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RINN: Disaster Strikes Risban (Open)

05-03-2005, 17:03
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A volcano in Risban? Hahaha. If someone ever made that statement, they'd be laughed at. That was like expecting to see an ocean in the Sahara Desert. You might as well say that there are active volcanoies in Cleveland, New York City, Dublin, or London.
Until now.

Risban Imperial News Network- International Channel
A news anchor with a grave look on his faces reports on a megalithic disaster in the Grand Imperium of Risban.
"Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, at 9:51 A.M. thismorning, a magnitude 7.89 hit the the popular tourist-filled city of Kroply, near the Copmol Bay and Pellonius Hill. Moments later, smoke began rising from the top of Pellonius Hill. Smoke and ash flew 20 miles into the sky, shutting out the sun and raining rocks and pebbles on the city of Kroply. The nearby cities of Copmol and Dover are being spared from the rain of terror. Here is an earler report from Kroply City..."

RINN Report Francis Opjak turned his camera towards himself. His report was on the Risban Imperial News Network, broadcasted world-wide.
"As you can see behind me, the once-peaceful mountain called Pellonius Hill, near the Bay of Copmol in the Risban Empire, has just began spurting a 20-mile-high column of black ash and smoke. This was preceded by several earthquakes, the most recent a magnitude 7.89.
A gust of wind has blown the large column over Kroply City..."
-Images are shown of the sky, which is completely black. Lightning crackles through the smoke. People stand, amazed. Others panick-
"..And now, little pebbles are beginnning to fall from the sky. They do not appear to be doing any damage just yet. However, we are receiving word from Imperial Command to notify everyone to-... My God.. Duc-!!!".......
A large volcanic block had fallen on RINN Reporter Francis Opjak, crushing and killing him immediately.

"...Unfortunately, reporter Francis Opjak was killed. Only minutes ago, power shut off completely in Kroply City. Only back-up generators are working. Even from our headquarters here in Risban City, over 125 miles from Pellonius Hill, we can see the black column in the sky....
We have received word from Imperial Command that Kroply City police and militia are trying to quell the chaos engulfing the estimaed 11.68 million people in the city.
People in Dover City are being warned and asked to evacuate, but not being forced. People in Copmol City feel safe. We have received word that, not under Imperial Orders, the Mayor and Magistrate of Kroply City have ordered everyone to seek shelter and not run for the exits of the town, as they would become crowded and get stuck.
Emperor Scorpius will be making a statement shortly."
NeoBlack Sun
05-03-2005, 17:51
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Green Sun
05-03-2005, 17:52
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05-03-2005, 22:48
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RINN- Emperor's Statement
Emperor Robinson Antares Scorpius of the Grand Imperium of Risban stepped before cameras on his balcony in Imperial Palace, Risban City.
"Citizens of the Risban Empire and the world, earlier thismorning a disaster struck the tourist-filled city of Kroply, near the Bay of Copmol and on the foot of Pellonius Mountain. A large earthquake shook the area, and then Pellonius Hill exploded. A black cloud has now engulfed the entire city of Kroply, and shut us off from them. We know that the Mayor of Kroply has ordered all people to seek refuge within their homes.
In the city of Dover, we are initiating a mandatory evacuation. Imperial High Guards and Military Police are overseeing the careful evacuation.
Copmol City is under optional evacuation. We strongly recommend that the people of Copmol evacuate, but are not yet forcing it.
A naval dispatch under the command of former Grand Admiral Icarus Laughlin is sailing across the Copmol Bay to attempt to rescue people from Kroply by sea. Likewise, Colonel Marc Biggs is leading a group of army and marines towards Kroply to help evacuate the city as well. This is a very dangerous undertaking. While we are not completely sure, there is reason to believe that Pellonius Hill may be a volcano.
We are asking that volcanologists, seismologists, and geologists around the world help us figure this out, and if we can figure out if the mountain is going to explode.
All airports in the Copmol Bay area are closed. The air force will stop any aircraft attempting to fly in the dangerous area or near the black cloud. The black cloud engulfing Kroply can be seen from as far as four hundred miles away.
Green Sun
06-03-2005, 03:51
GSCN has displayed this report...
"Today a volcanoe erupted in Risban. Not only is this interfering with our connection with our satellites and our regular launchings, but one member of our best Special Ops team, Haku Jukol, is at the stadium on leave. The Forge Force has been sent to airlift wounded out and rescue Haku. Already hundred of Green Sun civilians are headed to the disaster area to help."
Upper Xen
06-03-2005, 04:19

Consider me involved....