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Retaliation in the Plunk Province (any suggestions are welcome)

06-03-2005, 06:05
*Somewhere approximately 10 miles away from the south border of Plunk*
*The Oologah 17th SF Armored Division, AMS 1st relief battalion, and the Tocrowkia 5th Assairs Guard Unit commanders are gathering in the Oologah 4th Army HQ to discuss the strategy of the upcoming battle. The Lordas anti-terrorist troops are examining maps of all the major cities in the province of Plunk.*
“Sir, all forces are in position to attack,” General Hassan’s chief aide said.
“Excellent, I shall order the advance immediately, send in the Lordas troops to the main enemy camp outside of Rejhaden, they are to terminate all living things there.”
At that moment, the command center came under mortar and RPG fire.
“Get a ‘mech out there and nail them,” Hassan yelled.
Just then a mortar landed in the midst of the Lordas troops, killing 9 of them and injuring 31.
“Jimmy,” one of them said.
“Sir, we have 3 Guardians supported by 4 M1A2s and 2 infantry squads,” Hassan’s chief aide said.
“About bloody time, order them to attack on the north side of the base, in approximately sector BG128442. See if you can get me some air or MRLS support.”
“Already done, got a flight of AH-71s inbound now, armed with minigun pods and 30mm rockets, ETA 3 and a half minutes.”
*970 yards north of the northern base perimeter*
PFC Jason Hearn wasn’t having any fun at all. Having joined the Oologah Army after losing his job during the latest outsourcing crisis so he could support his family, he was selected to go to the infantry. After the 10 month long training, he was assigned to the 11th infantry division, 3rd brigade, 2nd battalion, Able squad. He and 3 other men from his squad were flanking an M1A2 tank. The other 2 men assigned to cover this tank had already been killed. Jason saw someone pop over a hill in front of him. He raised his OICW and fired 2 rounds into the terrorist’s head.
“Got one,” Hearn said.
“This is Kappa 3, confirm kill, good job,” said the pilot of the 3rd Guardian.
“Guys, we got 4 Death Hawks coming in, get down, wait until they fire their ordinance, and then charge up the hill and eliminate any personnel encountered,” Cpl David Christianson ordered.
The 4 AH-71s flew in over the hill at about 170kts, slowed, turned and fired all of their ammo at the terrorists. Shortly before being blown up by a rocket, one of them managed to fire off an RPG-7 into the front of the tail on the #2 chopper, causing it to separate.
“This is Epsilon 7-2, going down hard. Mayday, Mayday, Mayday,” the pilot calmly said over his radio.
“God help us both,” he said to his gunner, just as the chopper hit the ground about 50 yards south of Hearn’s squad.
The helicopter hit the ground, and upon impact, the auto-wing-ejector system shot the wings off before the ammo could explode. The helicopter rolled hard to the left as it settled on the ground, causing the rotor to violently fragment. The shattering rotor blade killed the pilot instantly, but the gunner, even though he was knocked unconscious by the impact, miraculously lived through the crash.
After all of their ammunition was spent, the pilot of Epsilon 7-1 said, “This is Epsilon 7-1, we’re out of ammo, we are now RTB.”
Cpl Christianson said, “Thanks for your help 7-1, sorry about your #2, as soon as we’re done here, we’ll look for survivors.”
The men started advancing up the hill just behind the tanks, as these vehicles got halfway up the hill, the battlemechs fired off their Retro-Rockets.
The pilot of Kappa 1 saw the 3 remaining terrorists on the ground, and was going to hold off on firing on them until one of them raised an AT-6 and fired it at him, ripping his ‘mech’s right arm from it’s shoulder. After this happened, he triggered 2 missile salvos into the area they were in, eliminating any trace that they were even alive.
“Kappa 1, I think we got them all, Able squad, scan the area around here for any enemies, have the M1s hold back, we’re here to support you if you need us.”
-Cpl Christianson- “You heard the man, search this hill.”
The squad fanned out over the hill and found no survivors until PFC Hearn heard someone moan.
“Corporal, I think I found someone, should I kill him, or should we take him back to base?”
Cpl Christianson had to think about this for a second before calling into base.
“What should we do with him, sir?”
“Corporal, your orders were explicit, no one gets out of there alive, although he might be able to provide us with some good intelligence. Bind him and bring him back here,” 1st Lt. Journeyguinn said.
The men did as ordered and took him back to their base camp. The helicopter gunner lived, but lost his right arm and both legs. General Hassan put in a commendation for all of the men involved in the effort. Kappa 1 was out of commission for a month while it was sent back to Zarkapa for repairs.
*Images and video from the above battle were later shown on networks all throughout Oologah, especially the gorier parts. These efforts were intended to arouse support for the attack on Plunk and to demoralize the people of Plunk into submission. For the most part, this propaganda campaign had it’s desired effect towards the former, but it did the opposite of it’s goal toward the latter. The provisional government of Oologah requests that this be broadcast in other states across the world where citizens of Oologah may be living, to encourage the occupation, there will be no cost for the broadcasting rights.* Map of Oologah
Map of the warzone.

Since this is my first real RP, I would appreciate any suggestions you might have.
The Dubocratic Union
06-03-2005, 07:29
My primary suggestion is that you space out your quotes and paragraphs using normal English punctuation.

Other than that, use bold and italics effectively, and more people will read it.
07-03-2005, 05:45
*General Staff meeting, about 30 minutes after above battle*

-General Hassan- “What were the casualties on our side?”

-Sr2Lt. Mendez- “We lost 2 in Able squad group one from the 2nd battalion of 3rd brigade, 11th ID. We lost 4 from group two of Baker squad from that same division. We have a bird down, pilot dead, gunner will never fight again. 1 Guardian is minus an arm. We lost 23 of the Lordas troops, 17 of them were injured. We also have an Abrams that took a hit and now has no fire-control computer. The loader was incapacitated.”

-General Hassan- “Damn, that bad?”

-Sr2Lt. Mendez- “Yes sir, they were some damn fine men. We’re still waiting on the AMS camp to check back in, but reports stated that 2 of the 3 barracks they were staying in took mortar hits.”

-General Hassan- “What the hell are you waiting for? Send a squad in to check on them.”

-Sr2Lt. Mendez- “Sorry sir, I didn’t think of that, I’ll send Charlie squad, 2nd battalion in to secure the area.”

-General Hassan- “Also, bring in PFC Hearn from Able squad.”

-Sr2Lt. Mendez- “Will do, sir!”

Sr2Lt. Mendez turned and left the tent. At the outside door flap, he told the SG2 to get Private Hearn from Able squad.

*About 5 minutes later*

-PFC Hearn- “You wanted to see me sir?”

-General Hassan- “Yes son, I did. I noticed that your Corporal put in a good word for you for your work today. I am promoting you to JrCPL.”

-PFC Hearn- “Sir?”

-Hassan- “You heard me correctly, boy. I also want you to interrogate the prisoner that you found, see if he can provide any valuable information.”

-JrCPL Hearn- “Sir, yes sir. Thank you, I will do my best.”

*In the interrogation tent*

JrCPL Hearn walks in, carrying an M9 Berretta pistol.

-Hearn- “Hello you pig, have you any information for me?”

-Terrorist- “I will never talk to the likes of you.”

-Hearn- “You know, we could use you against your comrades that are working against us. If you agreed to this, we would spare your life.”

The terrorist looked at him, pretended to give it some though, spit on him, and then spoke.

-Terrorist- “Never, I will not betray my people.”
After he said this, Hearn hit him in the stomach with his pistol

-Hearn- “Shall we try this again, or will I have to use alternative methods in your interrogation?”

The terrorist was not someone that enjoyed pain, so he proceeded to tell him everything that he knew.

-Hearn- “You’re sure this information is 100% accurate?”

-Terrorist- “Yes, I’ve been to Troy Streuber’s house several times.”

-Hearn- “Thank you, that is all that I needed to know. You may stand now.”

Hearn motioned at the door with his pistol. As the terrorist walked towards the door of the interrogation room, Hearn fires 2 rounds into the terrorist’s back. The terrorist stumbles forward, then turns and starts walking towards him. Hearn then fires 8 more rounds into the terrorist’s chest, and then 3 more to the head. 3 guards come in to take the body away while Hearn reports back to General Hassan. The terrorist’s body is then put on display in the Kolgujev town square as an example as to what will happen to anyone that betrays the State.
07-03-2005, 05:57
*ONNN music begins playing in the background to signal the start of the Oologah nightly news.*

-George Kelso- “Good welcome citizens. We begin this broadcast tonight with news coming out of Luxor. There was a major firefight outside of the main staging area used by our forces. Over 130 soldiers from AMS were killed, along with 6 troops from the Oologah Army and 23 from the Lordas anti-terror squad. Oologah officials are telling foreign military forces operating within the country that they can leave if they wish. The leader of the Lordas anti-terror squad has announced that his forces shall be going home, along with the troops from AMS. The 5th Assairs Guard Unit has decided to stay in country to support the mission. Joining us now is senior Oologah National News war correspondent Jeff Donald. Jeff what do you think about what is going on?”

-Jeff Donald-“Well George, I think that our military is about to enter a very hostile environment, where they will be fighting a style of warfare that is very different from what they’re used to fighting. We saw it a limited amount when Marshbrooke broke away from us, but the rebels within Plunk don’t really have the equipment that the ones we fought in Marshbrooke had available. I think that what we’ll see, especially as we move closer and closer to Plonk is people hiding out in buildings, firing at our forces with antitank and small arms fire. We could very well be facing a situation similar to the fictional one studied by all students at our command academies in Kolgujev, Darsus, and Claremore. They are all taught about guerrilla warfare as practiced by insurgents in a fictional country called Iraq.”

This dialogue continues for about 5 more minutes before George announces a commercial break.

-George Kelso- “Thank you Jeff, we’ll have more after this.”

*After 3 minutes of patriotic messages*

-George Kelso- “Oologah Secret police have announced that they have broken up an assassination attempt at the wedding that has been scheduled in T.H.L. These assassins were fanatics that are too dedicated to our conservative ways. While this wedding was looked down upon by our national government, they have donated a present to the queens of T.H.L. along with handing over the people in the assassination group in an attempt to avoid an international incident.”

The newscast continues on, mostly about the buildup of troops in Luxor and their intentions for another 15 minutes, to be followed by the 1800 local news.

-George Kelso- “For all of us here at ONNN, this is George Kelso, signing off. Have a nice evening.”
07-03-2005, 06:14
*General Staff meeting, 3 days after the start of the invasion*

-Hassan- “The level of losses that we are currently sustaining is completely unacceptable. We must find a way to subdue the resistance that is being mustered against us. Any suggestions?”

-1st Lt. Journeyguinn- “Sir, the information that JrCPL Hearn extracted from the terrorist has proven accurate. The main terrorist base is in the town of Gornuiy. Our people on the inside reported that there is a support rate of over 90% for the separatist movement, and just over 77% for the terrorist attacks on our troops. It has also been shown by the IDs on the people that we have killed that the town is a big source of their recruits. Just over half of their casualties have come from there.”

-Hassan- “Very good Journeyguinn, have you any suggestions to any way in which we should deal with this problem?”

-Journeyguinn- “That is not my area of expertise, sir, you would be better off asking either Mendez or Nolan about that.”

-Sr2Lt. Mendez- “Sir, I suggest a strike on the town using NBC weaponry, that should terrify the rest of the province into surrender.”

-Hassan- “That is too risky, if we use this, our own people could be affected by it as well. It would also ruin our nation’s credibility in the eyes of the International Community. What do you think Nolan?”

-JrCol. Nolan- “How about leveling the town with napalm strikes. We have a full wing of Su-25s sitting by that could do the job nicely. I estimate that about 99% of the town’s populace would be killed by the attack.”

-Hassan- “What do you think about these plans? All in favor of Mendez’s plan, say aye.”

There was complete silence

-Hassan- “In favor of Nolan’s plan, say aye.”

There were 4 ‘aye’s this time. Mendez stayed silent.

-Hassan- “What is it Mendez?”

-Mendez- “It’s just that I feel like that plan would put our air personnel into undue danger.

-Hassan- “The rebel forces have no access to anti-aircraft weaponry. The only military base in the area was a tank repair facility, and there were only 3 tanks being repaired there. We sent in an F-15E flight to take the equipment that was there out. The people operating the base confirmed this before exfiltration of the province.”

-Mendez- “Verily?”

-Hassan- “Verily I say this unto you, there is no danger to our pilots at all.”

-Mendez- “In light of certain issues being cleared up, I vote aye for Nolan’s plan. When is the soonest we can have the birds up in the air?”

-Nolan- “We can have them up in the air within 15 minutes. If I give the order now, they can be over the city within an hour after all of them take off.”

-Hassan- “Tell the 129th TFBW to have all birds up and tell them their objective.”

-Nolan- “I will do this sir. 5 hours from now, Gornuiy will be a memory that will soon be erased from all of our literature and records, and the people of the town will never have existed.”

-Hassan- “Excellent.
07-03-2005, 06:26
*Kolgujev AFB, 1425, day 3 of the siege*

Chasm 1 through 11 have taken off, and Chasm 12-1 and 2 have taken off as well.

-Pilot of Chasm 12-3- “Kolgujev Tower, request permission to take off.”

-Tower- “Chasm 12-3, your element is cleared to take off, departure is to the East.”

Chasm 12-3 “Wilco, out.”

The two pilots pushed their throttles to full and started climbing.

-Chasm 1-1- “Chasm wing, form up over the city of New Exford.”

-All Chasm flight leaders- “Chasm 1-1, this is Chasm ?-1, copy, forming up over New Exford. Mission is a go from there.”

At approximately 1450, Chasm 12 made it into the formation. The formation then turned south-southwest as they proceeded into Plunk airspace.

-Chasm 1-1- “Chasm wing, Chasm 1-1, radio silence at this time.”

At 1530, Chasm wing was about 5 miles north of Gornuiy. They proceeded to turn south and descend to 2500 feet. When they got over the city, they split and dropped their napalm on different districts of the city.

*Inside the town of Gornuiy, in an apartment complex 3 blocks south of one of the main recruiting centers*
Air raid sirens can be heard going off all across the city. Many people are scrambling through the streets to get into the air raid shelters.

-Citizen of Gornuiy- “Oh shit! Honey, get the kids, we need to get down into the bomb shelter now.”

-Wife- “Coming Günter.”

The man and one of his 3 daughters exited their apartment just as the first bomb hit it. His wife and their other 2 daughters didn’t make it out. The force of the blast knocked both of them on their faces. The little girl started screaming as the flames washed over her and her father.

-Günter- “Come on Sydney, we have to get to the air shelter, we’ll be safe there.”

They miraculously survived this initial bomb and started towards the bomb shelter across the street when another bomber dropped a bomb right on them. The man had barely knocked off his feet by another explosion, when this bomb went off. His daughter was knocked from his arms, and was vaporized instantly.

-Gunter- "F*ck you you motherf*ckers! How would you like it if I went and killed your motherf*cking family? Huh? Would you like that? F*ck off you asswipes!"

This was screamed at the top of his lungs as he got up and began walking towards the shelter. He flipped one of the planes off while he said it. Those were his last words and actions.

*In the bomb shelter*

-Little Girl- "Mommy, when is daddy getting here?"

-Girl's Mother- "Susie... I don't know how to tell you this, but your daddy is gone. He is never coming back."

-Another Woman- "Jack, why did the government authorize an attack on us like that?"

-Jack- "I have no idea honey, but if I did, I'd tell you."

*Chasm flight, 25 minutes later*

-Chasm 1-1- “Chasm wing, Chasm lead, report ammo status.”

-All pilots- “Bingo weapons.”

-Chasm 1-1- “We are RTB, repeat, we are RTB. May God forgive us for what we have done today.”

-Chasm 7-2- "How come we had to kill unarmed innocent civvies, sir?"

-Chasm 1-1- "I don't know, but that one family I killed, it had to be a family, they were running horrified out of the apartment and boom, they were gone. God have mercy on their souls."

-Chasm 6-1- "I don't know about you guys, but I sure as hell don't feel like my family or I am any safer now that this happened."

-Chasm 1-1- "Enough about that for now, let's concentrate on getting back home safely." Then over his long range radio, "Kolgujev control, this is Chasm 1-1, objective is destroyed, returning to base now, over."

The flight back home was uneventful for all of the pilots. About a quarter of them had nightmares of the attack after that night. The rest would have nightmares sooner or later. The pilot of Chasm 7-2 ended up killing himself with his revolver the next morning.
18-03-2005, 08:36
To those of you that are reading this, Sorry it has taken me so long to post the newest part of the war, the forums haven't been letting me on for the past week and a half or so.

*National address being held in CENTCOM in central Kolgujev. Dale C. Jackson is addressing the nation on the events inside the city of Gornuiy. The time is 2030*

-Jackson- “At 3:30 this afternoon, Su-25 Frogfoot fighter-bombers from the 129th Tactical Fighter-Bomber Squadron bombed the city of Gornuiy with incendiary bombs. Our forces decided to let the city continue to burn until 7:00. Upon entering the city, our troops found many charred bodies. As of right now, the body count is 45,000 dead and an additional 50,000 wounded. This still leaves 5,000 additional citizens unaccounted for. This carnage is perfectly justified, however. It has been confirmed to us now that the senior leadership of the Plunk Liberation Movement has been exterminated. This means that our forces should have a much easier time in putting down this uprising. We still need all the support that we can get from you, the people of Oologah. If you have any terrorist leads, I would encourage you to contact your area political reliability officer. I would now like to direct your attention to the screen to my right. In a moment, we will be showing you a live video stream directly from the troops that are inside the city. This video is coming from soldiers attached to the 2nd Scouting Battlemech Battalion. OK, Kirby, if you could, please start projecting the stream now.”

The screen changes to show soldiers in standard Army hazard gear picking their way through the rubble in the city. One of them finds a door buried beneath the rubble, and goes to his NCO.

-Soldier- “Sergeant, I think I found something.”

-NCO- “What is it, Private?”

-Soldier- “Looks like an entrance to a shelter, request permission to check it out.”

-NCO- “Permission granted. Go find Cpl. Oats and tell him that his squad’s going down in there with you.”

-Soldier- “Yes, Sergeant.”

The soldier goes off to find the corporal. The cameraman keeps the camera stationary, and returns to his digging. About 2 minutes later, the squad goes across the field of vision for the camera, and the Sergeant tells the cameraman to follow them into the shelter. After opening the door, 3 automatic riflemen cautiously walk down into the shelter. One of them flips on the flashlight under his barrel. He finds around 100 people hiding from them.

-Rifleman- “All of you against the wall, no talking.” (to his corporal over the radio) “Sir, you’d better come down here, and bring the squad.”

-Cpl. Oats- “OK, why?”

-Rifleman- “I found some people.”

-Cpl. Oats- “Wilco, out.”

One of the stronger of the men pulled a knife, and charged at the soldier that ordered them up against the wall, but the soldier instantly drew his pistol and shot him 3 times in the chest.

-Rifleman- “OK, you bastard, I am going to make you suffer for what you tried to do. You are going to tell me everything you know.”

-Man- “I’ll never talk to you.”

The rifleman shot the man in the left shoulder, then in the right shoulder, and finally in the left foot. The man let out a horrible scream.

-Rifleman- “I have 9 more bullets in my magazine, would you like to continue?”

-Man- “I don’t know anything.”

-Rifleman- “I think your lying.”

With that, the soldier shot him in the right foot, the left knee, and the right knee.”

-Rifleman- “As you can see, I can do this forever.”


-Woman standing against the wall- “Excuse me, sir, isn’t it possible that he is telling the truth?”

-Rifleman- “You just made a big mistake.”

[I]The soldier nodded at the guy standing on his right, who raised his M249 and fired a 15 round burst into the lady’s direction. The lady, along with about 3 other people screamed in agony. The soldier conducting the interrogation shot the man 3 times in the male reproductive area.


The man then slipped into shock, and the soldier realized that he wasn’t going to get any information out of him. He shot the man 3 times in the head, putting him out of his misery.

-Soldier- “Does anyone else have anything to say?”

Cpl. Oats and the other 2 men in the squad walk down the stairway to the shelter.

-Cpl. Oats- “I do. SFC Risner has just given me new orders. We are to destroy any life found in this shelter. No one from this town is to be left alive.”

With that said, the men of the squad shouldered their weapons.

-Cpl. Oats- “One, Two, Three, Fire.”

The men in the squad emptied out their weapons at the people standing against the wall. After the first magazines were fired off, they were ordered to replace magazines and commence firing on the bodies lying on the floor. 5 minutes passed until Cpl. Oats was satisfied that the people in the shelter were dead. The squad then marched up the stairway with the cameraman in close pursuit, and continued their patrol through the city’s burned out shell. The screen on the wall then went blank

-Jackson- “As you can see, anyone associated with these terrorist scum shall be put to death like the worthless disease to our great nation that they are. Again, I would like to encourage all of you that have information to report it to the proper authorities. Thank you, and have a good evening.”