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THe machine warriors world fact book

The machine warriors
11-02-2005, 14:52
The machine warriors

"Technology, what a wonderful thing"

all results at last census


The lands of the machine warriors are well kept but wherever you go
technology is present, whether its the latest tadernia car or the high lords
battlesuits going about but there are inroads and parks to keep the enviroment and pleasures of people happy.

there are about 16 million people in these economically powerful lands.
Elections arent held because a system working the fuedal is at hand.

The council of lords-
Mergus Diandre-High lord of Technology
Magnus niveldraits- Chief of chemicals
Binaven Vitz-Head Physicist
Kezan gerondrous- Expert of the body
daronious Diandre- lord of the engineers
vedrinious gidiners- apprentice chemical worker
malleos dendrony-apprentice Physicist
fenrick kendron- apprentice bioligist
bernanine vosace- engineer captain

The nation is avowedly atheist

civil rights- below average
political freedoms-outlawed


tax rate-flat-15%

government priorities-commerce, law and order and defence

government budget-$67,487,392,000
Government Expenditures: $53,989,913,600.00
Goverment Waste: $13,497,478,400.00

Administration: $12,417,680,128.00-23%
Social Welfare: $0.00-0%
Healthcare: $0.00-0%
Education: $0.00-0%
Religion & Spirituality: $0.00-0%
Defence: $10,797,982,720.00-20%
Law & Order: $13,497,478,400.00-25%
Commerce: $17,816,671,488.00-33%
Public Transport: $0.00-0%
The Environment: $0.00-0%
Social Equality: $0.00-0%

exchange rate-1.0087 mechinases = $1

Exports: $41,653,223,315.31
Imports: $38,981,920,000.00
Trade Surplus: $2,671,303,315.31

Gross Domestic Product: $317,645,216,915.31
GDP Per Capita: $19,852.83
Unemployment Rate: 9.54%
Consumption: $260,984,000,000.00

Worker Enthusiasm: 70%
Government Efficiency: 80%
Consumer Confidence: 72%

conscription-in times of need only
equipment bought-
from-Dostanuot Loj---

30 LCAP's Landing Craft Air (Personell)

1000 f.a.v.w. 3ts (fast attack vehicles)

250 MCA-1R Medium Tank's