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New Intergalactic Nation arises from the Ashes of the Dominion of Stars

The True Way of Alan
24-03-2005, 19:42
***Top Secert Communique***
New Empire Found: The True Way of Alan

The True Way of Alan space nation is a group of planets brought under the hands and might of the Intergalatic Church of Alan. It was founded in the W'tiri quadrent of the Andromeda Galaxy after the fall of the Dominion of Stars. It is ruled by the Lord Priest N'ala R'hab. They are very much into slavery and cruelty.
Alanian vessels are small. Usually holding up to four or five men, they are incredibly fast and well-armed. However they have light shields and are taking down easily. Here are some statistics we have recovered.

Blackfire -Size: small

Engine: Subatomic particle reducer (works much like a warp engine, capable of warp 10, but it allows subspace manuvering at warp 3)
Weapons: Two burst lasers (light lasers). Two torpedo tubes. 1 light ion cannon.
Shields: X2 light shields

Starrunner-Size: Small

Engines: Subatomic particle reducer (See above)
Weapons: Two Burst Cannons (heavy lasers). One torpedo tube. 2 light Disrupter Cannons (Disrupt the moleculer formation of a ship, weakening it's hull, and stability.)
Shields: X3 Light shields
Crew: 4

Slaveraider-Size: Large

Engines:3 Subatomic Particle Reducers
Weapons:4 Burst Cannons. Three Torpedo Tubes. 2 heavy Disrupter Cannons.
Capacity: Can hold up to 2 Starrunners, and four Blackfires. Can hold up to 200 slaves in force field detention.
Transporters: 25 long-range interspace transporters
Shields: X6 Medium Shields
Crew: Vessel Crew of 22. Pilots-20 Alanian Guards forces of 150, equipped with light body armor, two ion grenades and heavy blasters. The average complement of Guards also has two heavy laser cannons.

Vectex- Size: Medium
Engines: 2 Subatomic Particle Reducers
Weapons: Two Burst cannons. Four Torpedo Tubes. Four Heavy Disrupter Cannons. One Heavy Ion Cannon
Shields: X4 Light Shields
Crew: 8. Pilots-8
Capacity: Two Blackfires

The Noble Fleets of The True Way of Alan. Alanins culture is dedicated to the spread of Alanism and uses their ships capture slaves and export them. Simple and effective. They are extremely Xenophobic.

***End of Transmission***

OOC: I'm new at this, and didn't like any of the STW or WH40K ships they offered, so i made my own on my planets. If anyone wants to start an RP feel free to lemme know.
Lessir Tsurani
25-03-2005, 12:14
OOC Would you like to do some discovery RP? Since the Empire of Tsurani is fairly loose at the moment, we could have some fun with it. Let me know....