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Coup Suppressed in Krioval

03-03-2005, 08:53
Good evening. I'm Kristi Taylor and you're watching Krioval Network News. Tonight, we take a look at Krioval's economic policy. Is rampant consumerism leading to the devastation of Krioval's environment? But first, breaking news from Torokara, where Commander Raijin Dekker is set to address the nation.

Hail, citizens of Krioval, and of the world. I speak to you tonight to allay suspicions and rumors that continue to surround the recent terrorist act in Bralos ( For the record, it is now established that former Director of Domestic Security, Jonas Kessal, was the mastermind behind yesterday morning's attack on the cathedral, and he was assisted by former Representatives James Parris and Antonio Selekar, from Bralos. It is true that all three were conservative Catholics and active in a legislative campaign against the current leader of Krioval's Catholic community, Bishop Alexander Selekar, the father of former Representative Selekar. Further, it is clear that the destruction of that glorious building was not an end in itself, but a means to activate rogue elements of the Kriovalian guard to occupy the Kriov Fortress and Central Command.

I am pleased to announce that both attempts failed with a minimum of casualties, however, nearly five thousand were murdered by these monsters for doing nothing more than attending a religious service. Five thousand dead for the ambition of three vile traitors and a handful of corrupted soldiers. They are no longer a threat. Two of the three are in military custody as of last night, and Antonio Selekar was killed in a battle in Bralos as Kriovalian forces successfully rescued the Bishop from his son's captivity.

Nothing can bring back the innocents who perished Sunday. No amount of money, or power, or technology. And no amount of punishment will ever be sufficient to erase this atrocity from existence. However, the criminals responsible for this will be made to answer for their crimes. Krioval may have abolished the death penalty in nearly all cases, but for treason and mass slaughter like we have witnessed, their lives are forfeit, and I will personally see to it that they are collected.

The citizens who resisted the rogue agents in a display of solidarity and fearlessness represent the true Krioval. We will not let the forces of evil and corruption gain a foothold in our glorious nation, and where they try we will resist them with all possible force. We are a fierce people and not we will never bow before tyranny or oppression, no matter the source, domestic or foreign. Citizens of Krioval, be strong!

A press secretary then looked over the audience. "The Commander will now take questions."