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Intergalactic Temporal Symposia (Invite Only)

21-04-2005, 07:50
This is intended for the following nations:

Indra Prime
Flaming Souls
Germanische Zustande
Outer Heaven Mk II
The Gallifrey Imperium
Incorporated Systems of Ald Rhun
Northrop-Grumman Corporation

Any other nations must submit a request for an invitation in order to participate. If you are accepted, the fleet will stop by your nation to collect your delegates and escorts.

This will basiclly be a continuation of debates that have been taking place in the Tamporal Accord Thread and is an attempt to move them to a different Thread to avoid polluting the origional posting. Others are welcome to subscribe or tag the thread if they wish to follow the debates.

We will try to keep this in character whenever possible.


The Balrogga Empire is hosting the first ever Intergalactic Symposia on Temporal Mechanics and the Theories Behind the Continuum. All nations who received an invite are requested to send a team of four delegates to Babylon Tower, Earth to rendezvous with the Imperial Flagship, The Serendipity. The delegates will meet with the Emperor, Nhur-Galladu in person before the ship departs. Each nation will be allowed three escort ships to provide security in addition to the Imperial Honor Guard.
21-04-2005, 09:04
Tranmission to Balrogga Empire:

Greetings, friend.

The Sharina Technocracy has recieved word of the Temporal Symposia, and we are sending four delegates from varying fields of expertise. Two delegates hail from the Sharina Temporal Research Institute (STRI) and the other two hail from the Sharina Parallel Universe Institute (SPUI). Each expert shall cover the four fields of Temporal Research that Sharina has been undertaking within the past several years. Enclosed is a brief dossier, describing their statistics, so to provide a more efficient and easier time regarding security and customs involved with the Symposia.

Delegate #1:

Name: Director Larinna Kola'sa.
Age: 63 Terran Years.
Field of Study: Temporal Mechanics.
Location of Study: Sharina Temporal Research Institute.
Current Role in STRI: Head of the STRI. She is also involved with researching theoretical aspects of Temporal Mechanics.
Distinguished Accomplishments: Was primary driving force behind formation of STRI, and is credited with proving time flows slower in high sublight speeds than in normal space.

Delegate #2:

Name: Engineer Tevek Bre'ell.
Age: 92 Terran Years.
Field of Study: Alternate Universes - Realities.
Location of Study: Sharina Parallel Universe Institute.
Current Role in SPUI: Developer of technologies to map out alternate universes, and engineering possible methods of access into alternate universes.
Distinguished Accomplishments: Credited with unlocking rudimentary understanding and alternate universe travel based off a "Sliding Timer Device" (SLITD) captured from a group of interdimensional travelers known as "Sliders".

Delegate #3:

Name: Researcher Breania Gla'va.
Age: 41 Terran Years.
Field of Study: Dimensional Theory.
Location of Study: Sharina Temporal Research Institute.
Current Role in STRI: Research into access and understanding of higher dimensions and different planes of existence, and how it affects our current dimension.
Distinguished Accomplishments: She is youngest member of the STRI, with incredible potential. She is also credited with theorizing about the exact natures of full 4-D and 5-D existences. Her theory of Dimensional Illusions is being incorporated into the ground-breaking research in both the STRI and SPUI.

Delegate #4:

Name: Doctor Wellis Dak'ra
Age: 77 Terran Years.
Field of Study: Dimensional Metaphysics.
Location of Study: Sharina Parallel Universe Institute.
Current Role in SPUI: Study of consciousness and sentient awareness in alternate universes and timelines.
Distinguished Accomplishments: One of the most promising neurologists in Sharina, with several theories regarding "state of mind" and "state of awareness" credited to him. His theories led to his recruitment into the SPUI to study possible neurological impact of experiencing parallel universe and timelines.

The Sharina Technocracy is eagerly looking foward to the Temporal Symposia, and has high hopes for fruitful discussions. Knowledge and understanding is paramount in any civilized society, for civilizations with little or no knowledge and understanding is destined to self-destruct. Sharina hopes that the Temporal Symposia will enable other civilizations to understand the complexity and enormousity of surpassing our set dimensions.

Once again, thank you for the invite, friend.

Live well and prosper,
~President Mina Veristek

OOC: A few things.

My people are humans descended from reptiles instead of mammals. They have lifespans of 200 years compared to 80'ish for mammal humans. Several Sharinans have lived to be 220 - 250 years old.

I don't have any FTL ships, and the fastest my ships can go is 0.3 - 0.5 speed of light (hence discovering the time slow-down IC'ly).

My nation is based on Earth for the moment, and has limited travel between universes based off the "Sliders" TV Show, which info can be found here...

Anyways, I thought I'd give you guys a few points of insight into my nation ooc'ly as this will be my first "FT" RP ever.
Flaming Souls
21-04-2005, 09:28
Our attendee's shall be:
Dimitri Ilyan
Simon Reswaith
Klamboti Smayan
Susan Parker

They are currently aboard the Hunter's Mercy and will be there within the hour.

OOC: Sorry for the short post, but my brain be dead, and I be tired.
21-04-2005, 13:08
The Imperial Republic of Coreworlds wishes to submit a request for invitation to the conference.
Indra Prime
22-04-2005, 04:51
Due to the recent events and the degredation of the numbers of our scientists, only one will be attending on behalf of The Temporal Research Commission, Dr. Victor Freeling, Temporal Core Engineer/Designer. He is our foremost theorist on Temporal Theory and Chronophysics. With him will be Senior Officers of the Temporal Incursion Fleet High Command, who have a significant Military background with Temporal Technology. The Military officials we are sending are as follows:

Major General Francis Cullen

Gender: Male
Age: Sixty-Two
Current Location: TIF Vessel Westphalia
Current Assignment: Temporal Incursion Fleet High Command
Current Rank: Major General, Fourth in Command
Current Duties: Senior Operations Officer

Major Robert Nigel

Gender: Male
Age: Thirty-Six
Current Location: TIF Vessel Westphalia
Current Assignment: Temporal Incursion Fleet High Command, Temporal Obs.
Current Duties: Senior Tactician (Temporal Division)

Captain Jennifer Wright

Gender: Female
Age: Forty-One
Current Location: TIF Vessel Westphalia
Current Assignment: Temporal Incursion Fleet High Command, Exploration
Current Duties: Senior Temporal Exploratory Agent


a.k.a. Westphalia, AI Unit 336-44BEL
Gender: Female, Ship's Avatar
Age: (n/a)
Current Location : TIF Vessel Westphalia
Current Assignment: Temporal Incursion Fleet High Command, Flagship 3rd Fleet
Current Duties: Second Generation Temporal AI
Germanische Zustande
22-04-2005, 17:38
ooc: What the heck, might as well. This time I'll actually continue to post... And I promise, no sneak attacks...


The Federation, having delved into the extremities of spatial sciences and technologies, has used Temporal and Quantum technologies in the past, and uses them now.

We do not wish complete isolationism and unilateralism on our nation's policies, and request, as a member of the Intergalactic Community, to be allowed to send a delegation.

Our scientists have much they wish to study and share, and we hope that they will provide a welcome addition, should our request be accepted.


Federal Research Bureau; Civilian Sub-Division
22-04-2005, 19:01
The Unified Worlds of Siesatia will be sending a Type 2 Diplomatic vessel, along with 1 Polaris Temporal Battleship, and 2 Freestar III Class Carriers as escort. Our purpose, is not so much as to explain the technology behind it, but our policies and devices.

Fleet Commander Ulayla Syphera
Temporal Incursion Fleet Command
Specialty: Incursion Fleet Policys

Dr. Hayford Warrent
Vector Temporal Research Institute
Specialty: Fleet Devices

Dr. Franklen Palmer
Vector Temporal Research Institute
Specialty: Temporal Theory

USS Polaris - Polaris Class Flagship
USS TerraNova - Freestar III Class
USS Dezpot - Freestar III Class

OOC: No assasinations please, I need Syphera, Im writting a book, and need her for later.
22-04-2005, 22:58

So far we have two nations requesting to join, namely Coreworlds and Germanische Zustande. Who should confirm / not confirm them? Is it Balrogga or Indra Prime who will confirm or not confirm these newcomers?

BTW, I'm feeling kinda special, being the only nation here without any FTL drives whatsoever. :p
Indra Prime
22-04-2005, 23:09
OOC: (lets keep this IC as much as possible) Balrogga is hosting this and I am in the middle of more important things than to coordinate this thing, so the responsibility of confirming/rejecting requests falls to him, as this IS supposed to happen on his Flagship not mine (mines still parked in Triangulum until it is rediscovered)
23-04-2005, 15:45

Sorry, I work two 8-hour shifts on Fridays. I have been away.

It is OK for the other two to join as long as they realize what we are discussing is just an IC continuation of the OOC discussions from the Temporial Accord. If nobody objects, they can join provided they get their ships to Earth or arrange to be picked up. The Serendipity leaves as soon as the origional six nations either accept or pass on the invitation.

Anyone hear from JJR?

EDIT: I just TG'ed him this link
Jangle Jangle Ridge
23-04-2005, 18:47
OOC: Sorry, been a tad out of the loop today. I'm not really able to post right now, but I will get to it by Sunday, or maybe tonight.
23-04-2005, 19:55
With the invitation given, the best young scientists in the galaxy, or at least Coreworlds were discreetly sent aboard the Time Management, a refitted strike cruiser that's currently a mobile research station with guns for defense. On aboard are:

Name: Doctor Peter Wiggum
Age: 45
Looks: No beard, no moustache. Brown hair whiting out and blue eyes. Lab coat over button shirt and khaki trousers.
Degree: PhD: Hyperspacial Physics, growing field of Temporal Mechanics.

Jedi Master David Permian
Age: 36
Looks: moustache, black hair, brown eyes, formal Jedi attire. Indigo lightsaber.
Security and the best Jedi temporal researcher the Order's ever produced.

Jedi Apprentice Jason Chronoskimmer
Age: 17
Looks: blond hair, blue eyes, brown shirt and pants.
Security and junior temporal researcher. Assistant to Dr. Wiggum

Jedi Apprentice Christopher Wells
Age: 15
Looks: brown hair, brown eyes, blue T-shirt, white overshirt, khaki short pants.
Security and apprentice to Master Permian.

Crew of the Time Management:
Commander Crono Sundial
Various crew members
AI: The Hourglass Droids (R2 unit, computer and 3PO unit for translation)
30 turbolasers, 30 PD laser cannons of various types, 10 ion cannons and an X-wing squadron for defense.
Outer Heaven MK II
23-04-2005, 20:56
"Ask for an invitation to this symposia. This could be our chance to rise into the big leagues."

"As you wish sir."

Anton sat, his feet up on the desk, reading the news. His eye had caught a small column, which in fact turned out to be news from that blasted universe Outer Heaven found itself continually ending up in, fighting whatever enemy or mining some godforsaken planet. But luckily, it was the Balroggans, their allies, who were hosting this.

"And the Temporal Directorate of Indra Prime..."

Anton shuddered for a moment.

Probably our most powerful enemy, those bastards stopped us from getting the Shivan Core device!

Anton watched the servant walk off, before he laughed.

"Well Indra, I guess we'll be clashing again won't we? I just hope you're prepared to see how far we've come since you last fought us..."
23-04-2005, 22:03
High Moor Plateau
Essembra; Capital
City of Kormanthor

To: The Balrogga Empire

From: King Matthew Of Kormanthor

We would like to request an invitation to participate in your Intergalactic Temporal Symposia.
23-04-2005, 22:19
The Socialist Republic would like to request that a seat be reserved at the Symposia pending an official decision on Mirfak's attendance.
The Gallifrey Imperium
23-04-2005, 22:32
The Gallifrey Imperium realises that it has just 'appeared' to all empires and states of the universe, and that it has little reputation as a temporal power, but would like to humbly request an invitation to this Symposium.

ooc:It is just one symposium? Because if it is you're using the wrong word. :D
23-04-2005, 22:42
OOC: Not if it is intended to be a multi day symposium.
The Gallifrey Imperium
23-04-2005, 22:44
ooc:But if it is a single symposium with the overarching subject of *insert subject to do with time travel here* then it is still a symposium. If it is split up into different sections, then it becomes a set of symposia.
Ald Rhun
24-04-2005, 07:11
The Incorporated Systems of Ald Rhun respectfully request a seat on the symposium.
OOC: JJR and Indra should be able to vouch for me, if you need references (seeing as I haven't been overly active on the RP scene)
24-04-2005, 16:10
The Socialist Republic would like to request that a seat be reserved at the Symposia pending an official decision on Mirfak's attendance.


Once you decide, send your request. Seats will not he held for undecided nations. The invites will close once JJR posts their accept/refusal. I added the other nations to the list in the initial post.

I chose the word purposely because any meeting of minds such as this will break into multiple debates, each being their own symposium.

I expect each nation who requested to be included to participate in this character RP. There will not be any battles. The HonorGuard Fleet will see to this. Your three ships will be added to the HonorGuard Fleet to assist in keeping everyone safe just in the case someone tries to get stupid.

You are free to leave at any time.

The HonorGuard Fleet consists of the following ships:

1 Dreadnaught, The Serendipity, Imperial Flagship
4 Carriers
10 Battleships
24 Destroyers
24 Cruisers
30 Frigates
5 Explorers
24-04-2005, 16:39
The Queen sliver of Warhaven requests permission to send four slivers to attend.
24-04-2005, 16:51
OOC: Seats will not he held for undecided nations.OOC: Why are you saying this OOC? Mirfak's government needs to know, not me.
24-04-2005, 17:17
Because I was letting the Player know.


The following representatives will be attending the Symposia for the Empire.

Name: Doctor Alicia Del’Vrery.
Age: 23 Years.
Field of Study: Dimensional Mechanics, Temporal Mechanics, Exotic Mechanics
Location: Department of Dimensional and Mathematical Implementation.

Name: Doctor Victur Ba’Grum
Age: 47 Years.
Field of Study: Advanced Dimensional Mechanics
Location: Department of Advanced Dimensional Research

Name: Doctor Scott Az’Thuh
Age: 53 Years.
Field of Study: Advanced Gravimetrics
Location: Institute of Gravimetrical Studies

Name: Doctor Marcus Se’Grun
Age: 36 Years.
Field of Study: Advanced Dimensional Mechanics, Advanced Temporal Mechanics, Advanced Exotic Mechanics
Location: Center for Exotic Studies
24-04-2005, 17:33
OOC: Okay, but if Mirfak shows up it's your fault for not informing their authorities. You'll have to turn them away.
24-04-2005, 17:49
The Northrop-Grumman Corporation respectfully submits a request for an invitation to participate in the Intergalactic Temporal Symposia.
24-04-2005, 17:57
If they show up before JJR posts or submits a request for an invitation then they will get aboard. If they show up too late then the ship will simply not be ther because the fleet will move to prevent intrusion, as planned.
24-04-2005, 18:33
OOC: Fine, I'll take that as a "Come along, your okay."

IC: At the base the base of Babylon tower, four slivers appear. One Blue, with a very large head. His head pulses and throbs with the thoughts that pass through his mind. One white, This one seems to have healing powers, as all nearby plantlife perks up considerable. One Gray, like a solidified Fogbank, and one that is clearly a ghost. The Synapse looks around to find pointers on where to go to attend the Balroggan Temporal Symposia.
24-04-2005, 19:37
If they show up before JJR posts or submits a request for an invitation then they will get aboard. If they show up too late then the ship will simply not be ther because the fleet will move to prevent intrusion, as planned.


My guys are already on Earth, and should be on Balrogga's flagship. This is because I don't have any off-Earth colonies or holdings, and I don't have FTL tech / drives yet.

So consider my 4 delegates already on Balrogga's flagship.
Ald Rhun
25-04-2005, 03:42
Attending diplomats/scientists from Ald Rhun:

Name: Dr. Hans Viseryk
Age: 472 Years.
Field of Study: Dimensional Mechanics, Temporal Mechanics
Location: Department of Dimensional and Temporal Applications

Name: Dr. Gregor Sandar
Age: 632 years
Field of Study: Gravitics, Temporal Mechanics
Location: Department of Dimensional and Temporal Applications

Special needs: Very large suites (4 meter lizards don't like cramped rooms very much), large amounts of raw meat, assorted surgical and interrogation equipment.
25-04-2005, 03:59
The Time Management reverted to realspace outside the moon's orbit and headed towards Balrogga's ship to either dock or send a shuttle (cruiser is 475 meters).
25-04-2005, 04:16
The slivers saw everybody headed for a certain ship. They looked at a nearby computer database. It was listed as the Balroggan Imperial Flagship, The Serendipity. The Slivers headed for the serendipity along with everyone else, giving annoyed hisses when their tails were stepped on. They Slithered onboard with a bunch of people.
Germanische Zustande
25-04-2005, 06:57
Communique to the Balroggan Empire:

A single Terpitz-class Dreadnought and two Hyden-Class Heavy Destroyers will carry our four delegates to the Symposia.

We shall be sending three civilian scientists and one military researcher. They are as follows:

Name: Durrik Zeikmann
Age: 84 Earth Years of age
Specialist Field: Superstring Mechanics
Current Position: Director of the Federal Research Bureau
Notable Discoveries Superstring Hyperharmonic Resonance Field

Name: Liza Schrondinger
Age: 56
Specialist Field: Subspace Theoretical/Experimental Physics
Current Position: Oppenheimer Research Institut, Provost
Notable Discoveries: Spatial/Gravitational Antidistortion Field

Name: Johanne von Richtmann
Age: 103
Specialist Field: Subspatial Physics/Quantum Mechanics
Current Position: Dean of Physics, Reimann University of Menach
Notable Discoveries: Site-to-Site Personal Subspace Contortion-Device

Name: Robespierre D'Loraine
Age: 25
Specialist Field: Theoretical Weapons Development
Current Position: Ass. Director, Federal Military Research Division
Notable Discoveries: Quantum Superstring Disruptor
Sidenote: D'Loraine is, without doubt, the most brilliant scientist in the Federation. At the young age of twenty-five, he has developed some of the most widely used and most effective weaponry the UFGZ has used to date.

:End Communique:


I shall post their arrival tomorrow.
25-04-2005, 11:36
Before we get started, I would like to make this statement.

Nobody will be able to gain Temporal Technology (or any technology discussed) of any level by attending this event.

This is for fun.
25-04-2005, 12:01

I just have one more OOC comment, which I believe is an important issue to address.

Balrogga, should we copy+paste our debates from Indra's Temporal Accord thread, then put it here? In other words, I repost my "dimensions" debate and "parallel universe" debate, and you repost your "dimensions + consciousness" debate?
25-04-2005, 16:28
The following delagates will be representing the Corporation at the Symposia:

Name: Dr. Chester Mason
Age: 91 Years
Specialist Field: Astrophysics and Quantum Mechanics
Current Position: Director of Operations
Location: Cheyenne Mountain Research Complex (CMRC)
Notable Accomplishments: One of the founding members of the CMRC; Major researcher behind the development of the new stargates

Name: Dr. Willard Dunevant
Age: 43 Years
Specialist Field: Temporal and Quantum Mechanics
Current Position: Director of Research
Location: Department of Temporal Research - CMRC

Name: Dr. Barbara Nichols
Age: 38 Years
Specialist Field: Temporal Mechanics
Current Position: Assistant Director of Research
Location: Department of Temporal Research - CMRC


Within hours of receiving the invitation, the three delegates from Northrop-Grumman boarded their shuttle and made their way to the Babylon Tower.
25-04-2005, 18:51

My guys are already on Earth, and should be on Balrogga's flagship. This is because I don't have any off-Earth colonies or holdings, and I don't have FTL tech / drives yet.

So consider my 4 delegates already on Balrogga's flagship.

Sharina I can fix that problem for you, if you visit my FT Store Front.
Outer Heaven MK II
25-04-2005, 19:59
Anton grinned.

"Excellent! We've been invited! Gather up our three foremost Temporal Scientists, and place them on the OHSD Outrider!"

The servant bowed.

"As you wish sir, I assume you'll be coming as well."

Slavik nodded.

"Very good sir."

As the servant walked out, Anton opened up his laptop. Booting it up, he activated to programs. One was a typing program; the other seemed to be a graphical representation of the shipyards above Serpantis Minor. A few minutes later, a communiqué was sent off to the Balroggans.

Friends! Thank you so much for the invitation. As I speak, we're readying the Outrider, an Outer Heaven Super Destroyer, to transport me and my three Temporal Scientists to the meeting place as planned. Below, I have listed the three delegates:

Dr. Kio Marv

Age: 62

Occupation: Director of the Temporal Research Institute of Serpantis Prime

Notable accomplishments: Forming the TRI and co-producing the Temporal Incursion Vessel (Currently decommissioned)

Dr. Thomas Zlanger

Age: 49

Occupation: Head of Temporal Research at the TRI

Notable accomplishments: [Classified]

Dr. Lucas George

Age: 53

Occupation: Head of Temporal Mechanics and Design Construction at the TRI

Notable achievements: Co-producing the TIV, [Classified]

I greatly look forward to this debate, and hope to meet you again soon.

Yours faithfully,
Anton Slavik,
Ruler of Outer Heaven MK II

After Anton sent the message, he saved it. Closing the typing program, he grinned as he watched three X's appear on the Bridge of the Outrider. His grin became even wider when he saw a 'Y' appear in the Outrider's hold.

Well Indra, you'll be in for a surprise.

Closing the program, he powered down his laptop, and stood up. Walking into the middle of the carpet, Slavik simply said:

"112 Mark 4."

With that, the circle pattern in the carpet around him receded, and four Quantanium rings shot up and surrounded him. A bright flash suddenly came from the rings, and when the light subsided, Slavik was gone.


A few hours later, the Outrider appeared at the designated co-ordinates. On the bridge, Anton hit the comm.

"Hangar bay, have the Sensor mirrors been activated?"

"Yes sir. The Hangar Bay is empty to Sensors. We're about to activate the cloak."

"Very good. Slavik out."

Slavik nodded at the three Scientists.

"Well gentlemen, it's time to debate..."

OOC: Just to let you know that this is merely a Plot Device Indra can choose to build upon. By no means will the contents of the Hangar be used for any offensive action. Thank you.
Germanische Zustande
25-04-2005, 23:19
The Ajudicator glistened in Menach's blue light, its prow edged toward the Menach Research Facility. It slowly glided into a hard dock with the station, producing a rather loud screech within the two crafts.

A number of faces appeared in old-fashioned Translucence ports to view the warship. Not many military vessels stopped by the small science station, and a Dreadnought had never docked with the station in its four-hundred-year history.

Three figures could be seen passing through a corridor on the station. They disappeared into the blue metal of the Ajudicator's docking extension.

A quiet hiss echoed through the station as the massive warship retracted its docking tube. The hum of the Gravitational Distortion sublight engines began as the Dreadnought made its way far enough from the outdated research facility.

White flashed in the blackness of space, and the entireity of the Dreadnought disappeared.

Four Minutes Later...

The two Destroyers flanked either side of the Adjudicator as it pulled in beside the orbiting ships above Earth.

Aboard the Federal Ships, all eyes turned toward the Holodisplays as Earth appeared in the center of the bridge, as well as thousands of other displays around the ship.

"By the Ancestors, this is their home!" Admiral Gerichten stared open-mouthed at the image before him. The blue-green world floated before him, looking strangely like Normandeicht. But for some reason, this world was different. It was the progenitor, the mother world, of his people. They had been searching so long...

Perhaps, Gerichten thought, if we did not spend our prescious time and resources on war, we could turn ourselves to more useful endeavours... A scowl appeared on his face; his brow furrowed in anger.

The Admiral turned to a small Holostand to his right. There, an image of an ancient Visigoth warrior appeared. "Yes, Admiral? How may I be of service? And, have you seen the glorious planet below? I can't imagine how it must have been when the Ancestors first left orbit... What did their craft look like? And I wonder..."

Gerichten smiled. He loved Icator's childish personality. Reminded him of his children...

He woke out of his trance and held his hand to signal Icator to cease speaking. "Yes, Ic, Have the scientists Transported to the Balroggan vessel yet?"

A quizzical expression appeared on the AI's face. "Yes, of course, Admiral? Why would not they have done so first upon our arrival in-system?"

The old Admiral smiled again. Icator could also nag like his wife.

"That will be all, Icator."
Flaming Souls
26-04-2005, 06:48
ooc: Sorry bout this crappy post...brain be hurting, too much work thinks I. Also, I will not be leaving any ships to aid, seeing as most of my ships are tied up at the moment, however as soon as the situation clears up, I will attempt to send a few to aid.

Coming out of TFTL near the moon, the Hunter's Mercy slipped silently inwards towards the awaiting delegation of ships. An hour later, the scientists safely delivered, the ship slipped silently back towards the moon and jumped back to it previous endeavors.
Ald Rhun
26-04-2005, 23:22
The Defiler dropped out of FTL a few klicks away from the Serendipity. The three Warhammers that made up the Glaive's escorts followed suit moments later.
"BS Serendipity, this is ARS Defiler. We are here to attend the symposium. We request that we slave our cog-node to your nav-comps so that we may recieve the coordinates."
Now to wait for the weaklings to slave their pathetic technology to our Conglomeration node.
27-04-2005, 01:48
"They want to what?"

"The Ald Rhun vessel wants to link their computer with ours."

"Negative on that. We are not authorized to allow any alien vessel to link with any of our military AIs."

"What do I tell them"

"Give me the Comm, I'll handle this."

The officer took over the station and activated the Comm System.

"This is Babylon Control. Just dock with the Babylon Tower. Your deligates will be escorted to The Serendipity. Your other vessels can take position with the escorts from the other nations attending the Symposium."
27-04-2005, 01:56
The Polaris, TerraNova, and Dezpot dropped out of TFTL, flying, not under the standard cloak the navy used so often, but under full power, as it would if it was in it's own territory. After all, Siesatia and Balrogga were members of two alliances, three including the now disbanded ISEC.

"We are here to attend the meeting"

OOC: Sorry for crappy post, have to run.
27-04-2005, 01:58
The sLivers had long since been indirectly ignored, it was as though nobody saw them. The Synapse sliver slithered over to a random Crew member who looked authoritative.

"Pardon me, but we nicely asked to attend the Symposia and no one ever replied. We thought that maybe communications broke down somewhere, so, we simply came directly to ask. May we join? Please?" The sliver asked in its nicest, friendliest tone of hiss.
27-04-2005, 02:38
The crewman looked up in suprise.

"Huh? Let me check."

He activated an electronic device and appeared to be looking off into empty space.

"According to the logs, you are expected but nothing is mentioned of any incomming ship. Apparently your request for an invite was accepted but the details of your delegates were not forwarded back to us. Apparently both sides were waiting for the other to respond. I apologize for the mix-up. I called a Serjent to escort you to The Serendipity. It should be along in a minute or two. I'll wait here with you until it arrives."

After a few minutes a 2 meter being approached. It had four arms and an oravge-brown exoskeleton. It approachen the crewman and addressed him.

"You called for an escort?"

"Yes, these beings are supposed to be attending a Symposium aboard The Serendipity. Could you escort them to the Imperial flagship? They are cleared and expected."

"Yes Sir."

The Serjent lumbered off escorting the Slivers to the meeting.
27-04-2005, 03:04
*To the Serjent* "Do we need to bring a ship along? I could have the Weatherlight here pretty quickly.
Ald Rhun
27-04-2005, 03:08
OOC: Well that was polite. Then again, considering my race is made up of huge, paranoid, violent assholes...
IC: "Very well, soft one. Initiating docking procedures."
The Defiler maneuvered towards the Babylon Tower, and discharged its two passengers, and their sizeable entourages.
27-04-2005, 05:12

"Only if you wish to participate in the fleet. It is not mandatory but an offer extended to the nations involved so each may assist in the security of their delegates. Please follow me to your suites."

Ald Rhun:

An officer assigned to meet your delegates paled at the size of your entourage.

"Sir, every nation is allocated a sizable suite for your stay but I am not sure you are aware that only delegates are allowed to enter the Symposium Event. Weapons are also banned by all those who board the flagship. We cannot allow the possibility of anyone getting injured. Security will be provided by the Imperial Honorguard."
27-04-2005, 05:45
Dr. Wiggum, Master Permian and the two apprentices boarded the Serendipity after the Time Management docked with the ship.

"Well, it appears we're the youngest members of this crowd." Jason said to Chris.

Chris nodded. "Yeah, but I should think it shouldn't matter, since we're research assistants. And good ones at that."

The Jedi have left their lightsabers on the Time Management for the no-weapons policy, but there is sure to be nothing untoward going on. If it does, there's always the Force if the psionics of Balrogga need backup.
27-04-2005, 07:10

If JJR doesn't post by 10PM Central Time Zone Wednesday evening I will have The Serendipity disembark and the fleet will leave the Sol System.
27-04-2005, 15:20
"Sure, let it never be said that we were not willing to help with security." The Synapse sLiver said. The Ghost that followed them disappeared for the breifest of minutes, then returned.
"The weatherlight was unavailible, the Akroma will join the fleet." The spectral Sliver said. It will arrive shortly.


A ship dropped out of Transwarp. This ship looked like a giant mutant snake, with wings. What was even weirder about this ship, was that it slithered like a snake as it moved, and its wings actually flapped as though it was flying. Appearently it was some odd form of Propulsion. The Word Akroma glowed on its side. It joined the fleet.
Outer Heaven MK II
27-04-2005, 16:13
Slavik nodded to the comm. Officer.

"Hail the Serendipity, and tell them greetings etc. Then request for us to link into their Navigational Computer so we can prepare for Subspace."

"Aye sir."

A few moments later, this message was sent:

Greeting Serendipity, this is the Outrider.
We'd once again like to thank you for letting us attend this Symposium.
We are ready for another Subspace Jump, but we need to link into your Navigational Computer so we can jump to the Symposium accordingly.
27-04-2005, 17:37
OOC: Sorry for the uber crappy post, I had to write it in 10 seconds, just RP with me there.
Ald Rhun
27-04-2005, 21:42
Ald Rhun:

An officer assigned to meet your delegates paled at the size of your entourage.

"Sir, every nation is allocated a sizable suite for your stay but I am not sure you are aware that only delegates are allowed to enter the Symposium Event. Weapons are also banned by all those who board the flagship. We cannot allow the possibility of anyone getting injured. Security will be provided by the Imperial Honorguard."
The delegate growled it's irritation.
"Very well, warm blood. Our entourage will remain with our escort vessels. I trust bringing my flaying drones will be acceptable, then, seeing that you prohibited my masseuse from the Symposium?"

OOC NOTE: Rhunfolk enjoy having their skin routinely flayed, and the raw flesh underneath rubbed with assorted herbs and salts. Think a rather graphic alien massage.
On a similar note, Rhuns also love going in for a new cybernetic surgery every once in a while, for similar reasons. Anesthetics are also completley unknown in Rhun space.
27-04-2005, 21:59
Within minutes of leaving, the shuttle had arrived at the Babylon Tower and prepared to dock. The hock-up was rough for the shuttle was only built according to Northrop-Grumman specifications. Nevertheless, after a few tries, the it was successful. The three delegates soon disembarked and looked around to figure out where they needed to go.
27-04-2005, 22:28
The Coredian delegates looked around at all the others, wanting to decide who to talk with first.
28-04-2005, 06:52
As the last delegates arrived at the Babylon Tower and boarded The Serendipity, the flagship sealed its docking hatches and began its disembarking procedures. The ship slowly backed away from the monolithic sized mountain extending into orbit. As it cleared Babylon Tower, the ship rotated 108 degrees and began to pull out of orbit towards where The Honorguard was waiting.

The fleet waited along side the ships from the other nations attending the Symposium, bolstering its size to well over 100 vessels. As the flagship approached, the Honorguard took a spherical position around the vessel, protecting it from every direction. The entire fleet slowly left Earth’s vicinity headed out system where nobody could eavesdrop.

Shortly after the ship left Earth’s orbit, the AI sent a message to each delegate’s suites.

“This is The Serendipity’s AI. I wish to inform all delegates the Intergalactic Temporal Symposia will begin in approximately 2 hours. I will remind you 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.”

Later each delegate was sent a message at their suites informing them the Symposium was to begin in half an hour.

At the appropriate time a chime was sounded throughout the deck where the delegates were quartered. They were to meet in the central chamber. Serjents waited by each door to escort the Delegates to the Symposia and waited outside the doors, closing them after the delegates entered.

As each entered the cavernous room, there was a large table set up in the center of the room. Stationed equal distances around this table were comfortable seats designed for each species. Each delegation had a large red button set into the table before them. There were places for their reference materials as well as power supplies if they were needed. In the center of the table a holo-projector waited to be used to illustrate whatever point was trying to be made. Behind each station there was a replicator programmed with a wide variety of foods, including several alien delicacies.

After each delegation was seated, the lights dimmed and a door opened. An old man dressed in the gold and white robes of the Emperor entered, accompanied by two Serjents, each also with their exoskeleton colored in the Imperial colors. The 2 meter tall, four armed exoskeleton clad beings stood alongside the Emperor motionless. Nhur-Galladu slowly walked toward a raised area near the door. He stepped upon the platform and a light illuminated him.

“My greetings are extended to each of you. I am honored to have such a learned audience before myself. I see before me some of the greatest minds from some of the greatest nations in the known galaxies. I relish the great debates that will soon erupt within these four walls.”

“It has come to my attention there is a technology that can bring about great good but it can cause even more harm if miss-used. Recent events have transpired where actions had been taken to ensure the proverbial genie had not been let out of the bottle. Nobody knows better what can happen than the minds assembled before me right now. I suspect each great nation holds a part of a key to greater understanding. That is why I invited each of you to this event. My goal is to discuss and discover the dangers of this technology and any others that may develop which could threaten the very existence of sentient life in the known galaxies.”

“Unless we know the dangers, we cannot defend against them. There is great wisdom in knowing what can harm you in order to avoid it.”

“I know there are some delegates from opposing factions in this room. I ask that each and every one of you put aside your prejudices and treat each other as equals. I know debates can sometimes get heated and things can get carried away. In order for everyone to feel safe, I have ordered the installation if individual force fields that will surround each delegation. The red button before you will activate the shielding. This is a precaution I have taken in order for you to feel secure. Pressing the button will also summon the Serjents. I have done this for your ease of mind.”

“The entire proceedings are being recorded for posterity. I now open the table for any nation who wishes to start.”

Nhur-Galladu stepped off the platform, which slid into the floor. He turned and exited the room with his two bodyguards.


The Symposia officially begins. Whoever wishes to go first can start the whole thing.
Flaming Souls
28-04-2005, 07:12
Smiling lightly Dimitri leaned over to Klamboti and whispered, "He called us 'greatest minds from greatest nations', that's funny. I doubt that half the people in this room if not less know who we are."

Looking midly iritated, Susan leaned over and lightly smacked Dimitri, replying, "They may not know who we are, but if this is gonna be how we let them see us, then maybe we should act a little more...mature."

Dimitri had the look of a child whose fun was just ruined spread across his face.

Rising from her seat, Susan said to the gathered group, "While we are the foremost minds on the subject at hand within our country, we have nowhere near the knowledge of some of those present. So we would like to simply state that we are here simply to learn, and will more likely than not, not participate. Thank you."

Sitting down, Susan let out a sigh of relief, she hated public speaking.

OOC: This is due to my lack of RL knowledge of the subject, I will just watch and learn for now.
28-04-2005, 07:17
The synapse sliver spoke in a clear loud Hiss.

"We are also here to Learn. If we do not know how something opperates, how could we possibly know how to protect it properly?" The Synapse Sliver Asked.
28-04-2005, 07:42
The synapse sliver spoke in a clear loud Hiss.

"We are also here to Learn. If we do not know how something opperates, how could we possibly know how to protect it properly?" The Synapse Sliver Asked.
Master Permian nodded agreement as he stood up. "Indeed, it is important that we learn as much as we can in order to take care of the Space-Time Continuum. After all, knowledge is power and with great powers come great responsibilities."

"Nice one, Master." Young Jason (he's 17) replied.

"Thank you, my apprentice."
28-04-2005, 13:44
The head of the four Sharina delegates, Director Larinna Kola'sa, slowly took in the majesty and wonders of merely being in the conference room with multiple delegates from empires far more advanced than Sharina. Larinna suppressed the urge to gape and widen her eyes in awe.

She began speaking towards the assembly, standing tall in her jade uniform with blue and purple trimmings, while doing so.

"Greetings, all.

I am truly honored to be present in this conference, on Sharina's behalf. Sharina apparently is the only nation in this conference that does not have faster than light travel, magical replicator devices, nano-technology, or the multiudes of wonders inherent in Balrogga's fine vessel. We have also not ecountered any other space-faring civilizations, except possibly Kormanthor.

The most advanced technologies Sharina has been developing is fusion power, railguns, microwave technologies, and industrial cutting lasers. Basically, Sharina is at the technology equalivent of 2020 - 2030 A.D. in Terran history. In short, Sharina is relatively primitive techology-wise compared to all of you, but our minds are not. Our minds are capable of more than a 21st century Terran civilization would be capable of.

Just seeing the wonders in this vessel, and being introduced to all of you has proven a good number of things. We have learned that there is intelligent life out there, faster than light travel is possible, and science-fiction technologies are actually possible given sufficient time and effort.

Sharina has begun research and development of inter-dimensional travel, allowing it to access parallel universes. In addition, as a result of these research efforts, we have also begun rudimentary research into temporal theories. We do not have the technology base to construct time machines or devices to manipulate time yet, and probably will not for a century or more.

Sharina was contacted to come to the Temporal Symposia so that it may be able to learn and discuss temporal theories, principles, as well as alternate universes. I repeat myself, it is quite an honor to be in the company of civilizations 1000's of years ahead of Sharina, and we Sharinans are looking forward towards making new friends and discussions with the esteemed delegates and people represented here in the Symposia.

Thank you."

Director Larinna Kola'sa sat back down in her chair, awaiting the response of the extra-terrestrials and hyper-advanced human beings in her presence.
29-04-2005, 01:24
Dr. Alicia Del’Vrery signaled her desire to speak. After the Sharina delegate was finished, she rose to her feet and addressed the Symposia.

“I believe we should first address what Temporal Mechanics and the resulting technologies are. We should define what constitutes Temporal and what the difference is between this technology and others.”

“We should also discuss the ramifications that tampering with the timelines of any nation could cause to that nation and any other nations. The repercussions that parallel tampering have been said to be disastrous but nobody really knows to what extent.”

“We should also discuss what steps should be taken to contain any who abuse this technology. I know the Temporal Accord outlines various points on this topic but we could also discuss them here so we can get a better understanding.”

“We could discuss the effects any other technology that might simulate Temporal technology or that might be as dangerous.”

“The goal of this assembly is to pool our knowledge. Unless we do this, we will not be able to get anything resolved.”
Germanische Zustande
29-04-2005, 16:17
Robespierre nearly tripped over his long, flowing Dress Robes for the third time that hour. Liza had laughed every time, and Johanne just kept repeating, "You'll eventually get it, with time and practice." Pushing those thoughts aside, he stood before his chair at the table, waiting patiently for the Balroggan scientist to speak. Pierre was brimming with knowledge and was more than happy to share it to make himself appear brilliant, Which I am.

D'Loraine watched the woman step back into her seat. As soon as she had sat, Robespierre cleared his throat. Loudly.

"Great minds of many nations," his eyes circled the table, peering at each being's face, "there is a wealth of knowledge seated at this table. Each one brings certain characteristics, thought processes, critical thought skills, and information, which, when combined as a whole, can yield amazing insights and discoveries.

Although my people are already greatly advanced in many areas, there is much that we can learn and study, and welcome this opportunity happily. We also hope that we may contribute in any way.

As for Doctor Del’Vrery's statements, I, as the foremost scientist in the Federation upon Quantum and Temporal weapons technologies, believe I have a response.

In our studies, we have come to many conclusions. First, spatial weapons cannot destroy time, however, temporal weapons can annihilate time and space. We have concluded thus, that time is somewhat independent of space, and that space is dependent upon time (ooc: this statement is a formation of various things Indra has posted in relation to a few of my posts in various wars/battles, and also some conversations).

We have also successfully used gravitational and quantum weapons to create rifts in Space-Time itself, as well as dialate time through non-temporal means. Therefore, not only temporal technology, but High-level spatial technologies can damage Time as well.

As to tampering with timelines, none should ever be attempted. If even one thing is altered, the effects could be disasterous. Now, sadly, we do not have any Temporal Physicists in attendence in our delegation, but this is what I hear from them: Our temporal weapons erase enemy vessels only from the present and future. This way, it is just as though the vessel were destroyed. If we were to erase from the past also, immeasurable damage could be done.

In anycase, that's my part for now. I'm sure you'll hear from my colleagues eventually..."

Robespierre whirled about, his Robes flapping behind him, and seated himself once again.
Jangle Jangle Ridge
30-04-2005, 00:22
A small corvette moved insystem, sending out a thin beam-style transmission towards the meeting.

"I hear I've been missing a party. Anyone miss good old Taren? And, before you answer it, let me in, ey? It's damn cold out here in space."

OOC: Sorry, hella short, I know.
30-04-2005, 19:04
"You are clear to approach on Vector two-four-niner. Welcome to The Serendipity. I regret to inform you the Symposia has just started. There will be two Serjents waiting to escort you to your suites and then to the Symposia."
04-05-2005, 13:08
Dr. Alicia Del’Vrery stood up again and addressed the conference.

“The Balrogga Empire has never actively developed Temporal Weapons. We have researched the possibility of using this technology for defensive means. Our interests have taken us in a different direction than Temporal Technology. We recognized some of the dangers and the realization that Temporal Technology would not further the goals of our nation, only distract us.”

“Unfortunately we have looked around us and observed the other nations of the galaxies have not realized the dangers inherent in the use of weapons based upon this technology. That is why my Emperor wished to host this event so we can let everyone know what can truly happen when you abuse this technology.”
Indra Prime
04-05-2005, 18:32
Despite all the nation's representatives, standing up and speaking their intial greetings and explanations why they were there, Indra Prime Major General Francis Cullen was the only one of the Delegates who sat back in his chair nonchalantly, not caring about anything that was said. Officially, he was only supposed to be there to answer the other nations direct questions, so thats what he intended to do. When the Balroggan Representative stood up, he felt it was time to bring out the big guns. He turned around in his chair and reached out to grab a small bulbous silvery disc that his SiC handed to him. He carefully placed the disc on the desk before him and immediately a discreet holoimage popped up of the ancient binary computer game, Tetris. He had a thing for archaic Games. He quietly manipulated the holographic controls that were projected onto the desk's surface in front of him while biding his time til he could execute the orders given to him by the TIF High Command.
04-05-2005, 18:47
OOC: Oooh. I wonder what you're doing here!
Outer Heaven MK II
04-05-2005, 18:55
Anton also sat back, and didn't introduce himself, or did the Scientists. Instead, he looked over at the Indran, and waited until he made eye contact. When he did, he smirked at him, and then looked at the Balroggan. He looked back at the Indran, did the 'crazy' hand gesture, and then got out a novel he as reading.

If anyone was close enough to look when Anton opened it up, and began to read, they'd see it read: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.

OOC: :P Sorry, thought I'd put a pun in, but hey, Anton knows very little about this Galaxy, seeing as we reside in another Universe for one thing.
Flaming Souls
04-05-2005, 22:40
If anyone was close enough to look when Anton opened it up, and began to read, they'd see it read: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'.

OOC: :P Sorry, thought I'd put a pun in, but hey, Anton knows very little about this Galaxy, seeing as we reside in another Universe for one thing.
((OOC: that is so char Galeel Stryer is reading that right now as well...oh well...))

Sitting and watching, the Flaming Souls representatives merely soaked in what was happening. Dimitry alone was not paying attention, as was expected. He unwrapped some bubble gum and started chewing away, waiting for someone to say something decently important and relevant. He always hated all this small talk. Picking up a pad of paper, he grabbed a pen and began to draw on it. He drew a few lines and underneath put "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _" and slid it over to Klamboti. Klamboti wrote a letter down on the bottom and slid it back to Dimitri. Looking it over Dimitry smirked. He wrote in a few letters so that it changed to "_ _ _ _ _ _ _ o _ o _ _ _ _" and slid it back to Klamboti. Looking at what had changed, Klamboti guessed it. "This is so boring" and wrote under it, you are too predictable Dmitri.

((OOC: Just trying to get things going...))
04-05-2005, 23:07
Syphera sat back, and pulled out a Personal Digital Display Device, and began to watch a movie, it was one of those Cheap Sci Fi movies, Captain Franklin saving the multiverse again, by taking on ravenous silicon based 2D lifeforms with phase shift abilities with only his Intergalactic Starfighter, and the AI that powered it. These movies never got old.

OOC: Gotta love Sci Fi movies in 2407.
04-05-2005, 23:20
The sliver looks at everyone doing their own thing.

"Gee, I wish we had leisure technology. I could really do with a frolic in the plains. We don't even HAVE temporal technology, but the Ancestor spirits have the ability to open Doorways in the time/space continuum between any to points in time from any two points in space." The Sliver said quietly. Unfortunatly due to the silence, this was a bit louder than quietly.

OOC: If that doesn't get the ball rolling than what will?
05-05-2005, 00:00
"Seriously?" Professor Wiggum asked, raising an eyebrow. "We've been trying to do the same thing for years with technology, but so far, we've only been able to figure out, and even then, it's just a nonworking prototype."
Outer Heaven MK II
05-05-2005, 00:07
Slavik laughed.

"Erm, Wiggum, think hyperspace. That's a space/time conduit. Although I'm surprised you haven't worked out how to open a portal into a point in time."
05-05-2005, 00:38
Slavik laughed.

"Erm, Wiggum, think hyperspace. That's a space/time conduit. Although I'm surprised you haven't worked out how to open a portal into a point in time."
Wiggum laughed. "Of course we have hyperspace! But we're trying to research faster methods, along the lines of extremely portable Stargates or something like it. Now as you know, a Stargate has the ability to link two worlds via a wormhole. What we're trying to do is create something more portable. You know what I mean?"
Ald Rhun
05-05-2005, 00:49
The Rhun scientist stirred lazily in it's couch. "Really? Our Empire uses a similar device quite often. It forms the basis of our droppods and troop mobilization technology. Admittedly, it takes a short time to anchor into the STC, and is not capable of transporting overly large objects, but it fits our purposes quite nicely. And keeps our troops from being shot out of the sky. We'd be more than willing to lend your nation some of these units... for a price."
05-05-2005, 02:13
It was really bad, the movie that was. She couldn't sit thru anymore of this...

"Can we please come to order, and discuss what we are here to discuss, otherwise, I have other more pressing buissiness to attend to, and I am sure I could get it done faster in my own office!" She shouted in the den of conversations. Noone seemed to hear.

Dr. Hayford stood up, picked out one of the glass cups, and promptly smashed it on the table. "I agree, Lets get this show on the road!"

Syphera sat back into her seat, if one listened hard enough, they could hear her muttering "humans..." as she shook her head.
Flaming Souls
05-05-2005, 06:44
In the complete silence after the Siesatian committee smashed the glass, you could hear Dimitri saying how he liked these people. Standing up, Dimitri cleared his throat.

"Ladies, Gentlmen, Gentle we stated before, we don't have exactly the level of knowledge of some of the more...advanced nations present," Dimitri said, nodding slightly towards the Indra Prime representative, "However, I feel it neccessary to move on with this also, we have pressing matters too attend to, so why don't we get started by having one of the more advanced nations outline what exactly it is we are talking about, i.e. terms, dangers, paradox's, etc."

Feeling he had said quite enough, Dimitri sat down, and waited with a giant grin on his face.
Germanische Zustande
05-05-2005, 16:26
Johanne's aged face crinkled with a grandfatherly smile as so many finally wanted to get to the point. Poor Pierre, we'll have to teach him how to speak bluntly, eh, he telepathically questioned Liza. She returned an answer to him in a wry smile.

As the ancient scientist stood, his knees audibly groaned. The loudest crack resounded through the quiet of the Hall. Johanne finally got to his feet, surveying the delegates who were mainly talking to themselves.

"I see the dear General from Indra Prime is playing Tetris. Did your Ancients leave those wastes of time to distract your people?" Johanne paused to clear his throat of mucus. "Perhaps you'd like to answer the Flaming Delegation's question. Define for us, please, what Time and Temporal technology is, as Time underlies all advanced technologies. After you are finished, we shall take a stab at defining Quantum and Spatial technologies, and their dangers."

Dr. Richtmann fell back into his chair, the cushions absorbing his impact. "Hmm, what comfortable chairs..."
Indra Prime
05-05-2005, 19:21
General Cullen heard his name being spoken by one of the pithy delegates, just as he was crossing from level fifteen to sixteen on this ancient game, almost tying his previous best score. Annoyed that he was interrupted at such an important level for him personally, he quickly glanced up to see the Germanische Zustande delegate just sitting down from his little tirade. His official orders included the fact that he had to respond to any question give n to him, but the orders didnt say how he should respond. Ticked off that that Dr. Richtmann (he had to look at the list of delegates names again, as he didnt listen the first time he mentioned his name) would interrupt him in the middle of his game, he stood up to respond to that question, though not before hitting pause on the game.

"Honored delegates, why should we be the ones to tell you about this technology when the nation of Germanische Zustande has time and again tried to force upon us, the fact that they believe they know more about the Subject of the Space/Time Continuum and Temporal Technology than our great nation? We should let that nation who believes them to be so superior to ourselves to explain it in full detail. If they are so much more advanced than us in matters relating to Temporal Technology,..." He looked over at the Doctor and shot him a dirty look, mainly for interrupting his game. "...THEY should be the one to explain it to the Symposia, cause I'M SURE (said sarcastically) that they can explain it in FAR GREATER DETAIL (also said sarcastically) than any of us lowly nations can do. But to make things better we will show you a little thing we wrote up to explain what insignificant part we know about the STC."

With that he reached down and tapped a few buttons and immediately sent out a copy of the Temporal Accord ( to every station, and sent thirty copies to the Germanische delegate's station. With a smirk he sat back down and resumed playing his game.

As an afterthought and without taking his eyes from the Tetris hologram in front of him, he responded once more.

"And no, the Ancients did not leave this technology for us to waste our time on, they left this technology so that we wouldnt have to listen to snivelling weasel-like delegates at conventions like this."

And then he completely returned his attention to the game still goin on before him, now breaching the seventeenth level, a new personal record.
05-05-2005, 19:33
The Jedi students stared at the general like he has gone insane, then rolled their eyes as he went back to his game.

"Ahem, well, that was interesting." Master Permian muttered. "Anyway, I suppose it's up to you, Johanne, to recap on Temporal Mechanics, unless you want someone else to begin."
Outer Heaven MK II
05-05-2005, 19:46
Slavik sighed, and slammed his book shut.

"Typical Indran ignorance." He said, quite loudly. Standing up, he nodded at the delegates.

"I'd like you all to do two things, fellow delegates. First, delete that piece of rubbish the Indran just sent you, it's just their way of controlling you. And second, please stop squabbling, and listen to me."

Behind him, the three Scientists stood, ready to back Anton up if needed.
05-05-2005, 19:59
Professor Wiggum looked up from chatting about the so called "C-5 Program" with another delegate and leaned forward. "Is something the matter, Slavik?"
Flaming Souls
05-05-2005, 20:09
Dimitri sat there, wishing he had Tetris, he loved that game. Standing up, he gave the Outer Heaven MK II delegates a dirty look.

"Now then, let remain civil. Actually...seeing as the Outer Heaven delegates do not want to remain civil and respect the true leaders in this field..." Dimitri led off, bending down he picked up his pen. He threw it towards the Outer Heaven MK II delegate and said quite profusely "Shut up bitch."

Dusting himself off, Dimitri finished his speech.

"Before I let Johanne here inform us all of the various vagaries of temporal technology, I would like to state that, despite his immeasurable years alive, he is still nowhere near as accomplished in this field as is a drunken bum on the street corner from Indra Prime. Also, try Flaming Souls Delegation, not Flaming Delegation. The last time I checked, my associates and I were not on fire, only our souls burning with the passion to learn. Now then, old man, would you care to explain to us the details you feel you are so knowledgeable about?" Dimitri finished with a smirk.

Sitting down, he reached for his pen, only to realize that he had thrown it. Looking disheartened he grabbed Klamboti's pen and began to throw it at the ceiling and get it to stick.
Outer Heaven MK II
05-05-2005, 20:21
Slavik nodded at Wiggum.

"Indeed there is. I am appauled by Indra's behavior, you'd be appauled too, if you knew these people are supposedly our 'Guardians', protecting us from the timeline. Just look at him, playing his Tetris. So smug with his superiority, even though you Indrans didn't completely clean up the mess you started!" He barked violently at the Indran, before calming.

"However, I am also rising, because besides a few people here who are more advanced than us, we are quite proficient at the subject of Time, space etc. And so, me and my Temporal scientists, will be happy to anwser any questions you nice people may have, seeing as the 'more advanced' nations here quite frankly can't be bothered."
Outer Heaven MK II
05-05-2005, 20:24
Dimitri sat there, wishing he had Tetris, he loved that game. Standing up, he gave the Outer Heaven MK II delegates a dirty look.

"Now then, let remain civil. Actually...seeing as the Outer Heaven delegates do not want to remain civil and respect the true leaders in this field..." Dimitri led off, bending down he picked up his pen. He threw it towards the Outer Heaven MK II delegate and said quite profusely "Shut up bitch."

Dusting himself off, Dimitri finished his speech.

"Before I let Johanne here inform us all of the various vagaries of temporal technology, I would like to state that, despite his immeasurable years alive, he is still nowhere near as accomplished in this field as is a drunken bum on the street corner from Indra Prime. Also, try Flaming Souls Delegation, not Flaming Delegation. The last time I checked, my associates and I were not on fire, only our souls burning with the passion to learn. Now then, old man, would you care to explain to us the details you feel you are so knowledgeable about?" Dimitri finished with a smirk.

Sitting down, he reached for his pen, only to realize that he had thrown it. Looking disheartened he grabbed Klamboti's pen and began to throw it at the ceiling and get it to stick.

Slavik caught the pen.

"How about you realise that the true leaders in this field are just here to laugh at us, and play Tetris."

Smirking, he threw the pen back. With a *droooong* (like the sound you get when you jump off a really rigid dive board), it impaed intself on the desk right in front of Dimitri.
05-05-2005, 20:33
"And we thought humans were polite civil creatures." The Synapse Sliver hissed in disgust.
05-05-2005, 20:34
Professor Wiggum sighed and rapped his knuckles on the table irritably. "Are we going to continue bickering or are we going actually begin this thing?"

He looked around the room at the delegates.
Flaming Souls
05-05-2005, 20:35
"How about you realise that the true leaders in this field are just here to laugh at us, and play Tetris."

Dimitri stood up again. Gods my legs are getting a good workout today.

"Now then, see here. The reason they play Tetris is because tetris is by far the coolest game ever created. I do not see him laughing at us, well except for him laughing at me throwing this pen at you," Dimitri said as he withdrew the pen from the tabletop. "Now, I do not know if that was supposed to intimidate me or make me fall over laughing. Because if it was an act of intimidation, you will have to do much more than that, seeing as I am ex-spec ops. So how about we all remain civil and discuss what we came here to discuss, and if no one wants to define the terms of Temporal Technology, I will just sit here and read ver batim from the Temporal Accord, a great document, I might add. Now, if anyone has any objections to this, please say something now, because if you wait, I will just have say sorry and go along with what we are doing."

Dimitri finished by hurling the pen as hard as he could across the room and smiled slightly as it was buried completely in the wall. Where did I leave my iPod?
Outer Heaven MK II
05-05-2005, 20:35
Slavik sighed.

"We do generally, it's just not to each other."

Slavik eyed Dimitri, and the pen impaled in the desk in front of him.
Flaming Souls
05-05-2005, 21:10
OOC: Outer Heaven, if you are waiting on a reply, mine is actually above yours....
Outer Heaven MK II
05-05-2005, 21:14
OOC: I'm waiting for everyone to ask me questions, I did actually say that you could ask me any question partaking on the subject of Temporal Physics etc.
05-05-2005, 21:36
"Alright, I have a question," The Synapse Sliver spoke up, "If it is possible to collapse space with omega particles, than is it possible to collapse parts of the STC with a temporal weapon of some sort? If it were collapsed, would it slowly heal itself like space does, or would a domino effect come into play and all the rest of the STC fall like a house of cards thus destroying all time. If that's the case, if all time collapsed, would it even have a chance to happen in the first place? You know, would the collapsing of time on that one section of time negate the weapon ever being used in the first place, thus the STC would have protected itself?" The Synapse sliver asked. Everyone could plainly see its head throbbing and pulsing as it thought this question up.

OOC: Just a random idea I came up with, and wondered if it could happen, thus I asked.
Outer Heaven MK II
05-05-2005, 21:59
Slavik smiled.

"Well, we're not entirely sure, but we do know that any effect made on the timeline, no matter how small, nor how big, has near irrepairable repercussions on the whole scheme of things. What you have just detailed, would indicate the 'domino' effect. However, after that, we don't know. Chances are that time would repeat itself, into a never-ending loop, but we've never tried this, and I hope no one ever does. Indra Prime has fiddled with time, and made a big mess of it before."

He then nodded.

"But that was an interesting question indeed, Synapse Sliver, and I thank you. We've never looked at that sort of possiblilty."

Slavik then looked around.

"C'mon. You all must have questions, or why would you be here?"
05-05-2005, 22:03
The synapse sliver nodded his thanks. The Mistform sliver, who looked more like a hyper condenenced fog bank than an actual living being, shape shifted itself a giant pair of thumbs and began to thumb wrestle itself.
Germanische Zustande
05-05-2005, 22:07
Liza stared in horror as these 'highly respected scientists' had the audacity to fool around like idiots.

"Are you all children? Your impropriety and insolence is unmatched even by Politicians!" She leapt to her feet as she yelled. "The Indrans apparently do not recognize that they are the leaders in the Temporal Technology field. They also, obviously, have a lacking capacity of English, as they did not understand Dr. Richtmann's polite prod, or even the Question of Flaming Soul's delegation."

Johanne interrupted Liza's little tirade, looking to the FS Scientists from his chair as he spoke. "I am old," his hearty laugh filled the hall. "I skipped on the second word of your name, assuming all would know of whom I spoke. I apologize for the inconvience." A warm smile spread across his face.

Dr. Schrondinger turned her stare from the aged physicist and again to the scientists "As we all know, though Indra Prime is vastly superior, they and the ESUS were unable to defeat the UFGZ/AoN fleet at the Third Battle of Normandeicht. Perhaps, for all their great technologies, they are a little arrogant?"

Liza stopped for a few moments, gasping for breath. She finally caught it and inhaled deeply, preparing for the third installment.

"We do not claim to have master of temporal technologies. In all our studies, we cannot define any substance of time; it is fleeting and mysterious, elusive and unkown. We can find its parts and effects, its intertwinedness with space, and manipulate it thus, but we are not on-par with Indra, or even Siesatia." She leaned forward and placed her hands upon the table. "On the other hand, the UFGZ is greatly knowledgeable upon the subjects of Spatial technologies and Quantum technologies, which is why we offered to define these, after Indra had laid the basis, Time."

As Liza continued, Durrik leaned over to the Synapse Sliver and whispered, "You say Humans disgust you? Well, look at that misty creature next to you before you speak, hypocrite."

Liza swiveled her head toward the Indran General. "We ask once again, dear General," she stated sardonically, "would you care to enlighten us as to that which is Time?"

She sat down, awaiting a reply from the various delegations.

When that was done, Johanne merely glanced at Dimitri. "I am pleased you hold my capabilities in such high regard. I'd like to remind you the same could be said of yourself," he smirked. "And by the way, drunk Indran bums didn't develop AIQSMs."
Indra Prime
05-05-2005, 22:55
Finally losing the game after level twenty-three, General Cullen decided to put the game away for the time being, and address the symposia. He stood up and readjusted his Dress Uniform before speaking.

"First of all, I do not appreciate the remarks being said about our sovereign nation. We do not respond kindly to irritating delegates who think they know more than we do, as obviously the OHMKII delegate obviously does. Your information was wrong by the way. Virtually every Temporal Incursion is correctable if worked on in a precise manner, something in which you do not have the capability to do. Indra Prime IS the foremost leader in the field of Temporal Mechanics, and we ARE the most knowledgable race in the Multiverse on Spatial/Temporal Technologies, especially the ones involving the Space/Time Continuum. Also Indra Prime was in no way involved with the UFGZ/AoN fleet at the Third Battle of Normandeicht, either with or against. If you were to go against even a quarter of the current Temporal Incursion Fleet, you would not stand a chance, any of you. Now with that out of the way..."

"Time is not something you can classify. It exists as multiple dimensions in multiple layers in, on, around and surrounding the Multiverse. Each Multiverse has one Space/Time Continuum, or the integrated multidimensional faceting of Spatial and Temporal Dimensions. You cannot affect one without affecting the other. There cannot be a temporal rift without being in a specific point in Space. You Cant have a Spatial Anomaly without it lasting through some portion of time. Time can be described as the rate of flow of time given one unit of space. The Timestream and the APM flows at one second per second per unit of space. The Timestream can be diverted, can be pooled, or can be turned into rapids, depending on the nature of the manipulation. What happens to one eleven dimensional point in space/time happens to all twenty six dimensions.
Everything that Slavik said was incorrect. Time events are not close to irrepairible, far from it. They are just difficult to modify and change for one of such low level of technology. Omega Particles do not affect Space/Time, it affects subspace, not allowing for certain FTL Drives to work. If a Temporal Weapon were used, it could destroy parts of the STC, perhaps even the entire thing, but as it stands no nation has the power to completely destroy the STC. Not even Indra Prime. However, even the smallest wrench, if thrown into a big motor, can stall it. A Single Temporal Disruptor can damage the STC in very harmful ways, if not protected by an entity such as the Temporal Accord."
05-05-2005, 22:56
OOC: AIQSM? as in Aol Instant Quantum String Messenger? I think you can download them on
Germanische Zustande
05-05-2005, 22:58
ooc: Indra, you did have Temporal Incursion ships outside the system, along with the rest of a large ESUS fleet...

EDIT (Above): Nein, sie dumkoff statia Siesatia. Ad Infinitum Quantum String Manipulator. dUh.
Indra Prime
05-05-2005, 22:59
OOC: They never got involved did they?
05-05-2005, 23:02
Engineer Tevek Bre'ell could not take it anymore. He listened patiently to the seemingly endless back and forth between the Outer Heaven MK II and Flaming Souls delegates. He decided it was time to stand up and put forth a new idea that the SPUI had recently discovered and began researching. He began to rise, amid curious glances from his three fellow delegates, and probably raising several eyebrows from several other delegates present.

Tevek spoke in a precise and accentuated voice, acting as if the bickering between Outer Heaven MK II, Flaming Souls, and Indra Prime had never occurred.

"I would like to put forth a revolutionary idea that Sharina scientists and theoreticians have been working on lately. Before I begin, I would like to state that this concerns parallel universes, where history and events have transpired differently.

Now, Sharina has reason to believe that there is more than one STC. The STC is the timeline that most of you people are natively experiencing here and right now in this universe. You undoubtedly call it your 'Primary Timeline'.

Sharina is not from this universe, or from this Earth. We are from a different Earth, with a different history and even time. Our Earth is currently at the 21st century level of time and technology, while the Earth in this universe is currently beyond 30th century in time and technology.

Therefore, this universe is not Sharina's Primary Timeline, while for Balrogga and several others, it most likely is. This means that there aren't primary timelines. There are multiple timelines seperated by barriers to prevent them from mixing with each other.

What's more, Sharina scientists have also theorized that the STC cannot be damaged or destroyed. If you alter the past, or change history, you are automatically shifted into a new universe, where the changes then take place. Your native universe is left intact, as the 'point of divergence' will still have an outcome.

Suppose you go back in time to kill Adolf Hitler. You arrive into the past, thereby shifting yourself into a parallel universe with your mere presence there. Thus, the point of divergence begins. You kill Adolf Hitler, then the new universe will run its course with different history, events, and people now that Adolf Hitler is dead before he actually died in your original universe.

On the other hand, if you change your mind and choose not to kill Adolf Hitler, you return back to your time, but it wouldn't quite be your universe / time.

You may be asking yourselves, 'Why?'

Here's the answer. You left a residue of yourself in the past, such as skin cells, cloth fabric, inhaled air molecules and changed them from oxygen to carbon dixoide, added your fingerprints to a door-knob, and so forth. This simple act adds miniscule things that were not present in the past before your arrival.

Therefore, this means that there is no way to destroy the entirety of time / space, as it has a natural way of protecting itself. It simply shifts the 'offending party' into a new universe, where it will not impact the original universes.

Now, share your thoughts on this."

Engineer Tevek Bre'ell sat back down, awaiting the responses of the other delegates.
Germanische Zustande
05-05-2005, 23:02
ooc: Liza's point is, if your ships are so powerful, why did you NOT attack? Most obviously because of lacking firepower. She has the audacity to incorrectly assume to be such, but that is the logical conclusion... An enemy with the upper hand uses it. It's the ol', "If 'e could've, 'e would've," saying.
Germanische Zustande
05-05-2005, 23:14
Durrik applauded Bre'ell. "Hear Hear!" He pushed himself to stand before the table. "However, each universe has a unique quantum 'signature,' thus, if any party is shifted to an alternate universe, they retain the original QS of their primary timeline/universe." Looking quite pleased with himself, he continued. "In this manner, matter/energy can be identified by its Signature and eventually sent back to its originating Universe."

Nearly sitting down, Durrik recognized something, but not before Pierre noticed the same omission. Gathering his Dress Robes to him as he stood, D'Loraine added, "My dear colleague means Universe in the sense of the set of the space and time associated with the object which is returning. We have developed a series of devices capable of penetrating other times/realities/'universes' and then finding our own originating universe by matching Quantum Signatures, and ultimately returning home."

Both men sat, staring at eachother. Durrik looked about to kill Pierre, while the latter bore a smug smile upon his visage.
Indra Prime
05-05-2005, 23:20
OOC: maybe because they were withdrawn well before the bulk of the fighting commenced. This discussion ends here. (my last OOC Post if you want to discuss it, TG/IM me)
Flaming Souls
06-05-2005, 07:57
Rising, Dimitri decided to say something worthwhile finally.

"So, if as you say, there are multiple STC's, how does one traverse them? Strangely, that somewhat coincides with some discoveries we have made of late." he said smartly.

Placing a disc in the tray, he watched as his diorama was displayed. It showed a large amount of lines interconnected.

"This, as Flaming Souls has depicted it, is the STC of our multiverse." he narrated.

The diorama then changed to show multiple sets of the previous display.

"This, we have discovered is the presence of multiple Multiverses. I believe that, after hearing your presentation Mr. Bre'ell, this is the same basic idea of what you have presented. Now correct me if I am wrong here." he said with a charming smile.
06-05-2005, 09:28
"Hmm. Some say that hyperspace is another type of reality, another STC where one can traverse the galaxy in mere hours." Wiggums mused. "It appears that the Multiverse is definitely more fact than theory. What is interesting is, as you people say, the presence of other, alternate universes...parallel worlds to the layman."

"Sounds like the basis of a holoshow..." Jason mused.

Wiggum chuckled. "Perhaps my boy, perhaps."

OOC: Cookie for reference. ;)
06-05-2005, 17:57
The synapse sliver and the mistform studied the image carefully. The mistform became a sketch pad for the synapse to skecth out a few ideas. Then the Synapse copied the final result on to the holo projecter.

"So, how does one cross into these other STCs? I mean,*Highlights the empty section between the STCs* wouldn't the blank spots be non existence, spaces where there is no such thing as creation? I mean, how could you survive and continue to exist? Logically, wouldn't you stop existing and become a figmint of imagination? Unless there was some sort of a path way connecting them all, *draws pathways between the multiple STC's* like so, wouldn't travel then be impossible. On top of that, How would you return to your original point in time? What if time flowed at a diffrent rate of speed in the other one? If you spent their equivalent of a year there, and you returned, how would you know that ten thousand years hadn't passed here in the meantime?" The Synapse questioned. The Mistform reverted to normal, cracked its neck, and waited to be needed again.
Flaming Souls
06-05-2005, 19:05
((OOC: I know of a way, just need to find my reference.)
08-05-2005, 17:00
It sounds to us like you guys are getting Time Travel & Dimensional Travel
mixed up. The multiverse refers to multiple dimensions not multiple timelines.
Flaming Souls
08-05-2005, 17:11
OOC: Actually, I was merely addressing the concept of multiple STC's, a relevant fact to the symposia, while it does tie in with dimensional travel, I am not focusing on it.
09-05-2005, 05:23
Gravity is the underlaying theme of the Multiverse. As a point of fact, near a singularity both space and time are affected to a point where time actually slows down and space becomes warped.

Through the use of gravity we have been able to easily slip sideways to other dimensions. The same theory might hold true to access the possibility of other STC timelines. The instances where we have observed portals to these alternate timelines, they have had the appearance of wormholes, a product of Gravitational Energies.
Flaming Souls
10-05-2005, 07:07
Dimitri stood again.

"Basically, what it is is this. There is matter between the multiple STC's. We have come to call it 'quantum foam' as it appears to be foam when it is magnified. Quantum Foam is not 100% solid. There are small breaks in it, which allow for multi-STC travel. These small breaks can only be summed up as 'inter-dimensional wormholes' as that is the closest description. What we have discovered is that by de-atomizing an object or being, it can be sent through the break to the alternate STC. It operates much like an ancient Fax Machine, if I remember my ancient history correctly. Also, the Quantum Foam acts as a buffer that makes it difficult if not impossible for multiple STC's to interact with each other. That is all the documentation that we have to date, however our scientists are diligently working night and day to discover more." Dimitri said.

Sitting down he looked around, hoping to see at least one face wearing an impressed look.
10-05-2005, 07:50
The Slivers were thoroughly impressed.
Flaming Souls
10-05-2005, 08:30
OOC: Thank you for the compliment.
Flaming Souls
14-05-2005, 17:40
*bump to get a move on*
Flaming Souls
17-05-2005, 23:16
((Gods I hate BUMPY roads...))
Germanische Zustande
20-05-2005, 17:37
Johanne hadn't been paying much attention to the Symposia. Old men need their sleep, you know...

He had been tinkering around with an idea for a longer-ranged Fold drive... possibly powerful enough to get the Federation to another Galaxy. In his aging, yet still sharp mind, he had already checked through the thousands of complex equations. Such were his mental faculties.

Johanne smiled as he said aloud, "What if time were not linear? Perhaps time passes as 'sections,' in units of sorts, with no time, yet infinate time, between?" He paused. "As though it were an ancient film, with the various shots on the film reel, with spaces in between each."

He wanted only to stimulate the debate. Primarily the ol' Indran General that seemed to be so enjoying his stubbornness. Wonder if he'll even opine on that statement, the old Scientist thought.
20-05-2005, 23:37
"Actually, that's how we veiw time, as a giant massive cube, and each second is as a photograph, forever capturing a single scene of creation. All one would really need to do, is go back to an earlier photograph, so to speak, to traverse time, like a family album, full of memories." The Spectral sliver said in a ghostly hiss.
20-05-2005, 23:49
Director Larinna Kola'sa listened patiently to the Germanische Zustande and Warhaven delegates, nodding along with them as not to appear insulting or overly arrogant. Larinna began speaking once the Warhaven snake-like delegate finished his/her/its turn.

"Ladies, Gentlemen, and Entities, I would like to propose a cruical question.

What is the smallest scale that you consider time to be measured in? Do you measure time in Nano-seconds? Pico-seconds? Exa-seconds? How small is the timescale for the 'present' to be measured?

I would like to hear your opinions on this, please."

Larinna sat back down, awaiting responses from the others.
20-05-2005, 23:58
"A second is a second no matter how small you break it down, you still have a second. That is a matter of perception. The question is, how much Temporal Energy constitutes a second? That, cannot be perception, after all, only so much energy can be generated over any time period. I say this, because what I consider a second, may equal three of your seconds, or an entire years worth of Indran seconds." the synapse hissed.

The Mistform shook its head, Synapse slivers always complicated matters unneccessarily.

"The space of time in between two of the Queens heartbeats." The Mistform said.

"I belive that is considered an Exasecond." The Spectral sliver hissed.
21-05-2005, 15:31
One of the delegates from the Empire took a drink of water and continued listening.

02-06-2005, 04:46
"I have a question. Is there really such a thing as Anti-time? If there is, what is it? Is it just time flowing backwards? Is it some force that annialates time much like Antimatter annialates matter? What is it exactly?" The Synapse sliver asked.
Germanische Zustande
02-06-2005, 17:24
"There is a difference," Robespierre said. "Anti-Time destroyes time, whereas time can flow positively, that is, forward, or negatively, that is, backward. Tachyon particles, which travel faster than light in their natural status, have queer properties. Time, and space, around them, warps positively, sort of an anti-blackhole." He took a breath and continued, "Time then flows backward, or negatively."

Johanne chimed in. "But you must remember, anti-time and negative time are separate. Negative time is a positive curvature of the STC. Anti-Time will destroy the universe, or at least a sizeable section of space and time."