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The Red Hall Union's new tank

The Red Hall Union
20-02-2005, 20:34
After two years of planning, prototypes, and testing, the Red Hall Union has come up with a tank that will suit their needs for defending their homeland and enforcing national and global law.

The new tank, the 'Scorpion MBT' is an MBT designed to put forth speed and power in one mean looking package.

The Scorpion is controlled by two people, a driver and a gunner. The reloading is done automatically and commanders no longer need to be in tanks. The tank may also be controlled by one soldier with a neural interface implanted into his or her brain.

The tank has three primary weapon systems.

-a 108mm armor peircing SABOT shell smooth-bore gun.
-1 50cal coaxial mounted machine gun.
-1x10 Scorpion II anti tank rockets. (Coaxially mounted)

This exact weapon is not for sale, but versions without the missile launcher, a neural plug in, and a downgraded smooth-bore gun that fires standard 108 mm rounds are availibe starting at $1,500,000 a peice.