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Divisia Election results

10-02-2005, 05:46
Democratic candidate: Chris Phelps
Republican candidate: Jacob Stewart

Phelps bio:

"If I'm elected president, I will reduce military size, will NOT go to war unless we're attcked, have unrestricted access to abortions, and let our jobs go overseas. I will also allow more immagration. Vote Phelps! You'll be glad you did!"

Stewart bio:

"Divisia has been invaded not once, but TWICE by treacherous neighboring nations. I will not let that happen again! If I'm president, I will increase our military budget to help keep our borders secure. Also, our taxes are way too high, at an average of 74%! If I'm elected, I will cut taxes whenever the opportunity presents itself. Also, I will NOT let our jobs go overseas and let foreigners take our jobs. Vote Stewart! Secure Divisia's future!

Election Results:

Stewart: 73%
Phelps: 27%
10-02-2005, 06:00
President Maybury congratulates Mr. Jacob Stewart for his victory, and wishes your country luck in the future!