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03-03-2005, 17:04
(Please note that this version is for the game of NS. This is a continuation on my adaption of my story the emerald revolution. It will soon be fixed and compiled properly for reading.)

(This is an edited version of my edited version of this story, made for earth DA. I plan to post the first version for RP's in non-DA earth.

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By the way, if anyone wants to play with outside earth DA(that is if I get in), please, feel free.

The Next Step
Alexander Thompson

Beads of sweat rolled down Saad’s brow as he walked quickly through the hallway. He paused for a second, wiping it off with his sleeve, then continuing on through the office door.

Frank was sitting at his desk, which was overflowing with papers and office supplies. He looked just as exhausted as Saad. It was midday, and the sun shone brightly outside, casting rays of light through the closed blinds of the office. Among the papers was a blue vase with yellow flowers, a picture of his wife, and on the wall was tacked a patriotic poster with a black and white sketch of the emperor, with a patriotic slogan, and under which was a bunch of pro-government jargon.

“Do you have the list for Ingradst yet?” he asked, leaning in the doorway.

“What? For Ingradst East? Almost. I’m still trying to find that damn day care listing….it’ll be ready soon. You want it going to you?” Frank looked distraught at the amount of paper he had to sort through.

“Nah, send it down to central right away. They’re turnin’ up the heat, trying ta light a fire under our ass.” He said.

“It’s working.” Said Frank.

“Hmmm…”grunted Saad. “I can’t imagine how he wants this done this fast. What, he think were superhuman or something? This guy’s crazy, walahi.”

“You said it.” Said Frank, sorting through his papers again.

Crowfoot sat in his hard plastic chair, a few places in from end. His small brown leather briefcase sat in front of him, in which were the numerous papers and memos that he had assembled for this day.

Beside him sat other members of parliament, some of whom he knew personally, and some of whom he knew only vaguely, some not at all.

There were thousands of like tables spanning across the large hall, with members of parliament sitting at all of them, 8793 in all, all with there briefcases.

The floor was made of concrete, and above them, bright overhead lights shone, illuminating the room in very well in the late evening. Around the tops of the high walls were small windows, which would barely let any light in during the day. It felt like a warehouse.

At the front of the hall was erected a great platform of wood, with doors on either side, on witch was a wooden podium. On the wall behind was the emperial flag, a cloth of bright green with the black sword and spear crossed over each other in the center.

There was very quite whispered conversation throughout the hall, but not a sea of muttering, just scattered little groups and clumps.

Suddenly, and without warning, the lights dimmed quite low, with only the stage still brightly lit. A wave of silence washed of the crowd.

The emperor walked onstage from the left, wearing his trademark light blue snakeskin suit, which made Crowfoot glance at his own, normal black suit with a hint of envy. He was a young white man, with short cut bright red hair, and was rather stocky and solid looking. He stood at about six foot one, and was smiling happily as he walked.

The emperor stepped up to the podium. Adjusting the microphone slightly up to fit his height, he began to speak.

“My comrades, my brothers in arms.” He began warmly, gesturing with his arms to the crowd. “I see before me, gathered here today, servants of the empire, patriotic citizens who have taken it upon themselves to do things for the good of others. That is something that I applaud.”

The usual murmur of approval went through the crowd, the one that went through simply for that fact that it was called for at the moment, and not necessarily because anyone felt one way or another about whatever the young emperor was saying.

“But-“ continued the emperor, in a serious and grave tone, his face becoming somber” There are those who would work against me, against us, against those who work against the good of our people, in the sole interest of indulging in there own selfish greed!”

He looked over the crowd with an icy glare.

Crowfoot saw more of the black uniformed soldiers moving silently into the room, lining up along the walls, moving near the doors. He began to sweat.

“My brothers, my countrymen, how can we push the empire into the future, how can we take care of the people, when our enemies are allowed to run rampant, deconstructing all the we work so hard to build?! Impossible! And how is this fair, that the people should struggle only to have greedy and evil people ruin all, simply for there own benefit!” he had by now adopted a tone of mock pleading.
“This is not fair!” he yelled” We, as servants of the Alexian people, cannot allow this to continue! My friends, it is time for the next step in revolutionizing our great nation!”

Crowfoot began to sweat.

“But again, how to move forward when people everywhere try to hold us back, to sabotage the revolution? It simply cannot be done. And so what is the logical solution?” he said.

There was dead silence in the room as they awaited the answer.

“And the obvious answer to that, my comrades, is to remove the counter revolutionary elements.”

The emperor smiled broadly, a malovent and sinister smile.

“ We must, of course, for the sake of our beloved people, try to the members of this greedy and regressive movement that is the counter revolutionaries, of course we will. Compassion is of course, what the emperialist movement is all about.”

Crowfoot noticed the soldiers preparing for something, taking up positions. He saw squads of men at the back of the building, one at the end of each row, getting ready to do something.

He started breathing a bit more heavily.

“But some people, my comrades, are so far stuck in the past, so strongly determined to the hindrance of the revolution, and so hurt there fellow countrymen with there self serving counter revolutionary activities, that there is nothing we can do to help them. They will never stop trying to hurt the people, with there neverending campaigns of violence and sabotage, that we have simply no choice but to handle them with force.”

“And, comrades, the revolution cannot be delayed. We must start at once, for the good of the people. We must act now, and starting now!” he said, slaming his fist on the podium.

“And,” he said, calmly now. “Being the responsible and decisive leader that I am, that is what I have done.”

Crowfoot’s heart was now pounding, and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat.

“Today, comrades, I lead you against the traitors. Today, comrades, the Emperial Government will be purged of all dissidents, starting with the Emperial Parliament. Today, good friends, is a great day for the emerald revolution!”

“I have found the traitors, my friends.” Continued Alexander. “And they shall not be allowed to continue there counter-revolutionary activities any longer. I have there names, right here, in my hand and in my head.” He said, taking out a thick wad of paper from a drawer in the podium. “And to you, my friends, they shall be revealed. Henry Parker.”

Almost instantly, as though they had already known when where they were going, a group of three soldiers had seized a man at the far left of the room, and were dragging him away out the back door. Three soldiers entered to replace them, standing along the walls, ever vigilant.

“Quissai al-Fadil.” He said, and another man was dragged out the door.

And so on it went. Name after name was called, and man after man was dragged out.

For Crowfoot, it passed in a blur. He spent almost the whole ordeal slumped over in his chair, a quivering wreck.

Then, he heard a name being called. Troops moved towards his table.

He felt his throat close up. He couldn’t breathe.

Then he saw they were going for the man beside him. He was an elderly gentlemen, with graying black hair, and a thick stylish mustache. He did not try to run foolishly, or struggle when they soldiers came, as many others did. He simply stood up, standing stock still, looking brave and regal. And when the soldiers grabbed him, he walked with them, never struggling, simply walking away as if it were nothing.

Crowfoot was touched by this bravery.

And then, back to the endless list of those listed as traitors by the good emperor.

The whole ordeal lasted almost four hours, as the emperor slowly read out the names of his enemies in his appointed parliament.

At long last, the emperor set the wad of papers down on the desk, and again, that odd smile appeared on his face. He was finished.

“Friends, today is indeed a glorious day for the empire. I, we, have cleansed the parliament of the saboteurs and traitors. And to you who are left, to you who sit here right now, congratulations! You have proven your loyalty to me, and you have proven your loyalty to the empire!”

He looked over the crowd with a pleased air.

There was silence for a minute, and then an old man near the middle of the crowd rose from his chair. Crowfoot feared he would shout some argument of defiance, but he realized this was foolish. No one was that idiotic.

The man turned to the raised his fist in the air in the emperial salute, and he yelled out to the crowd “Long live the empire! Long live the Emperor! Long live the revolution!” and in seconds the entire room was aroar with shouts and cheers. Every MP rose from their chair and was raising there fist in the air and shouting there support and love for the emperor. Soon, a chant began, with every person in the great crowd raising there fists to the air simultaneously, over and over, screaming “Long live the emperor! Long live the emperor! Long live the emperor!”

Crowfoot followed suit, of course, never daring to show anything that could be considered dissent.

The soldiers at the back did not chant, as this was an occasion for those higher up, but they did the salute along with the rest.

The public would likely never hear of this, thought Crowfoot. He saw this for what it was. This was a strong message to the people in the government that they were not to oppose the emperor and his ruling group. But Crowfoot knew that was not all it was. This was a prelude to something much, much bigger.

It was another sunny day in Alex City. The sun shone brightly over the east side english christian neighbourhood, illuminating the calm city streets.

Lester threw the newspaper on the table in disgust. His friend Brian, the restaurant owner, looked up at him from behind the counter,

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"Look at this!" said Lester, pointing to the headline of the local paper.

It read "Terrorist Cell found by the ASP in southeast side"
"Bomb plot foiled"

"So what? The've been telling us they saved our lives every day for the past two weeks, or some other such bullshit. Ever since the start of the next step, man." said Brian

"It's rediculous how much power he's given them. That corrupt band of thugs will destroy this country." mumbled Lester

"Please" said Brian "Keep it down." said Brian. "Do you want the Green Protectors in here? And besides, you'll hurt my bussiness. Your making me look like a D.M. man. That's not the kind of image I want for my restaurant man, a democracy punk hangout, c'mon. Why do you care so much anyway? What's it too you?"

"You just don't understand." said Lester dismissivly, and got up to leave. "I'll see you at the roulette tables."

"Yeah, I'll see you." said Lester, and he went into the back.

Lester walked along the new sidewalks, beside the ten foot concrete wall which sourounded one of the cities barracks. He looked up at the wall, topped with shiny barbed wire, and scoweled.

"Pfft, a fucking military dictator, all he is..." Lester mumbled, thinking of the emperor.

As he rounded the corner, he saw a group of young men, wearing bright green bandanas and armbands, and bright green bandanas to mask there faces, coming towards him. They were armed to the teeth with all sorts of weapons. Pieces of pipe, industrial chains, hammers, crowbars, and some of them even had pistols in there waistbands.

Lester froze, and then turned and ran. He heard them shouting and swearing, and then running after him.

Before he knew if, he was tackled to the ground. His nose slammed into the concrete, and he felt warm blood on his face.

The rest was a blur. The young me were cursing at him and beating him.

A kick in the ribs, a foot on his back, someone was smashing his leg with something metal, and someone pulled out a knife and slashed his back several times.

After what seemed like an eternity, the leader of the group said something to the others, and the beatings stopped.

The leader looked down at him and said, "Fucking traitor." and with that, turned to leave.

He waited until they had gone before trying to get up. When he did, a surge of pain shot through him.

They had broken his right elbow, and his left shin was a mangled wreck. It felt like they'ed shattered it. He cried out for help, but passers by continued to walk. A young boy walked past him, and kicked him in the head, as Lester lay on the ground helplessly.

It was half an hour before someone came to help him out.

That was the day Lester decided to stop writing for Republic Magazine.

"..............and so, it is only logical that we invest in a modern military force." said Alexander.

"C'mon, Alex, lose all that formal stuff with us. And stop being an idiot. They'll never go for it. Your going to put the economy down the toilet."

"Alain, you always talk like that, come now. And don't you think it would be worse for the economy if we couldn't defend ourself?"

"Don't treat me like an idiot Alex."

"Godamit Alain, your always like that. Alex is right. You, on the other hand, crazy."

"Of course YOU'D say that, Sherrier."

"Alex, we have a fine budget as it is."

"Your crazy too, Adi."

"Shut up, Sherrier."

"C'mon guys, this is no way to make a decision that will affect the nation."

"Shut up, Jordan."

"Screw you, Matt."

"Guys, I'm going to do it, let's move on."

And so the meeting of Alexia's shadowing ruling clique went.

Miles was terrified. He'd been waiting twenty minutes, and the guy hadn't showed. Was he outside the right shop? The right road? Hell, maybe the guy was dead.

Miles was about to be let into the great nationwide resistance group, the democratic alliance, a group that opposed the emperor and his dictatorial ways, sometimes with violence.

"Hey Miles!" said the Mike. "Sorry I'm so late. I had to get a sandwich." and as if to emphasieze the point, he took a large bite from the sandwich he held in his hand. Miles as a bit confused at this, but decided it was nothing to trouble himself about.

"So you ready, man?"

"Been ready my whole life." said Miles.

"Miles, man." said Mike, taking on a serious tone. "This is not a thing to take lightly. You could get hurt in this movement. You know that the snake is doing a crackdown, and it's not like a while ago. This organization is banned, and we do illegal things, we commit crimes, man, you could get into alot of trouble. Are you sure that you want to do this? I'm giving you this one last chance to back out."

"I'm ready man. I'm not going to back out." said Miles.

"Good, good!" said Mike. "I think your going to be a real partisan."

And with that, Mike lead him to a dark closed up shop several buildings away.

"It was right here?!" said Miles, as Mike opened the door.

"Yah" said Mike."But you need me to get in." he paused, and then joked "You don't have the keys! Haha!"

Seeing Miles did not really see the humour in it, Mike lead him inside. At the back of the shop, the mounted a flight of stairs, and Mike did an odd combination of knocks on the door. You could here someone up against the door looking through the peepwhole, and then a series of locks sliding back.

The door opened to a small apartement, in which were a few men all sitting around.

They were greeted warmly, and then Mike said the group "This is miles, he wants to join the democratic alliance."

"Hello Miles, the all said, and Mike lead him to the center of the room."

Miles was happy. He would finally be doing something to help his country, to stop this madman.

As he thought that, the group of men jump at him, pushing him to the ground and handcuffing him.

One of the men started talking, monotonesly, as though he had said this many times before. "I am an agent of the Alexian Secret Police, you are under arrest for crimes against the people, membership in an illegal organization, attempts to counter the revolution..........."

Message From the Emperial Goverment of the Alexian Empire:

“People of Alexia” said the emperor over the radio and TV. “I will be blunt. In order to advance the empire into the future, we must become even more involved on the international front. So, good citizens, I am very proud, to announce the new diplomatic push. Even now, we are making room for many many embassies to be built, and will be contacting foreign governments to establish beneficial relations. It is truly a new era, good people of Alexia. Long live the revolution!”

Governments of the world, the emperial government of the Alexian empire is happy to announce our new campaign to establish new, beneficial international relations. We are preparing many plots of land for embassies in and near our capital, and encourage you to apply for one. It is very likely you will be accepted.

Here is the deal. The plots will be the seize of a normal embassy (only about as big as say, a community center), they will be officially your sovereign land, your laws will apply and all that. We will provide you with some help in constructing it if necessary. Your diplomats will be granted diplomatic immunity (within reason of course, ask for details if you like.) Now, you can do whatever you like, it is your sovereign land, but we want you to build an embassy, k? You can have whatever you like in it, however many guards and whatever (of course, within reason. I.e., if you fill it with spy equipment, nuclear bombs, whatever, we will bring it up.) Your embassy staff and officials and such will be allowed to come and go as they please, but all flights and stuff must be told to us ahead of time.

In return, we must receive an embassy at least that seize near your capital, with the exact same deal.

To apply, just give us a bit of info on your country, your intentions, and so on.

(As I said..........Oh, wait.....I forget.....If I remember, I will write it here.)