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Deathsquad 19
05-01-2005, 23:13
It was 10:00pm in Manchester, Daniel had been driveing for a while now, It had been around a year since him and his 'buisness partners' started a 'demolition material company' selling TNT to C4, Of course to liscenced people. Dan kept driveing, He felt like his heart was about to explode, The way it beated against his chest, His hands were sweaty, But of course he had a reason to. His cargo-van was filled to the brim, He prayed alex rigged it right or else he would be sitting there holding a detonator to nothing, But he knew Alex would, Alex was the man, Alex was the brains of the operation! No way in hell he could mess up! Dan shook his head then kept driveing. Then, There it was.... The hospital he had gone crazy looking for, A young nurse-quite good looking- was stanind outside, On her break as Dan rolled down his window and asked as polite as he could, "Where is the parking garage"

The nurse replied, "No problem, You turn this corner then you'll see a sign that says 'Parking Garage' you cant miss it." and smiled, Dan waved and drove off again, He turned the corner, It was like everything went into slow-motion, He thought he was going to have a heart attack, He thought to himself, 'Should I do it now? No, Im fine... Just nervous... Just nervous...'

He then went down the ramp to the underground parking level, It was packed inside, People coming and going, He parked the car and shut it off, He just had to wait for that one phone call, That call that would end his own life and many others.

Alex, Sped down an empty street, Going to a local mall, He thought to himself
'A mall, What a perfect hit... What a wonderful hit ! Im a genious! Yes, To bad im dieing in 15 minutes' then a phycotic grin emerged on his face, He then saw the lights of the mall, People everywhere he saw a sign saying,

'Parking 10.00 an hour'

He whispered to himself, "Im paying for my own death? This is ridiculous!" as he handed the man in the toll-booth 10.00, And waved and went on his way down the crowded parking lot, Nearly hitting a lady as she got out of her car, He yelled

"What the fuck are you doin' lady?!"

She gave him 'the finger' then he thought to himself, "Oh well, Hopefully she'll be dead.." then laughed...

He shut off his car, Just like Alex. Now, He could only wait for Sasha to call... Once she called, It was going down, Alex was crazier then them both, Thats how he became the small cell-leader.

Sasha cruised down the streets, Taking her time not to be to suspicious, Her target... A local police station, She knew when she was there, The more cop cars, She thought 'The more the merrier!' then giggled, As she made a sharp turn into the parking lot, A cop emerged out of nowhere, And she slammed into him, Throwin the police officer against a wall, He was dead alright... But she was in position, She hurried and called Alex, "NOW! DO IT HURRY!" and hung up, As Alex called Dan, "Do it pal' its time.." and hung up,

Dan was the first to press the 'magic' button, as the once peacefull-looking van, Turned into a huge disaster, The blast ripped throught everything it could, The firey/debris hellhole shook the building, As it literally, Fell on itself and the people ouside, It was a horrible mess of blood,guts,limbs crushed under heavy support beams, The road outside was a complete and total mess, The next one to push the 'magic' button was Alex, Crazy ol' Alex, He laughed and yelled "BITCHES!" befor pushing it, Sending another blast from hell, Rocking the crowded mall, Like the other building couldnt handle the explotion, Debris went everywhere as the building started falling apart on itself, Screams of pain from the survivors could be heard, As the whale of EMS vehicles....

Last, Was Sasha... The one who was the only girl there, And she proved to do her job right pushing the 'magic' button, Again a fireball from hell came from the van, The roar of the blast was terrifying, As the building fell apart, Smashing the screaming people underneath the heavy steel beams, And the people outside crushed by flying debris, Cries of wounded spread throught the 3-targets, Smoke filled the air from the blast as bodies littered the streets.... It is amazing what can happen in seconds, In those seconds who knows how many people died?
05-01-2005, 23:52
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Deathsquad 19
10-01-2005, 23:18
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