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The Call For War, Invasion of Alaska and Parts of Canada (Earth II)

19-02-2005, 21:29
The King looked through the maps of the world. His conquest of Ecuador was going well, the entire Ecuadorian navy and airforce was nearly completely destroyed, the land forces will closely follow. Still however the King was not satisified. He wanted to make a grand empire, one worthy to known world wide. He wanted Yelmish influences around the world, and to do so he had to show the world that Yelm is powerful militarilty and economical wise. Flipping through several maps he stops at one. Canada. The place reminded him of the home of his ancestors, the great Norsemen. He researched the most fruitful provinces he could take and marked them down on a piece of paper. Using his intercom system he called in his son, a Higher Warlord, one who commanded 10 Divisions. His son bowed before approaching his father, "You called for me father?" The king took a few seconds to admire the son he had brought up. He was an excellent commander and even better fighter. "My son, I have decided to call upon your army to deliver us the territories of British Columbia, Alaska and the Yukon Territories. I can give you many soldiers, but at the moment I can only spare a fleet of 1,000 vessels. The first fleet will be 500 ships strong, followed by the remaining 500 later on. Mobilize your 210,000 marines. They will be the first to strike. Warlord Jaroslav will then follow up your initial attack with an airborne attack. Go now my son, and conquer the land in the name of our people."

All around Yelm the call for war came. Mighty fleets mobilized and soldiers boarded ships. Under the advise of his military council the King had agreed to put aside 1 million soldiers for combat in this new conflict. A force of 84,000 Yelmish soldiers were diverted from a course to Ecuador to Canada. This would be the first force to land in the frozen lands. The goal of the conflict was to capture and hold British Columbia, Alaska, and the Yukon territories. Resistance was expected to be fierce, but with the right strategy and sufficient soldiers it was possible.
19-02-2005, 21:44
With the fleet and armies assembled all the voyage needed was the go ahead from the King to sail to Canada. The King gave a short speech to the fleet and to the soldiers onboard. He then gave them his best wishes and sent them off. The long voyage would take quite sometime, after all Canada was half way around the world. The soldiers occupied their time by runnig through their drills, and target shooting on the deck of carriers. Winter gear was given out to the soldiers and each were told to thoroughly clean their rifles after every mission. Satellites photgraphed military positions and was relayed to the invasion force. Already Warlord Salavas Yelm huddled in the planning room with his Chieftans discussing which targets should be taken first and how. Everyone was anxious for war but that was not unusual. After all the Yelmish people knew nothing else.

OOC: Just to show naval movements.
19-02-2005, 22:25
Itinerate Tree Dweller
20-02-2005, 04:23
Official Imperial Netcast

Your fleets may dock and resupply at our north Washington ports. However, you may not land planes in our territory. You have permission to dock at the Kitsap Naval Base in northern Washinton.
20-02-2005, 04:33
"Very well, we thank you for the use of your ports. Though I am a little disappointed about not being able to land my airborne divisions I still am grateful that you even considered it."
King Erik Von Yelm XI
20-02-2005, 23:46
International Waters; Near Canadian Waters
Warlord Salavas Yelm looked towards at the long range radar on the Vanguard Heavy Missile Cruiser. The Canadian navy had not let the Yelmish fleet go unnoticed and had called forth a majority of it's navy. Twelve Skipjack Class Nuclear attack submarines had taken scouting missions into Canadian waters. The woflpack transmitted the following data to the Vanguard,
Canadian Naval Task Force,
4 Destroyers, possible Iroquios Class
12 Frigates, most likely Haliflax Class
12 small Coastal Defense vessels, possibly mix of Kingston Classes
4 Upholder SSN, designated Master 9, 10, 11 , and 12

The Warlord thought for a moment. He ordered the communications expert to transmitt the order to destroy the four submarines and launch Cruise Missiles at the frigates. The rest of the work could be done by the Vanguard itself.

The 4 outdated Upholders were destroyed, loosing only 1 Skipjack. Immediately after destroying the submarines the Skipjacks launched over 36 Cruise Missiles in total. This effectively crippled, damaged, or destroyed the Halifax Frigates. The massive Vanguard then unleashed over 470 missiles directed at any surviving Canadian vessel. Within minutes the Canadian Fleet was destroyed. The remaining obstacle for the mightly Yelmish fleet was the Canadian airforce.
21-02-2005, 21:06
OOC: I'm sick and I'm not in the RP mood so I'm going to try to make this as short as possible.
"Warlord Yelm, inbound Canadian aircraft at Sector 0-9-6-3-2-5. Speed is at mach 1.2. Number stands at 96 aircraft." The Warlord took sometime to think. The Canadian Air force was not one to be under estimated. With over 120 attack aircraft in it's arsenal it could deal a dangerous amount of damage to the fleet, "Order the AA Frigates and Destroyers towards the incoming threat. Make sure to begin engaging at maximum range. Order a full wing of aircraft to engage enemy aircraft. Also order our skipjacks to begin attack protocols against Canadian air defenses and installations." The orders were quickly carried out and within seconds a defensive line of 40 Frigates and 14 Destroyers lined up awaiting for the aircraft to get within range. Onboard the carriers a total of 96 aircraft were being rushed into combat. These aircraft were excellent SU-53 Air Superiority Fighters. These aircraft were the very best air combat fighters in the Yelmish fleet. The Frigates and Destroyers were the first to engage the Canadian fighters.

"Captain enemy aircraft formation in range of Pegasus SAMs. Await firing sequence... Firing sequence completed, releasing missiles in compartments 1, 2, 3, and 4. Vampires away." A total of 640 long ranged Pegasus SAMs were launched towards the fighters. However, being that the long ranged missiles were intended to be used as anti-bomber missiles, the manueverability of them were limited. Recent models however fixed this problem. Still only sixteen enemy aircraft were destroyed. The meduim to short range Exnon SAMs began firing sequence. These missiles would deal a large amount of damage to the enemy aircraft. "Vampire, vampire, incoming missiles bearing 3-4-5-7-2. Speed is at mach 3 and closing. CWIS engaged and AML launchers activated. Firing off volley of Exnon missiles." The enemy fighters had launched over 450 missiles towards the anti-aircraft formation of destroyers and frigates. The formation quickly returned fire with over 670 Exnon Missiles. The resulting wave of explosions shook the water and rattled the crew onboard the ships. Twelve Frigates were severly damaged or destroyed and sixteen more were moderately damaged or slightly damaged. The destroyers superb AA and AM systems successfully destroyed a majority of the missiles loosing only 2 destroyers and two more damaged.

The Yelmish missiles however were much more effective. Of the 80 remaining Canadian fighters, 67 were destroyed. Only 13 fighters remained. They quickly turned and went back to base. However arriving at the scene was the Su-53's. They quickly increased speed to mach 3 and easily destroyed the remaining fighters. With the air battle over preparations were made to land over eight marine divisions as a starting force. They would eventually be reinforced by up to 17 more divisions. With cruisers, destroyers, and battleships moving closer to shore to begin heavy bombardment of coastal cities the fall of the Canadian provines was enevitable.(sp?)
22-02-2005, 00:10
The first objective of the invasion was to take Vancouver Island and Queen Charlotte Island. From there artillery positions would be crucial in taking the cities of Vancouver and Prince Rupert. The 10th Marine Division was ordered to complete this task. With the assistance of cannon fire from the battleships and constant air support from the carriers the Marines successfully managed to land a brigade on both islands without taking any casualties. Once they moved further inland however, both brigades encountered a Canadian battalion, but managed to quickly kill or capture them all. A total of 48 KIA and 102 WIA was a result of the battle. The establishment of a powerful assortment of artillery soon followed after the two islands were taken. A total of 120 155mm, 240 105mm, 60 206mm, and 24 MRLS were put on each island. The following bombardment of Vancouver City and Prince Rupert nearly destroyed the entire cities. Ariel photographs that previously showed atleast a division of draftees in each city showed only rubble and burning equipment. Cruise liners docked in Vancouver were sunk as well by Skipjack submarines. Within an hour's time the two cities were declared clear and safe to land soldiers. A joint naval and ariel operation landed could land up to three marine divisions a day. The two divisions were quickly sent two hold Prince Rupert and Vancouver. Meanwhile Rocket assisted cannon rounds hit several more Canadian cities. The South Western Coast of Canada was nearly completely destroyed. Only rubble and debris remained of the once prosperous cities.

In the Atlantic Ocean the Fleet under the command of Warlord Jaroslav continued to steem towards the fleet under Prince Salavas Yelms control. The Warlord had brought just under 700 vessels, 200 being soley heavily armed transport ships. Over 420,000 soldiers prepared themselves for the hard combat awaiting for them in Canada. Another 250 strong fleet was preparing to leave harbour in Antartica carrying around 126,000 marines. This fleet would be under the command of Warlord Fredrick Yelm IV, second son of King Erik Von Yelm XI. This force would be the first attack force to hit Alaskan targets. Alaska itself was estimated to contain a short amount of soldiers and heavy armour. Taking Alaska would not be nearly as difficult as taking the Yukon and British Columbia. The fleet quickly left the harbour in a rush. That fleet contained only seven carriers and five heavy battleships. This force alone however would be more than a match for the Alaskan forces.
22-02-2005, 00:56
Yelmish Order of Battle
34 Marine Divisions (21,000 each)
34 Under the Command of Warlord Terrance Jaroslav

Deployed British Colombia

3 General Purpose Fleets (253 each)
3 Under the Command of Warlord Terrance Jaroslav

OOC: This is for my use to keep track of soldiers and equipment. Stats of equipment will be given upon request.
23-02-2005, 15:55
The Yelmish divisional strength had reached eleven divisions. Soldiers prepared themselves for a hard Canadian counter-attack with armour and airplanes. The Canadian Army had two modern armoured divisions, though with less armour than the conventional armoured division this still posed a great threat to the Yelmish war effort. Satellite photos showed the moving of around six Canadian Divisions to the West, two being armoured. At Vancouver and Prince Rupert heavy defensive positions were being reinforced. SAMs, AAA, and heavy machine guns lined the outskirts of the city awaiting for the battle to come. With six divisions stationed at Vancouver, and five at Prince Rupert the Canadians nearly equalled the Yelmish soldiers in numerical strength.

Chieftan Sernius Reynolds was the first high ranking Yelmish commander on Canadian soil. He was the direct commander on ground for the Yelmish divisions stationed there. It was roughly 2 o'clock in the morning when his Warchief came in and awoke him, "Chieftan Reynolds, humvee scouts report large Canadian formation heading for Vancouver. They are no more than 20 miles away." Chieftan Reynolds quickly awoke from the news and went outside. The city was bustling with activity, soldiers were preparing their machine guns, men were checking their rifles, and artillery was being positioned. The Chieftan looked to his Warchief, "Order the artillery to begin attacking the Canadian divisions with AP shells. The tanks are to then engage once the enemy vehicles reach within 8 miles. Go now." The Chieftan quickly ran and went to give out the orders.
25-02-2005, 04:53
The shells from the artillery began to land on the mechanized canadian soldiers. Dozens died as they exploded overhead releasing thousands of dangerous BBs. At 8.5 Miles the tanks began engaging armoured units, mostly Leopard C2 main battle tanks. The Canadian tanks outnumbered their own 2 to 1, but the Yelmish tanks were of much higher quality. Their powerful 145mm ETC cannons could easily destroy a Leopard with one hit where as it would take a Leopard nearly a dozen hits to due significant damage to the front armour. The bombardment of artillery and tank shells slowed the Canadian advance, giving time for soldiers to prepare long range heavy anti-tank missiles. At 5 Miles nearly 3/4 of the Canadian tanks have been destroyed. This was when the rockets came bursting from the Yelmish lines. Hundreds of rockets flew towards the incoming armoured horde. They easily destroyed over 150 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, leaving their burning metal caracasses to rot in the Canadian terrain. At four miles enemy artillery began bombarding the Yelmish positions. By this time the enemy no longer had any main battle tanks. Yelmish tanks then focused on the Canadian infantry fighting vehicles who began sending a deadly volley from their cannons towards the Yelmish positions.

As the battle raged on a radar man screamed out, "Incoming fighters, get those SAMs and triple A's up. I got 48 on radar, increasing speed." The Chieftan ran towards the nearest radar room. Indeed a large Canadian air attack was underway. Immediately he notified naval command and prepared his anti-aircraft defenses. The Canadians were now no more than 3 miles away. The tanks and artillery continued to devastate their armour. The Chieftan himself could see the numerous amount of smoke clouds rising into the air. As he was looking up towards the sky a yell rang out, "They're here!" The fighters had started their bombing run by releasing three missiles, mostly directed towards tanks. 11 tanks of the 64 were destroyed and 21 SIV-25's were destroyed as well. Yelmish anti-aircraft protocol went into action as hundreds of portable shoulder fired SAMs and AAA began filling the air. Half of the Canadian aircraft were shot down, as the others manuevered for another strafing run. The aircraft flew towards the main infantry defenses and unleashed a fierce volley of 20mm cannon fire. The bullets ripped through the fortified buildings, and tore chunks of human flesh. Hundreds fell from the powerful cannons.

Still the remaining aircraft were shot down, mostly from the advance Celtic SAMs. By this time the enemy was virtually upon the Yelmish divisions. Six professional Canadian divisions advanced towards the Yelmish line. Their artillery continued to fire, raining shells onto the front lines. The Canadians had positioned 35mm cannon fire only 1.5 miles away from the front line defenses. These completely annihilated a full battalion of Yelmish soldiers. Eventually the guns were destroyed from Yelmish tank fire. Tank fire had destroyed nearly half of the IFV and APC the Canadians held. The Yelmish artillery began counter-battery operations against the Canadian artillery positions. Within minutes their location had been pin pointed and the Canadian artillery was completely destroyed. Now SIV-25 and ST-29 tanks focused on the APC's carrying Canadians soldiers. The IFVs were being dealt effectively by the foot soldiers who used rockets and missiles to destroy them.

At 1 mile away the APCs flung their doors open and out came the six division strong Canadian task force. They used the IFVs and APCs as cover, moving from behind them. Tanks and soldiers targetted these even further to reveal the positions of the Canadian infantry. Missiles strikes were now being conducted by the navy, the soldiers watched in awe as 240 2,000 lb bombs hit Canadian positions killing anyone out in the field within a half a mile radius. Despite the numerous losses the Canadians continued to advance, no more than 1/4 in strength. The Chieftan had heard of a Marine Armoured Division from Prince Rupert was coming down south to assist in routing and destroying the Canadian Army. Victory was assured now, the Chieftan thought. The Canadians pace foward was as slow as a snails. Soldiers crawled on the ground only to be hit by Yelmish marksmen. Suddenly seemingly out of nowhere a volley of rockets and artillery shells landed right on top of the Yelmish lines killing thousands. It seemed like an entire Army was firing soley missiles at the lines. Hundreds more died as a result. By this time the navy had 24 fighters in the air. The fighters we re-directed to the combat scene and located a large amount of Self-Propelled artillery guns. After several strafing runs these positions were desotryed.

The Marine Armoured Division had finally arrived from the North. Their flanking manuevered completely annihilated the Canadian Armoured Army Corp. These divisions were the Canadians premier modern armoured divisions, gone in a matter of hours. The toll for the Canadians were estimated at 23,760 killed and 49,853 wounded. The remaining soldiers retreated. The Yelmish marine divisions took 9,567 killed and 11,023 more wounded. This ky battle completely destroyed the ariel and ground threat to the Yelmish marines. The last 48 fighters Canada possed were destroyed and their MBT's were in complete ruins. With that an advance of 6 Divisions in the North and 5 in the South commenced. Twenty-two Yelmish Marines divisions were now on the ground in Canada.
Itinerate Tree Dweller
25-02-2005, 05:05
Official Communication:
To: Yelm Commander
From: ESC (Empire Security Council)

Thirty-Six Canadians were caught attempting to cross into the Washington territory via the highway system connecting Vancouver Island and Washington. These prisoners are being taken to Kitsap Naval Base where they will await your soldiers to take them into custody.

The highway in question is now being closely guarded, along with the border of out territories with mainland Canada. Any further escapees will be transported to Kitsap Naval Base.
25-02-2005, 05:23
To: Empire Security Council
From: Prince and Warlord Salavas Yelm XI

We are sorry that you were forced to recover the Canadians at your expense. We have tripled border security with aircraft and helicopters to ensure this doesn't happen again. Two unarmed helicopters are now enroute to Kitsap Naval base to retrieve the prisoners. Thank you.
Itinerate Tree Dweller
25-02-2005, 05:44
To: Prince and Warlord Salavas Yelm XI of Yelm

We appreciate the prompt response, there was little expense that didn't fall under normal operating expense, as we always have tight security around the ITD realms. The prisoners are prepared to be picked up.
26-02-2005, 02:14

I owned those territories! You can't just invade them without telling me. There's no way your little taskforce would have penetrated Squornshelan defenses.
26-02-2005, 10:20
OOC: TAG We will retaliate in favour of our neighbours Squornshelous if this continues.
26-02-2005, 13:35
ooc: Yelm invaded the areas due to Squornshelous getting the Decree 12 in his face. No interaction in Earth II for more then 14 days = you're out! according to Layarteb. Check the Earth II - Revitalization thread for more info.
26-02-2005, 17:14
OOC: Cotland explained it all. As for you defenses I had no idea what military capabilities you had so I based the military on the RL Canadian military. You should be talking to Layarteb though, not me.
28-02-2005, 14:55
Ok, I recognize the invasiobn due to Decree Twelve and all, but I'm going to be launching a counter invasion from Northwest Territories and Russia. I'll have an IC post up here either this evening (EST) or tomorrow.
28-02-2005, 15:36
Official Communication from bunker below Royal Palace, Manama, Bahrain
We would like to congradulate Yelm and wish him luck in fighting the foul Canadian Menace. We regret being unable to do anything to help, but we are rather busy being invaded.
Aw, hell, they're bombing again.
Wandu e-Mumman, High Sultan of Elephantum
28-02-2005, 15:46
ooc: Yelm invaded the areas due to Squornshelous getting the Decree 12 in his face. No interaction in Earth II for more then 14 days = you're out! according to Layarteb. Check the Earth II - Revitalization thread for more info.

14 days has nothing to do with it. He has had very little activity period. The 14 days is just saying that those who were largely inactive in Earth II would be up for grabs IF their RL nations went to 14 days of NS inactivity. Everyone seems to think that means if you don't participate once every 14 days you're out. That's not the case. All Decree 12 does is open their land for attack & invasion, it does not eject them. Therein if you do not settle all of their land they keep what you didn't go after. So yes he's fully capable of launching a counterattack from the areas he still has remaining.
02-03-2005, 06:30
OOC: Foul Canadian Menace am I? Writes Elephantum on a list of nations to blow up.

Squornshelan tanks and infantry rolled over the borders between Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory in the early morning while the Yelmish were battling for Vancouver. Greeted by cheering citizens and Northern Canadian Army Units eager to join the fight, they turned and proceeded South, reaching the Border between British Columbia and Yukon by Nightfall. Simultaneously, several immense fleets left the Squornshelan ports of Petropavlovsk, Magadan, St. Lawrence Island, Anchorage, Juneau, Nome and many others. They met up in the Gulf of Alaska and proceeded towards the Yelmish fleets to the South. Meanwhile, in Russia and Northern Canada, Squornshelan fighters and bombers warmed up in preperation for the biggest air strike in their history.

The Squornshelan Order of Battle:
Land Forces:
1.2 million infantry (50 infantry divisions of 20,000 each, the other 200,000 are incorporated in armored divisions)
20,000 Chariot MBT's
10,000 Deathrain Mobile Howitzers
5,000 Assassin Stealth/Hover Tanks
20,000 Bullfrog LAV's

Air Forces:
1,000 B/S-6 Stealth Bombers
2,000 P-3 Orion Reconaissance/ASW aircraft
10,000 MiG 52 Multirole Fighter
7,000 B-78 Heavy Bomber
2,000 EW-43 ECM aircraft
Carrier Planes
5,000 FB/C-32 Fighter/Bomber
5,000 F/C-38 Interceptor
5,000 B/C-40 Light Bomber

Naval Forces:
400 Carriers (various types)
700 Guided Missile Cruisers
600 SAM Frigates
1000 Destroyers
1200 ASW Frigates
600 Fast Attack Submarines
200 Ballistic Missile Submarines (conventional Warheads only)
Itinerate Tree Dweller
02-03-2005, 07:58
The explosion kicked dust and cement into the air, one bridge at a time was the order given down from the home office. The Imperium decided to cut off all established transport routes into Washington from the Canadian border, which meant each bridge was to be destroyed, crushed, broken at once. Six engineer squads made short work of the cement bridges, laying them to waste at the bottom of the waterways, which they spanned.

"Sir, the security detail is almost complete." said the army engineer.

"Imagine, we built half those bridges, yet now we turn them to rubble. Its almost fitting, eh?" replied the Colonel.

"Quite fitting, sir." said the engineer.

"Tell the demolition squads to make haste, we may have to fortify the border during the month. The Imperium will want to know our status." replied the Colonel

"Yes, sir." said the engineer.

ooc: Basically, all roads are into Washington from any Canadian territory are being demolished.
02-03-2005, 15:38
OOC: Hey ITD excellent you coming around. Otherwise this OOC comment is a tag for the latest action so that I know what is going on. Best of luck to all parties.

The Empire of Layarteb, noting the extreme situation in the westen portion of the continent, released a state of neutrality in the conflict in northwestern North America.
03-03-2005, 00:21
OOC: My apologise, but I will not be able to RP for maybe several days. RL issues have been limited my time. I will try to get time to RP military movements later on today. Oh and I'll try to provide a map to show the extent of my advance.

Could I get the links to the specs. of that equipment you have deployed to Canada?
05-03-2005, 20:42
OOC: Here's the map. I'll post a more detailed post later on today.

Warlord, Canadian fleets and armies are mobilizing!" Warlord Boru approached the live satellite feed television. The camera focused on several different locations near the Canadian and Alaskan areas. Warlord Boru spoke quiety, "So it will seem. Tell this to the King, and ask for further reinforcements. Alert all fleets of enemy movement. Drop thousands of sonar bouys (sp?) to the ocean floor. Aircraft are to be on high alert standby. Land all marines onto the Canadian soil. Work fast." The orders of the Warlord were carried out within minutes. Heavy artillery positions were established on Vancouver Island. Armoured units were brought up to the front line as well as artillery and mechanized infantry. The soldiers prepared heavy defenses of machine guns and anti-tank rockets. All around the rear lines of the main front heavy 205mm 155mm and 105mm howitzers were being sighted, as well as mobile SAMs and AAA batteries. The defenses were strong, but prephaps not strong enough for the incoming onslaught.


At Antartica a large fleet and army was sent of to Canada. They would first replenish supplies in Ecuador and then go straight towards Canada. The large fleet was on high alert status, and all missiles were armed and heated. Any sort of attack against the fleet would result in only death to the enemy.
06-03-2005, 23:35
The fleet had arrived at the Vancouver. Immediately they began unloaded machinery, soldiers and vehicles off the heavy transport ships. The other vessels of the fleet watched over the transports, eyeing the skies for any enemy attack. Prince Yelm stood on shore in Vancouver, watching the new marines walk on shore. The city was turned into a fortress of AAA batteries, artillery, and SAM missile sites littered all over. A full five marine divisions fortified and occupied the city. Along the main front tanks and IFVs had taken positions along the very front of the defensive lines, whiel artillery continued to be establish in the rear sections, guarding them were SAMs and AAA batteries. The fresh reinforcments brought relief to the already stationed marines in Canada. They bolstered their numbers greatly and increased the morale of all the soldiers. News of more shipments brought further relief. Up to 30 more divisions were expected to be shipped to Canada. Forces planned for the invasion of Alaska aborted their invasion and were ordered to Canada to strengthen Yelmish presence.
08-03-2005, 00:42
OOC: I'll try to get you specs later tonight.


At exactly 1 am, Pacific Time, 2,000 B-78 bombers took off from air bases in Northern Canada and Alaska. Simultaneously 1,000 B/C-40 bombers lifted off from their carriers. In addition, 1,000 MiG 52's and 1,000 F/C-38's took off as escorts. 2800 cruise missiles were armed by cruisers in the Gulf of Alaska, and 400 ballistic missiles were prepared for launch on submarines in the Bering Sea. 400 of the Squornshelan hunter/killer subs had spread themselves out in the North Atlanic, and each armed 4 cruise missiles. SAM batteries on shore and on frigates were brought to instant readiness, waiting for a retaliation they knew would come. At 1:20, a satellite photo of Northwestern North America would have shown thousands of tiny pinpoints of light as Squornshelous launched its first attack on the Yelmish invaders.

Here's a little breakdown of the various missiles heading your way.

4400 cruise missiles, 200 ballistic missiles and 2000 Air to Surface missiles have been targeted at your fleet.
200 ballistic missiles and 4000 ASM's have been targeted at your northern defenses.

After launching their attack, the planes returned their bases or carriers and 3,000 fresh MiG's and 2,000 fresh F/C-38's were launched to shoot down incoming missiles or planes.

Each ballistic missile has 12 MIRV's.
08-03-2005, 00:57
OOC: Seeing as how I'm based in EII, but I don't have any territory near the US/Russia, I'm not going to be a part of this, but... 400 carriers Squon? WTF?
09-03-2005, 00:08
OOC: Squornshelous has 400 carriers, I have 59 carriers deployed. Also I need those stats to your airplanes and equipment ASAP.

"Warlord, live wire feeds show movement of Canadian aircraft and missile sites. A launch is imminent." Warlord Yelm pondered his course of action, "Ready all anti-missile defenses for all units. Prepare for an immediate counter-barrage attack. Track down the coordinates of the sources of the missile launches. Also prepare to launch MEDUSA against any identified Squornshelous satellites over secured parts of Canada." The Warchief nodded and quickly went to work carrying the orders. The large Yelmish fleet came to life as missile batteries and CWIS systems were activated. Small Portos Class Cataman's formed protective circles around carriers and battleships as the impending missile attack neared. Suddenly in a great flash Yelmish long range missiles began launching against incoming enemy missiles. A total of 5,780 anit-missile missiles were launched against various incoming enemy missiles. As the enemy missiles got closer counter-measures were launched, thousands of various counter-measures spilled into the sky. Once the missiles continue to near the fleet CWIS were activated. The results on the fleet were terrible. The results of the battle were the following:
40 Seminole Class Corvettes Destroyed/Inservicable
17 Evermore Class Destroyers Destroyed/Inservicable
10 Shield Bearer Class Missile Cruisers Destroyerd/Inservicable
7 Praeton Class Heavy Missile Cruisers Destroyed/Inservicable
4 Mcvie Class Light Carrier Destroyed/Inservicable
2 Naticoke Class Carriers Destroyed
1 Resolute Class Battleships destroyed
4 Casterbridge Class CBN Destroyed/Inservicable
13 Ithaca Class Light Cruisers Destroyed/Inservicable
22 Wixted Class Frigates Destroyed/Inservicable
38 Portos Class Catamans Destroyed/Inservicable
7 Randolph Class Heavy Cruisers Destroyed/Inservicable

After the missiles had stopped coming it immediate resupply actions went through to replenish Anti-Missile and aircraft missiles. However before the bombers released their missiles, Warlord Yelm quickly ordered a large barrage with the long range anti-aircraft missile batteries. A total of 680 missiles were launched toward the bombers and fighter escorts. Over 28 Sea King helicopters were put into the air in search of any enemy submarines in the fleets area. Another 36 were able to be put into the air in minimal time. The enemy fleet was discovered through live wire satellite imagery. Immediately the 370 Yelmish submarines in the area activated their long range 1,000lb Cruise Missiles. A total of 1,480 were launched towards the enemy fleet. The submarines then lowered their speeds to 8 knots and slowly swam at the bottom of the ocean, their Anti-aircraft missiles and torpedos at the ready. Onboard the carriers five fighter wings were put into the air, for a total of 480 aircraft. They patrolled the skies for several hours before they returned to the carriers. As a defensive measure a full aircraft wing, 96 total, were to be in the at all times. Four more aircraft wings were to be put on high alert status.


In the Northern Front silence was common place. Months of fighting lightly armed Canadian militia had eased the nerves of the battle-hardened Yelmish marines. During early morning several mobile command centers picked up enemy missile and aircraft heading towards the defenses. Immediately PAC-4 missile sites and flak cannons went into action. First long range missile batteries along the very front lines of the front engaged enemy aircraft, a total of 120 missiles were launched towards the incoming missiles. Once the missiles were in range a total of 2,600 anti-aircraft missiles were launched, counter-measures were launched as the missiles neared several heavily built up military areas. A total of 8,900 soldiers were killed due to the barrage and 14,780 more wounded. Several mobile communication centers were destroyed as well as several dozen bunkers. Several artillery batteries were destroyed as well. As soon as the enemy missile attack was over a counter-attack of over 1,700 105mm rocket assist artillery rounds, 1,000 155mm rocket assisted artillery rounds and 670 205mm rocket assisted rounds were launched toward Canadian Defenses. MRLS batteries came into action and they launched over 160 rockets toward enemy defenses. Yelmish aircraft went up into the skies, wary of incoming Canadian aircraft and missiles.
09-03-2005, 02:38
******Official Communique From The Roman Government******

To: Squornshelous, Yelm
From: Emperor Rodin Hartian
Re: Vancouver Island, Division of Canada

I would like to invite your fine nations to a Peace Conference to discuss the division of the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and the Yukon, as well as to formally present our nation's offer to both of your nations for the transfer of Vancouver Island to Roman control. It is imperative that, for the sake of all of our nations and the residents of the territories, who never asked to be in a state of war in the first place, that we re-establish peace in the area, work together to rebuild the provinces and come to an agreement over the division of the land so that war does not flare up again.

Rodin Hartian,
293rd Emperor of Rome,
March 8, MMV
09-03-2005, 04:31
King's Annoucment
We will accept the offer put foward by RomeW. If accepted by Squornshelous we will send a delegate immediately to attempt to bring stability and order back into the region.

OOC: Crappy post, eh I'm tired anyway.
09-03-2005, 04:47
OOC: When I said 400 carriers, that includes V/STOL carriers, helicopter carriers and other smaller vessels. Only about 150 are full sized carriers.

While all of the Squornshelan bombers were able to land safely, due to the extremely long range of their missiles, the fighters in the air were vulnerable to the Yelmish missile strike.

Out at sea, the fighters launched long range air to air missiles, coordinating their fire with radar from several AWAC planes over the fleet. The AWAC's were flying at high altitude to avoid missile fire. Through the guidance of the AWAC's, two AAM's were targeted to each cruise missile. The fighters then broke formation to focus on shooting down the missiles coming after them.
After a large portion of the cruise missiles were destroyed by the salvo from the fighters, the SAM frigates opened up on them, and then the vulcan machine guns and chaff rockets on each ship burst into life. Despite the extensive counter measures, some of the cruise missiles made it through. Total damage to ships was as follows:
Ships Destroyed or Inservicable:
24 Tarantula Class Frigates
18 Suntiger Class Destroyers
11 Prefect Class Destroyers
7 Invisible Class Destroyers
1 Intruder Class Destroyer
4 Haymaker Class Missile Cruisers
2 Hornet Class Helicopter Carrier
1 Rodina Class Aircraft Carrier

Of the 2,000 F/C-38's in the air, 52 were destroyed by Yelmish missiles.
Over land, 132 of the MiG 52's were shot down.

Back in Russian Squornshelous, the message from the Romans was recieved. The Great Prophet Zarquon read over its contests. The expression that come to his face was one of a man who is very upset but has no other reasonable choice. He sent a return message to RomeW and Yelm.

We are willing to declare a cease fire in order to negotiate peace. I believe it is obvious from this preliminary battle that this war, if continued, would be extremely costly for both sides, while bringing little gain to either. We suggest that peace talks be held in Roman Territory, with representatives from all three countries present. We will not make any peace proposal at this time, but will wait for confirmation from RomeW, and designtion of a location for talks to take place.

All Squornshelan forces were ordered to stand down, but hold their positions. A Combat Air Patrol was maintained over the Squornshelan Fleet and Airbases, while submarines continued to monitor the Yelmish fleet staying completely still and silent, undectectable to anything but active sonar.
09-03-2005, 08:59
******Official Communique From The Roman Government******

We would like to thank the two warring nations for agreeing to meet with us to discuss peace terms. If it is agreeable to both nations, we will hold the talks in Rome itself.

Rodin Hartian,
293rd Emperor of Rome,
March 9, MMV
10-03-2005, 00:27
Our nation has decided to accept the cease-fire proposed by Squornshelous. All forces are lowered from War status to High Alert status. Squornshelous units will only be fired upon if they violate Yelmish held airspace. All offensive actions have been cancelled.

Warlord Erik Fredrikson VI will be sent to Rome for the delegations. He will bring only two lesser Chieftans with them. All three will be unarmed, we expect the same from Squornshelous.
King Yelm XI
Ruler of Yelm
10-03-2005, 00:45
OOC: Should we have the peace talks in a seperate thread or in this thread?
10-03-2005, 22:07
OOC: Seperate. Then if the talks fail then we can go back here and continue the fight. If you want RomeW you can start the thread, or I could if you want me to.
11-03-2005, 04:38
Attending the peace talks on behalf of Squornshelous will be Admiral Gunnar Dackell, our chief negotiator, along with Colonel Rakov Gerrard of the Marines and Colonel Daron Hrakness of the Air Force. They will be arriving in Rome within the hour and, like their Yelmish counterparts, are unarmed. Against our better judgement, we have left all security details at home, and will trust in the Romans to provide ample protection.

Since the peace conference was sggested by RomeW and is taking place there, I think it makes sense for RomeW to start the new thread.
11-03-2005, 09:29
Peace talks: RP your arrival: