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The World Marches To War(WW1 Tech)

19-02-2005, 21:05
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The Fuhrer stood before his nation, before the patriotic troops of war. He removed his hat, and began his speech of a declaration. War was before the Fatherland, and such must be revealed now, before it is too late.

“We have fallen into the light, the light of the international community. Many have frowned upon us, but we have others who are willing to acknowledge our rightful and just cause! Too long has the cross of silence, of censorship, stand above your head and watch you throughout your life! We have chosen to rise, rise above the inferiors, and create a beautiful Reich of free will, of freedom from the Gentile oppression!” the Fuhrer exclaimed in a mighty roar.

“Too long has justice been hidden inside this book!” the Fuhrer began, holding a Bible in his hand, “Too long has our fathers, our mothers, our children and ourselves…too long have we all been denied our senses as human beings, and treated as animals upon this Earth! This world is far but “free”, gentlemen…this world is far from justified! We must spread our word, our cry for freedom, to all nations of this world! We must rid the surface of these worshipping “saints”, of which they call themselves!” the Fuhrer tossed the bible into the crowd, and it was torn to shreads by the patriotic soldiers.

“I hereby ask you all to fight for this cause. The non-believers, the ones who hide inside of that so-called “holy book”, have begun a rise against us! We must stop them before a new age of blindness occurs, before we are all silenced because of a liar’s belief system! War upon the Gentiles! Ein Kampf, Ein Sieg! Fur das Reich!” the Fuhrer shouted, as flags flew down from the masts behind him.

The Fuhrer raised his Imperial German Model 1889 sword, and saluted the soldiers before him. The soldiers raised their hands in a symbolic salute, shouting “Sieg Heil!” by the masses…

War is upon us.
19-02-2005, 21:54
19-02-2005, 22:16
Kalzenstien, Lachenburg

Grand Canton Louis Chartes Toussaint had always been a buisnessman and his whole life revolved around improving and reforming Industry. Even his advisors had once been leaders of companies across Lachenburg, but now the world was telling him to become a soilder and a general.

After radio operaters picked up the recent speech by the leaders of Witzgall and the aggresive military movements taken by his allies, the enitre country was engulfed by war-fever. Industry had converted to producing military equipment instead of civilian things and new arms/ammunition factories had gone up all around the country, mostly near Kalzenstien.

In the world of Finance, investors began to sell off Witzgallian treasury-bonds by the masses and investing their money into defense and industrial stocks, causing the LSE (Lachenburgian Stock Exchange) to soar 1642 points by the end of the week, halting near 5271 points.

Merchant Vessels were now even arming themselves in Lachenburgian ports to face any foriegn ships that might try to sieze their crew and cargo. All of these actions and more made the government of the nation go into a frenzy as they hurried to pass war-time legislation and carry-on with the day to day affiars of government. Louis, though, remianed unnaturally relaxed, even while meeting with his top advisors to sketch out Lachenburg's defense.

Standing at the head of the table, Louis watched his prime generals and directors pull various papers and folders from suitcases, while muttering incoherent statements at random times. Finally the room fell silent as each of the men sat in their chairs, flanking the ornate wooden table in the center of the room.

"Im glad you gentlemen are ready for today's briefing. To make thing simple, I will only want briefings on the state of foriegn relations, our land forces, our naval forces and our air forces. So Directeur Le-Blanc, what is our stand point on foriegn relations?"

Standing erect, the rather short and stubby Le-Blanc smoothed out the ruffles on his navy blue coat and began to speak.

"Well sir, our Declaration of Neutrality was sent via telegraph to all nations within the area and it appears no one has challenged it just yet. However, the pure of this conflict will most inevetably drag us in. Of course, we will prtest but in the end it will not matter."

"Thank you Directeur. Now what is our situation on land?"

Three figures immedeatley stood and faced Louis. These figures were the Commanders of the enitre Lachenburgian Army and commanded immense respect, after their brillant leadership in the 10 years war with Saint Beutoceilli. The figure in the middle briefly gazed at the papers before him and then spoke in a rather soft tone.

"As of the moment, our forces in the south are up to 80% effectivness and should be completley armed and deployed with 2 weeks. Our strategy in the south will pertian to the same strategy used in the 10 Years War. 70% of the soilders will be posted at the outposts and forteresses of the Hiezerhoff mountians and hold down the enemy advance, while the remaining 30% will move out of the Broussard forest in the east, hitting their flanks and supply lines."

The figure to the left began to speak.

"In the north, our forces will mainly be concentrated in Mekelnburg to defend the only open route to Kalzenstien and the interior of the country. Due to the fact that the border regions of Schwartzen and Holgberg are impassible, light concentrations of troops will be posted their to ensure order among citizens. In the situation of an enemy attack, we believe they will immedeatley go for a breakthrough in Mekelnburg, since it will be the least demanding logistically and provides the closest, most direct route to the Roubard Industrial heartland and Kalzenstien itself. To prepare for this, engineers are currently building and immense crencent of 250 fortresses, 300 miles of reinforced trenches and hundreds of minefields. This defense will not hold the enemy off forever, but will be able to slow the enemy down while the proper forces are organized and prepared. Once the enemy breaches the defenses, we will use are recently organized soilders to push them back in a large counter-attack. By then we hope we can bargin for peace."

"As for our colonial assets of Liegburg and Hizencraft." the figure on the right quickly spoke " 20 Companies of Infantry and 10 Companies of Calvary will be called up in each territory to defend each territory. Light Tanks and Armored cars will also be shipped to the colonies and soilders their will be trained in Odurscahft on how to properly maintian and operation these machines. Since the powers in this war hold no major colonial assets near our, it is safe to assume that these assets will not be the focus of any major military incursions. However, costal and land based defenses are being constructed near major cities to ensure that we are not caught off guard."

"Thank you gentlemen. Now what is the situation of our Navy and Airforces?"

Naval Directeur Machell and Directeur of the Royal Air Korps Randall Harve stood and began to deliver their own reports.

"Our Naval assets will operate mainly in the Turingen Gulf and along the shoals near Rechterhause, effectivley blocking any enemy ships from entering our ports, while still in position to effectivley hit enemy blockading ships. Already, Coastal Defenses consisting of concrete fortresses and 4 dozen long range 330mm guns have been erected around the coast and create a overlapping defense system that could thwart most navies. As for the colonies, only 10 light curisers and destroyers are currently present within the area and will work with currently incomplete costal defenses to portect from invasion. As of the mome--"


Every man in the room immedeatley fell to the floor as a deafening roar and an immense fireball appeared outside of the city. Already, the horrors of war had reached the shores of Lachenburg.

OCC: More later, quite out of ideas at the moment.
19-02-2005, 22:29
The president stands before his people. “A fascist nation has stuck its head out. We shall fight not because of its attacks on g-d, No because of the right wing hate it brings. I have order the building of the military combat this threat.”
19-02-2005, 22:30
[OOC: Lachenburg, excellent RP. But 2 questions...1) Are you neutral, and if so who is this "enemy"...and 2) Who is attacking you?]

The Fuhrer sat in his office, accompanied by General Hans Schuffer, the leader of the Jungen Korps. The Fuhrer put his cigarette out in his empty glass, which was usually the home to a mix of Gin and Scotch. Strong, but so was the Fuhrer.

"What is the status of Die Korps, Schuffer? I need an update." the Fuhrer said, cracking his knuckles loudly.

"Large, and extremely patriotic. Not even the bastard child Christ can stop them..." the General replied, twisting a smirk onto his face.

"Numbers, Schuffer. We need to spread the word to everybody...lower the recruitment stages if necessary, make the training more harsh. Base yourself upon a Spartan, Schuffer. We need these children, these born fighters." the Fuhrer replied, lighting another cigarette in the stress.

"I understand." Schuffer replied, trying to think of something non-idiotic to say to his leader.

"Do you? For centuries we have been oppressed, we have been shrouded by this man they call God. I will not let that shroud stay unnoticed, General." the Fuhrer replied, reaching for his phone. "You are dismissed, but I require further information on the status. You have three days, General, to get the Jungen Korps into top shape. I will inspect them on Thursday."

The General saluted his Fuhrer and left the room. Upon exit, the Fuhrer called up the Director in Chief of the Witzgallian Navy. The phone rang twice before General Heiztel Gunzter picked up.
19-02-2005, 22:52
-High Seas Fleet Command North Lipzine-

The room was well lit with the afternoon light. Snow was falling outside, and the room was kept warm with a large fireplace, with burning bibles. In the center of the room, was a large table of the world showing the current nations invovled in the war, and recon reports of their movements. Several top ranking officers were standing around the table, as the doubledoors opened, Fleet Admiral Armen Harper, enetered the room. He removed his trench coat and took off his hat.

"Lets begin gentalmen with the deployment orders for this week." He smiled at them and looked at the table. "Report..." Second Fleet Admiral Sermin Liensi, stepped forward. He took a black stick and pointed to the map. "Our High Seas Fleet, currently is stationed in port no more than six miles from where we stand. They consist of 14 Battleships, 7 Battlecruisers, 5 Heavy Cruisers, 3 Light Cruisers, 10 Destroyers, and 20 Submarines." The Fleet Admiral looked alittle down. "The numbers are so low, Second Admiral. How are we to win this war if our Navy is so do you plan to correc this?" The Second Admiral looked over to a small man by the right end of the table. "That matter comes to Rear Admiral Hinlin Himserine, commander of Lipzin's shipyards." Fleet Admiral Armen, turned his head and looked at the Rear Admiral. "Well Rear Admiral....?"

The Rear Admiral looked opened a report folder and addressed the group. "Currently our shipyards have 22 Battleships near completion, this batch is to be supplimented by 32 Heavy Cruisers, 22 Destroyers, and over a production rate of 6 U-boats a week, our underseas fleet will suppliment the Reich's grandnavy." He turned the page, "I'd also like to bring to your attention an interesting idea proposed by a few Captains." The Fleet Admiral looked in the folder and his eyes...widened. "They want to build what?" The Rear Admiral put a picture of the table. "Its a ship, that can launch aircraft. In a sense, they are a floating airfield which can serve as a scouting platform for our fleets." Admiral Vinerd smirked, "Aircraft off a ship! Please..." Fleet Admiral Harper slapped Admiral Vinerd quickly. "The second we begin to doubt the prospect of a weapon that could change the way a navy fights its battles, we lose this war. Rear Admiral, is it possibile this idea could be more effective than just a scouting role?" The Rear Admiral shifted his weight, "Yes, I do believe we could fit light torpedos or small bombs to the bottems of these aircraft, but their range will be small...."

The officers begun to chat with each other. The Fleet Admiral called for order. Fleet Admiral Harper looked to the Rear Admiral, "I trust this idea could work, I want a working example within a year. I'm going to grant you an ocean liner hull confiscated recently. This idea had better work Rear Admiral." The Rear Admiral Saluted quickly, he knew his job and life was on on the line...

Before the Rear Admiral left the room, Fleet Admiral Harper spoke, "I want a fleet of no less than 300 hundread ships in two years, production of warships takes top priority, they must be able to be quickly assembled. And interchangable parts among all classes. We need our fleet to be as strong as our army if we wish to win this war quickly."

The Rear Admiral left the room....

The Fleet Admiral turned to look at the group. "As soon as war is declaired, I want submarines dispatched to the enemy nation, sink all ships flying enemy nation's flags sunk on sight..."

Dated January 16th 1914

The Verstummelung Department of the Navy, warns crews
of ocean liners and merchant vessels. If your ship is flying
the flag of a nation we are at war with, you run the risk
of being torpedoed and sunk by a submarine or attacked
by a surface vessel. We will not be responsible for neutral
nation's citizens deaths, this notice is to warn all who take
this risk. This is not an empty threat.

Rear Admiral Luitin Von Reinslin
Head of Verstummelung Underseas fleet.
19-02-2005, 23:11
In shipyard, a Heavy Cruiser and a Light Cruiser were having 2 long steel beams attached to each their sides. "So, these are the aircraft launcher I have heared abot" said Adm. Forrester. "They use a steam system to launch them" said Adm. Jabcos. The two discuss the aircraft launcher's tactical abilities. The LC, the RNS Aerogon would test the system by launching a D.H.9a off them number one launcher.
Holy Sheep
19-02-2005, 23:16
Christopher Laurence of the Second Division of the Ninety-Seventh Company of the Fourth Legion steered his Albatros over the streets of Matheon, sunlight glinting off of his goggles. He steered west, out over the ocean, strong winds buffeting him. Then he swept south and east, back inland, followed by four more Albatros. Another division of Albatros were to their left, and a division of Sopwith Cuckoos were flying over the water, just within sight. After seventeen minutes of flying, they were at their goal – Matheon South Military Base. MSMB stretched out before them, hastily built shelters for the ensigns of the Fourth Legion hidden from the water behind some hills with AA guns on them. A hundred thousand men would soon be here, or at MNMB, or at Ides West Military Base. Christopher dived lower, and flew over the milling swarm of men. He faintly heard a cheer from the Legionnaires. Never had the Forth tasted defeat, and this fascist would soon learn that.


Johan Osprey was of the Fourth Legion, Admiral of the Seventy-Second Company – the second High seas fleet. His Company was irregular – in place of two of his destroyers, he had four U-boats. He was on the bridge of the DES Eagle, a ship he had captained ever since it was put into commission – and ever since he had been an Admiral. This was his second bout with the Fourth Legion – he had already served eight years under the military before taking a year off, then he re-joined and was given this beauty of a battleship. His XO saluted him as he entered. It was rumoured among the crew that Johan would never leave the bridge of the Eagle unless he was ordered to go to a strategy meeting with the other Admirals, Strategoi, and the Archon. His violet uniform was clean and pressed, and was decorated with three silver chains across the left breast. Each one was a symbol of his excellent tactical genius winning a battle that seemed lost, or risking his life and the lives of his men for the rest of the legion. Over a hundred black crosses were stitched onto the arm of his uniform, each a reminder of a battle won. Twelve red crosses were also there, each a reminder of a battle lost. The First T-Company crawled out of port, carrying men to Jagada. A portion of the first U-Company left, silent guardians of the fleet. Ten Albatros flew over the Eagle, firing rounds into small hydrogen balloons that were released. The balloons exploded, inducing cheers from the naval portion of the Fourth Legion.
19-02-2005, 23:42
The Light Cruiser RNS Aerogon sails into the harbor. The crew prepare for test launch. The President and other members of the government sit and wait for test to happen. The pliot, Lt. Col. Garison hops into the D.H.9a's cockpit, he starts the engine. The aircraft then leaps off the launcher and flys over the stands. The launcher was a sucess. The Federal Government orders to design of a new Light Cruiser class to carry the launcher imto combat.
20-02-2005, 00:03
January 16 1914 - Declairation of War!

The Nation of Verstummelung Declairs war upon the nation of Holy Sheep.

Deputy Furhrer Announces;
"In response to Holy Sheep's...desire to protect the Christrian Right, it has brought the Nation of Verstummelung to declair a state of war against Holy Sheep!"

-All ships bearing the flag of the nation of Holy Sheep will be sunk without warning.

Underseas Fleet Headquarters - Stumgrin

Rear Admiral Luitin Von Reinslin, standing by the cold snow covered dock looked at a pack of 5 u-boats. They were of the same type, long range raiders.

Technical information for U142 Type.
(tons) 2158 (sf)
2785 (sm)
3350 (total)
Length: (m) 97,50 oa
77,00 ph
Beam: (m) 9,06 oa
5,70 ph
Draught: (draft) 5,38 m
Height: 11,2 m
Power: (hp) 1050 (sf)
2600 (sm)
(knots) 17,5 (sf)
8,5 (sm)
(miles / knots) 20000/6 (sf)
70/4.5 (sm)
Torpedoes: 24
4/2 (bow / stern tubes)
Mines: No mines carried
Deck gun: 2 150mm
980 rounds
Crew: 62 men
Max depth: ca. 75 m
(246 feet)

sm = submerged, sf = surfaced, ph = pressure hull,
oa = overall, hp = horsepower.

The so "wolfpack," was commanded by Captain Timothy Struim, of the submarine U-012. His group consisted of U-013, U-015, U-016 and U-019. They set out for the country of Holysheep, to sink enemy shipping.
Holy Sheep
20-02-2005, 01:22
Radio Broadcast to all Merchant vessels.

We urge you to please set your course for the nearest port. Radio Emergency code 12 to gain entrance – the gates will have closed, seeing as we have received a very hostile threat from the fascist powers. Please hurry. Know that you have limited time. Good day gentlemen.

Secret encrypted (in code, not actually encrypted) radio message to the First T-Company and a portion of the First U-Company, from the Archon of the Fourth Legion:
Please take down HS Flag. Put up flag of Witzgall instead. We will telegram this to Jagada. Go to second path; deploy U-boats on guard. Godspeed to you gentlemen.

Telegram to Jagada,
Take care not to shoot a convoy of Witzgall ships, especially if the fleet has 4 DD-1 Destroyers and three transports, not to mention quite a few U-boats. They are ahem, deserting their nation. Or they are not rather, but that is unimportant.

Radio broadcast from the Fourth Archon to the Second U-Company
Please do a Seek Search Destroy mission along all interior waters, and out to our international boundaries.
Amendment – by a two thirds vote, the fifth Legion is to mobilize their U-Companies ASAP. Hopefully they will be in the water before Verstummelung’s wolf pack reaches us. The sixth will follow suit. Luckily, they will be worn out from the long trip. As well, all Cuckoos are to mobilize and to re-distribute along all coast-bases. Unfortunately, chances are that a few of our merchants will be caught off guard, our planes will still be in the air, and we will only have half of our waters guarded. 2nd U-Company, please secure Int. Bounds instead of S&D.

OOC -How far away are we? And what direction? My U-boats will quickly be on the west coast, but if you slip in the north, you can ravage my interior a bit. However, (check my map) remember that the Autonomous Holy District is neutral, and they do have U-boats too.
20-02-2005, 02:11
OOC - I'm thinking we have an ocean between us, so I'm guessing it would be roughly six times the size of the Meditarian Sea (Lenght not width.) Lets call it, the East Sea, seeing how you're to the east of me. Touche on the flying the Witzgall flag thing.


Day 2, January 17th 1914.
Early Morning, 5:55am Verstummelung Time.

The Wolfpack is currently using a V formation, with the U-012 in lead. Their parascopes are all raised and they are currently scanning the water. They are currently sailing east towards Holy Sheep.

Onboard the U-015,"Commander! I see what looks like a group of Merchant ships!" The Commander on watch walked to the parascope and looked throu it. He saw what appered to be a group of Merchant vessels. The ships got closer. "This is strange.....their flying the flag of Witzgallian Navy. Get the Captain at once!" Minutes later, the Captain appeared throu the hatch and looked at Commander. "Commander, what is it?" The Commander looked to him, "It appears to be a group of Merchant vessels, steaming east."

"Let me look," said the Captain. The Commander stepped away, the Captain looked throu the scope. "Their flying our ally's flag...but their steaming east. Which doesn't make any sense...." The Commander looked at the log book, "sir, radio reports show that Witzgall has no ships operating in this area. We would have been informed if there were." The Captain finally got it in his head....they flew the flag to prevent them from getting torpedoed. "That makes alot of sense, I'll give them that. Ready the four forward torpedo tubes." The Captain pulled out his stop watch, and counted the ships. "Three ships...I'm sure their carrying something important for them to be operating out this far." In the U-015's torpedo room, several men begun loading the four torpedos. "Torpedos ready sir...." The Captain smiled, the wolfpack was getting closer, yet U-015 strayed to line up a shot, apparently the other ships hadn't caught on. "Fire 1!" The Torpedo Officer pressed a red button, a swish was heard and a torpedo with a swriling design on the warhead went throu the water, heading for the lead ship. If the Captain timed it right, it would hit right under the keel and snap the ship in half.

"Fire 2!" Another went off, yet it was aimed for the first ship, yet seeing the first ship was infront and moving, this torpedo would most likly hit the second the bow.

"Fire 3! Fire 4!" Two more torpedos sped off, towards the group of ships, the Captain was intelligant enough to know what he was going. This was going to be an easy kill....and the first shots of the War had been fired.

The Captain's stop watch ticked, the crew's faces were attentive and waiting, they waited and waited...they wanted to hear the explosion...the kill.
20-02-2005, 02:48
The Republic Navy orders all cargo ships be escorted by destoyers when out of Brydog waters. The 5 of the new Aerogan-class aircraft cruisers sit inside of Brydog waters playing mock war with the a group of H-class subs.
Holy Sheep
20-02-2005, 06:40
The leftmost destroyer (btw, there are seven ships, IIRC, that you can see, plus six u-boats. I'll be clearer next time. I am assuming that you’re off my port side (South), to the front a bit. This should be interesting, seeing as I have no clue exactly where you are, and yet, you are outnumbered. )

One torpedo hit the heading Destroyer under the port side, knocking almost everyone off their feet. Captain Cheng managed to stay upright, but the rest of the people were knocked off of their feet. It was apparent that there was a hull breach.

"Get into the life rafts! Fast!" Cheng yelled over the intercom. "Get as many injured as you can into the bo-" He was cut off by another explosion to their stern, knocking him off of his feet, and the ship several feet up and forward. The transport behind him, filled with a hundred Imperial Guards, was hit with two torpedoes to the bow, creating a minor hull breech. Cheng tried to get up, but a desk had fallen on his leg. Swim, Cheng's navigator, pushed the desk off of Cheng with a bit of help from the XO. They carried Cheng to the life-rafts.

After a short amount of radio-work, Cheng was informed that, out of the seventy-five men aboard his ship, twenty-five were killed or drowned, some twenty were seriously wounded and in a life-raft, and perhaps ten had been picked up by some other Destroyer.

Marius Gladius, Admiral of the First T Company assigned half of the U-boat escort to the port side of the Destroyers, and the transports to make a starboard break out of range. The remaining U-boats would escort the two remaining transports to Jagada. The U-boats left behind would provide torpedo cover while the three Destroyers tried to get close enough to use depth charges and force the Verstummelung or Witzgall U-boats back. Or they could just use their torpedoes, thought Marius sardonically. Ironic is not a good mood to be in when fifty men were sinking to a watery grave and around forty were seriously injured, and three hundred men were ship-less. Three rows of bubbles surfaced, and three torpedoes were secretly underway to their targets. (OOC – they will just shake you up a bit. They jumped the gun, and didn’t aim too well) “I think that is an enemy ship there,” pointed out his XO.

“I agree,” said Marius, leaning over at the telescope. “Fire a torpedo at it. Aim this time. Those earlier shots looked like they were a bit sloppy, and might miss.” A torpedo leapt out of the bow turret and splashed into the water. (This one will actually be likely to hit.)
Holy Sheep
20-02-2005, 06:56
Johan Osprey watched the harbour gates close. They were hanging down from a bridge over the harbour mouth, and were on a rail system. They were basically weighted metal grids that had mines on a cord beneath them. They were not perfect – a carefully driven U-boat could enter, a strong enough ship could blast the gates apart, or just plough through them, or a lucky torpedo shot could hit a ship or a dock inside the harbour. Plus the technology was nearly three decades old, and was hastily repaired and damaged multiple times during the revolution. One gate lifted out of the water, and slid over enough to allow a small old fishing sloop and a small merchant vessel. Two new trawlers left, casting out nets. Only, the trawlers had armour, and were making nets for U-boats.

His XO leaned over, “Its only a matter of time until the threat leaves.”

“Its only a matter of time, Dawei, until we need to re-open our shipping lanes. Luckily, the southern half of the Theocracy can survive for a while. But our military build-up is weak. Lots of our forces are sequestered up in the north, and because of that, we need to find the threat fast, and deal with it. Plus several small island towns need to import and export food and supplies… We cannot live under this lock-down. It’s only a matter of time before it is lifted. Hopefully we can destroy some of those subs before we reopen our ports.”

“Of course Admiral.”


Nikolai Paladin raced down to the radio room. He had received the message that there was an attack on his convoy to Jagada, and he needed all the information that he could get.

“Four torpedoes fired at us… One Destroyer is slowly sinking; one transport is quickly going down. We are engaging the U-boats. We believe them to be Witzgall, no, Verstummelung. (OOC – I know, but they would know better than you eh?)”
"Damn. Next time, we should fly a completely unrelated nations flag, like Lachenburg's."

Telegram to Fleet Admiral Armen Harper, published and read on all Holy Sheep media outlets.

In accordance to your declaring war upon us for defending the rights of your citizens, I have no choice but to declare war upon you in turn. The Fourth Legion shall mobilize immediately, and so shall the Fifth. The Sixth will be mobilized if you refuse to stand down. In regards to your cowardly attack upon seemingly unarmed vessels, know that your U-boats will be destroyed. Because of the immense distance between us and the location of the incident, we can stop our complete lock-down of all naval procedures. However, what seemed to be unarmed sailing vessels were actually an armed fleet, carrying Imperial Guards to Jagada to help with defence. The fleet has four Destroyers, and six U-Boats, all eager for battle. Marius Gladius, Admiral of that convoy, is a capable leader and an even more capable tactician.
20-02-2005, 07:16
[OOC: I'm in Chicago at the present moment, with limited access to a computer. I will be able to RP somewhat, but not alot...this computer sucks. Anyway, I shall make an attempt. I'll be back from Chicago on Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. Also, I will be RPing as a U-Boat Squad off of your southern side, as you assumed of the Verstummelung vessels.]

The Wolfensieg Sqaudron of U-Boat Regiment 6 roared through the seas. Over the static communications line, the battle cry of Verstummelung sailors could bo heard.

The eight U-Boats plowed through the open waters, trying to remain stealthy but keep on the move. The enemy could literally be anywhere.

"Approaching Holy Sheep territory, Sir." said one of the torpedo operators, speaking over the Boat-Broadcast, which echoed throughout the corridors of the submersible. "We have identification from above of roughly six ships. The ships' voice is muffled, but I clearly heard six. The Brotherly Nation has engaged."

"Good. Engage as a support...The Wolfensiegs shall overcome this threat, in the name of the Fatherland!" Admiral Yungehandz said to the operator, his voice extremely deep and loud.

"Rog' that. Echo, Echo. Echo, Echo. Spot check, one-two." said the operator, trying to communicate with the rest of the Squad. The communications systems were a bit old, but they worked nonetheless.

"Copy, Echo. We have a target?" another operator aboard another vessel questioned, trying to gain any knowledge of who to engage.

"Starboard bound, bring up a notch. Fire at will, Fur das Reich." replied the operator, his Admiral watching as he switched communications lines between recievers.

"Feuer Eins!" said the operator, launching a single torpedo out of tube one. The torpedo shot out into the sea, a bubble drifting upwards to the surface. "Feuer Zwei, Feuer Drei! Ein Kampf!"

The Admiral strolled away from the torpedo operator and over to his periscope. He looked above the sea, watching as ships that flew his national flag drifted in the sea.

"FEUER VIER!" the operator exclaimed, launching his 4th torpedo. The other U-Boats readied their torpedos into their tubes, awaiting launch codes from the operators and admirals.

The water in the path of the torpedos slowly raised upwards, and the torpedos left their trail in the previously unawakened seas. The Wolfensieg Squadron watched in awe as the battle unfolded before them, as they served their duties respectively.
Holy Sheep
20-02-2005, 07:37
OOC - so Vermstummelung is to my port/north?
20-02-2005, 07:41
OOC - so Vermstummelung is to my port/north? OOC: Either that, or I just creeped up underneath his as well...but yes, I would assume as such.
20-02-2005, 09:15
Robert York stood on a balcony, perhaps one of the highest in Jagada's Keep, a momument to the Commonwealth's founder. Robert was dressed in his best military uniform, it was royal blue and had two rows of brass buttons down the middle. Robert, or more commonly known as General York, glanced at figuring stepping out onto the balcony. He was expecting to see High Minister Norris Wayne, instead he saw a different man, Nathen Johnson, Archbishop of Jagada. He was a man that demanded respect, he was elected by some of the highest Catholic religious figures to serve as their voice in Jagadaian political affairs. He had achieved much for the Catholic faith, even making Highest Minister Norris favor their religion. As the Archbishop reached the edge of the balcony, Robert listened in.

Nathen looked at the ground below, there in the road stood a crack divison of troops known offically as the 1st Divison, though they were known to most as "The Crusaders". They were a group of highly trained troops who's service record extends back to the days where Lord Jagada fought in the Second Imperial Wars. They stood in deep silence, despite the massive roar of citizens nearly fifty yards away from them on the side of the roads. They cheer mainly for Archbishop Johnson. Nathen coughed silently then spoke.

"Greetings, loyal servants of Christ and followers of God. For centuries now we, the Commonwealth have remained at peace with our neighbors, respecting their beliefs and encouraging them to respect ours. However, it is the sinful nature of man to push their beliefs upon others, their way of life upon others. All in the name of territorial expansion and political gains. This is the sad and regretable truth, and it is why we must mobolize for war. The Empire of Vermstummelung has declare that they will stamp out the Christian religion, that they will bring us to our needs."

"Their people have been brainwashed into believing that we are savages who desire nothing more than to oppress their ways of life, and their morals and beliefs. I do not blame them for this, I blame their corrupt Facist government!"

The Archbishop then turned and pointed to a statue that rose high into the air, it stood in the middle of Jagada's Keep. The statue was one of Lord Jagada himself holding a Cross high in the air, to represent his commitment to God and Christ.

"Lord Jagada, the man who united us and brought to us the Word of God, would never have stood for what is going on now! This is why we the people of the Commonwealth must unite together, soldier and civilian alike to stand against this force who threatens to engulf us, and reign in a new age of darkness!"

Suddenly, the Archbishop stopped pointing at the statue and at the soldiers of the Crusader Divison.

"Look carefully, and look hard people of Jagada. Those men who stand on the streets before you are willing to die. Not just for our country! Not just for our freedom! But also for our God! They are willing to pay the ultimate price to ensure that you are able to worship God to the best of your abilities. Do not let their sacrifice be in vain! Unite against the invaders, unite against these hethens! Show them that you will never submit to their inferior ways!"

The crowd was in a total uproar, after nearly four minutes of shouting, the situation settled, and Nathen continued.

"Saying that I have been given the authority and regretable job by Highest Minister Norris Wayne to announce. That from this day forth, the Commonwealth of Jagada is hereby at a State of War against the Empire of Vermstummelung and any who side with her in an attempt to crush our religion!"

"People of Jagada, stay strong! Remeber the words of Romans 8:31 "For what shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who may be against us?"

With that the Archbishop rose his hand saying goodbye to the crowd then went back into the ill-lit. The citizens continued to cheer.
20-02-2005, 13:41
Sudmarine wolf packs leave habor to explore the sea and if needed hunt down enemy shipping. One pack, SP-1 was ordered to sail outside of Witzgall and hunt it's shipping. 10 more Aerogan class LACs were being bulit.
Holy Sheep
20-02-2005, 17:49
Marius saw the one of the fleeing Transports get hit with a torpedo, and it was merely damaged, not with a critical hit. The other one, however, took two starboard blasts and was starting to go down. Once again, a scramble for the life-rafts was apparent. “Get the DES Hammer to fire its torpedoes at the despots to our starboard, and two of our U-boats too. Plus the full contingent escorting the transports is to fire at the starboard.”

This was not good. Another volley was fired at the first Wolf pack, and the first volley was fired against the second. Damn open ocean operations. Where were the High Seas Companies when you needed them?


Johan Osprey got the radio message. He and his Company were to move out as soon as the men could be found.

“Yes Archon! I shall indeed get under way within an hour. Never let it be said that the Seventy Second shall hesitate when its fellow Seamen of the Fourth are in danger!”
“Admiral Johan, I commend your bravery. One day you will get control of the Naval Wing of the Fourth, I know it. Archon out.”

“Dawei, find the men. They all should be close. Tell the men to get here fast. The last forty will have every undesirable job they have time for! Twice that amount!”

“Yes my Admiral.”

It took them forty five minutes, but they were underway to the rescue of Marius Gladius. He would owe Johan a drink by this time.

(They won’t get there in time, unless we take a long time to duke it out. Basically, they will either be there to clean you up, help my limping fleet to Jagada, or wonder where everyone went.)


Telegram to Jagada

Thank you for standing up for yourself. Now united against all of our enemies, nothing can stop us! In addition, we have begun to mobilize the fifth Legion to help deal with this threat. In addition, I believe that the nation of Brydog may be willing to join with us. And as well, it seems that Lachenburg has been attacked by Fascist powers.
Preceding part published
I suggest that you deploy U-boats to destroy as much Verstummelung shipping as possible. They have already decided to do this to us. I would also suggest creating stockpiles of supplies where you need them – they will hurry to send U-boats to cripple your shipping.
20-02-2005, 20:44
[OOC: Lachenburg, excellent RP. But 2 questions...1) Are you neutral, and if so who is this "enemy"...and 2) Who is attacking you?]


1. Yes, my nation is currently neutral.

2. This post should accuratley discribe what the "Booms!" "Pops!" were for.


Kalzenstien, Lachenburg

Shortly after the horrifing explosion, dozens of sirens sounded off as emergency firefighters raced to confront the oncoming disaster. The screams and moans of wounded people now clamoring away from the port could be heard all across the city, attracting thousands of terrified onlookers.

Within the halls of the Lantag (Parliment), dozens of officals and guards ran about, chattering away about their own opinions on the course of action. Up in the Conference room, the Grand Canton and the officals around him slowly climbed to their feet just as one of the many guards flung through the thick oak door, his K-31 Rifle held in one hand.

"Grand Canton sir! Are you all right?"

Dusting off his grey suit and recovering his glasses that had fallen from the table, his general expression was now of deep concern.

"Yes..yes, Im fine. What the hell just happened."

"The LCS Battleaxe...she...she...just exploded!"

Naval Directeur Machell gasped in horror at the guards comment, his face now srticken with grief.

"My god!, not the Battleaxe!"

The LCS Battleaxe was the pride of the Lachenburgian Navy. One of the largest Dreadnoughts in the known world, her guns could sink any vessel at ranges of 15 to 20 miles away. Fighting in the last 3 months of the 10 Year's War, she managed to sink three Armored Destroyers and a Battlecruiser, while only suffering minor damages. She was truely a work of art.

Rushing to the black Duzenburg (sp?) parked on the cobblestone drive below, the Grand Canton and his associates rushed through the broad stone avenues and streets of Kalzenstien, now crowded with frightened citizens, curious to know what horrible events had just unfolded. Screeching to a halt in fron of Dock 7, the 5 men leaped out of the vehicle and began to gaze at the twisted wreckage now strewn across the area.

Looking up at what one used to be the most powerful ship in the Lachenburgian Navy, their eyes were greeted by a blackened behemoth, spouting flames from below. The ship itself now leaned over on its side and moaned, as dozens of sailors jumped from its now damaged decks into the oil filled waters below.

Striding over to one of the many firefighters on sight, Louis began to rapidly start asking questions.

"What in the bloody hell just happened?"

"Apparently a leaking powderbag caughtfire and blew the whole foward powder magazine sky high. Competley destroy turrent #2 abd badly damaged the bridge and surrounding structures. As of the moment, we the fires under control but were afraid that the remaining flames may spread to the second magazine."

"Do you think she can be repaired?"

" probably could if the second powder magaizne dosen't explode. But it will be months before she is seaworthy again."

"How many casualties?" Directeur Le-Blac blurted out, while still gazing in horror.

"So far we've managed to pull 130 bodies from the ship and 2 dozen dockworkers were also killed. Right now, we also have nearly 400 wounded sailors with many more trapped inside. Were working as fast as we can to free them, but I dont think were going fast enough."

Standing in silence, Louis collected his thoughts. Once ready, he returned to his vehicle and ordered the driver to the nearest hospitial, so he could meet the wounded and maimed. Louis hated this whole buisness of war, but he knew it was only going to get worse.
20-02-2005, 22:09
[OOC: So...just a random explosion, Lachenburg?]

The Fuhrer listened to the radio broadcast of the Jagada's speech. The Fuhrer's face boiled read with anger, and he slammed his fist upon his wooden desk within his office. His secretary walked in casually, carrying two folders in her right hand.

"Sir, are you alright?" she asked, placing the folders upon Hur's desk. The Fuhrer unclenched his enraged fist and looked up at his loyal secretary.

"Everything is fine...what are these?" the Fuhrer asked, picking up the two manilla folders and inspecting their covers. One was stamped "Eingestuft", and underneath the large red letters the words "Operation Sand Dune" could be seen clear.

"Documents from General Einsfurt, Sir. The Director of the Aeronautics Sector..." the secretary replied, fixing her glasses subtly.

"Hrm...both of them come from Einsfurt, my dear?" the Fuhrer asked, flipping open the folders slowly with his fingers. He grabbed a cigarette out of his jacket pocket, and held it up to his secretary.

"Indeed." the Fuhrer's secretary replied, grabbing a lighter off of the Fuhrer's desk and igniting the cigarette. "Both from the Sector, Sir. He said they were an urgent read. Top priority, supposedly."

"Very well...leave me to this work." the Fuhrer said, placing his cigarette in the ashtray that was shaped like a Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, with the machine gun posts being the carriers of the cigarettes.

"Yes, Sir." his secretary said, placing the lighter beside the model tank and exiting the office. The Fuhrer flipped through the folders, studying each one intently.
20-02-2005, 22:16
Captian Walter Moore stood in the bridge of his Submarine, it was like all subs built in Jagada ill lit and a gloomy place. The crew went about their business, checking the intruments on their consules. Walter had been a captian in the Jagadian Fleet for nearly five years, though he had no real combat experiance. He did, however, have much training with a submarine and admired the craftsmanship of the vessel. He was always dissentful that Jagada rarely designed the weapons they fought with. Most of Jagada's weapons designs came from nations in which Jagada came in contact with.

He knew his orders, sink merchant ships that wave the banner of Vermstummelung.

"Sir, J-22 has spotted a convoy of enemy merchant ships," said that communications officer. Walter made his way over to parascope, trying to see if he could confirm it. He looked closely, and sure enough the J-22 was right, a convoy of enemy merchant ships. He counted five in all, but couldn't get a good enough view, there may have been more. What he was sure of was that they were part of the Vermstummelung Empire.

He back away from the torpedo. "Contact the rest of the pack, inform them of the location of the convoy. Keep formation and perpare to fire on convoy," said Walter. With that command, the communications between the submarines slightly increased, and soon while keep relativly good formation were now in a position to strike at the convoy.

"Ready torpedos," said Walter. After nearly five minutes of careful movement throughout the shio, the submarine was ready to fire the torpedos. "Fire!" ordered Walter.

The torpedo control console lit up as the sailor in command pushed one button after another, they lit up signifying that a torpedo had been launched. "Sir, the rest of the pack is preparing to fire on your order," said the communications officer. "They are ordered to fire at the target assigned to them," said Walter.

Torpedo's flew from all submarines towards the convoy.

***OOC: Again, I'm kind of new at this. Nor do I have any idea of the geography. So if I do anythign wrong, please feel free to correct me.***
21-02-2005, 02:24
The officers outside of the Unbesiegbar Reich Imperial Headquarters building clenched their Mauser Gewehr 98 rifles. All four standing in front of the gate wore the black uniforms that was identified with a member of the Specials, the elite group of soldiers within the Reich's military.

A black car pulls up to the gate, with the flags of the Reich's High Chancellor flying on the two antennae on the sides of the front windows. The car slowed to a halt as the officers inspected the vehicle.

"Woher ist dieser Träger?" the officer asked, slinging his rifle over his left shoulder and questioning the driver.

"Das Fuhrer hat keine Zeit für dieses." replies the driver, nodding his head towards the back of the vehicle.

"Ah. Das Stimmt." the officer replied, waving his hand to his comrades in order to get them to open the gate. The officer stood at attention as the gate slowly opened by its mechanical operation, and he saluted the Fuhrer's vehicle.

The car moved slowly into the compound as it began to rain within the capital city. The doors open by way of two other Specials members, each putting their rifles next to their right legs and saluting the Fuhrer as he passes them, walking into the building slowly.

Two more officers await him inside, and he is escorted to the dining room where he will shortly be accompanied by the Deputy Fuhrer and his right-hand man.
21-02-2005, 03:34
The Fuhrer sat inside of the dining room, awaiting his guest. He flipped through the folder which he had carried once again, reading the summary and spreading out the graphs that were held inside.

He took a small sip of the glass of Scotch and flicked his gold lighter towards his mouth, igniting his cigarette and taking a deep inhale. He tried to calm his nerves before meeting with the Deputy Fuhrer.

"Damn...if this is the summary, the true report must be massive." the Fuhrer mumbled to himself, placing his cigarette into a nearby ashtray and reading the report.

[OOC: This report is Secret IC, and it uses codewords as well. If you wish, you may RP something along the lines of a spy receiving a copy of this document, and trying to crack the codewords. The translations of the codewords is at the end of the post, and you cannot use them in RP…only to understand the document. However, you may try...but keep in mind it was very hard to crack codewords back then.]


Für nur die Augen des Fuhrers!

Operation Sand Dune is a joint-corp operation, compromising of all fields of the military (Army, Aeronautics, and Naval). A large combatant force of over six million PUMPKINS* aboard HITTERS* and TONS* will be ferried aboard the landmass of ARTERY*.

In order to keep the massive force protected, there will be a large quantity of BEATLES* to accompany them by hailing down massive amounts of support. Also to be used in this operation are the newly commissioned STARLIFTS*, which you will be briefed upon later in this document.

Operation Sand Dune will be the first mass and first joint operation between all recognized fields and sectors, and it is well planned as you can see by many of the attached graphs within this document.


CROWS* will be used to seek out SPARKS* on the ground and in the air, and they will surely be able to takeout the threats. Approximately 250 newly commissioned CROWS* will be in the area at the time of this operation, and they will easily outnumber the opposition on the ARTERY*. We will sever the threat before it grows too large, you can be assured of this.

The skies will be full of CROWS*, who will be a formidable opponent for even double the amount of them in SPARKS*. However, intelligence does show a large number of SPARKS* within the ARTERY*, but the numbers are currently unknown to our forces.

Spies within ARTERY* are having a tough time entering the aeronautics facilities, due to the amount of security present.


We have a massive amount of TIGERS* that are able to support in the operation, with over 5 being produced each and everyday. This is due to the massive amounts of ports within our Fatherland. However, TIGERS* alone cannot manage such a large operation (we have produced over 300 to date), as we do need BEATLES* to stop the enemy’s naval forces.

Also in use will be the STARLIFTS*, which is basically a naval DRAGOON*. It has a carrying capacity of roughly 40-60 PHYSICS*, which is double that of the standard TIGER*. It is in the experational phase, but nevertheless there are currently 4 being produced at the HSHF (near Lipzine).

STARLIFTS* should turn the tide of war into the Fatherland’s favor, as long as they work as planned.


Using HITTERS* to transport the SPARTANS*, we should be able to land over (a rough estimate) 350 of the SPARTANS* (A-2). This will cause great chaos within the enemies fortress aboard ARTERY*, and we could also land roughly 100 SPARTANS* (A-1) to support the others.

The six million PUMPKINS* will easily be able to fortify the head of the landing site within ARTERY*, and there should be no trouble in landing more PUMPKINS* after Operation Sand Dune is successful.


It is in the Fuhrer’s hands, as well as the Deputy Fuhrer, to decide whether or not Operation Sand Dune is up to par with the sights set upon it. It is the personal opinion of the powers within the Reich, with yourselves withheld, that it does meet as expected and will undoubtedly mean the end of ARTERY*.

[OOC: Codewords: Artery (Holy Sheep); Pumpkins (soldiers); Hitters (merchant vessels); Tons (smaller vessels); Beatles (Cruisers/Battleships); Starlifts (massive U-Boat torpedo gunships, highly experimental); Crows (bi-plane fighters); Sparks (enemy scouts); Tigers (standard U-Boats, U-142s); Dragoon (gun vessel); Physics (torpedoes); Spartans (motorized vehicles; A-2= Sturmpanzerwagen A7V, A-1= Renault FT 17)]
21-02-2005, 03:50
[Bump.Also, it would help if "outsiders" rated the thread based on our performance.][
21-02-2005, 07:03
Norris sat in his office reading recent military reports. He was pleased to learn that Jagada's navy was already active in the war sinking merchants ships.

"Sadly, I doubt they do much to cripple their economy," thought Norris. Norris was hesitate to enter this war from the start, though realized if he didn't enter it from the start, then the Commonwealth may loose critical and vital allies in the war, which could have resulted in the Commonwealth quickly being overrun. Thus Christianity would be one step closer to being silenced forever.

He then set the military report down and picked up a new batch of papers, they were from Central Intelligance. Has he reviewed the papers he grew more nervious. Appearntly, sources from within the lands of Witzgall picked up rumors of a massive operation. The exact details of the operation were unknown, thought it appeared that they intended to invade someone, but who? The Holy Sheep, or Jagada? As Norris pondered on this thought, a knocked came at his door.

"It's open," he said. The door opened and a young woman stepped in, "Sir, General York wishes to speak with you," she said. "Let him in," replied Norris.

The young woman stepped out of the room and closed it. A few moments later the door opened again, and it was General York. Dressed in his traditional, all blue uniform, and a blue overcoat. Norris did admire the general's sense of loyalty and valor.

"Come in general," said Norris, "What's on your mind?"

York made his way to a chair which was placed in front of the desk of Norris. He saluted before he sat down and sighed. He looked at Norris with a curious look.

"Why didn't you make the announcement of war?" York asked. Norris smirked, then answer, "It's simple, because this isn't just a war for territorial game, Robert. This is a Crusade. It was best to have the archbishop tell the people. Most of our population is Catholic, and he brings them the hope they need," replied Norris.

Before York could reply, Norris grabbed a peice of paper and showed it to the general. York gazed at the paper. His looked quickly turned worried and nervous.

"It is horrible isn't it? The Holy Sheep's navy has been attacked, and from what I understand, they didn't win," said Norris. York handed the paper back. "That's not the worst of it general, the intelligance officer tells me that Witzgall is preparing a massive invasion," said Norris.

"On who? Us?" asked York. "We're not sure yet. All we know it that this invasion is meant to cripple whoever it's intended for," said Norris.

"That's why I want a good portion of our forces at our beaches. Along with a good portion of our air defenses there, general. You are in command. I want you to make sure that if this invasion comes to our shores, that the enemy will be unable to take those beaches. Understood?" said Norris.

"Yes sir," said York firmly, "Sir, what of our Navy?"

Norris sighed, the navy was probably going to be of little use, other then being target practice to the overwhelming numbers of this invasion forces fleet.

"The navy is in someone elses hands. I'll contact you later to inform you of their orders," said Norris.

York knew it was time to leave. He stood up, saluted, then walked out of the door.

[OOC: Ok, if none of your understood that. And since I haven't a clue if any of you touch my borders in terms of land boundries. I'm sending a good portion of my men to the shores. As I'm sure in IC, spies could find this out easily.]
21-02-2005, 08:29
A jet black car pulled up to the Unbesiegbar Reich Imperial Headquarters, a soldier dressed in all black, with the Special's logo the "deathshead," exited the drivers side and opened the rear right door. One boot firmly placed on the rainy ground and out came Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin, the second in command of the Unbesiegbar Reich, and mastermind behind the sadistic orginization known only as the Specials.

The Deputy Fuhrer wore his black mask to the event, for he did not anyone see his face, minus his wife, and the Fuhrer ofcorse. He wore his black trench coat, and his officer's hat, he carried with him a black leather breifcase and walked quickly up the steps. The two guards at the door quickly saluted and opened the door. They looked stunned, they had never seen the Deputy Fuhrer he was usally in his headquarters in easter Verstummelung.

He quickly moved throu the hallway and into the room, where the Fuhrer himself stood. The door was closed quickly, as the guards left the two alone. He saluted quickly, his boot's snapping together on the hard wooden floor."Ein Kampf, Ein Sieg…Fur das Reich!" He shouted quickly. He went at ease and walked quickly and stopped. He stood by the other end of the table, he opened his breifcase and took out a document and slid it down the table to the Fuhrer. "I read Operation Sand Dune, I must admit it is well planned. I also have come up with a second operation, for the Specials Division for target nation number two."


Operation: Black Monday


Operation is to be carried out against Nation Spoonfed, in which such operation is to be carried out by the Specials Division.

The Operation is broken down into three movements.
Capture of Port City
Defense Troops Elimintated

Phase One: Landing
With help from the Toys the landing forces will come onto the lightest piece of coastline defended. They are to be support from the sea, by any means nessecary. Once ashore, all troops are to move to Phase Two.

Phase Two: Capture of Port City
Once ashore, the Specials Division, will quickly advance using two groups. Each group will be equipped with big boom and lit match and deathshead personel. Their objective is to capture the port city, and bring the harbor under the control of the Reich, thus cutting off the country's valuble lifeline. Once Harbor is subdued, Phase Three takes effect.

Phase Three: Defense Troops Elimintated.
Once Harbor Facilities are under control, move death squads into the city and elimintate all resistance encountered. With big boom and lit match. and deathshead.

Allocated Weapons Companies
12, Artillery units
16, Machineguns
10 Mortor
20 Flamerwaffen Units
10 Demolitions Units.

Battleships Verlow, Bersin, Salerine, with Heavy Cruisers Sistine, Dunlow, and Ferdinand. With Destroyers Austerin, Gerlinese, Jerlines.

U-022,U-023,U-024,U-025,U-026 are also to take part.

Landing ships will be known at a later date.

The Deputy Fuhrer removed his mask, he quickly put on his black goggles as his face was terribly scarred from all the torture he inflicted upon himself, pain got him off, her personally enjoyed the art of torture. He looked at the Fuhrer and smiled at him. "It has been awhile my friend, I got your telegram to come here, I dropped what I was doing and headed over hear. Reports from the front are good. Our combined U-boat fleet sunk much of an enemy convoy, yet our convoy headed to New Reich Shipyards, was partially sunk. Which put developement of our convoy raiding battleships on hold for alittle longer than expected."

"I'm also pleased to report, Verstummelung's armed forces have gone from 8,000,000 to nearly 30,000,000, and the Specials Division on both countries has nerly trippled. It was wise to use special forms of propaganda. After are declairation rally, recruitment offices were flooded for days...." He tooked a photograph from the breifcase. "Yet on a somber note, we decovered a spy trying to flee the country this morning. Apparently he's from the country of Jagada. He was caught trying to book passage on the Ocean Liner "Valtrie." Yet we caught him as he was boarding the vessel. We search him and found a camera, a .45 pistol and several notes and documents reguarding ship movements and are war effort. We interrogated him for a few hours, yet he develged he had a partner. Who apparently escaped on another ship. The spy is holding out for the most part, but once we begin deeper methods I'm sure he shall talk."

The Deputy Furher took a seat, he was quickly brought a Peperment Schnops. He took a sip and smiled. "The best Verstummelung has to offer..."

(OOC: "Spoonfed" means Jagada, "Big Boom" means Demolitions Unit, "Lit Match" means flamethrower unit. "DeathsHead" means Shocktroopers. "Toys" means warships Just to let things clear, the Deputy Fuhrer made this plan himself, and has only shown it to the Fuhrer, it never leaves his sight, so no such intelligance can be gather from Operation: Black Monday before it's put into effect.)
21-02-2005, 08:49
[OOC: Sorry to interrupt. Though you said the spy had a partner who did escape the country. And appearntly it's safe to say he will come to Jagada. So wouldn't I know about the fact that there IS a plan to invade me. Not exactly what's going to happen. But that it IS going to happen. That fair?]

[OOC: I don't mean to clogg this form with OOC's. But I'm curious if I loose this war. Does that mean I need to create a new nation?]
21-02-2005, 18:22
[OOC: No, you don't need to make a new nation if you lose this war. In no wars must you give up your nation. Everybody loses...I've lost in warfare as well. It's no big deal really. Also, no you don't know of an invasion against you, you just know of general movements of our ships and troops preparing for an invasion against somebody. Due to the fact that these papers have only been shown to the Fuhrer, Deputy Fuhrer, and Op: SD has been shown to the Generals in charge of each sector (Air, Sea, Land.)]

"Spies? Do whatever you must to find out what that man knows, and where his friend is...If at all possible, we must capture the secondary. Nobody can know of our actions. Not a soul." the Fuhrer said, taking a drag on his cigarette and breathing the smoke through his nose.

The Fuhrer looked at the new document that sat before him, reading it carefully. "So we lost a few merchant vessels at New Reich Shipyards...I must say I am not surprised. The open seas are a death trap in this time of warfare, Deputy. is pleasing to hear out Wolfensieg Packs have done their duty. Our enemies of Christ must pay dearly for their menacing ways they plague society with."

The Fuhrer grabbed his cigarette and took another drag, and then quickly placed the cigarette back into the ashtray in front of him. "And I am also pleased to hear of the spike in ensigns. That amuses me...young men fighting for what they believe in is not a common occurence in today's society, Deputy. Many of them cower under rocks and bury themselves in the dirt. But these...these men fight. It is good." the Fuhrer said, taking a small sip of the Gin/Scotch mix he had prepared for himself. He sighed with relief as the hard drink went down his throat and tickled his spine.

"You have my respect, Deputy. Do what you must to the traitor, the heretic, this so-called spy. We must find out what him and his comrade know, and what the escapee will do with the information. Find the ship, if you can...and kill the little runaway. Nobody escapes this Reich, Deputy." the Fuhrer said, looking up from the document and glaring at his right hand man with an evil and sadistic look.

The two doors to the dining room which connected it to the main hall flew open, and two Specials officers stood before them. They saluted the Fuhrer and Deputy, and awaited recognition.

"What is it?" the Fuhrer asked hastily, very angered by the lack of respect these two soldiers had for privacy. "Quickly, quickly."

"Sir. We have a call from Lieutenant Ralph, he tells us that Jadaga has begun to place defensive soldiers upon their beaches. They are anticipating an assault, Sir." one of the Specials said, placing his Mauser at rest over his left shoulder.

"Damnit." the Fuhrer said, clenching his fist and slamming it hard against the table. "Very well, leave us once again. And next time, knock!" the Fuhrer shouted, and the two Specials left the Fuhrer and Deputy once again.
21-02-2005, 20:03
The Deputy Fuhrer raised whatever part of his left eyebrow that was left. "So the second spy managed to make his way back to Jagada." He looked disturbed, "Forgive my Fuhrer, this failure will never happen again. I will see to it personally this spy will known the true forms of pain and wish he was never brought into this world." He stood and saluted quickly. "I apologize, I must be leaving." He turned and walked out of the building towards his waiting car.

Several Hours later.....
Underground Bunker Complex - Eastern Verstummelung.

The Deputy Fuhrer entered his underground complex for the Specials Division. The bunker was well lit, and all around screams were heard. This was Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin's home. He spent most of his time here, for two reasons. It was secure, and he could enjoy himself.

Along the walls large black tech was written along the walls. It read:
Die Arbeit des Specials, holt die Früchte des Führers.
(Translation: The Work of the Specials, Brings the Fruits of The Leader.)

Rarhin walked along the dry blood filled halls, his leather making a distinctive sound coming together. He loved this place...He moved down the halls untill he reached his own personal play room. The hallway stretched near 100 feet, and at the end was a pair of metal double doors. Along the walls were gurneys most likly to rach people's nerves up before hand.

A thin man walked out of the double doors drenched in blood, wearing his Specials Officer's hat and uniform with a flimsy apron, he approched Rarhin and saluted quickly. "Deputy as fer your orders, the prisoner has been prepared." Rarhin smiled sadisticly and nodded and walked throu the double doors. When he entered the room he looked around, an operating table lied in the middle, several devices lied around it the walls were of white tiles, the floor was concret smoothend over. Bloody hand prints and smears layed all over. In a metal bin was the pieces of the last person who betrayed the Fuhrer. Rarhin took off his trench coat, and put on a pair of black rubber gloves, and a black rubber apron. He went to a tray across the room and took off the grey cloth over it. It held several medical instrments for surgury, yet they hadn't been need to this man was going to die sooner or later.

Moments later, the spy was wheeled into the room via Gurney and two pale looking orderlys, who most likly haven't seen the sun in days. The confined the already beaten silly spy to the operating table and begun to film the experience. Rarhin turned on a bright light into the face of the Spy and held a scalple in his hand. "You are unwilling to disclose information reguarding your mission to his country. I warn you that we will be having the most excuriting fun of the existance of myself and your already frail body. I will ask you questions only once, if you fail to satisfy me I will begin removing pieces of your body one by one."

The spy begun to tremble. Rarhin looked at a folder and asked his first question. "Where is your country of origin, who sent you here." The spy clenched the restraints and shook his head "no." Rarhin smiled slightly. "I was hoping you would say that." One orderly removed the spy's shirt exposing a chest filled with scars. Rarhin found the cleanest spot and made an incision. Blood spilled from the man's chest and all that was heard was the man screaming in agony. Rarhin was pleasuring himself in the sickest way possible, human torture.

This event had gone on four hours before the spy had died,minus four major organs, he devulged only that he was hired from a contact from one of the Allied countries. And that they all by now knew of the impendion invasions. Rarhin had ordered the body be burned and the ashes spread across the ocean. This was proving to be difficult....
21-02-2005, 20:39
[OOC: Jadaga, I will respond to your post about firing torpedos against a convoy. I overlooked it before.]


The keel of a merchant vessel bursted into a fireball as two torpedos rammed the side of the ship. Its crew was flung off of the side, and those who remained onboard the slowly sinking vessel ran to the lifeboats.

"WE'RE HIT! EVACUATE! JUMP SHIP!" shouted the commander of the vessel, as another torpedo hit a nearby merchant ship of the same convoy. The convoy was being ambushed by the enemies of the Reich.

The ships were engulfed in flames and smoke. Out of the seven ships in the trade convoy, only two were far.

Another torpedo hit the ships, casuing massive havoc as the resulting wave caused one of the ships to crash into another. Fire plagued the vessels as they sunk to their watery graves, one by one.

Explosions surrounded the convoy, and ship by ship they sank. "TO THE BOATS!" shouted one of the commanders aboard his ship, watching as the water seperated, the tell-tale sign of a speeding torpedo.

The torpedo nailed the boat on its keel, puncturing through the frame and exploding within the ship. The waves roared around the ship, and the crew was tossed off the ship by the force of the explosions.
21-02-2005, 20:56
The Fuhrer exited the Imperial Headquarters and entered his car, and the driver slowly pulled out of the lot and down the street.

"Where to, Sir?" the driver asked, looking back at his depressed leader. The Fuhrer did not have a smile on his face, and was looking quite saddened by the meeting.

"We leave to Marchinberg. I have a few things I must attend to." the Fuhrer said, looking out of the car's tinted windows. The Reich's flag could be seen throughout the capital city, which pleased the Fuhrer to a certain extent. Nevertheless, nothing could wake him out of his current state of mood.

The car kept a normal pace, driving along intercity routes, trying not to draw attention to its passenger. The car arrived at its destination fourty five minutes later, and the driver knocked on the tinted window that seperated him and the Fuhrer.

The window slowly went down, revealing the Fuhrer drinking a glass of Scotch. "Sir, we are at the Reich's City Headquarters...we're in Marchinberg." the driver said.

"Very well..." the Fuhrer let out a loud sigh as the door was opened by a Specials officer, and the Fuhrer was escorted to his sleeping quarters. He was tired after the long meeting and the long periods of reading he had went through, and he just wanted to sleep.
21-02-2005, 21:41
A group of 5 Light Cruiser leave harbor to patrol the seas. Also with them were a group of submarines that were part of the patrol. Following to ships were two Aerogan-class LAC. The ship were named Patrol Force-1.
21-02-2005, 21:43
Early Dawn, off the cost of Jagada. Near the largest harbor.

The Battleship Zeiser flew from all of her mast's a large white flag. She begun steaming slowly towards Jagada's biggest port, her guns were lowered and not at the ready, her nation's flag was not flown, she is seems to be surrendering herself. And is currently broadcasting a surrender signal, with request to enter a dock. She looked damaged from a fight from a pair of Witzgillian destroyers, and one of her gun turrets looked inoperable, and several wounded me were lying on the deck.

"This is the VIS Zeiser, we surrender ourselfs to the country of Jagada, we have many wounded men, we are trying to escape the facist regime of Verstummelung and Witzgall, please assist us!"

The massage repeated again and again as the ship slowly moved towards the harbor....

(OOC: This ship appears as it is surrendering, no funny tricks can be noted from it. So go along with it.)
21-02-2005, 21:43
[OOC: Brydog, try to make longer and more detailed posts, please. Your one and two sentence long posts aren't great, I must say. Put some thought and care into the posts' construction... Also, what is a "Aerogan"?]
21-02-2005, 22:05
A group of 5 Light Cruiser leave harbor to patrol the seas. Also with them were a group of submarines that were part of the patrol. Following to ships were two Aerogan-class LAC. The ship were named Patrol Force-1.

"Enemy Fleet Sighted!"

The watchmen on the Battlecruiser Rinefin. The Battlecruiser came with three triple turrets of 16.5cm guns, and several single turrets of 10.5cm guns. She had two torpedo batteries (with 5 tubes per battery.) She also came equipped with several turret type things that held two machineguns on them.

The Rinefin was the flagship to the 6th Fleet ordered to operate near the coast of Brydog to disrupt trade. Alone with the flagship, came 2 other Battlecruisers, 6 destroyers. Two of which were torpedo destroyers the others were anti-submarine vessels coming with depthcharges. Ahead of the fleet were U-boats U-033 and U-041. They had apparently got the sight of the enemy fleet first. The fleet was heading east, and presuming Brydog's fleet was heading north. This meant, that Brydog's ships were coming at the 8th fleets port side.

Closing the range was not the problem, Brydog's ships were zero'd in by the Rinefin's 16.5cm guns. The turrets had swung around to port and raised to 30 degrees elevation. The gunners licked their lips as the Commander shouted "Feuer!" A massive rour shocked the ship as the guns let loose. Sending shells across the distance rather fast and at the first light cruiser. The guns were accurate enough to cause some damage, yet seeing how this ship packed the punch of a battleship, any hits scored would most likly severly damage the ship it hits. Shortly there after the two fallowing Battlecruisers opened up on the light cruiser formation.

The Destroyers quickly broke into two ranks, going very fast, they sped along the water quickly. The begun a zig-zag formation to dodge torpedos if there were any. Their 5inch guns turned and begun to open up onto the light cruisers. The left facing group. quickly turned their starboard side to the enemy fleet and unleased a spread of torpedos The right repeated the tactic, this ofcorse would severly harm the enemy fleet...forcing them to spread their fire.....
21-02-2005, 22:17
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21-02-2005, 22:20
To: Grand Canton Louis Chartes Toussaint of Lachenburg
From: Fuhrer Hur IV of the Unbesiegbar Reich
Subject: War to End all Wars
Date: 21 Februar 1914

Dear Grand Canton Louis Chartes Toussaint,

As you are aware, there is a rising tension in the matters of the warfare that plagues the world at this present moment, in this year of 1914. As you are also aware, your nation is in a state of neutrality, as declared by yourself.

Your state of neutrality, as you have declared, intrigues me. I would like to ask you for a duty to be fulfilled by yourself, not as a favor but as a documentation of trust.

In this war that is causing unrest in society as a whole, we have met each other…not in person, but as international representatives. We have both done our duties. However, by resting your head on the false security of neutrality, you are doing your job at a smaller degree.

I would like to present a treaty before you. A treaty that, if signed by your nation and yourself, would bring the views of a paradise to the limelight and truth. We can co-exist peacefully, but the Gentile civilization must pay for its treason that it has committed for over a millennia.

With that being said, I ask you to pledge your allegiance to the Reich. We are the cure. We can help each other, you and I. Don’t you see? Everlasting peace and prosperity lies on the other side of our friendship…

I have attached to this letter a rough draft of the possible treaty to be signed between us. Perhaps you could overlook it, and respond? I thank you for your time, Grand Canton.

Article 1
Should, contrary to their hope, and against the loyal desire of the two High Contracting Parties (Lachenburg and The Reich) , one of the two Empires be attacked by the nations of Jadaga or Holy Sheep, or any other allied power, the High Contracting Parties are bound to come to the assistance one of the other with the whole war strength of their Empires, and accordingly only to conclude peace together and upon mutual agreement.

Article 2
Should one of the High Contracting Parties be attacked by another Power, the other High Contracting Party binds itself hereby, not only not to support the aggressor against its high Ally, but to observe at least a benevolent neutral attitude towards its fellow Contracting Party.

Should, however, the attacking party in such a case be supported by the Allied Powers, either by an active cooperation or by military measures which constitute a menace to the Party attacked, then the obligation stipulated in Article 1 of this Treaty, for reciprocal assistance with the whole fighting force, becomes equally operative, and the conduct of the war by the two High Contracting Parties shall in this case also be in common until the conclusion of a common peace.

Article 3
The duration of this Treaty shall be provisionally fixed at ten years from the day of ratification. One year before the expiration of this period the two High Contracting Parties shall consult together concerning the question whether the conditions serving as the basis of the Treaty still prevail, and reach an agreement in regard to the further continuance or possible modification of certain details.

If in the course of the first month of the last year of the Treaty no invitation has been received from either side to open these negotiations, the Treaty shall be considered as renewed for a further period of two years.

Article 4
This Treaty shall, in conformity with its peaceful character, and to avoid any misinterpretation, be kept secret by the two High Contracting Parties, and only communicated to a third Power upon a joint understanding between the two Parties, and according to the terms of a special Agreement.

The two High Contracting Parties venture to hope that the armaments of the Allies will not in reality prove to be menacing to them, and have on that account no reason for making a communication at present.

Article 5
If the Allied Powers continue their assault against the two High Contracting Powers, the Powers will unite and fight the cause. After the “elimination” of the threat posed by the Allied Powers, the High Contracting Powers will split the land.

The nation of Lachenburg shall receive 45 percent of all land conquered, and will be entitled to no less than 20% of natural resources reserved by this righteous conquest.
21-02-2005, 22:33
An automoblie made it's way down a dirt road. The automobile was filled with four people. Two in the front, and two in the back. General York and his assitant, a driver and an armed guard occupied the front seats. The general was making his way to his headquarters outside of Inn, the only real port city of Jagada.

The automobile eventually made it's way to this quickly built command center. As the car pulled in, a man dressed similar to York, however with much less metals and such, walked up to the car and saluted.

"General York, sir!" exclaimed the man in military fashion. York saluted back before getting out of the vechile. "How are the beach defenses coming along?" questioned York. York noticed when he asked that, a smirk came across the colonel's face. "Excellent, sir. In a month's time these beaches will have concrete foritifications strong enough to without naval bombardment."

York figured that the government had spent a lot of money on the beach defense. "And the artillery?" asked York. "The majority of it is already in place. We are currently waiting for more shipments of trucks, horses, and wagons sir. To ensure the artillery's mobility on the battlefield," stated the colonel.

York then signaled the colonel to walk with him, York's assitance stay seven paces behind, out of hearing range. "What of the air defenses?" asked York. The colonel sighed, that was the one thing that was bad news. "Sir, Air Marshall Peterson is having trouble finding good enough locations for air base."

York laughed, he was curious why the terrian was a probably. Most of Jagada was a plains like area, excellent for air bases. "Where is the Air Marshall?" asked York. "On his way here sir, we wanted to speak with you, and he knew you were coming here," stated the colonel. "Point him in the direction of my command post when he arrives, understood?" questioned York. The colonel gave a sharp "Yes sir!", saluted, but did not turn away. "Sir, I do have one more report for you." "What?" asked York. "Word came in from the capital, two-hundred-thousand more troops are being quickly trained and rush up to the costal defenses. They want you to make them feel at home." York nodded. The more men...the less likely chance of loosing the war.
21-02-2005, 22:46
As York sat in his command post reviewing troop numbers, equipment, and movements, a man rushed into the command post. "Sir, we have a situation!" exclaimed the man. "What is it?" asked York startled.

"A vessel from Verstummelung is waving the flag of surrender, they are claiming to be defecting to our side," stated the messanger. "Interesting. Any naval vessels currently at dock?" questioned York as he checked his personal gun for ammo. "Yes sir, we have two destroyers and two submarines that are in the bay, and one destroyer who is docked for supply reasons," stated the messanger.

"Send a foward message. The ships in the bay are to keep guns aimed at the enemy ships. I want troops on high alert. The crew of the destroyer that is docked are to return to their ship and resupplying is to halt until further notice," stated York walking pass the messanger and to a vechile which was already started and waiting for him. It would be taking him to a foward comamnd post in Inn.

At the docks themselves. As the enemy vessel grew closer, word of General York's orders each Jagadian forces. The battleship's guns turned and aimed at the vessel. At that exact moment, a message was sent to the vessel.

"We accept your defection to the Commonwealth of Jagada. You are permitted to dock. Do NOT make any suscipous moves, or you WILL be fired upon. Upon docking you are to come out with your hands up. All weapons and ammo are to be left on the ship," this message was played over and over again.

On the shore, troops stayed off the beached and in trenches that were already built on the shore. They aimed their guns at the battleship.

[OOC: I know that may seem drastic...but it's all for the sake of security. Even if a ship is defecting, no nation accepts with open arms.]
21-02-2005, 23:02
The ship slowly moved into the dock. Most likly near the warships as their guns were trained upon it. One hatch opened and 20 men quickly got out of the ship and ran as fast as they could.

This was a ruse, the ship was filled with more explosives, junk metal and black powder than the mind could imagin. And it was all set off by a timer...which went

The Zeiser's forward magizines touched off first, the forward deck jumpped from the frame, as metal twisted. The ship's forward magizine and explosives exploded, causing a massive explosion, sending metal and ammunition everywere throughout the harbor. This caused the second magizines in the rear to touch off. Twisting the ship into the air, causing another massive blast, metal and gunshells rained from the air in a hellish fireball. Anything left to touch off in the ship fallowed shortly thereafter exploding and sending debris all over....a deafing boom.

Most likly anything around the ship would be wiped out and metal and ammo sent from the ship would be landing quickly.

(OOC: That oughta caused extream damage to your dock facilities dude.)
22-02-2005, 00:57
The Fuhrer sat in his office in the Reich's City Headquarters in Marchinberg. The city buzzed with its populace outside of his window, and he enjoyed monitoring his civilians. They were like puppets to him, but more lively...and they had emotions, beliefs, structures of thoughts. Still, they were his puppets.

Puppets of war, puppets of society, puppets of life. He controlled their every movement, like a cheater's game of chess. He was the King, he commanded his pawns to guard him. The Deputy Fuhrer was much like the Queen in this game, moving about to do the King's dirty work. She killed off the traitors and heretics, not the King.

But, like any game of chess, it was very well thought out. Each move planned before it happened. However, such was not the case of never know what's going to happen next, who's going to die next, who is going to stab you in the back while you sleep soundly.

The secretary to His Majesty walked into the Fuhrer's office, holding a black folder. She knocked on the open door, grabbing the Fuhrer's attention. He stopped staring at his puppets and gave his secretary an odd glance.

"Sir, I have something from Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin. It is marked urgent, My Sir." the secretary said, walking slowly over to the Fuhrer's desk. He rubbed his bald chin and watched as she placed the folder on his desk.

"Eh." the Fuhrer mumbled, grabbing the folder from the desk and flipping it open. He kept his eyes on the woman as she left. As she exited, he placed the folder back on his desk and looked through the stapled sheets of paper.

[OOC: The following is Secret IC]

"Fuhrer Hur IV, as you requested. A treaty, addressed to the Empire of Risban, signed by yours truly. ~Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin" a small note stapled to the folder read. The Fuhrer removed the note and continued to read the proposed treaty.

"Good. Very nice...DIANA!" shouted the Fuhrer, exclaiming his secretary's name aloud. The woman once again walked into his office.

"You called?" she asked, placing her hands behind her back and standing in military attention. She did not smile, she did not frown. Emotionless.

"Yes. Send this document out to the Empire of Risban, addressed at its leader. Do not read it, Diana. Just send it out as a telegram addressed to the Empire, signed by Keroin and I. Do you understand?" the Fuhrer asked, rising from his seat and handing Diana the document once again.

"Yes, Sir. Right away." Diana said, grabbing the document slowly and walking out of the Fuhrer's office.

To: The Empire of Risban, To Whom it May Concern
From: Fuhrer Hur IV of the Unbesiegbar Reich, Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin
Subject: War to End all Wars
Date: 21 Februar 1914

Text of the Olympus Treaty
The Imperial Courts of Verstummelung and Witzgall, animated by an equal desire to strengthen the general peace by an understanding destined to assure the defensive position of their respective States, have resolved to confirm the agreement established between them by a special arrangement.

To this end the two Courts have named as Plenipotentiaries:
His Majesty, the Fuhrer of All the Witzgallians, the Glorious Hur IV, His Deputy to His Majesty the Fuhrer of the Reich, who, being furnished with full powers, which have been found in good and due form, has agreed upon the following articles:

Article 1
In case one of the High Contracting Parties should find itself at war with a third Great Power, the other would maintain a benevolent neutrality towards it, and would devote its efforts to the localization of the conflict. This provision would not apply to a war against the Allied Powers in case this war should result from an attack directed against one of these Powers by one of the High Contracting Parties.

Article 2
Witzgall recognizes the rights historically acquired by Risban in the Universal World, and particularly the legitimacy of her preponderant and decisive influence in Witzgall and in The Great Reich. The two Courts engage to admit no modification of the territorial status quo of the said world without a previous agreement between them, and to oppose, as occasion arises, every attempt to disturb this status quo or to modify it without their consent.

Article 3
In case of infringement, or to prevent it if such infringement should be in prospect, the two Courts will inform the Allied Powers that they would regard her, in that event, as putting herself in a state of war towards the injured Party, and as depriving herself thence forth of the benefits of the security assured to her territorial status quo by the High Contracting Parties.

Article 4
The present Treaty shall remain in force for the space of five years, dating from the day of the exchange of ratifications.

Article 5
The High Contracting Parties mutually promise secrecy as to the contents and the existence of the present Treaty and of the Protocol annexed thereto.

Article 6
In order to come to a mutual agreement, the Great Reich promises the Empire of Risban a sum of no less than $400,000,000.00 (Four Hundred Million Dollars), as well as no more than 15 percent of natural resources gained by the conflict, which had begun prior to this doctrine.

As stated previously, any conflict against one of the High Contracting Parties, by another Party who had duly signed this doctrine, will result in the voiding of this due treaty.

Article 7
The present treaty shall be ratified and signed by both Parties, and a representative of the Great Reich, as well as one from The Empire of Risban, shall fulfill their duties and enlist their signatures upon this document.
22-02-2005, 01:36
[OOC: Lachenburg and Risban, you have treaties awaiting. Also, Lachenburg...if you happen to have AIM, it would be invaluable to us.]
22-02-2005, 02:38
"Yes. Send this document out to the Empire of Risban, addressed at its leader. Do not read it, Diana. Just send it out as a telegram addressed to the Empire, signed by Keroin and I. Do you understand?" the Fuhrer asked, rising from his seat and handing Diana the document once again.

"Yes, Sir. Right away." Diana said, grabbing the document slowly and walking out of the Fuhrer's office.

Risban City, The Grand Imperium of Risban-- The Imperial Palace
Emperor Scorpius sat behind his oaken desk, hands folded in front of himself. He frowned slightly, reading over the document that had just arrived from Fuhrer Hur IV. The Risban Empire had remained neutral in this "War to End All Wars" that had engulfed the world. The terms of the neutrality were made present to the universal world. Risban did not wish to involve itself is such deadly conquests.
However, the offer was extremely tempting.
Scorpius' frown transformed into a grin. "Heather!" A secretary walked in, bowing. "Call my advisory council immediately!"

Emperor Scorpius stood at the head of a large table, with 24 faces looking up at him. These were the most powerful people in Risban, and those that the Emperor trusted the most.
"My loyal and honorable friends," began the emperor. "As we all know, the greatest war to ever engulf the world is being fought among a number of nations. Until now, we have remained neutral. Now, I announce that the Risban Empire shall withdraw its neutrality. We will enter the war on the side of the Great Reich. Our ports shall be closed to the Allies, and ships from nations such as Witzgall and Verstummelung shall be granted full access."

The faces staring at the emperor were rather shocked. Myles Abrahms, Minister of Intelligence, spoke up. "And what if Risban itself is placed in danger?"
"The only way to reach our nation is by sea," said Grand Admiral Eric Tarda. "No one would dare stand up to our navy. We are one of the strongest naval forces in the world."
"This treaty is to be secret for now," said Scorpius. "We will slowly begin arming our military and preparing them for battle. I am sure that Press Secretary Ormiv will be able to find a suitable lie as to why we are allowing certain ships in and not others."
"You do realize what would happen if our new allies lose, don't you?" inquired Countess Nora Courtney.
"Yes... But, we will not lose. Our military and economy combined with their's is all-powerful. We will not lose."

Secret Document
To: Fuhrer Hur IV of the Unbesiegbar Reich, Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin
From: Emperor Robinson Antares Scorpius, the Grand Imperium of Risban
Subject: Re: War to End All Wars
Date: 21 February, 1914
The Empire of Risban agrees to the terms and conditions of this treaty. Myself and six other members of my government have signed and ratified the treaty; the document is enclosed in this letter.
You and your allies have full access to Risbanian naval ports and aerial bases. Our navy and army will slowly arm itself and prepare for war. Everything will be ready in two weeks.
Any enemy vessels found within our territorial waters shall be captured and their crews imprisoned. Then, the vessels will be put to use in the Imperial Navy.

-Emperor Grand Admiral Count Robinson Antares Scorpius

[ooc: Not the best post, but I'm rather busy.]
22-02-2005, 02:42
To: Emperor Robinson Antares Scorpius, the Grand Imperium of Risban
From: Fuhrer Hur IV of the Unbesiegbar Reich, Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin
Subject: Re: Re: War to End All Wars
Date: 21 February, 1914

We of the Unbesiegbar Reich do thank our allies within the Empire of Risban for their pledge of allegiance.
Holy Sheep
22-02-2005, 03:33
Ret. Archon Zhang Lin of the Fifth Legion was living in Furinax when he and his ex-body guard got a telegram from the Divine Emperor Nikolai Paladin. He was old, but his country needed him once again. Plus he would only be in charge of a defensive logistical nightmare, not an offensive one. He was in line to board the next train to Atheos, and was already composing a telegram in response. He got to the ticket booth, and showed them his identification, and they let him on. He stopped briefly to drop off his message to a military aide and then boarded the train. It would be a long trip.


Nikolai Paladin looked at the large map of the Theocracy that was on the front of the war room. Every minute or so, an aide from the Com. Centre would run over and update it. Already there was a large build-up in all of their port cities and port bases. Two-hundred thousand men were crawling up to the coast in trains and in aeroplanes and on horseback and in ships. The sixth legion’s air force was already starting to leave their airports. One and a half thousand planes of varying styles and makes were being flown by their pilots to the front lines. Unfortunately, the amount of food needed to keep all these men happy and full was increasing.

Already, the nearly all of the ground forces of the Fourth and Fifth Legions were at the coast bases, a hundred and thirty thousand men out of a hundred and forty. All of the air forces were at the front, and the navy was steaming up. The Sixth, once halfway at the front, would enable the Forth to look at crossing the West Sea to pound Verstummelung’s coast. Then the Eighth, Seventh, Second and Third Legions would be activated, another four hundred thousand men, added to three hundred thousand. After the Sixth and Fifth were sent to make a beachhead, the 8th, 7th, 3rd, and 2nd Legions would follow, the 1st and 9th though 18th would be active, and all but one could be sent across. That would make almost two million men. Never had the fully military strength of Holy Sheep been needed, and hopefully it wouldn’t be needed this time. Verstummelung would fold once trained men were on their beaches and cutting inland, and then Witzgall would look a fool defending a white-flying ally. But now for more cheery matters – like diplomacy, thought Nikolai Paladin.

Greetings esteemed colleague in governance, Grand Canton Louis Charles Toussaint

I propose a treaty between us. One that involves neither military allegiance, nor trade favours. It will simply reiterate your stance of neutrality. I propose only two real items, #3 and #4.

1 – The signing powers of Holy Sheep, and Lachenburg, will, by having their Head of State sign these papers; agree to follow the tenets set out in this document.

2 – Failure to comply to these tenets to satisfaction of either party, or to the satisfaction of a third party, will cause in immediate nullification of this treaty.

3 – Neither party shall give military aid in the form of troops, information, weapons or materiel to the any nation, army, or any other group opposing the other party.

4 – Both parties agree to give copies of all signed treaties to each other, as so we ask you to violate a pre-existing treaty.

5 – This treaty will last for seven years, or until you denounce neutrality in all current military affairs. In the former case, the treaty will cease immediately upon the passage of the date of signing, unless arrangements are agreed upon to extend the terms.

6 – Amendments will be allowed after the treaty is in effect; however, they can only come into effect at the start of the year following agreement.

I hope these terms are agreeable. I, in matter of fact, have signed a similar treaty with the neutral Autonomous Holy District within my own borders.
22-02-2005, 04:13
Kalzenstien, Lachenburg

Night had fallen upon the busy city, now surrounded by the incandecent light of the hundreds of Electric Lamps that now casted their gaze upon the ancient streets and cobblestone roads of this Industrial Paradise. Many had gone home for the night and many more had gone cruising around town, drinking themselves away while enjoying the company of a few good many. Only one man, the Grand Canton himself, kept out of this cycle and instead remianed in the darkened halls of the Lantag, periodically sipping on the glass of Scotch now firmly gripped within his white palms.

Although, Louis was never really the drinking type, the ensuing conflict had given him and appetite for the liquid which now sat in his crystal glass and he had an insatiable urge to down the entire bottle that now ominously stood above his cherry desk among the seemingly endless stacks of papers. By now, the only thing Louis could think of was the now worsening conflict and the powers now trying to reel him in.

But Louis knew what he had to do. He had seen the terrible battlefields of the Ten Years War and the immense amount of brutality involved in the slaying of thousands of young men and boys. Even his own son met his doom, when a stray artillery shell struck his foxhole, incenerating him on contact. If Lachenburg was to survive into the next generation, it must remain neutral and continue to uphold the policies of Neutrality set down by one of the greatest statesmen ever to walk the marble halls of the Lantag: Erich Rudolf Hizener.

Taking up his fountian pen that now layed within the many drawers of his terribly disorganized desk, Louis found his pad of yellow paper and began to conjure his response to the powers that beckoned him to join the fray:

---- Transmission Feb. 1914 ----

To: Fuhrer Hur IV of the Unbesiegbar Reich, Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin
Subject: Re: Treaty

Concerning the escalation of conflict and the growing violence of recent times, The Confederacy must decline your offer of Alliance. As you may or may not know, Lachenburg has always strived to do without the senseless violence of open war, and we have been mostly successful in these attempts to uphold polices of neutrality. Despite the growing size and scale of this conflict, we still have faith in the effectiveness of our policies and must maintian absolute neutrality throughout the duration of this conflict.

However, we assure you that your own assets within our borders shall be kept in the same state as they were before this war and Witzgallian merchant vessels are still permitted to do buisness within our ports.

We hope you will agree to honor our policies now in question so that friendly relations may still occur between our two nations in the future.


Louis Chartes Toussaint
Grandiose Canton de la Confédération
Confédération Unie de Lachenburg

---- Transmission Ended ----

---- Transmission Feb. 1914 ----

To: Nikolai Paladin of the Theocracy of Holy Sheep
Subject: Re: Treaty of Neutrality

The United Confederacy of Lachenburg agrees to the terms and conditions of this treaty. Myself, along with the members of this nation's representative assembly have signed and ratified the treaty; the document in question is enclosed within this letter.


Louis Chartes Toussaint
Grandiose Canton de la Confédération
Confédération Unie de Lachenburg

---- Transmission Ended ----

Once finished, Louis quietly gave the two letters to the nearby telegraph operator who immedeately sent over the telegraph lines that criss crossed the region
Holy Sheep
22-02-2005, 06:26
OOC - Ill assume you hit the North Matheon base - its pretty big, I had like 10,000 men stationed there. Btw, do you guys have maps of your nations? I have one on NSwiki. And how did you get those outfits? We haven't finished the RP of that skirmish, I am waiting for you.
Edit - no, we haven't finished that skirmish. Finish it first, then Poison Gas me.
22-02-2005, 22:14
[OOC: My battleships didn't nessecarily have to be right there next to you dude. In fact, they're not. A wounded vessel smoking is coming in, an explosion could happen. So putting our ships in danger like that wouldn't happen. Though I'll give you the dock damaged deserved. Masterful move...even if I knew what it was.]

General York sat in his car, his gun in one hand and his other hand on the side of the vechile as it drove towards the docks. Suddenly, like an explosion unheard of, an explosion which caused York to drop his gun and grab his ears rang out. Such an explosion was heard all the way to the captial city.

After a few seconds after the explosion, York looked up about the time the driver swirved out of the way. At first York didn't know why, he looked back to see if maybe someone was standing in the middle of the road. Nope, it was part of one of the barrals of the turrents from a battleship.

"Get me there. NOW!" shouted York to the driver.

As the vechile entered the city. Thousands of men were scrammbling around, some looked like bloody zombies. York could only image what made them bleed so much, and no be killed instantly. The smoke itself was nearly unbearable. York exaimined every house they passed by, peices of metal had entered nearly every building in the docks. Some buildings were one fire. And some had small holes in them were splinter peices of metal entered.

The automobile eventually reached the docks. Though, a good portion of it was caught on fire. York's car had to go to a different area of the dock. They eventually rolled up to where the docked destroyer was, the JGFS Tribes. York saw that the fire was indeed spreading closer to the ship, only one-hundred yards away. And that the destroyer was both damaged and being reloaded with ammo.

York jumped out of the care and rushed towards the ship, he was followed by two soldiers and his assitant. York came upon a sailor who was dazed and confused. "Where is your capitan?" exclaimed York. The sailor, like a zombie, pointed over to a part of the ship were a man dressed in naval uniforms was shouting at the sailors of the Tribes. York rushed over to the man. "Are you the capitan of this ship?" questioned York. The man instantly regonized York and saluted, and then responsed that yes he was indeed the capitan.

"Forget the resupply, drop all dead weight supplies, and get this ship out of the docks!" shouted York. The capitan saluted, then began to yell new orders to his sailors. York and those following him, returned to his vechile and drove back into the city.

[OOC: Not all the port is destroyed. The economy will suffer from this, but it's just as easy to reroute merchants to safer areas of the port.]
23-02-2005, 01:34
OOC - Ill assume you hit the North Matheon base - its pretty big, I had like 10,000 men stationed there. Btw, do you guys have maps of your nations? I have one on NSwiki. And how did you get those outfits? We haven't finished the RP of that skirmish, I am waiting for you.
Edit - no, we haven't finished that skirmish. Finish it first, then Poison Gas me.

-The Skirmish Part II

The U-boats now turned inward and attacked as a whole, another volly was unleased onto the convoy and the destroyers. With Witzgall attacking to port and Verstummelung attacking to starboard they could catch the convoy and sink them.

The U-boat wolfpack leader ordered a radio massage sent to headquarters.
"Have sighted and engaging enemy Convoy fleet. Victory is eminant!"

Within minutes, the U-boat wolfpack hand yet again released a full spread of torpedos at the retreating ships, it was timed to the point, so that the enemy ships would move right into the torpedos....

The U-boat commander ordered the fleet to surface once the destroyer threat had been nutrailized, seince that was the focus of the U-boats at current. "Find me 6 bodies, I don't care how mangled. We have orders to recover uniforms...for a special operation."

The U-012 surfaced for some unodd reason, mechanical trouble. She moved along the surface going 12 knots, her crew manned the deck gun, aimed it at one of the Merchant vessels and fired at the bridge.

The mission was clear, sink the convoy, and recover uniforms. With this many U-boats and torpedos it shouldn't be trouble.

(That should be enough.....)
23-02-2005, 03:09
23-02-2005, 03:10
[OOC: Lachenburg and Risban, you have treaties awaiting. Also, Lachenburg...if you happen to have AIM, it would be invaluable to us.]

I do have AIM, my screenname is listed under my location on the left side of the screen.
Holy Sheep
23-02-2005, 04:32
OOC - That’s better.

IC – They were slowly losing this battle, Marius realized. For each volley of their torpedoes, another volley was returned. Unfortunately, they were outnumbered, and thus losing. The U-boats were returning volleys, and so far unhurt. Both transports had been hit by this time, and were sinking. However, many men were in lifeboats that were fortunately not being targeted. Their own U-boats were sinking, and only two destroyers were still afloat. Then another volley hit, and the DES Hammer was sinking. Marius waited next to a lifeboat until he judged that he could not safely enter one if he waited any longer. He jump on board, and piloted the boat around the sinking ship, pulling as many men as he could from the water. He heard a wet explosion behind him, and saw the last of the Destroyers going down. The First T-Company of the Fourth Legion was decimated.
23-02-2005, 19:30
The parascope on the U-015 lowered. "Captain! All enemy vessels have been sunk! Several lifeboats are in the water." The Captain grinned yet the clicking of jackboats made his grin dissapear. "I will now be taking command of the U-boat squadron from this point. Captain order your men to surface the group. We shall finish this fight!"

The Captain snarled and turned to his crew. "Surface the group, and prepare the deck gun!" The U-boat fleet surfaced, all 5 U-boats of the Verstummelung Fleet came to the surface. Their crews scrambled out to their deck guns, loading in fresh shells. Two 150mm deck guns on each ship was impressive for vessels these days. The Specials officer for the fleet over a loud speaker shouted to the group of lifeboats

Die, die die Kommandanten der Kampfbehälter und den Führer zu dieser
dezimierten Flotte umdrehen, werden erspart. Sie haben 10 Sekunden,
zum einzuwilligen, oder Sie werden alle beendeten Brustbeeren.

Someone on another U-boat translated the massage so that the group of lifeboats may understnd.

Those who turn over the Commanders of the combat vessels, and the leader to this decimated fleet, will be spared. You have 10 seconds to comply or you will all ber terminated.

They started to count down slowly, the 150mm gun's training onto the group.
24-02-2005, 02:54
Holy Sheep
24-02-2005, 03:10
The XO of Marius's ship quickly swapped his coat with Marius, and then piloted the boat towards the surfacing U-boat. The XO knew enough to quickly and painlessly answer any questions. After all, what they were doing was well-known. They were practicing Deep-Sea manoeuvres and transporting an Honour Guard to Jagada.
24-02-2005, 04:08
The fires on the docks were well under control, after nearly a week of fighting the fire, it had been pushed into a single section, where even now it was quickly being put out. The unorthodoxed attack on the docks by Verstummelung had caught Jagada off guard, it would not occur again.

"I can't believe this, they did more damaged than expected," said York. He was reading threw the damage reports. Despite the fact that nearly Thirty-Percent (30%) of the docks were ruined thanks to the explosion, and the fact that now the dock had to be organized more strictly to permit the Jagadian Grand Fleet to resupply and refuel, while allowing merchants to get to the dock, put pressure on everyone it was better then nothing. The JGFS Tribes, the destroyer that was nearly engulfed by flames did infact manage to make it out to the bay, where there it was repaired.

York did have an good idea, he would make this diaster an advantage. The ship was laying at the bay of the port. It had exploded, thus leaving several thousand holes in it. The large ships blocked part of the shores to the docks. No landing craft could just go over the wreckage, all along the water several sharp peices of metal stuck up from the wreckage below, going around them was indeed an option of landing craft, but it would leave them very exposed to fire. Going over them would result in a hole in the landing craft, a rather large hole, which would cause it to sink. This gave York the idea of putting more problems in the path of any landing boats. The Highest Minister did say that the threat of invasion was to be anticipated, so what better way to hamper this invasion then this?

About that moment a knock came at the door. "It's open," stated York. The door opened and in stepped Air Marshall Peterson. He was a average built man, wearing the same kind of uniform that York was. His blonde hair, but green eyes made him unquie to most people of Jagada, he was also like York in the fact that he was fiercely loyal to Jagada and to his religion, Christinaity.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" questioned Peterson, just before saluting. York stood up an saluted as well. "Yes, take a seat," said York. Peterson took a seat in a moderately made wooden chair. The command post was not a grand hotel, so Peterson wasn't expecting much. "How are the air defenses coming along? I heard you were having trouble setting up the bases required," stated York.

"Yes sir, the ground is proving more difficult then once anticipated, but progress is still going along. Within two weeks, we should have enough airbases to get half of planes into the air," stated Peterson with pride. "Excellent, we'll need those planes for the invasion that will come," stated York. "Peterson, I'm sured you've been informed, if you didn't already know, that the enemy used and unorthodoxed method, which damaged our ports," said York. Peterson nodded, it was a grim and cowardly move he thought. "To ensure that it doesn't happen again. Use what planes you do have stationed at air bases to begin going out on patrols. Any enemy vessel seen is to be reported to the command center immeidately, do not engage the ships. I just want to know they're coming before they land on the beaches, understood?" stated York. "Yes sir," replied Peterson.

"That will be all Air Marshall," stated York. He stood up and saluted, Peterson soon followed. "May God be with you," they stated to one another. It was more of a personal comment, he and Peterson had been friends when they were simple infantrymen during the revolts in southern Jagada, and became friends when they fought to crush that rebellion. Peterson then walked out.

York sat down and began to write out an order. The order was simple and brief. That due to the damage to the docks, that during the pouring of the concrete defenses and digging of the trenches, they are to work around the damage areas of the docks, BUT they are to lay defenses there with just a much troops posted there as anywhere.
24-02-2005, 05:00
The XO of Marius's ship quickly swapped his coat with Marius, and then piloted the boat towards the surfacing U-boat. The XO knew enough to quickly and painlessly answer any questions. After all, what they were doing was well-known. They were practicing Deep-Sea manoeuvres and transporting an Honour Guard to Jagada.

Within minutes, the U-boats had gathered up the main Officers of the fleet, they had only wanted the figureheads, the one's that knew stuff.

The Verstummelung crew were vicious and proved it by posting a pair of men manning a watercooled machinegun, to watch those in the boats. The Specials Officer had the torpedo room makeshiftly converted into an interogation room. Marius's XO was being asked several questions. All of which were what was he doing, and transporting, the usal stuff. It wasn't untill the Specials Officer got board with Marius's XO he decided to have some fun. He brought the officer out on deck and made him get down on his knee's. He asked him to renouce his faith and religion infront of his men and that he was a coward. No matter what he had said, The Specials Officer took a luger to his head, and killed the man dumping his body into the sea. The Specials Officer turned to the rest of the crew.

Bestellen Sie sie, ihre Uniformen abzustreifen, dann abschaffen Sie
sie. Und benutzen Sie die Boote für Zielpraxis.

(Order them to strip their uniforms, then exterminate them. And use the boats for target practice.)

The crews of the lifeboats were ordered to strip their uniforms, once that was done (most gunpoint,) the machinegun crew pulled back the bolt to their gun....

(OOC: Jagada, thou it might take a week to settle the fire...mind you the ship that exploded was the size of a battleship. Thus you would have to repair it to a certain degree, and raise it in order for it to become your obstical, which would take alot more than a week, more like a year and a half.)
24-02-2005, 06:53
[OOC: No nessecarily. You were close to the docks when you exploded. Thus when you sank, you automatically became an obstical, due to the shallow waters. That or you exploded out in the deep part of the bay, in which you cause little damage and it isn't an obstical.]
25-02-2005, 00:10
[OOC: No nessecarily. You were close to the docks when you exploded. Thus when you sank, you automatically became an obstical, due to the shallow waters. That or you exploded out in the deep part of the bay, in which you cause little damage and it isn't an obstical.]

OOC: Um no...I was in the dock. Notice how your people said "My ship could dock?" So it would make more sense to touch off my ship when I have actually docked in the harbor.

-everything relating to this matter goes to the ooc thread.
Holy Sheep
25-02-2005, 01:21
Isopectius Minimus, head of the New Weapons Division of the Holy Sheep Armed Forces walked along with the Furinax Mayor, Ms. Kelly Jones, through the walkways of the ancient fortress that was perched on the cliffs overlooking the city.

“As you can see from here, Isopectius, we built a new better dam around our harbour. This is not only to better our defence, it is also a state of the art, revolutionary power-system. As you can see in this model, the water, when rising in a tide, pushes on these plates, which move a belt, powering a generator. The electricity is not only used to power the harbour, but to pump water up to a point around… four stories below here. There, as you can see in this model, we heat the water to boiling using the electricity, and use the water to supply the city.”

“Honestly Ms. Jones, why was I summoned here?”

“What is the by-product of desalination?”


“Which is made of?”

“Sodium and Chlorine? I majored in ballistics, not chemistry.”

“Your right though. Chlorine is a highly poisonous gas, and so, should the need arise, we can fill a mortar shell with compressed Chlorine gas, and you can use it to kill enemy troops.”

“Most unpleasant, but we may need it.”

“And sodium is?”

“A metal?”

“A highly reactive one. Watch. This is one cubic centimetre.” She held out a pair of tweezers over Isopectius’s glass of water. The cube fell, and promptly exploded upon contact.

“My lord!”

“Imagine that in a torpedo. Instead of normal explosives, you have this, a by-product of our new chemical weapons program. Or use it in depth charges, or mines. Just place a thin sheet of steel, like this - ” she held up a small ball of steel “ – and place within it powdered sodium.” She dropped the ball into an aquarium, and put a toy ship next to it. “This small wind-up toy was made by an engineer to be accurate to a Verstummelung battleship’s armour, weight, and movement.” She let go of the ship, which crashed into the floating ball – it was also, apparently, attached to some floatation material. The ship, undaunted, moved a bit out of the way, and then… KA-BOOM! The ship’s front was lifted off almost vertical, before crashing down and splitting.

“That is what would happen, if you had enough sodium. But for a normal mine, say at our optimistic estimated production rate of a ton of salt a day, that means around a third of a ton of sodium a day. If you wanted say, forty pounds in each mine, then seventeen or so mines a day. Anyways that would do lots of damage still. Look at this larger, more to scale version.” The same basic version, only this time, the Verstummlung battleship tipped to the port severely.

“Double the amount of materiel in each mine. We could flip a ship over. Imagine, the Furher’s fleet, steaming into the Atheos bay. Then, the lead battleships flip over. Then, we launch a fleet of U-boats, all the ones we have, and cut them up from behind, driving them into the minefield.”

“You are a little optimistic about this weapon’s capabilities. Anyways, it is dangerously reactive. Get a little bit on your hand, and then it will burn. If we could find a good source of potassium, or any other Alkali Metal, we could make a weapon like that. But in the meantime, be careful with how you decide to store it.”

“Do you have the plans for the generator, and the plant?”

“Take these to Atheos. With this, as always, we will be unstoppable.”

Isopectius turned to leave, and another though hit him.

“How does it react to blood?”

“I don’t know, but I imagine that it would be the same as water. Why?”

“A bullet, for snipers. We make a thin steel or better yet, a copper or bronze coating – to prevent rust – and then we shoot it at someone. When the bullet is fired, some combustible material that covers the top and sides of the bullet burns off, and then when it enters the body…” He stopped, both because his point was clear and Ms. Jones looked a bit ill.

“Perhaps that would work… magnesium would work amazing for that, but again, its quite rare. And you would want to avoid making the tip of the weapon with sodium, it is very, very soft. But I will look into it.”

“Another thing – how secure is this plant?”

“Very secure. Every man here is a son of a Legion, or else lives within these walls with no method of external communication. Plus we have the Seventh Legion’s Imperial Guards here for protection. ”

“Good luck with the development of my bullets and torpedoes.”

“Good luck in the war.”

“Hell, we need it.”
Hockey Canada
25-02-2005, 01:35
Flags waving in a snowy city, where a communist leader steps to the podium.

"My fellow Hockey Canadians. It appears that we have been dragged into a war. A war that soon the entire world will be dragged into and there will be no averting it. Enemy submarines have been spotted underneath Hockey Canadian ice and have been on course with the city of Irkutsk.

We have no choice to retaliate with forces of our own. Joining the Allied Forces to help end the enemy of Communism. A man named Vladimir Illich Lenin is promoting the Bolshevik party in Russia to put an end to the awful Romanov Dynasty at this very moment. Hockey Canada will prove it's status in the world by defeating it's enemies and finishing what needs to be done!"

A large cheer comes from a very patriotic crowd
25-02-2005, 02:27
The Specials Officer thought twice about what he was doing. He turned to the Captain "Take in all of the Officers, if we need room get the Witzgallian Fleet to assist. Once this is done, kill the rest of them with the deck guns."

Once this order was carried out, a massacure took place. The U-boat crews made sure not to leave an survivors, all that remained was debris, body parts, and empty 150mm shells.....

The Officers of the fleet however, were on their knee's blind folded and handcuffed to each other under heavy guard in the torpedo rooms of the ship's. They set off for Verstummelung, wait awaited them there was the sickest and sadistic man in recorded history, The Deputy Fuhrer.
Holy Sheep
25-02-2005, 04:48
Flags waving in a snowy city, where a communist leader steps to the podium.

"My fellow Hockey Canadians. It appears that we have been dragged into a war. A war that soon the entire world will be dragged into and there will be no averting it. Enemy submarines have been spotted underneath Hockey Canadian ice and have been on course with the city of Irkutsk.

We have no choice to retaliate with forces of our own. Joining the Allied Forces to help end the enemy of Communism. A man named Vladimir Illich Lenin is promoting the Bolshevik party in Russia to put an end to the awful Romanov Dynasty at this very moment. Hockey Canada will prove it's status in the world by defeating it's enemies and finishing what needs to be done!"

A large cheer comes from a very patriotic crowd

Have you been okeyed by the hosts of this rpg?
26-02-2005, 03:56
(Gonna double attack with this one.)

Febuary 25nd 1914

Four large merchant vessels made their way towards the easter cost of Holysheep, most likly to one of the Matheon staging areas for the impending invasion on Holysheep. The ships were named something Christian..and were all flying the flag of Holy Sheep. The day was very windy, blowing inwards towards the coast...perfect for sailing.

The vessels were large and appeard to look like a troop ships or convoy vessels, they each showed shell wounds....looks like they were attacked by a U-boat and hit with a deck gun. They moved inward as much as they must have been visible to the troops on land...there were each crewed by six men to twelve men...all Specials Officers with a deathwish. Each crew member were dressed like regular Holy Sheep Navymen, ofcorse the cloths were picked off survivors from the recent convoy raid, and the ships were aquired before the war, and were camoflauged to look like troop ships....

Inside the ships were a deadly cargo...much danger lied instore for the troops on the shore. Filled with several large containers of the new toxin "Blank Shift," this of all things was very deadly to anyone who came in contact with it. Its a wonder how it was ever controled. The Specials Officers onboard the ships held pictures of the Fuhrer and their familes in their hand's and smiled. They released the posion gas, with a boom...the ship released the colorless odorless gas, and let it seep into the air...the crews each took turns with 9mm Luger pistols given to them by the Deputy Fuhrer himself. The gas was released it seeped into the air, and the wind most likly carried it to the troops onto the shore, letting it spread like the plauge.
26-02-2005, 04:17
Operation Black Monday
-Dawn Febuary 25th 1914
Jagada coast (No clue, looked to be least defended.)

"The world will now see the power of our troop's. They will see the fire in their eye's, their determination to the cause. Nothing can stop a man, divoted to one's country." - Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin

Dispatched from New Reich Harbor, the High Seas Fleet made it to the Operation Point. The High Seas Fleet was then broken into battlegroups. Battlegroup X would move to the attack point. Battlegroup X consisted of 11 Battleships, 14 Battlecruisers, 12 Heavy Cruisers and many Light Cruisers and Destroyers. U-boats also patrolled near by. What made Battlegroup X so important was it was to provide cover for the troops landing onshore.

A large armada of troops, support vehicals, and weapons were escorted by Battlegroup X, under radio silence, they had made their way to the coast of Jagada, the invasion was to take place and to crush the smallest of the Allied powers.

The Invasion Force consisted of 3 Million Specials Shocktroops, and 5 Million Regulars. The Specials came with the sole goal in mind, extermination of the defences and allowing the Regulars to move inward. They expected trench warfare aswell, they deployed with them, a new infantry weapon, the machine pistol. The MP 18 Schmeisser, 9mm Parabellum ammunition, with a box clip of about 20 rounds (WW1 legal I assure you...) They also camo deployed with flamethrowers, mortors, and machine gun troops. This was a daring move by the Reich, this operation could make or break the western front of the war, if it failed, Verstummelung could face invasion for several months untill fresh troops could be sent into combat from training. The Specials Troops also boasted the cream of the Sniper Core, Masuer 98k's fitted with scopes, this gave the Verstummelung troops an edge already growing. Snipers would help pick off enemy machine gunners and help the advance. The 5 million Regulars came with the standard package. Bolt action Masuer's, 9mm lugers. Some came with the MP 18 Schmeisser, but usally Officers.

15 Minutes before dawn, the fleet amassed off the coast of Jagada, they would focus on deploying all along the beaches. This made one massive force, very difficult even for heavy gun emplacements to defeat. Dawn broke, and construction crews most likly getting to work on pouring the foundation for bunkers and such would have a nice sight to see. Bunkers took several months to create, no matter how many you had working, the goal of this operation was to hit the enemy when they were weakest, construction.

"Open fire!" The sea produced a shockwave as the gun's of almost all of the ships opened up. A cloud of shells rained down on the beaches, and the fortifications. The ships continued raining down shells, the Battleships took awhile to reload, but the Destrotyers hammered away with their small shells. By now, much of the invasion force were making their way to their landing craft...

A platoon Sergant looked at his men, he gripped his MP 18 in his hand and looked at their black uniform's. "Men I expect only the best, if we fail...the Reich fails. Understood?"

The landing craft begun to make their way to the beaches, a massive array of them. They all were Specials troops. By now the defenders would be ready to repel their invaders. The ;anding craft tracked in, got to the beach, the troops hurdled out and went for their goal.

-Black Monday Has Begun.
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26-02-2005, 06:01
Holysheep, OOC thread...
Holy Sheep
26-02-2005, 18:50
I forgot about that thread....
26-02-2005, 20:41
[OOC: A few things, I feel need to be addressed here for quick change. You're at the port city of Inn (battleship blown up port), primarily since it would be the weakest in overall defense. The Jagadian Grand Fleet is actually at the port city of Inn, that is it's homebase. But I had intended upon them sneaking up on you from opposing sides of the coast. I just wanted to address these issues since I'm still working on making a map of my country, thanks.]

York looked out at the window, awaiting dawn. He took another drink of his coffee, it was the only thing that could keep him awake during these troubling times. He laughed to himself, never before since the days of the Unification Wars had such a burden as this one be placed upon one person in Jagada. He did, however, take pride that, that person was Lord Jagada himself, when he left a smaller army against much larger ones.

He was glad he could see the coast from his command post, it was built ontop of a hill. The hill has little in terms of tactic advantage, but could be used as a means of permitting a lot of troops to safely retreat. York knew that the defenses of this port city of Inn were not at their best due to the unorthox battleship sueicide mission into the port. Despite that, the defense network worked around it. And has ensured him that the concrete defenses we just as strong as the others and would hold up just as well. The wrecked battleship was still going to be something to work around for any invader.

Suddenly a soldier rushed into the command post doors. "Sir, a message from Air Marshall Peterson," stated the soldier as he looked down at the paper, "Large Verstummelung fleet spotted by bi-planes off the coast of Inn. Orders sir?"

York growled to himself, he had expected the invasion to come later, after an invasion of Holy Sheep, he figured that the Axis would try to knock out the big fish first, then pick off the remaining little ones. Despite that, he controlled himself, he figured the defenses were at their best at the moment. He grabbed his coat and walked outside. Immedaitely several men surronded him, they were messengers.

He looked to one, "Contact all ground commanders, sound the alarm. Enemy attack on the beaches coming. Naval bombardment expected. All troops to arms," stated York. The messenger ran off towards a vechile. York looked to another, "Contact Air Marshall Peterson, inform him to begin straffing enemy landing craft with his bi-planes as soon as they come close to the shore," stated York. The messanger ran off towards a vechile.

He looked to another, "Contact Admiral Nerve, inform him to begin whatever defensive measure the Highest Minister gave him." Again, the messenger ran towards a vechile. York watched them as they all went their seperate ways. He sighed. He knew the messenges would get to the commanders on the ground.

About ten minutes later, he suddenly heard a series of explosions ring out. He looked out towards the bay. The Jagadian Grand Fleet was engaging the invasion for from three sides. The two battleships from inside the bay, and the destroyer that was there engaged from the bay. Another small command of vessels consiting of another battleship and a number of heavy crusiers, light crusiers, and destroyers, from the right side of the Invasion Fleet began to open fire as well. From the left was another command of vessels of similar stats, they too began to open fire. From underneath the surface, Submarines began to engage the Invasion Forces submarines.
26-02-2005, 23:20
"Enemy Fleet Sighted!" Shouted an Officer onboard the flagship. Intelligance upon Jagada's navy was poor, and such a move was unexpected. Surface fleet to Surface fleet, yet the Commander's of the High Seas Fleet were faced with a choice. Engage or continue bombardment....

"Stay in formation!" Shouted the Fleet Admiral. Shells rained in on a Light Cruiser passing bye, a Jagada shell struck the side and caused the Light Cruiser to capsize, a torpedo homed in, and the powder mag exploded. This caused the Battleship to rock. "Stern Batteries aim towards the right fleet. Fire!"

The Fleet was in a long line formation, they were also close to shore, which would force the fleet attacking to the left to link up with the fleet from the right. But this would force Jagada's right fleet to risk getting tangled up and lose time and firepower if they didn't do it right.

The Fleet's Stern Gun's would rain shell after shell, they focused on two ships at a time, concentrated shots would sink the bigger ships much more quicker.

The Sub's shooting at the other Sub's would miss. Seeing how they can't determine where the subs are....(no sonar yet, or radar.) The U-boats would be far from the harbor entrence, they would be skimming underwater at speeds of 7 to 8 knots, their objective was to force Jagada's fleet into a shooting gallery. 22 U-boats, half of the fleet currently in operation. The U-142 types....four torpedos showing already.

Looking throu their parascope's, Commanders would wait for their chance to do some damage. They waited untill Jagada's formation would form tight rank's, such ranks made it much easier. The U-boats were side by side to each other, sorta like a firing squad. The enemy fleet was infront, most likly showing off their port sides. Battleships and Heavy Cruisers first....22 U-boats released 88 torpedos at the fleet. This would wipe them out quickly....

The Invasion however was going nicly. Making it to shore, the first wave unleased the black death of the Specials. Flamethrower units quickly sprayed heavy amounts of fire upon the soldiers scrambling to their positions. The deadly MP18 in hands, Specials troops sprayed trenches like nothing with of 20 rounds of 9mm.

The Second wave took many casualties, Bi-planes raining down bullets onto the no armored landing craft. The water filled with dead bodies, some troops pointed their MP-18's to the strafing aircraft, and shot at the one's pulling up.

The first wave consisted of 4,250 troops, only 4,100 made it to shore. The second wave, much more orginized carried atleast 6,513 troops. Only 6,002 made it to shore.

As the time passed, the amounts of troops doubled. They made quick strikes with their submachine guns, and their flamethrowers. Mortor teams set themselves up quickly, spraying down 25mm shells onto the defenders in the farther back trenches. The element of surprise gave them the advantage.

(Untill you give up, I'll keep killing your men Jagada ;) )
27-02-2005, 03:49
As the Enemy Fleet began to approch the shore, in an attempt to tangle together the Jagadian Grand Fleet. They must have forgotten the small force of two battleships, a destroyer, and several Submarines who were at the docks as they arrived.

As the enemy focused in on the Right and Left commands of the Jagadian Grand Fleet, the command near the docks opened fire. Attacking the oncoming enemy.

Admiral Nerve smirked, "Take them down!" he shouted pointing to the third wave of landing craft. With that the destroyer, aided by a few Submarines opened fire on the third wave landing craft. With the intent on making third wave losses extremely high. It would also force the already surprised enemy fleet to leave itself exposed as the remaining two battleships and submarines opened fire on them as they attempt to pick off the left and right commands of vessels.

Nerve heard an explosion, he looked over to see one of the heavy crusiers in the left commando exploded, another explosion occured. Appearntly a light crusier in the right command had been taken out. He growled, but he knew the Jagadian Grand Fleet still had the tactical and strategic advantage.

The left and right command of vessels began to merge slowly with one another, this did bring hassel, but only the battleships were hampered. The light crusiers, destroyers, and heavy crusiers continued to open fire. The objective was simple. To push the enemy towards the shore. Where they would be open to artillery fire. (I know it sounds unrealistic...but if you're close enough they can hit you)

General York looked out from a hill at the battle. He smirked, by God's grace they would win this battle and send these scum back across the ocean.

As the first wave came upon the shores. They were greeted with a barrage of machine gun fire, before they even made it to the shore. This was assisted by artillery shells, which were sharpnal (used by the British historically), which were little balls of iron incased in a shell. They exploded above enemy troops raining down several iron balls upon them with lethal force. Artillery was not shy when doing this and did it would great brutaility.

The Jagadian troops were surprised and even scared when they saw the impressive flamethrowers used by the Special Forces of Verstummelung. However, the metal contraption on the backs of these special forces that contained the chemical needed to create the flame were impressive targets themsevles. And Jagadian troops evenutally realized that by hitting the tanks on their backs, it would turn the troops into flamming flesh.

However, enemy forces began to mount on the beaches, as they slowly way their made towards the trenches and concrete fortifications. They did not advance without question. Jagada had the advantage of being able to use armed cars and armored attack vechiles. These vechiles were more immued to flame and bullet then soldiers were and while small in number were still an effective force.

Above, the bi-planes under the command of Air Marshall Peterson made life for the enemy troops nothing to brag about or put on a propaganda poster. As landing craft made their way towards the shore, his bi-planes dove in and opened fire, killing several enemy troops. However, due to their wood structures, enemy troops with enough accuracy, brought down several planes.

[OOC: Peace Treaty maybe?]
Hockey Canada
27-02-2005, 04:22
A Hockey Canadian scout in a bi-plane flies overhead as the battle wages on. Remaining neutral, for this battle at least, as he takes photos and observes the boats and fleet patterns of both navys. Flying low at just above 40 feet but steering clear of the fire, shooting photos of the guns and rate of fire as waves nearly lap the wings.

"The admiral will be very pleased with these commander" the pilot cracked over the radio, which had been intercepted by both navys on purpose to let them know they were being watched now. "Excellent, more will come. Oh yes, more will come" the unknown man said over the radio as the plane flew north.
28-02-2005, 00:29
The Witzgallian Fleet rolled into action beside their prestigious allies, together operating as the Reich's Naval Force. Biplanes, launched from converted cruisers, flew into the sky and persued the Jagada pilots. Verstummelung had called for help, and Witzgall answered.

Naval guns fired in roars of barrages, creating wildfire havoc amongst the beachhead defenses. Explosions occured here and there.

The Olympias were made just for this: naval engagements. Twenty fitted amongst each "carrier", as they were nicknamed, and there were two of these monstrosities of the new battlefield.

Jagada would soon be conquered. The Christian plague would be wiped from the face of the world. The Lord's lies would be found out, the Church exhiled from the nation of Jagada. The Reich was the vaccine, Christianity...the disease.
28-02-2005, 00:48
Reload! "Shouted the commanders of the U-boats. Their 88 torpedos speeding away....they faced the port hulls of the Jagada fleet attacking from the right, the range was good....they fired another salvo before the first 88 would strike their targets. With each salvo, they reloaded and fired another. Each sub had a good 14 torpedos...enough for 14 salvos.

The Fleet was still in there, with the right fleet pretty much taken care of(theres no possible way for it to survive 88 torpedos, and another salvo of 88 again...) The stern guns now forcused on the fleet from the harbor. The two battleships would by now have much of the fleet's guns bearing down on them with shells. Most ships didn't have the best armor in these days, so ually it would take a lucky shot to touch of the powder magizine.

The Battlecruiser Tisch took a direct shell hit from a 15 inch gun, the ship lost her boyancy and begun to list to starboard. The crew begun to jump off and climb onto the starboard side. The ship capsized as four torpedos homed in and touched off the powder magizine, killing the crew....

The fleet to the right would be wiped out soon, the fleet in the harbor is under heavy attack....and the fleet to the left would get a nasty shock in a minute. From the skies above, atleast 25 planes came down like buzzards. They came from the Carrier Cruiser Expelled Christ. The ship was escorted by a Battleship and three Medium Cruisers. The 25 planes were of Olympia type. They each had a torpedo latched under their fusealage. They were painted jet black, and had the deathshead painted on their wings. The quickly lined themselves up to the targets in question...the left fleet. Such a shoot would be tricky...but possible. Four planes lined up first, battleships didn't have AA guns at the time, so enemy forces would have to make due. The four planes got close enough, and released their torpedos at the lead battleship....they pulled away...but one couldn't in time. He tried to bank to the right, but he noticed on oncoming ship. It would be unavoidable...he would most likly crash into it's bridge, the fuel exploding turning the plane into a giant match, the .303 ammunition touching off becoming an expensive firework.

The troops made it to the shores, they advanced as fast as they could. Some begun to reach into the trenches, in pairs of two's, they covered each other's backs. The submachineguns would prove effective in close quarters. Many troops used concentrated stick grenade attacks...throwing them into the machinegun boxes. However the armored cars would tear up the troop movements, the only way to fix this...was to shoot at the tires.

The third wave consisted of nearly triple the landing craft. And torpedo planes that had released their payload would fly cover. Dogfighting incured as they swooped in on the attacking aircraft.

The second wave hit shore, some of the landing craft were devoted to transporting artillery pieces...a 75mm gun for instance came onto the beach. It was placed into position, a line of troops fending it off. The crew set it up, and the gun begun to rain shells onto the reinforcement troops trying to make it to the fighting.

The merchant ships begun to beach themselves, troops begun to swim to shore, which wasn't very far. The sea was filled with troops making their way to the front, guns blazing. Some ships at 105mm guns on their bow's, they also begun to support the troops coming ashore. Ofcorse the beached ships would be in range of enemy artillery, but the artillery wouldn't do much good...the troops would have been on shore soon. 8 million....Jagada couldn't hold out against that for long.

And with reinforcements on the way......
28-02-2005, 03:48
[OOC: Landing in WW1 were highly ineffective, besides. Eight million men on the beaches make for a lot of targets..even a blind man with a BB gun could kill several. Also Shrapnel charges are deadly, and since your men are crowding on the beaches. You should be loosing ten to my one. Machine guns don't help your situtation either. Your artillery has to carry shells next to it in a holder, and with the Howitzers they carried small packets of gunpowder, that makes for some impressive firworks when sparked.]

"Don't let up!" shouted a colonel in the trenches. He aimed with his rifle, pulled the trigger three times, and hit three enemy troops. Enemy troops were pouring onto the beaches, and by doing so crowded together, even if they ran towards the trenches. Machine-guns continued to pour bullets into the oncoming enemy troops. And thought Special Forces troops who carrie flamethrowers, when their tanks where hit, sent not only them, their ammo, gernades, and body on fire, by their neighbors as well. The artillery, highly outnumbering that of Verstummelung, continued to fire shrapnel shells, which rained when combined sent thousands of iron balls down upon the advancing enemy troops. Troops would basically throw, and hit enemy troops with gernades as they advance, these gernades would then explode in the middle of these crowds of troops.

One of the Jagadian troops, named Carl, trembled at the sight of so many enemy forces. He turned to run, and ran right into a soldier. The soldier wore the suit and the emblem of the Crusader Divisons. York had called them up, along with the majority of the reserves. Now pressing the majority of Jagada's Army onto the beach defenses.

The Crusader Divison, five in all, were "Never Retreat, Never Surrender" troops, they were trained to fight to the last man. And they intended to do that. The Crusaders quickly jumped into the trenches and opened fire on the advancing enemy troops.

In the air, Jagada still held the advantage. With nearly one-hundred planes in the air, they outnumbered the enemy planes. And the battle in the air was still mainly a dog-fight one, with the majority of the planes still harrassing enemy troops on the beaches.

Back at the capital city of Christianpolis. Highest Minister Norris sat in his office, he was under a lot of stress. Only for so long could their troops on the beaches hold. He had been in prayer for three hours, and was taking a break before returning to it. He sighed, he knew only one thing could be done. He pressed a button on his desk, and a young woman walked in.

"You called sir?" she asked.

"Yes, send a message to Verstummelung and Witzgall, ask them what their terms of a peace treaty are," he said with a zombie-like voice.

The young woman stood stunned for a moment, then nodded and walked out.

[OOC: Ok...I cannot win. So I shall try and make peace. You can consider it Conditional Surrender.]
28-02-2005, 07:42
The telegram was sent back without a moments notice. The Deputy Fuhrer was waiting for such a telegram.

From the desk of Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin.

We wonder why, such a proud Christian nation would presue peace...

We will cease hostilities...only if you surrender completly, no terms. You submit to use. No deals, we do this how we see fit.

I warn you, if you do not submit to this offer, your country will be terminated. It may take the Reich a while, but you will fall. And by then, our troops will not be very friendly to your population.

You have 12 hours to consider this offer, do note this offer is non-negitable. And its a one time offer, if you do not acept, we will conquer you swiftly.

-Deputy Fuhrer Rarhin Keroin
Head of the Specials Division.


On the beach.
The Soldiers would now begin a mass attack. They shouted "The flag must fall!" Their numbers reaching into the millions after their troop ships beached themselves....they swarmed the positions, hundreads falling quickly. Bodies poured into the trenches. Then by was clear, they would win.

The navies attacking the Verstummelung fleet would be met with heavy attacks from U-boats and thw Witzgillian fleet made it so much more difficult for Jagada to mount an effective defence. As each Jagada should fell, another was targeted and a concentrated attack was carried out.

A reinforcement squadrons from the east had come in, Battlegroup Y and Battlegroup Z had come. They consisted of the rest of the Verstummelung fleet. They were nearly triple the amount of Battlegroup X. With 10 Battleships, 18 Heavy Cruisers, 4 Converted Cruisers (80 planes...) 36 Destroyers and 10 U-boats. They were surly to turn the tide of the battle.

They sweeped in on the port side of the Jagada fleet, while the U-boats regrouped, the new reinforcements, trained their gun's onto the enemy fleet and unleased a salvo. They certinly arrived in the nick of time....

The planes were mostly converted for bomb duty....planes had already been airbourn, they formed a cloud of black...they moved over the defences of the beach, and came in from bombing runs, dropping bombs onto trenches and machine gun positions. After the runs, a third continued to straif reinforcement soldiers runnng to the front, whilst the rest turned and engaged enemy fighters.

With Witzgall helping, and with 60 fresh fighters, they had the numbers just a pinch. Planes from both sides begun to tangle, while many begun to dive to their deaths...

A triplane among them, it had a deaths head much bigger than the others, he had a suped up engine...and pair of .303 machineguns in the front, and behind him was a gunner in a turret like position, with a pair of machineguns...he was their leader.

On the troopships, casulties begun to mount up, their sickbays over crowded, blood and limbs and flesh flooded the hallways as the screams of the dieing were all around....

Shots rang out, Specials Officers with a special rank tab on their shoulder went about killing soldiers who were in sever pain and close to death...they were people of mercy, the one bit of compassion in the reich.
28-02-2005, 10:05
In the trenches as swarms of enemy troops poured in, the battle degraded down into fist-to-fist fighting. Jagadian troops did not back down. While outnumbered, they had one things the soldiers of this "Reich" did not have...a soul. They all knew and understood, that if they died fighting for their country, that God would pour blessing upon their familes and grant them entry into the Kingdom of Heaven, a kingdom upon which no souless and godless Reich could ever enter. The Crusader Troops are what held the Jagadian Army together. They were trained all their lives in the form of combat, both with a rifle and in melee. The screams of pain from both sides was heard. If Jagada were to loose this battle, they would make the enemy pay a Three-to-One ratio on death counts, that ratio would be in Jagada's favor, due to their entrenched advantages, along with countless other advantages.

Admiral Nerve stood on his deck, and smirked. They would loose this battle, and this war. Nerve was a highly religious man, like most of the Navy. He knew God would not have permitted this devilish Reich to win this war if he didn't have some plan for them in the future. Perhaps their empires would crummbled and they were all slaughter eachother. That possibility made his next decision all the more easier to make. He looked over his shoulder to an aide that was waiting for his commands. He smirked, this particular aid wasn't as cowardly as the last two, who had sadly been hit by enemy bullets.

"Aid, inform the fleet, this is a national broadcast," he stated. The aid walked over to the admiral to ensure he would hear him correct, "I, Admiral Nerve, am inacting Protocal One of the Naval Command, understand?" he stated to the aid. The aid turned pale, but kept his composer, he nodded and rushed to the communications room.

As the battle continued, the navy was getting sunk to the bottom of the bay. Suddenly, a massive explosion occured, it was followed by another...then another. Then another one. What was occuring was simple. Protocal One of the Naval Command states "That never shall a Jagadian Vessel be captured or put at risk of being captured by enemy forces. If either are at risk of occuring, all ships who are threatened and cannot respond and hope to win...must scuttle their vessels."

And this was what was occuring. As part of tradition, Admiral Nerve's ship was the last to be scuttled. As he waited for his to detonated, he saluted as each of the remaining ships in the Jagadian Grand Fleet exploded, one by one. He had a tear in his eye, all brave sailors who were willing to fight for their country, all dead. As he stopped saluting, he noticed that a Battleship of Verstummelung had it's turrent guns aimed right at him. He smirked. When suddenly his own ship exploded from under his feet, seconds before the Verstummelung's turrent fired at his ship. He had died with honor after all.

In the air, bi-planes continued to battle it out.

General Robert York stood on the hill, he wasn't surprised that he had lost the battle. He was however greatful and took pleasure of the mourning that would come to many mothers from Verstummelung, they were godless and when their sons died, they did not go to a better place. Thus these mothers grieved for years, while mothers of Jagadian troops grieved for only hours, knowing that their sons went to better places, away from the ravages of this or any other war.

He straightened his coat, all important documents were secured in trucks that had already retreated back to the Vast Plains Defense Lines. The last defensive line between the port city of Inn and the Jagadian capital city of Christianpolis. This defensive line however, could not be taken down merely by numbers, it would take years before such brutal terrain could be taken. The communication part of the command post could send out a few more messages before they completely shut down and moved to the Vast Plains Defense Command Post. York walked into the room.

"Relay the following message to all Reserve Troops, and all troops in the trenches." he stated. The communication station was ready, by telegram they would relay this message to small communication facilties in the port city of Inn.

"General Robert York hereby gives the following orders to the entire Jagadian Army fighting at the port city of Inn. A tactical retreat is in place, fall back to the Vast Plains Defense Lines. I repeat, fall back to the Vast Plains Defense Lines. York out," he stated. As he said the words, they were relayed to the communication centers in the porty city. After sending out the message, the communication center packed up and took off towards the Vast Plains.

York turned and got into the automobile that would take him to the Vast Plains as well. In the automobile was his aid, this aid held all the inform in a manilla folder. York got in and immeidately wanted answers.

"The artillery, has it moved out yet?" York asked. "Yes sir, due that the enemy forces have suffered thousands of losses, and that the beaches are secured, they have retreated."

"The air force?" questioned York. "Air Marshall Peterson has already moved his command post to the directed place, the planes staying in the skies for defensive measures. All airfield that will be taken by the enemy have been dismantled and made useless. The already built airfields of the Vast Plains has been supplied, and new planes being brought in. Number of planes has increased to two-hundred thanks to the Arm Manufacturing Industry sir," replied the aid.

York hesitated before asking the next question, "And Admiral Nerve?" he asked. The aid also hesitated to answer, "Admiral Nerve inacted Protocal One of the Naval Command," replied the aid. York growled, he had seen the ship explode, but had figured they were only damaged. Now that he knew Protocal One was inacted, he was slightly angry. He gave the signal to the driver and they sped off towards the Vast Plains Defense.

[OOC: Ok. Since this is now a Jagada Vs. Verstummelung. I'll give you somewhat of an insight of the Vast Plains Defense. Think...Maginot Line.]
01-03-2005, 04:05
Supplies would be easily brought in as the enemy fleet slowly sunk to the bottem. The Verstummelung Navy cared little for enemy warships inferior....they simply depth charged the wrecks and moved onwards.

Whatever that was still standing was makeshiftly ships begun to pour in troops and equipment.

This beachhead had cost Verstummelung 8,891 troops, with over 6,021 troops wounded our dieing.

One of the bunkers standing after the assault became 1st Army headquarters. Already 75mm howitzers, and 120mm guns were posted around it. As the beachead would become a fortress in itself....

In command of the invasion force, was Field Marshal Enrick Von Sturmfaust. Enrick wasn't like the sick facists, he fought with a clean matter the religion he thought of men equal...he didn't under estimate them either.

The HeadQuarters was filled with maps, and locations for enemy troops retreating. Already a fallow up engagment was planned.

In the air, several squadrons of airplanes begun to straif retreating troops, their focus was on the artillery, which would take alot of time to move....and made a juicy target. Also dropping bombs in the road infront of a group made them easy to kill off.

Airattacks became more frequent, a makeshift runway was set up, planes took off every 20 minutes, their goal was to halt enemy troop movement, allowing the ground forces to regroup and crush the retreating enemy.....

Already a plan was made to finish the war....
02-03-2005, 02:41
The Fuhrer appeared from the confines of his home in Marchinberg, accompanied by the Deputy Fuhrer. The press of the Reich appeared in front of him, the strong and nationalistic man.

"Long has this battle raged. Long has the non-Gentile been oppressed by the sacred book, the so-called 'Holy' Bible. And what have we done to deserve such oppression by the Christians, the 'Holy' man? We have stood up for what WE believe in, for what WE think!" the Fuhrer spoke loud and clear over the small crowd, hoping to get in a last speech before Jadaga fell.

"The nation of Holy Sheep has conceded and acknowledged our beliefs as a nation, as a new world. The nation on Jadaga, on the other hand, is not so benevolent. They oppose any who do not see Jesus as the Messiah, as their being one true and righteous god. We cannot let them blind the world in a shroud of darkness and deceit, unable to be freed by the church's grips and fists of hatred."

"What religion has been the cause of more human death and cultural destruction than Christianity? None. Christianity has maimed, enslaved, and murdered mankind silently for centuries! Truth is a pathless land, and nothing is black and white in this world."

"Christianity sentences you to the confines of hell if you don't believe in their system. Jews, you're dead. Muslims, you're dead. Hindus and Buddhists? Dead. Welcome to the world, my fellow prisoners."

"We must revamp, revitalize...we must cure this world of its black plague! Compared to Christianity, small pox is but a common cold! You fear death by disease? I fear death by religion, by obscuring the public and brainwashing them into economic, political, governmental, and educational failure! We can rise up and conquer, free us of the shackles that the Gentiles have slapped on our ankles and wrists!"

The Fuhrer was enraged, and whispered to the Deputy Fuhrer. Leaning back to his comrade, he quickly ordered a deployment of the Aerial Sector, a massive wave of Gotha's*.

"I give the nation, the self-declared divine and serene land, of Jadaga no more than a day, twenty-four hours, to surrender to the glorious Reich. They must see the light, the gray area of this world. They must discover themselves, find that there is something better, much better, than being blind, deaf, and senseless to humanity as a whole! Free yourselves, Jadagans!"

"Ein Kampf, Ein Sieg! FUR DAS REICH!" shouted the Fuhrer, saluting the Reich with respect and comradity.

[OOC: Gotha's, or the Gotha G.V bomber of Germany, were bombers of WWI. Gotha G.V information. ( I recommend you surrender, Jadaga.]
02-03-2005, 03:03
The Deputy Fuhrer and the Fuhrer both knew Jagada wouldn't give up just like that, it would take a huge blow to their heart to cripple their will to fight.
Gotha bombers were the awanser. They had the range, and the payload to deliever their huge blow.

Sience the start of this war, the Reich's warplants had been producing Gothas as fast as they could produce shells for their rifles. Gotha numbers had been in the thousands....which was not good for Jagada. The Gotha could fly higher than enemy fighters...which also made them a valued asset.

A fleet of 1200 had been deployed to airbases in Occupied Territory in Jagada. Their range was good....enough to take them to Christianpolis and back.

The Operation was called, "Hell's Fury." The plan was to take

Already the Gothas had been airborn, they carried incenduary bombs, and blank shift poison gas....they filled the skies like a massive black cloud. They flew with dozens of fighters yes.....

Their target was Christianpolis, to level the city....and thats what they had in mind.
02-03-2005, 04:14
Jagada do hereby surrender.

[OOC: Sorry, but this one-sided war isn't fun anymore. So, God bless and cya later.]
04-03-2005, 04:43
(OOC: Ok.....)

With the fall of Jagada the Reich now stood as victor of the war. Their armies swept into the defeated countries, killing Christians like nothing.

They did meet some resistance, small pockets of soldiers refusing to give up. But they were soon trampled....

The region was under the Reich's control now.