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T12V Bear Tank accepted for service

21-04-2005, 10:20
T12V Bear accepted for service
Bakhtar News Agency, by Ghulam Haidar

KABUL - In a short pressconference yesterday evening the Ministery of Defence, currently controlled by General Abdur Rahman who is also CJCSC, the army revealed that it accepted the T12V tank as the new MBT of the Vermini Army.

The ageing T-80 series tanks of the Vermini Ground forces have long being the reason for discussion between the Commitee of Chiefs-of-Staff and the Prime minister, with the former demanding a new vehicle in an effort to update the armed forces. Prime Minister Romanov always tried to solve the isue trough upgrades and tactics, which eventually led to the T-89ME, but finally had to give in to the army.
The Prime minister then contacted 4 designers and asked them to make a prototype of a good, reliable and not too expensive vehicle. On foreign contractor refused to open a factory in Vermin to facilitate the production and was promptly thrown out of the contest. Of the other designers only 2 succeded in producing an acceptable tank. During tests however it was the KMF-Kabul Machine Factory- design that eventually won over its rival.
The new vehicle that received the designation T12V Bear will now be produced in the KMF factories in Kabul and later at the GVP -Gardez Vehicle Plant- at an estimated 120 per month. The Prime Minister already said he would try to speed up production by contacting a third company but no names were named. KMF on its behalf told the Prime Minister it would open a second production line within months itself. The replacement of the old tank should then be completed in 7 months.
The T12V Bear during tests
General Abdur Rahman Khan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs-of-Staff Comittee and acting Minister of Defence