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The Unquiet Mind of Yuna Mannerheim (Diary) (Closed, open to TAGS)

04-03-2005, 22:09
OOC: This is based on a Portugal-based television network acquiring a copy of the Kaiserine's diary- and airing bits of it in a TV special. This is a prelude to a major change-of-government RP I'll be doing soon.


A Portugese television network found a copy of Yuna Mannerheim's diary left in a Coimbra conference room. It was a small, black leather-bound book, with only the Romanian word for diary on the front. Inside the cover, it said (again in Romanian, for the rest of this documentary, we will give as accurate a translation as we can get) "Yuna Sadovenau- Born July 18, 1978- Bucharest, Romania. Fled for Spain in 1992. Crusader. Soldier. Politician. This is my story."

December 25, 1989- "Revolution! The army's taken to the streets against Comrade Ceausescu- on Christmas Day, of all days. I hope that we're alright- I hope that the Securitate does not come and take me or Mom away..I hope they don't."

December 27, 1989- "God, please forgive me...I killed someone. I admit it, I did. I was on the street the other day, just trying to get home, when I got caught up in the fighting- I picked up a pistol, and I fired at Securitate trying to kill people- Please, God, forgive me..."

(Much of her diary from late 1989-1992 is missing, we are looking for the parts of it)

March 6, 1992. "Today's the day. We finally leave Romania for Sevaris- Mom tells me there's nothing left for us here. Nothing left for us save for poverty. We're going as refugees- but two of the thousands of Romanians leaving our home to seek a better life. Perhaps they can deliver."

September 5, 1992- "Finally- the day I thought would never come- First day of High School. I'm in all honors classes, so I hope to God that I don't fail. Only bad part is that I had to register under a psudeonym to enter- My new last name is Alessandri, now. Now that I think about it, it's also been nearly 6 months since I came here. Spain..I should say Sevaris, now, has been wonderful to me- It's almost like I never was from Romania. However, Mom has taken a turn for the worse- apparently, her dream of ultimate riches in Spain hasn't come true, so, she's turned to the bottle..."

January 2, 1993. "Father's dead. Now mom. Why does this happen to me? I left for a New Year's eve party at a friend's place. It was nice, we just forgot all about such crap like Algebra and Chemistry and just enjoyed the evening- and, when I get home, I find my mother dead on the sofa, bottle clutched in hand. WHY, GOD? WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?

(Another gap exists between 1993 and 1995, we are still searching for material)

February 21, 1995- "I must be dreaming. Somehow, I, Yuna Alessandri, have found love- albeit, in a somewhat odd place. The man is Curtis Fabus, the Premier of Mississippi (and supposed enemy of the proletariat, according to Government class), who, despite everything we're told, is actually quite the gentleman- and such a great lover. God, it was wonderful- I've never felt anything like it--and I never want it to end."

February 26, 1995- "Finally met the Fabus children- all 6 of them. They all to be seem very well-mannered and educated- especially that George- he seems to be taking quite an interest in me- perhaps too much, but I don't know. However, Roger interests me the most- only 12, yet he speaks just as well as most adults- very impressive indeed. I imagine he'll be the one who takes over for Curtis when he goes, but, that's just me.

March 1, 1995- "It's been about, oh..two weeks? Yeah. Two weeks since I came to Mississippi. Curtis is treating me very well..almost like I was his wife. On that note, he does seem very devoted to her- he lost her only a few years ago- I imagine he's still dealing with grief. Perhaps I can help him recover, I don't know, but, in any case, he is most assuredly not the bastard that our government makes him out to be."

March 12, 1995- "I'm starting to think this is serious now- could I be the next Mrs. Curtis Fabus? I mean, I think he's seriously in love with me...and I with him. I can only wonder and watch as time passes, and as we grow closer every day."

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"Yuna's Diary Dec. 12, 1999: Well, this is where I spread my legs, again... "-The Great Leader Li.

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