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Secret IC: New Superdreadnaught being developed

07-03-2005, 01:13
With the announcement of a new superdreadnaught being commissioned by the Democratic Imperium of Praetonia, the Portland Iron Works is in the intermediate developmental stages for its own vessel. As strong as the Calypso-class and the Freedom-classes are, those ships are nearing the end of their service lives and Vice President for Naval Operations Kathy Bunhall has told Commodore Barbara Tucker of her intent for a new class of ship.

The Incorporated Sarzonian Government recognises the effectiveness of the Vanguard-class heavy strike ship, but has determined that its unique role is ill-suited to serve as a superdreadnaught. As a result, the Republic-class ship is being designed.

Length: 902 m; Beam: 182 m; Draught: 19.9 m
Displacement: 2.6 million tonnes full
Armament: 15 x 635 mm ETC guns in triple turrets in A, B, C, X and Y positions; 8 x 128 cell Mk. 41 VLS; 12 x 533 mm TT capable of launching 'Silver' ASW torpedo; 16 x 203 mm ETC guns in twin turrets port and starboard; 10 x Hurricane SAM launcher; 30 x 35 mm Millennium Gun CIWS; 16 x Yellow Jacket mini SAM.
Protection: 1,100-1,800 mm advanced metal composite protection (steel, kevlar, titanium, vadium, aluminum and ballistic ceramics). Hull constructed with double bottoms, reinforced keels, and void spaces. Hardened crossbeams installed across the bulkheads for additional protection.
Propulsion: 12 x Pebblebed nuclear reactors; eight internalised waterjets.
Speed: 29 cruise; 33 knots maximum
Aircraft: Capable of launching/retrieving 12 helicopters or 8 VTOL aircraft.
Complement: 8,900 officers and men. Can accomodate 10,000.
Price: $225 billion
Operating Costs: $7 billion per year.

NOTE: When commissioned, this class will not be for sale. If it does well in trials, this ship may serve as command flagships for future Sarzonian fleets.
07-03-2005, 02:00
OOC: He was commenting that this uber-battleship couldn't likely survive the dedicated attention fo 281 submarines, so, in a cost:survivability ratio, his submarines, and nearly any other ship, would be far better because he can build more subs than that ship could sink for the same price. Basically, the idea is that your battleship is a waste of money.

Another example. I can build enough NPS-03 Areis Cruse Missile subs, and arm them, to completely obliterate the superstructure of that ship (probably for about half the price.) The ship is good, until price is considered.
07-03-2005, 02:08
*Low whistle* Sarzonia, you have yourself one big ship. Good job.
The Macabees
07-03-2005, 02:12
[OOC: Guys, if you don't like the ship then you don't have to like it, just don't go around and parade the fact around. However, here's my two cents, people build these ships to look powerful - it's sense of security to have a super dreadnought. I, as of yet, do not happen, but I may try to build one later on.]
07-03-2005, 15:54
In some respects, you're right. I tend to use SDs to project power (or intimidate would-be enemies) as opposed to slugging it out with other countries' SDs.

Again, if you don't have something constructive to say about THIS ship and you go on blathering about your 300 subs or your cruise missiles or whatnot, don't bother posting to this thread.
07-03-2005, 17:37
ooc: Err... except there's this one problem...

An SD can put out a near ridiculous amount of firepower, almost as much as an arsenal ship, but without the arsenal ship's vunerability to airplanes, torpedoes and missiles. Also, what good are cruise missiles if a single short brust from a CIWS gun at 6500 yards, or a small, barely guided counter missile that costs $5 makes it explode?
The Freethinkers
07-03-2005, 18:41
OOC: One of the more annoying and flawed arguements against the 'Super Dreadnought' style battleships is the 'I can afford X amount of $Generic_Warship for one of your SDs' statements people seem to make.

This is a laughable assumption, because you are making the single most obvious comment ever in the history of warfare. THAT IT IS FAR, FAR CHEAPER TO KILL SOMETHING THAN IT IS TO MAKE. A $5 million MBT can be put out of action by a $1000 RPG, and a $6 billion Nimitz would be hamstrung by a couple of $50 million missile boats.

So why do people bother building anything at all? In fact, following the 'I can afford X amount...' logic path, we end up with Navies consisting entirely of remote control explosive speedboats. The cheapest possible way to swarm enemy ships and sink them.

So why are bigger, more expensive ships built? Because no matter how many or how much of one type you build, you still cannot recreate the original capability of the ships you buy in exchange. No matter how many Subs you could buy for a SD, no Sub can take the place of an SD, that as a centralised floating command bunker in the middle of the fleet. Ships can only be prepared on price IF they have a similar role and capability. A SD is sure as hell aint a sub and definitely wont be filling in the same role, so its pointless to compare.
10-03-2005, 16:44
*made several changes at The Freethinkers' suggestion*
10-03-2005, 16:52

We having a competition who has the biggest warship around here?