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Terraforming begins on Jalspen (ft)

Cyrian space
17-02-2005, 04:30
Anakar saw a land covered in green and yellow, he saw fields full of anavar wheat, he saw streams and rivers. Right in front of him, he saw a brilliant waterfall. cities dotted the planet, small crowns to her glory. It was so beautiful...
Anakar opened his ehere was still unbreathable, but with enough plant life, that could be fixed. Wyes to see the barren rock he stood on. This would take a lot of work, but according to the deeper soil samples, this planet could sustain plant life. The atmospith enough work, and enginuity, everything on this planet could be fixed.
Anakar pulled the lever which would begin the lengthy process of removing the topsoil in this area. under the ten feet of salt and rock, the land was fertile and ready to grow. Anavar closed his eyes again, imagining a future home for so many. This rock had so much potential, and he had only one vision for it. He wanted to let it grow.
Flaming Fist
17-02-2005, 04:59
Soliun finished his scan of the line of cargo vessels approaching the Jalspen station. They expected the perimeter defences to begin three kilometers before they actually did, so they would lower their shields and be vulnerable. He signalled the five fighter wings working with him and pointed them toward the first ship. "First blood stops the rest" he said into the intercom, as his miniature fleet descended on the lead cargo ship.

(note, Flaming Fist is a piracy network based in/around Cyrian Space.)