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Sharina continues expansion (Earth RB)

06-03-2005, 03:10
A tall, slender, and distinguished woman slowly approached a stone podium, as several dozen reporters from newspapers, internet news-sites, and television stations were assembled. Excitement surged throughout the crowd as each person present knew deep inside that something vital always occurs whenever the woman gives her speech at the podium.

People began murmuring quietly amongst themselves, asking subdued questions and adding their own speculation on what the situation requiring such an announcement would be like. Each time these conference calls or national announcements, history is created or altered as the Sharina Technocracy makes its destiny in an universe of never-ending chaos.

The woman finally arrives at the podium, and then she took a hammer and began pounding on a small anvil in front of her, just to the right of her podium. The entire audience abruptly became quiet, as if a switch was thrown and all sound was simply turned off. The beautiful, yet determined woman began speaking in a gentle, yet firm voice.

"Greetings and saluations, all.

I'm President Mina Veristek, the wife of President Rand Veristek, who just suffered an assassination attempt upon him. I am not at a liberty to discuss his condition until additional security can be implemented.

I am here to announce several things.

First, our operations aganist Uruguay are drawing to a close, as our 2 million strong Army 'A' overran the last remaining Uruguayan defenders. The Uruguayans despaired and began to flee, as their army suffered deaft after defeat aganist overwhelming odds. My tactical analysts determine that Uruguay to be ours within a few days, as the last remaining vestiges of resistance is eliminated.

Second, our ongoing operations aganist Venezeula are enjoying similiar successes. The terror and uncertainty of the Venezeulan Army are being compunded and excabarated by Sharina's intimidating Colossus-I artillery platforms, as well as massive napalm bombings of military centers in the Venezeula lands. Our F-22 Raptors, the work-horses of our air force, as well as Apache gunships are proving their worth aganist the poorly equipped Venezeulan air defenses. The Venezeulan anti-air defenses are all but eliminated, providing us with the opporunity to bomb all heavy Venezeulan hardware including tanks and APC's. This makes the Sharina ground army's job much easier, as they continue to overrun the Venezeuleans. Military tacticians estimate that Sharina will be able to fully occupy and annex Venezeula within a few weeks.

Third, as of 30 minutes ago, a state of war now exists between Sharina and Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile. These three nations have been harboring the remaining terrorist cells that launched attacks aganist the Sharina schools, hospitals, and civilian areas prior to Sharina's attack on Uruguay and Paraguay. However, the terrorists managed to flee from the Sharina onslaught. It was the responibility of Bolivia, Argentina, and Chile to deny these terrorists safe haven in their lands, and it was also the three nation's responibility to extradite these terrorists to Sharina to stand trial for their crimes aganist Sharina.

However, in not doing so, these three nations have associated themselves as the enemy of Sharina, by harboring enemies of Sharina within their borders. We, the people of Sharina, have only one option and course of action left to us. We must forcibly remove our enemies and these terrorists, before they can ruin more families, kill more children, and cause more suffering."

The woman looked straight at the crowd before asking a question.

"Do you want people to think it is okay to launch terrorist attacks aganist us? Do you think by not invading and securing all these lands, we would be sending a message that Sharina is weak? Are we weak? Are we so afraid to fight our enemies? Are we cowards who launch attacks aganist children and hospital patients who have no means to defend themselves?"

A resounding roar erupted from the assembled crowd of reporters and journalists, speaking with a singular voice, permating the atmosphere.


Mina Veristek smiled as she resumed her dialog.

"Exactly. We must show the world that we are strong, and fully capable of eliminating our enemies. We must show the world that we are not wimps, who let terrorists launch operations aganist us. We must cut short the bastards who are laughing at our suffering in Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia!"

Another round of roars surge through the crowd. Mina had to bang her anvil several times to calm down the crowd.

"Thank you for your support. The Sharina people are destined for greatness.

Live well and prosper in these troubled times."

Mina Veristek walked away from the podium amid appaluse and cheers, and the cheering did not subside for several moments, such as is the level of loyalty and dedication of the Sharina populace.