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The experiment on HyperDrive are successful

05-01-2005, 20:21
Mllia announces that their experiments on brand new HyperDrive system are successful and new cargo and attack ships are ready to use.
HyperDrive enables an aircraft to go Mach 4 with using a lot less fuel. The technology is not flawless of course and if it is used more than 10 hours without giving a break for at least 2 hours the motors begin to overheat and after ten minutes, if the aircraft is not stopped, the motors explode.

Mllia is offering one HyperDrive motor for 1000$ (Service and assembly included)
One HyperDrive motor can make a single heavy attack ship or a medium or smaller cargo ship to travel at Mach 4. For larger cargo or attack ships at least 2 motors are required.

Ed Informa
Minister of Information