with one (quite possibly two) fighter aircraft, and a navy whose number of hulls outnumbers the amount of truck-mounted ASM launchers by quite a lot, I doubt the new China will get much flak from India...not Hindustan, at least.

I mean, I don't really see what you're worried about. Nobody listens to Hindustani opinions first off, secondly the HDF is feebly constrained to something close to real world values (and excessive at that), and thirdly the populace has no taste for even the hint of armed conflict.
Armandian Cheese
13-05-2005, 01:34
OOC: Ahhh! At least one of the Chinas is listening to me! Xiaguo, Taiwan, Sino...I need to sign a defensive alliance with you, in order to keep the Bedgellens out of my Eastern European campaigns. Is there anything I can offer to convince you?
East Islandia
13-05-2005, 02:44
"East Islandia must caution China against the possibility of an alliance with Dra-pol," Premier Flaherty said. "They betrayed us once, even using the weapons we provided against us. This dishonorable action is a source of great sadness to our nation, and many of our soldiers were felled by their own equipment."
13-05-2005, 04:18
OOC:Yeah, AC, I just needed Liu for some advice prior than making an military alliances and such.

"Chinese military aid to Dra-Pol would only consist the Chinese navy and monetary aid. The Navy will assist the Koreans in defending their own waters. Weaponry and technology will be another option we need to discuss of. We must thank the East Islandians for such warnings, and we are considering Dra-Pol's aid package." responded the Chancellor.

The Chinese Government had offered the Russians a Mutual Defense Treaty. The Treaty will be limited to Defensive purposes so that assistance may be provided in case of any attacks by hostile countries.

An attached agreement on the Treaty prevents Russia and China from stepping into each other's affairs.

Russia must allow the use of their military ports for Chinese ships and also Chinese soldiers in Siberia, and the Soviet States near the Middle East.

The Chinese are now allowing the Russian government to add on to the Treaty.
Armandian Cheese
13-05-2005, 04:48
The Russian Congress heartily thanks the Chinese, and has signed the treaty. Also, with Chinese soldiers deployed in Siberia, would they be interested in joint training exercises?

Also, the Russian government has made inquiries into more specifics on the Asian Alliance, and what commitments it would entail.
13-05-2005, 05:59
General Ma of the AF is somewhat displeased at the signing of the treaty. He took it as a sign that the use of Bonstock as a bargaining chip had paid off for the Russians. Europe was not Asia's problem.

However, Emperor Zhang, being more concerned about the Igovian force projection capabilities in the Pacific, was privately keen to see the Igovians get a punch in the nose.

Zhang has also raised issues of territorial disputes with Russia in Siberia, saying that all grievances between the two nations must be settled before the treaty is enacted.
13-05-2005, 07:47
The Emperor's words were praised by the cabinet, and the Chancellor and his staff had recieved a warm welcome in the parliament as most of the representatives were keen to see Russia and China side by side, for now.

Several thousand troops will be deployed in Siberia and the The Middle East Border nations. Chancellor Yeh is planning on a state visit to Russia to finalized the treaty and propose several other attachments.
13-05-2005, 09:40
"East Islandia must caution China against the possibility of an alliance with Dra-pol," Premier Flaherty said. "They betrayed us once, even using the weapons we provided against us. This dishonorable action is a source of great sadness to our nation, and many of our soldiers were felled by their own equipment."

Remembered back the days of the CPC, the NKs suck on the draws out the life blood of China without giving back anything, not even gratitude. Why should I feed a starving communist, when I should feed my dog first? Let's not forget that the reason they have children is to allow meat to be on the menu. Instead of helping Dra-pol in naval defenses, I suggest we perform a gradual blockade. The Peninsula does not possess a lot of natural resources.
13-05-2005, 09:42
Several thousand troops will be deployed in Siberia and the The Middle East Border nations.

OOC: China border's the Middles East?! Don't you mean Central Asia?
13-05-2005, 15:02
OOC:Central Asia, my bad. Liu, don't guess on things, I will tell you later..
East Islandia
24-05-2005, 00:08
In order to cement our alliance, East Islandia is holding joint exercises in the South pacific with the members of the Azn Alliance. Dra-pol is invited too, as Premier Flaherty wishes to put aside Islandia's tumultuous relationship with the North Koreans.

Now, we must arrange a suitable scenario, but given that it is East Islandia, the easiest scenarios are likely to be island seizings, submarine warfare, dogfights, and guerilla tactics.

Anyone up for it?
24-05-2005, 01:46
The CPRD has very limited deployment abilities beyond Korea, but would have an interest in both assaulting islands (not like Cheju-do or anything!) and resisting amphibious assaults. On going and little reported strife in the Republic though may hamper the decision making process.
24-05-2005, 01:51
Of course, the Chinese will show their powerful arsenal, which now has the capabilities that the Chinese have never been able to achieve under the seperate states. Liu has been nominated by Chancellor Yeh in heading the Chinese forces in the joint excercises. However, Liu's interests now lies in the Malaysian conflict, and the nomination will need to be confirmed by Liu.
24-05-2005, 05:57
Of course, the Chinese will show their powerful arsenal, which now has the capabilities that the Chinese have never been able to achieve under the seperate states. Liu has been nominated by Chancellor Yeh in heading the Chinese forces in the joint excercises. However, Liu's interests now lies in the Malaysian conflict, and the nomination will need to be confirmed by Liu.

OOC: Do you have to be much of tard when it comes to military affairs? Why would a civilian be heading any military contingent? The answer is no. Yeh wouldn't last two minutes in actual combat.

(I'll make a proper IC post when I have time.)
24-05-2005, 06:11
LIU HAS DECLINED the offer to HEAD the Chinese forces in a join military excercise. Chancellor Yeh, after confirmation from Liu, that he does not wish to carry on with such a program in which LIU was asked to direct, Chinese participation will be denied.

The Chinese Imperial Government sends many thanks to East islandia. The Chinese may be able to participate if Liu finds it timely.

OOC:Therefore, the government will have to turn down its offer when Liu rereads the post. When did I nominate myself to head the Chinese participating forces? And to be so keen to allow Liu to do what he loves to do the best. I thought we had a darn agreement, you head military affairs, now I hope you re-read, this joint military excercise is important.
24-05-2005, 07:49
OOC:Therefore, the government will have to turn down its offer when Liu rereads the post. When did I nominate myself to head the Chinese participating forces? And to be so keen to allow Liu to do what he loves to do the best. I thought we had a darn agreement, you head military affairs, now I hope you re-read, this joint military excercise is important.

OOC: Yeh is a goddamn civilian, enough said. Patience is a virtue, son. I'll make a finalized IC post regarding the selection of a suitable general officer for the exercises. Please keep in mind that the chancellor has his own duties.
East Islandia
24-05-2005, 14:42
The exercises wont be held for a while. and whos going?
24-05-2005, 15:07
OOC:And that is the fucking reason I had insisted you do the following:
Take on this damn RP. The Chancellor's duty is to deal with foreign and domestic situations. The invitation from East Islandia is of course sent to the Government and forwarded to the Ministry of War and Defense.

"Liu, here's an rp you'll like."
"Your a goddamn civilian"

24-05-2005, 23:21
The exercises wont be held for a while. and whos going?

Chinese participation is confirmed.
Armandian Cheese
25-05-2005, 00:58
Russia, while interested, is not able to commit as of now for...certain reasons.
East Islandia
25-05-2005, 02:37
ok i'll set up the RP three days, however, i will be going away for three days, so i wont be bak until may 31 or so.
25-05-2005, 03:26
ok i'll set up the RP three days, however, i will be going away for three days, so i wont be bak until may 31 or so.

OOC: That's alright. I don't have much free time right now.
25-05-2005, 16:08
Spyr confirms its participation in joint excercises. Through unity of capability amongst the peoples of Asia, a new era of imperialism shall be prevented as the former colonialist powers see the might of Asia united, and retreat back into their caves and cesspools in terror, knowing that their designs upon our nations, and upon any of the worlds peoples, can result in naught but their own annihilation.
Dai Nippon Koku
25-05-2005, 19:54
The Japanese government is currently unable to participate in any exercises due to the restructuring of the Self-Defence Forces, but if it is agreeable then observers will be sent.
26-05-2005, 00:22
OOC (to E.I.): Please link the thread here once you've started it. Thanks.
26-05-2005, 01:03
The CPRD has very limited deployment abilities beyond Korea, but would have an interest in both assaulting islands (not like Cheju-do or anything!) and resisting amphibious assaults. On going and little reported strife in the Republic though may hamper the decision making process.

The PRS informs the CPRD that, should the proposed exercises take place some distance from the peninsulas, cooperative efforts could be arranged to transport some Drapoel assets through Spyr's more sizeable deployment capacity.

The offer is also used to remind Hotan that, while Beth Gellert may have begun to distance itself from Dra-pol, links between the Choson and their Lyongian comrades shall remain unaffected.
East Islandia
26-05-2005, 22:05