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The evidence

09-02-2005, 22:23
<<<ooc: first RP, I’m trying something. You can join in any way you want, if you want.>>>

It was a cold moonless night up in Ice-covered Lorran Hills area, and the only light around came from projector stationed on a 15m high tower, but it didn’t help that much, it just made the freezing guards feel a bit safer, if they weren’t sleeping…

Alpha-1, though, was fully awake and waiting for additional orders.
He took out a small digital device out of the inner pocket of his white winter suit and transmitted a message, keeping absolute silence all the time.
“Op. Data Collecting completed. Waiting.”
Not more than 30 seconds later, he received a response.
“You may return to point A6 and wait for the pickup.”
Immediately after reading the message, Alpha-1 moved quickly south of his location to point A6, where a snow-vehicle will take him back to base.

Base 3, about 2 hours later
Alpha-1 entered the large room full of computers, in the center of the huge building. He went straight to the office in the end of the hall, turned to a small panel near the door, and said “H-A-7-2-2-3-K-F” clearly enough to make the door open.
“Hello Mr. Smith!” said the man inside the office, “Long time no see!”
Alpha nodded and smiled to the man politely, and took a small camera out of his bag.
“This, John” he announced, “Is the evidence you’ve been waiting for since October 2 years ago. I risked my life, my very expensive equipment, my job, and my friends to get this thing.”
John seemed very interested in Mr. Smith’s camera, and he didn’t even look at Mr. Smith himself. He just nodded “Yes” and let him speak.
“So I expect a reasonable payment, if you don’t mind.”
“But of course Mr. Smith!” John suddenly woke up to life, “You’ll get your promised 3 million in no-time. Expect them within the next…”
“Week” Mr. Smith interrupted John’s words
“Uhm… Yes, week. Of course.”
“Well, shall we?”
“Yes, I have the reading device right here in the office” John pointed to a small gray cube connected to his computer.

Mr. Smith gave John the camera, which he placed on the desk and plugged it to the gray cube.
“It should upload by itself.” Mr. Smith said, trying to make things quicker.
A media player software indeed started by itself, and as he clicked ‘play’, John seemed excited like a small boy entering a theme park.
“Finally we have it!” he thought to himself.
Mr. Smith knew the movie from start to end, and he didn’t want to waste any time. “Run it to 43:00 now, it should be it.” John did as he said.

Finally, the important part was seen – A line of 30 men no younger than 16 and older than 60, were seen marched to a certain line. At first, it seemed as they were runners getting ready for a race, but after the zoom was activated, it became clear. In front of the men was a large 3 meter wide, 30 meter long and 5 meter deep hole in the ground. It reminded John of the mass-graves found in different areas in the world. “What is this…?” he wondered.
“Get ready for the best part.” Mr. Smith said quietly, “It should be it right now.”
30 soldiers armed with M-16 rifles went to their places, and without delay, each of them fired more than a bullet to the back of the heads of all the men who stood there.
Mr. Smith explained the last part for the completely shocked John, “You are now, my rich friend, a witness of an execution.”
John couldn’t believe what he had just seen. Mr. Smith felt horrible for him, and tried to explain more of the story.

“As you know, for the past 3 years, about every few months, an entire population of a certain place was wiped out after a storm, a flood, or whatever, destroyed the place.”
John listened carefully and with great interest. “Please continue…”
“Yes, well didn’t you notice that no one was ever found alive? Didn’t you notice that it's always a remote village or town almost nobody knows? Didn’t you notice… That the population of each and every one of these places… Was entirely Islamic?”
“What?! What are you trying to say?!”
“I’m not trying to say, John, I’m telling you a fact – Our military, with the cover of natural disasters, is committing a genocide of the Muslim population of Ruheria. For more than 2 years.”
John remained breathless hearing Mr. Smith’s explanations. “I can’t believe this…”
“Well you better believe it.” Mr. Smith reminded him, “You’re gonna pay me 3 million Rynes for bringing it to you!”