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big boom for sale (storefront)

16-02-2005, 06:02
this is for speacial weapons & packages, please visit our other storefront (
normal rules apply

if requested we could try & arrange for the aquisition of a suitcase nuke or two, we could also build a crude truck nuke for terrorist orginizations

EMP in a van
what would happen if you got this in a server farm :confused: :D :eek:

Biological Weapons

5kg weaponized Anthrax=$100,000
engineered strain resistant to antibiotics=double price
nothing complicated, just the already proven IL-4

weaponized Tularemia 10kg=$100,000
iincapacitates, which means you can send most of a division to the hospital for a week (or a few, I forget) & it only takes a few spores to be effective

line source sprayer for planes=$100,000 (
with just a few kg of weaponized whatever you can cover miles

Variola or Marbug (alot like Ebola) on request

Chemical Weapons & accesories

Type-66 152mm towed howitzer=$250k (
pretty standard

10 152mm sarin shells=$250k
enough Sarin in each shell for a hypothetical 85,000 lethal doses


Stryker Brigade (
more than 300 assorted stryker, considered the smallest deployable unit

tank Century (100 men)
6 M1A2
1 recovery (repair) vehicle
5 Stryker
3 or more trucks

Air Resupply
5 C-130 with STOL capability, can also land on dirt strip
a few tractors & assorted engineering vehicles
2 pavehawk

UAV command
30 UCAV X-45
2 NSA refueler (
4 FB-22
1 fire truck (airport)
1 common support craft (newer awacs)
15 oil trucks
2 Global Hawk
Bunker completely tricked out for "point & click warfare ( "

Command Bunker
one big room (
& a bunch of deployable regional control centers (
20ish comm sats for maximum bandwidth anywhere on earth (
8ish spy sats (1cm=a couple inches), FLIR, microwave, everything
gps system
RFID tech
database tech
software that allows people in central command to view any type of image stored
software that allows central command to use text messages to communicate with troops on the ground (or anywhere)
software that allows central command to watch/control UAVs, planes, ships, ground based vehicles & keep track (through rfid) of any package
$10b total (negotiable)

more to come
16-02-2005, 06:18
How much just for them?
16-02-2005, 06:24
$100m a piece
16-02-2005, 06:36
We will purchase 10 NSA refueler's for a total of 1,000,000,000 in your currency. It has been wired to your account.

We hope to do more business in the future. Now we won't need to worry about refueling in the air. Well, as long as we don't commit to any major wars.
Leon Czolgosz
16-02-2005, 06:44
why do you need air refulers anyways? no country of 5m can afford to maintain an airforce that includes 10 of them, unless of course they give their soldiers a pistol or a grenade (alternates) & a handful of rice a day :D
16-02-2005, 07:21
They will be stored in Da Nang Air Base until they're needed. We aren't using them, only in foreign situations. I think we might have a steady oil import network. Though in the future we would like to switch to infinite energy.

And the pilots will be armed with a pistol and that is all. If they are shot down, it is up to them to use what they have to successfully make it home.

As we are a communist nation, you will notice that things tend to get done. We have a labor force that is like an army. And besides that, our military is 5%. Or 250,000.

125,000 are volunteers that join the National Bentagan Army. The other 125,000 are volunteers into the BC. A patriotic bunch that protects Bentagan from all imperialist nation. You could say the NBA is our regular army, and the BC are our protectorates.

The NBA are the Riflemans that use AK-47's and Stick Grenades. For every two Rifleman, you have have machinegunners using the RPD and a back up pistol to mow down any enemy presence. 75,000 of our army falls into those categories. So you could say, we have 50,000 rifleman, and 25,000 machinegunners in our arsenal.

Then we have our NBA Sappers that number 25,000 and they work as seperate units by themselves armed with the Type-56, Stick Grenades, Satchel Charges, and Wire Cutters to infiltrate enemy lines. The other 25,000 are NBA Medics which are scattered all across the battlefield to serve as a backup to the Sappers especially, and where they are needed in the rear. They use the SKS, health kits, and smoke grenades to protect the wounded NBA.

As far as the BC goes, they all work as seperate units. 50,000 Snipers which pick at the enemy day in night with the PU, and a back up pistol. Guerilla forces which also number 50,000 are the main BC force that uses the SKS, booby traps, and the great RPG!

The other 25,000 are the BC Observers which act as "spies", they will find where the enemy are so we can attack, or they can lay down some red smoke so that we can use artillery or our airforce to destroy what is there. They also have a mobile radio, and they use the PPSH41. They will work behind enemy lines. And while our population increases so will our military.

Our air force is very few, so there are civilians working on the air bases, but the pilots that we have were recruited from the general population that wishes to learn aviation and to serve Bentagan in the air. In the future we will incorporate artillery, armored vehicles and such, and a navy. The personel will be recruited from the general population.

The Bentaganese people own markets, work in our labor force, become mothers, farmers, work in the industry, or they are having their schooling.
16-02-2005, 21:17
confirmed + 25% discount as first customer

50% off emp for the rest of the day
17-02-2005, 00:33
17-02-2005, 01:51
Raptorian Federation
17-02-2005, 01:56
if requested we could try & arrange for the aquisition of a suitcase nuke or two, we could also build a crude truck nuke for terrorist orginizations

Secret IC: Greetings, although our government does not have a state funded Terror organization, we would like to inquire the price on these Truck Nukes...
17-02-2005, 01:58
depends, it's hit & miss with the fissionable materials, I can make one for about $1m
Raptorian Federation
17-02-2005, 02:21
Secret IC: How many would you be willing to produce for us?
17-02-2005, 08:03
Will you be adding additional stuff in the future?
17-02-2005, 08:37
we can only produce two at the moment (est. 5kt), & we will be adding more at a later date (prob. more navy & army, missile?)
17-02-2005, 16:45
new package added
17-02-2005, 18:13
Raptorian Federation
18-02-2005, 22:48
Secret IC: Alright, please produce 2 for us, the money will be wired upon conformation... And we'll send transports upon completion.
18-02-2005, 22:49
Raptorian Federation
18-02-2005, 23:00
*Secretly confirmed*
03-03-2005, 20:41
07-03-2005, 02:51
buy something already!
07-03-2005, 05:34
We are interested in nukes. Would you be able to make more?
26-03-2005, 20:24
sorry, mom still has my modem
1 rl month & I'll make you nukes
27-03-2005, 17:15
30-03-2005, 00:15