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A rip in dimensions

03-01-2005, 01:06
-= While experimenting with alien technology that they acquired from a recent war with alien forces, Slinao scientists came across a startling discovery. After messing with both plasma technologies, and all the recovered damage parts of anti-matter and energy propulsions, they tore a hole in the fabric of reality. They found that they had torn a hole into another dimension. One that was still in a technology stage much like the world in the year 1840. The scientists kept studying the tear, and ound that they could control the size of the tear and quickly set up a system of portals. They had told the Supreme Diety about their discovery and he had reacted with a great plan. He would move a portion of his military into the new world and quickly take it over. =-
03-01-2005, 15:30
what type of plasma weapons? bioplasma plasma the atom plasma if fully charged draklor may be interested in purchasing a few thousand weapons after use
with your permission of course
03-01-2005, 21:15
OOC: Two Things:

1) Inter Dimensional stuff appears to be ignored by the general community because of WAY too much potential for "Godmodding". Only reason *I* use it in some degree is because its how my FT self came into being, and I neither can nor intend to change it.

2) That last part of number one means that now yer in MY backyard.


Corbox sat at a small table overlooking the great Defense Directorate Situation Viewscreen, busily playing a game of solitaire. A sudden burst of static from the viewscreen knocked him out of his chair and sent his cards flying.


He leaned over the nearest railing and bellowed down to the various techs and communications officers. "What in the blue hell is going on down there?!"

"Emergency dispatch from our ViZion holdings, sir! They said this is too hot for simple couriers!"

"Crap... Put 'em on!"

The Viewscreen lit up with the face of the Head diplomat of the Godulan-ViZionarian embassy, who seemed to maintain an oddly confused expression on his own behalf. "General Corbox, you told me to inform you directly if we ever receive a riftsign."



"Can you confirm where?"

"Some dinky little nation that recently got onto the bad side of some of our happy friends under the command of Enigma. They gave up in the end, but DLE did take losses. We think these people figured out how to reverse engineer some of the stuff, but we're still trying to figure out how this rift came into being. DLE's technology shouldn't facilitate that kind of thing."

"They whoopsied?!"

"Seems like it."

"Can you confirm where the rift leads to?"

"We have a good idea, sir. Seems to be some universe with a time displacement somewhere in the negative one-sixties. Coordinates are encoded in this message."

"Last question. What are these people doing about it?"

"The Lunar base is reporting some kind of expeditionary mobilization. They might be thinking of pulling a WorldWar on the other nation."

"World War? What's so big about that?"

"Not World War... WorldWar. Don't you ever read Turtledove? Aliens with modern technology attempting to take over a world of the past, and stuff."

"Mister, from Colonel and beyond, my only reading consisted of status reports and research papers. I LIVE science-fiction. I don't READ it."

"Of course, sir. The reference stands though."

"Great. Thanks for the heads up, Aktei."

"Whoa... thanks from you... I'm gonna go get my hearing checked."


"You too."

The Viewscreen flickered off and left the situation room in silence. One person whispered "Riftsign?", and had to have the whole "Interdimensional Portal" schpiel whispered back at him.

"Alright people, I want a single DawnRunner fleet over there keeping an eye on the situation. If these people try clunking the natives over the head with DLE's weapons, we'll be quick to send the natives some punkthumpers of Godulan manufacture! Nothing like a world in your debt to cement business ties."
04-01-2005, 01:26
-= The Supreme Diety had an infatnry of 1500 men prepared for operation Divine Purpose. They were armed with XM-8 Battle Rifles and Ranger Body Armor. They also moblized 500 humvees. The supply trucks drove in too. They carred high explosives, just incase they faced more resistance they expected.

Their target was the North American Landmass. They would set up a military base and defend against any locals there, and then send word for mining operations to be set up. They would harvest the resources for the conquest of this new world. =-

(ooc: I'm only doing this for Storyline development, I enjoy creative writings and this allows me an output for it)
04-01-2005, 04:38
OOC: Hey, I welcome an RP like this. Gives me a chance to stretch MY legs. Haven't had a chance for a real military-esque RP since Glemte Hage (We're still bitter about that little %@%^@^&$@).


The DawnRunner and its support fleet materialized on the far side of the moon, away from the prying eyes of the local astronomers and other upward-looking individuals. One could only imagine the furor some 50 vessels popping into plain sight would cause with individuals incapable of even grasping the very idea of anything else but angels being up there.

Several probes were sent into Earth's Geosynchronous orbit. Their matte-black coloring hopefully enough to avoid detection. They would keep an eye on further Rift Incursions as well as keeping tabs on any out-of-place forces.

The plan was simple. If hostilities were to break out and escalate, Godulan Mechanicals and Armaments Inc. representatives would be sent down to broker arms deals with the natives. A few cougars here, a few starspiders there, just enough to put the invaders on their heels.


A single missive was sent to the individual referred to as the "Supreme Deity", stating the following:

To whom it may concern:

Approximately 4 days ago, we detected Riftsign within the borders of your nation. Discerning such breaches is easy for one with the right equipment.

Further analysis of the Rift's signature enabled us to pinpoint its location within superspace. This location presents disturbing allegations.

One. Your previous actions with respect to Genocide against religious factions presents a scenario we would much rather not have to contemplate, as the time period of the world in question is decidedly more... theocratic in nature than modern times.

Two. You broke this rift with DLE technologies. We happen to have very good diplomatic ties with Enigma, and do not take kindly to the plundering of his most dearly held secrets in such a blithe manner.

As a result, we present two options. ONE, alter the frequency on the device you are using to craft the Rift, which would enable you to change WHICH dimension you are connected to, until you find an uninhabited world. Whereupon we will cease caring one whit what you do. TWO, continue your present course and experience the withering terror of our Cougars as they gnaw on the bones of your incursion force.

Have a nice day!
Sirzan Aktei, Administrator, Godulan - Realspace Relations
Imported ViZion
04-01-2005, 23:35
To whom it may concern:

Approximately 4 days ago, we detected Riftsign within the borders of your nation. Discerning such breaches is easy for one with the right equipment.

Further analysis of the Rift's signature enabled us to pinpoint its location within superspace. This location presents disturbing allegations.

One. Your previous actions with respect to Genocide against religious factions presents a scenario we would much rather not have to contemplate, as the time period of the world in question is decidedly more... theocratic in nature than modern times.

Two. You broke this rift with DLE technologies. We happen to have very good diplomatic ties with Enigma, and do not take kindly to the plundering of his most dearly held secrets in such a blithe manner.

As a result, we present two options. ONE, alter the frequency on the device you are using to craft the Rift, which would enable you to change WHICH dimension you are connected to, until you find an uninhabited world. Whereupon we will cease caring one whit what you do. TWO, continue your present course and experience the withering terror of our Cougars as they gnaw on the bones of your incursion force.

Have a nice day!
Sirzan Aktei, Administrator, Godulan - Realspace Relations
Imported ViZion

-=The supreme Diety looked it over and then made his respose to the message.=-

To whom it may concern

One: We have broken no laws, performed no destruction, and wished no ill upon this new found land. We are merely wishing to further our resources and give our populous more of a choice in where they wish to live. Until you have other evidence, then my diplomatic rules you have no right to interfere.

Two: We broke the rift with our own tech trees. Just because DLE interfered with out politics and received damage, doesn't mean we are useing his tech. We studied the techs that were used against us, and then started making our own, useing theres as an example. If any nation ever attacks us on our homesoil, we will do the same, we will examine the wreckage, and design ways to exploit flaws and further our way of life. We are not plundering, we are cleaning up the trash left on our soil.

As for the choices, we choose to contine our mining expedition, but we thank you on how to alter the way we open rifts, our scientists will do further research on this. We have broken no law, and we have broken no way of life. So please, leave us alone. We will be sending in more defenses for our expedtition now with you couger threat.

-=ends transmission=-
Green Sun
04-01-2005, 23:55
"Sir! Reports say that something very odd is happening somewhere on Earth! Location not confirmed, but we have five possibilities."
"List them," replied Secretary of Defense .
"Let's see here...Europe, Japan, Midway, Continental United States, or Russia. Most likely the USA. What will we do?"
"Well, first of all, find out what's happening and then come to me. Send in a team to find out."
"Yessir. Deploying Cargo planes from Risban..."
05-01-2005, 00:47
The Commander of the DawnRunner fleet, one Vice Admiral Mammon Shaw, looked up from his study desk as a small red light began blinking on his intercom. He reached over after a moment's thought and flipped it.

"What've we got?"

"They chose option B," the voice from the intercom replied. "Plus, it seems their response irked the high command somewhat, they're sending a shipment of some eighty StarSpiders to reinforce any Cougar legions we sell to the locals. Free of charge."

Shaw raised an eyebrow. "More StarSpiders? Corbox is getting a little ahead of himself, apparently."

"He's also seen fit to mobilize a second DawnRunner fleet for a possible strike at whatever installations they're using to generate these rifts."

"THAT'LL cause chatter."

"Somebody mentioned that to him, sir. His response was, and I quote: 'you say that as though I give a shit.'"

"Charming. Alright, tell the GMA reps to get ready. Looks like we're sending them to whoever runs that anachronistic little burg on the North American Continent."

"Aye, sir." The voice clicked off.

Shaw flipped another switch, one to the main cargo holds. "Sir?" the voice on the other end queried.

"Get those warbots ready for shipment! I want those things gone by the time the next wave of StarSpiders comes in!"

"They're sending more?!"

"Damn skippy, seems our happy-go-lucky invader pals have gone and talked all uppitty to us."

"Oo. Bad move."

"Damn skippy. Get it done, Subaltern!"
05-01-2005, 01:08
-=more rifts went up, these ones set up for air traffic. Transports started bringing in building supplies, as well as turrent defenses. After study of alien technologies, they had started making a new alloy, twice as strong at titanium for half the weight. They had also started making limited strength shielding devices, also from alien technology advances.

Special forces were also being trained on how to infiltrate into cultures without being detected. They were going to need intelligence in this new world, and they were going to need to set it up fast.

On the main front the Supreme Diety had made orders to bring up the new SAM sites as well as passive scanners. They weren't going to military alert, but they were going into a rather defensive setup, they didn't want another military intanglement, but they would defend themselves if needed.=-
05-01-2005, 01:32
OOC: Oh poo... who RPs as the locals? Gonna want a third party for that...

Some time after, the second DawnRunner fleet materialized in geosynchronous orbit over Slinao, tasked with simply waiting for things to escalate, at which point, it would make certain that the escalation ended.

Missives were sent to surrounding nations, who would likely be curious at the sudden arrival of a massive fleet of the DawnRunner's nature, despite the fact that such vessels meandered through the airspace with abandon. Each missive simply stated that the fleet's beef was with their tech-plundering neighbor, and that not one hair on the head of innocent bystanders would be harmed.

The admiral of THIS fleet, one Jason Bell, immediately ordered the release of in-depth probes that would keep an eye on the other country with enough detail to read newspapers over people's shoulders.

Rift Centers were detected and catalogued as they activated, as were industrial centers and military installations. If stuff got hot, Bell had orders to hit them where it hurt the absolute worst.
05-01-2005, 01:46

Over the course of one night, what could only be termed by the locals as a sudden and oddly intense meteor shower fell over the ocean surrounding the North American continent. One unfortunate fishing boat was nearly capsized by one of the giant falling spheres, yet managed to regain its balance at the last moment. It did however lose one of its fishing nets, much to the relief of a single dolphin that was very close to drowning.

As each perfectly spherical meteor struck and fell to the seafloor, small clicks and whirrs could be heard just beyond its outershell. Then each and every one of the thirty-meter wide balls simply rolled away.

All in all, some one hundred and fifteen StarSpiders made planetfall that night. They would soon be followed by another meteor shower of similar size and intensity, and would be met eventually by cadres of Cougars... Locals permitting.
05-01-2005, 01:50
~Official Sharina TAG of Approval~


I'm a parallel universe nation, meaning I transfer between Earth III, IV, V, and most recently VI (no RP'ing there yet).

I also have my nation situated in my home universe of Sharina Prime (no NS nations there). In addition, I have colonized a "Fantasy" parallel universe, named Vori, where all sorts of Fantasy lands exist on Earth. Middle Earth, Shannara, Final Fantasy lands, Chrono Trigger lands, Morrowind lands, and all these video game RPG lands.

I use SLIDING Tech, based off the TV show "Sliders". My nation consficated the Sliding Timer from Quinn, Remembrandt, Maggie, and Wade when they slid into Sharina Prime. Then my scientists researched the Sliding Timer, and thus developed Sliding Tech (and made Sharina's own Sliding Timer's).

This is how my nation and leaders move between my 6 Parallel Earth's.

So I'd love to somehow get involved in this RP. Get my "Parallel Earth" type of RP feet wet. :D
05-01-2005, 02:20
-= the rifts had been modified to control where the deployment was going to go. On the other side in the new world, in what would be called California in some worlds, the deployment came out. The supreme Diety had chosen this land because it would have an easy access to an ocean front that wouldn't cause too much attention from locals. California only being mildly poppulated at this time, and the major nation on North America at this time would be the USA, though it hadn't crossed the Rockies at this point, at least not in any large amounts, so polictical impact would be low.

As night came, a flight of Commance's headed out, their mission was to close any gaps across the Rocky mountains. They flew in fast, and with their design anyone that happened to be in the area would only hear their noise for a few seconds, and nothing more.

The mining operations were set up to start mining in areas known to be full of gold and other resources. They would regroup at sunbreak and then head out to their destinations. =-
05-01-2005, 03:42
Approximately thirty GMA representatives made planetfall around the globe. Some in Russia, some in Mexico, and most on the Eastern Seaboard, and all with pre-designated points of contact.

Presently, the Mexican government would be given high priority, as at this period in time, Mexico held sway over the area that would eventually become California, Arizona, and New Mexico... and would, as such, likely be the first to learn of the incursion force.

Normally, a man clad in light gray walking down the streets of Mexico City towards the local governmental headquarters would be no cause for concern. But a man walking down the streets of Mexico City toting a veritable hand cannon and being accompanied by a ten-foot-tall tiger-shaped steel menace complete with snarls and growls at random passerby, did cause quite a ruckus.

It came somewhat to a head when the man approached a hastily formed blockade on his way to the seat of the Mexican Government. They didn't seem intent on asking questions.

His response was simple. He jammed his gun into the ground, letting its bayonet hold the gun up, leaned his arm on the butt of the gun, and lit a cigarette. He then made a "Come Hither" motion to the most relatively well-dressed member of the mexican force before him.

The Cougar curled up behind him and began making light rumbling noises.

It took some coaxing, but eventually the presumptive leader of the blockade force crept over, keeping a cautious eye on the tremendous steel cat napping behind the man with the very large gun.

"Howdy!" the GMA rep, one Mirnan Kentei, began. Realizing he'd begun in english, he switched over. "Greetings and salutations and all the rest of that old crap. Might you be the one who runs the rather ill-prepared crew before me?"

After some hesitation, the man shakily responded with a "Si."

"Magnificent! Perhaps you might be capable of doing me a favor? I happen to be here with something of a VERY lucrative business proposition, and I'm curious if you could... well... go get your government. I'm something of an arms dealer, and I suspect that they're the ones that make the decisions on such subjects. You wouldn't happen to have any idea how much you people have in gold boullion, do you?"
05-01-2005, 03:56
-= the mountain passes were now sealed up and the commanches had returned to their new home, a quickly set up air field. All around the air field were large crates, as big as semicontainers. They were set up all about the field, to disperse any adverse wind as well as give cover if they needed it. Everything was going as planned.

The regional Diety sent in his request for moving in tanks, he didn't need them right now, but he was a bit paranoid at being in this new world without the standing army he was used to. He had hoped the Supreme Diety had changed his mind about sending in the tanks, though he doubted it.

On the "main land" the Supreme Diety was looking over some of the reports sitting on his table when his message light lit up. He opened it and looked at the message that his recently appointed Regional Diety had sent him. He glared at it a bit and typed back a responce. "NO" and sent it back. He didn't like people challenging what he ordered. =-
05-01-2005, 04:26
ooc: is it ok if i get in on this somehow?
05-01-2005, 04:31
ooc: is it ok if i get in on this somehow?
I don't really mind, though just keep it kosher
05-01-2005, 08:15
OOC: Sharina and Stromland,

I don't see any major problems with at least a few people jumping on this RP, as Slinao started it and I kinda just jumped on as the main challenger. Would get kinda dull with backin' and forthin' with just one other person on an RP with potential such as this.
05-01-2005, 11:59
-= the regional Diety looked at his screen, still rather upset at his denied request for more land tanks. He didn't like being in a situation where he didn't have overwhelming power. He walked outside and looked at the landscape around him. It bothered him to see such a remote place, no temples, no buildings, and no streets. The only thing that reminded him of home was the patrols of Commanches that patrolled the sky at low altitudes.

He walked down to the mine camp, and found that it was up and running. People were moving in and out, digging out the excess rock and loading it into the waiting trucks. The trucks would then take the rock down so that it could be used to make cement for the road to the naval yards. That gave the Regional Diety some hope, knowing that soon there would be a road and vehicles to travel that road.

He went over and checked on the SAM sites, something he had argued with the Supreme Diety about setting up, and had only won out because there was a threat of interference on their plans here. He enjoyed its unnatural look, the smell of hydralic fluid in the air, and fresh grease on the bearings. It was one of 5 set around the base. The navel yard had 5 as well, although they also had the upgraded plasma missles too, as the Supreme Diety felt the naval yard needed more protection.

When he reached his office again, his message light was blinking. He went over and brought up the message screen. On it was a message saying that he would soon have 300 f-16s and an additonal 900 troops soon. His orders were to set up barracks for the new troops and hangers for the planes, as well as extend the runway for the take off room needed for the fighter, as well as landing. This cheered up the Regional Diety, as it allowed him more firepower at his disposal.=-

-=On the otherside of the landmass a special ops officer was quickly walking up the Nations capitol. He carried wooden box, as well as a briefcase filled with notes. He went in and went to the secretary and smiled=-

Excuse me Ma'am, might I get you to tell me where I can speak to a Senator at? -= he said with a smile and a wink =-

-=she smiled back and gave him directions and he quickly thanked her and continued on his way. He came to the senators office and knocked loudly. The congressman opened the door and let him in=-

What can I do for you gentle sir? -=the congressman said, offering him a cigar=-

Its not what you can do for me, but what I can do for you. -= the ops officer responded, opening his wooden crate and showing the senator an m16 rifle, and laying the blue prints out for how to setup a machine to make them. =- All I ask is that you give them Mexicans a what for. You see, they killed my pappy, and I don't wish them to get any farther north.

-= by the time he left he had brokered a deal. The USA would soon get a large sum of gold as well as go to war with Mexico with the new weapon, and in return they would leave California, or as they now called it Slinao Prospect, to other interested parties. The Ops officer quickly made his way back to his horse, and rode the next 100 miles out to his waiting commanche and departed once more for base camp. =-

(ooc: I didn't do this because of you useing Mexico, I had already planned on doing this to keep the base out of sight.)
05-01-2005, 20:14
In the time stream that many time travelers refer to as Prime Branch the Mexican American war did not take place until 1846 and Texas independence was won a full decade earlier. In this stream of time, however, Texas and California both still belonged to Mexico. Sam Houston had been defeated, captured, and executed for treason. Mexico has grown wary of America's ever greedier eye on the west and has already started buliding up its forces to prepare for conflict. Santa Anna, with the absence of Texas independence, had never lost a major conflict. As head of Mexicos armed forces and it's president this charismatic, if nearly insane, man was so popular that he could be Dictator over all of mexico in a matter of weeks if he whished. Therefore, it came as no great surprise that the captain who had met with the so called Wizard reported directly to Santa Anna, ignoring all the beurocrats.

"Damn rot headed scoundrel" SA spat at the guard, the look of ferocity never far behind his eyes now piercing. "there's no such thing as magic. You've heard of how the Chinese had gunpowder a century before europeans right? So this here is probably a Chinese guy." He paused a second, "Damn, I can't speak Chinese. You speak Chinese?" He asked the captain.

The captain, being an uneducated man, had of course never known that the chinese invented gunpowder, but he nodded all the way through his masters speech. Now he simply hung his head low and muttered "No senior"

"Then how the hell did you talk with him?"
"He spoke Spanish, sir"
"Si senior"
"So he's a damned Spaniard?"
"It would seem so senior, but his Spanish seemed too perfect like someone who learned it. Also sir, he greeted me strangely."
"How so?"
"He said 'hoodie'"
"Do you mean Howdy?"
"Si senior," says the captain "that was it"

The captain had never seen his commander in such a rage as when he stormed through the door out to where "that damned American" was waiting with his "trap"
05-01-2005, 20:30
( ooc: we need someone to play the part of this america. )
05-01-2005, 20:50
OOC: OOOOO! Them Americanos are een for a beeeeeeg surprise!


BUGGER! Somebody came in to play as the mexicans as I was writing my longwinded post...


Mirnan watched as some man even better dressed than the person he'd first spoken to barged out of the local headquarters. He was moving up in the hierarchy, at least. The only problem was, the guy was hostile.

"Greetings and Salutations as yet anonymous higher order military officer and or government official! As your underling has hopefully told you, I come with something of a business proposition. How would you respond if I told you I had the means to win you the entire New World?"
05-01-2005, 23:04
Santa Anna is taken aback at this man's strange accent. He certainly was not an American. Was he chinese? Santa had certainly never seen a chinese person before. His puzzlement replaced his anger momentarily as he listened to the man speak. He concentrated so much on the man that he did not even notice the large metalic objects behind the man. He was snapped out of his stupor as he heard the man.
How would you respond if I told you I had the means to win you the entire New World?"
"Damned worm! Do you think I am Spanish that I quest for empire? Do you think I am American" he spat the word, "that I should push foward to invade others sovereign territory? No, Mexico is not interested in conquering the "New World" as you call it, marking yourself as European beyond a doubt, we wish only to defend the territory that is ours, and we are quite capable of doing that on our own."

Santa Anna storms away without giving the man a chance to speak. He stops by the captain. "Shoot him" he says under his breath. The captain is stunned and hesitates enraging Santa Anna even more. He pulls the pistol out of the captains belt and turns to the European, his notorius aim ensures a hit as the hammer comes down.

OOC: Good time for the machine to jump in, eh?
05-01-2005, 23:26
OOC: Heh... heh... HEH... PS Language warning at the end.

The weapon discharged with a discharge appropriate for a weapon of its style. The bullet made a happy whizzing sound as it sailed to its target, dead on for a hit to the chest.

The bullet hit Mirnan at the perfect spot to sail through and rupture his heart.

Only it didn't. The bullet made a nice little poof in the representative's coat, but Mirnan's grin only widened.

"Not European, but of Japanese decent, and one hundred percent Godulan..." he said, as he took off his trenchcoat and shirt, revealing a body made completely of matte-black steel.

"Neutronium-Carbonide Steel Chassis, Bio-Mechanical Servomotors, and all sorts of high-tech wonders that essentially means that if your little peon bitch there fires one more goddamn shot at me I'm going to rip his goddamn head off and beat you to death with it."

Within an instant, Mirnan cleared the distance between himself and Santa Anna, seemingly materializing in front of him.

05-01-2005, 23:46
Santa Anna never got scared, or at least he never showed it. Inside he honestly felt like a scared little boy who wanted to run from this strange magician. However his chisled chin with its scraglly deard did not quiver and his knees did not knock as this...gordon was it?...performed his amazing feats.

"Then we shall have it." said Santa Anna in a tone that revealed none of his tremendous fear. "But surely, whoever you are, you are human, yes? So, I ask of you, what strings are attached?"

Privately he congradulated himself. The man said he was of Japanese decent and Japan was a province of China if his limited education served him right. The man was indeed chinese.
05-01-2005, 23:49
( ooc: we need someone to play the part of this america. )

can I be los gringos?
The Replicator Hive
05-01-2005, 23:58
OOC: If I can't join, sorry. Just ignore this post. I'm FT, in case you couldn't tell.


In space, a small meteor doesn't look like much. Just one of an almost infinate number of small particles floating around in the deep, cold infinity that is the universe. One such meteor was heading towards the recent rip in dimensions: it had been drifiting for a long time.

However, something was different. Something was odd.

It was no meteor.

If one were to look closely at the structure, one would see it was a piece of a spaceship. A large piece at that, about the size of a schoolbus. It was heading towards the parallel earth very fast, almost as if it were drawn to the rip.

As it passed through the rift, the ship wreckage began to crumble: it's frail structure disintegrating as it jolted between worlds.

What was left was something that had not been seen on any universe.

Deep inside the ship had been a large collection of strange chip-like devices. These chips were bound into a tight ball deep within the core of the wreckage, as though it were sheltering it from the cold, unforgiving vaccum that was around it.

As the ball entered the atmosphere of the planet, the ball began to break apart.

No...wait! It wasn't breaking apart! It was opening up, moving itself so it would crash into a landmass instead of the water.

It was headed for the polar part of a decent-sized land mass...what we call North America. As it closed onto it, it began to break apart. This time, it seemed for real. The chips broke appart into groups of two and three, cascading upon the outskirts of a small town on the southern Canadian border.

There was a dead silence for hours, as the pieces fell some kind of perturbed rainstorm.

Then, once the last chip had fallen, a new sound came forth.

The sound of metal clanking together, and what sounded like dozens...hundreds...THOUSANDS of hydrolics.

It was the sound of death.

It was the sound of the Replicators.
06-01-2005, 00:18
"Oh good. I really must apologize for my abruptness at that point, but I suspect no other means would have gotten your attention quite as swiftly.

"Strings Attached... ah, like a puppet. I see. The analogy does not see much usage where I come from. Well, I suppose the only way to explain that is to tell you... well... everything we know.

"Presently, there is a rather well armed and well established group of people from what can only be called another world, yet this world at the same time, in the process of setting up a base in the mountains of california. I do believe that is sovereign territory of mexico, correct?

"Anyway, we believe they are also making overtures to the Americans... I admit I was uttering somewhat of a falsehood when I threatened to bring our proposition to them, but rest assured they know nothing of me. Back to the point, we believe they are attempting to supply the Americans with arms sufficient not only to bring you under heel, but to essentially eliminate you entirely. What. We. Need. From you, is something akin to numerical assistance. We are willing to sell you the presently purring machine you see over there, along with some five hundred of its brethren, to be maintained under your control, as well as enough guns and randomized explosive THINGS to match those Manifest Destiny pricks up north gun for gun, and then up the ante until they drown in it.

"We do not ourselves care much for outright conquest and domination as such, but the people that are working with the Americans recently got on our bad side, and oh what a bad side we have. In fact, most of our concern is with respect to profit. And I suppose that brings us to the strings. Gold Boullion equivalent to THIS figure..."

Mirnan brought out a small piece of paper and handed it to Santa Anna. The figure was large, but Mirnan had calculated that it was a manageable amount by that time's standards.

"Will net you five full divisions of that deceptively pleased Cougar over yonder, along with enough training and tools to maintain them, as well as approximately fifty thousand Godulan S-70 assault rifles, with decent compliments of explosive ordinance and such, and even the blueprints to assist you in constructing more of the Godulan S-70s. That figure may seem large, but we are providing you with a specific bargain. In return for a full third of the price being shaved neatly off the top, and essentially being given a clear go-ahead to end those uppity Americans expansion efforts once and for all, you agree to assist us in driving back the fools that WE oppose."


Mirnan's combat comm pinged on with a message beamed to the DawnRunner fleet: "The Germans just went friggin' nuts! They're pumping everything they have into buying this stuff! We're making a mint! They didn't even want to hear about the discount!"

The message was directly wired into Mirnan's brain, so nobody but Mirnan heard the tremendously happy representative in Berlin.
06-01-2005, 00:39
OOC: On another note, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to deal with Replicators. Those are kinda difficult to RP with in a covert technology war between a supermodern and FT nation. I'll wait on Slinao's judgement though.
06-01-2005, 00:47
ooc: forget the americans, I'm going to try to get into this alternate world with my own nation. tell me if there's a problem.

IC: Command Cruiser Eon Blue, high orbit over Halelon IV, Malkyeri colony world.

"Admiral, message for you! It's the King. He says it's urgent."

"Thank you, Ensign. Bring me some tea, would you?" Admiral Johnson asked as the enlisted man left his cabin. He turned to the comscreen on his desk. The King's face appeared on the screen.

"Admiral. I have a mission of the utmost importance for you. Our intelligence sources have revealed that certain nations, namely Godular and Slinao, are playing around with 'dimensional rifts.' I don't undestand them myself, but our top scientist assure me it's very exciting. I've sent encrypted orders, and coordinates. You should get them in a few minutes. Do exactly as they say."

"Of course, Sire," the Fleet officer replied.


Two hours later, and the expeditionary fleet was assembled. Three Battlecruisers, and their various supply ships, the force would be more than enough to terrify their hosts, wherever they were going.

Johnson stood on the bridge of the Eon Blue, awaiting the foldspace trip. The jump itself would take less than thirty seconds, but plugging in the coordinates would take much more time. They had to be exactly correct, or the ship could appear inside of a star, or hit an asteriod, or any other disaster.

The Lieutenant in charge of the computers turned and said to the Admiral, "Sir, I think there's something wrong with these coordinates. They're going to position us directly over Saint Petersburg."

The Admiral, who'd read the orders but hadn't announced them, shook his head. "No, Mr. Mowenstein. They are correct."

The lieutenant shrugged, and finished with the computer.


The fleet, some seven ships, hung in the silent vacuum of space. Suddenly, they winked out of existence. They appeared a few seconds later, in the sky over a large city. People stopped in the streets, pointing up. Some screamed and ran, but most just stood and watched. Admiral Johnson shook his head. His vision always got blurry when they folded space, but it passed quickly. Mr. Jorgens, a lieutenant, junior grade, walked up to him.

"Sir, Engineering reports trouble with the engines."

"Tell them to fix it. I don't want anything to mess this up. And broadcast the messaage."

Speakers lowered themselves from the commandship's hull, and blasted out a message in perfect Russian.

"Внимание. Мы желаем встретиться с Царем. Ему предоставляют защиту Королевства Malkyer. Мы не примем никакого меньшего представителя."

"Attention. We wish to meet with the Czar. He is granted the protection of the Kingdom of Malkyer. We will accept no lesser representative."

ooc: basically what's happened is a small fleet has folded space and arrived in the other dimension's St. Petersburg. I have plans for this, so don't worry, it connect to what's happening in North America. what they don't know is that the dimensional warp destroyed their foldspace generators, and so they've become stranded in the other dimension. hopefully, this will play out nicely.
The Replicator Hive
06-01-2005, 00:53
OOC: On another note, I'm not quite sure I'm ready to deal with Replicators. Those are kinda difficult to RP with in a covert technology war between a supermodern and FT nation. I'll wait on Slinao's judgement though.

OOC: The Asgard might also pay a visit...remember that.

But...I'll wait.
06-01-2005, 00:56
OOC: Malkyer, how big are yer ships?

On the DawnRunner, a couple red lights went off and several Sensor Adjutants bustled over to a single display, murmering for a moment...

"Sir!" One of the adjutants shouted, surprised. "We've got three contacts over Russia!"

Shaw quirked an eyebrow. "Ours?"

"I don't think so sir."

"Get them things on screen. If they ain't ours, I wanna know whose."
Green Sun
06-01-2005, 00:59
"This is Cargo One to mission control. There's something really wierd going on down here in ye olde Californ-I-A. It seems they've beefed up security. And America itself is pretty messed up, too. It's covered in a black cloud."
"A what? A black cloud? Is America under attack?"
"Not from what I've heard from the radio transmissions. California is the only place not controled by some invading force...It's like another dimension. And one more thing. The black cloud is evidently made by our ole' pals."
"Be specific! This is important!"
"Black Sun."
"What? They've been dissolved for almost twenty years!"
"Yeah, well, it also seems they beat up United Cultures. And get this-Here, they won the war against the Galactic Empire. Can you believe it? That sounds like a hunk of crap to me."
"Yeah it does. Don't spam the radio."
"Check with everyone else, they'll tell you the same thing."
After that, contact with Cargo One was lost.
06-01-2005, 01:37
OOC: Malkyer, how big are yer ships?

They're sort of like the Battle cruisers from Starcraft, only with less advanced weaponry (rockets and artillery instead of lasers), and are a little smaller. They aren't huge, but they're more than enough to persuade the 1840s Czar. Strictly off the record, I doubt I would last more than a few minutes if you attacked me, especially if I was surprised.


A Russian nobleman, a boyar, was sent to meet with the strange beings from the sky. Chosen for his iron will and physical size, he was supposed to show these people, if indeed they were people, that the Empire of Nicholas would not be intimidated. What he really showed them was fear. He was trembling uncontrollably. He waited outside a tavern where several of the beings had come down to the Earth. Two of them walked outside to meet him.

"Greetings. I am Klementi Stephanovich Ivanov. I am to take you to Czar Nicholas." One of the men was older, in his late forties or early fifties. The other was younger, maybe mid thirties. They wore uniforms he could not identify, but there was no mistaking them for serious soldiers. The older man said something to the younger in a language Ivanov didn't understand. It sounded like English, or maybe German. The younger man responded in Russian.

"Spasiba. Thank you. I am Commander Yuri Zaitzev, of the Malkyeri High Fleet. My surperior is Admiral Richard Johnson. He offers his apologies that he does not speak ruski, and thus I act as a translator. We look forward to meeting with the Czar. We have several...propostions that could prove most profitable for the Rodina, for the Motherland."

With that simple statement, the man made it clear who was in charge here. This men were not at all frightened to make demands of the Czar himself in the very capital of the Empire. Ivanov swallowed uncomfortably, and led them down the street to the palace. As they walked, a bubble of space formed around them, as people tried to get a look at the strange men while trying to avoid getting too close.
06-01-2005, 02:11
(ooc: I think there should be some limits on future tech, much like Malkyer did. That way it doesn't just break down into a massive war, cause if we wanted that, we would have just kept up insulting the rest of the world and such, lol.

One thing I was thinking was that the future tech races could have something happen that keeps numbers from coming in, and I'm going to have something happen that makes the rip unstable, so what ever set up I have, will be what I have. A small self suffecient army, for the most part pretty strong compared to the current Earth, but not with all future tech out there.)

(ooc edit: I think we need to draw up a map and have people put in claims. Not too many people though, that way it still keeps the Altered Earth stable from too many claims and such. Does anyone know where to get a good map of the World?)
Green Sun
06-01-2005, 02:25
((OOC: Izzit alright if I start an alternate timeline in the modern times?))
06-01-2005, 02:28
OOC: Is the Earth we're on in the past of our Earth or is it an alternate reality like in S.M. Stirling's Conquistador?
06-01-2005, 02:34
OOC: Is the Earth we're on in the past of our Earth or is it an alternate reality like in S.M. Stirling's Conquistador?

((Occ: Year 1841
Alternate Reality completely different Earth, followed same timeline, except for a few changes in the American/Mexican front and Austrilia has been taken over by the Japanse, making it like another china ))
06-01-2005, 02:36
((OOC: Izzit alright if I start an alternate timeline in the modern times?))

ooc: explain? though I think I'm going to start a thread for OOC communications.
06-01-2005, 03:10
-= the special ops man walked away from the Imperial Castle in New Japan. In other time lines it would have become Austrailia, but in this one Japan had been forced out of their native lands, and had conquered the Austrialian landmass and surrounding Islands.

They had been more then willing to open trade with the Slinao Outpost. They had long wanted to reclaim their homelands, but this offered them a way to grow strong and one day seize that oppertunity.

They had quickly agreed to opening up their trades for exchange for weapons and technologies. They had signed a treaty with this devil from the East, and soon they would have the technologies to modify their wooden ships with light weight metals and stronger cannons. =-
Green Sun
06-01-2005, 03:26
((Slinao? Did you read my proposal?))
06-01-2005, 03:32
((Slinao? Did you read my proposal?))
((yes I did, and I had a respone to it too))
Green Sun
06-01-2005, 03:40
"Shit...Black Sun...Send down any forces we can to help those defenders! They need to be stopped!"
"Yessir. Sending four thousand troops to their aid."
"Wait, four thousand? We hardly have that number to spare."
"Sir, we have a population of over fourteen billion...We can spare the troops..."
"Since when?"
"We're a huge nation..."
"Last time I checked we only had hundred twenty five million, not in the billions."
"Sir, we're one of the last three nations left in space and on Earth. We've been sending aid to fight Black Sun for the last seventeen years..."
Commander Jones searched through his memories. It was true, but he remembers the fight against Black Sun when they invaded...When he fought in Risban...When he fought United Cultures in the asteroid field...Yet he remembers being shot through the ranks, sending countless men to fight and sometimes to their inevitable doom...What was going on?
"Send me down to Slinao. I think I can fix all this."
"Get my personal craft ready. We're stopping all this from happening."
"But, sir, we have Black Sun on the retreat...Why would you want to stop that?"
"You're from Albinoism, aren't you?"
"If you want your country back, you'll support me. Get my ship ready, dammit."
06-01-2005, 03:47
In Europe, the state of affairs could only be described as panicked beyond all reasoning. Somewhere, somehow, the Prussians had gotten their hands on some form of... well... witchcraft was the only way to put it.

Already they had attacked france and the North Sea coastal nations, bringing the Netherlands and Belgium under heel in what seemed to be hours. Their liberal use of "HellCats" and weapons beyond the ken of contemporary science making certain that entire armies broke in fear of seemingly certain annihilation.

The Godulan observers within the DawnRunner fleet could only be impressed with the alacrity of the campaign.

"Hup! They've just entered Paris! Look at them GO! They're just smashing columns left and right." One adjutant actually had a bag of popcorn sitting on his lap as he watched the generalized takeover.

"What, you expect normal muskets to do damage to our Cougars?" The other adjutant leaned back and waved to get another adjutant's attention. "Hey Maxwell, how many cougars have we lost so far in that joint?"

"Three... all due to cannon fire. Not even a cougar can stop a five pound iron slug. They all self destructed as programmed, taking some ten-ish french troops with them each time. Prussian losses are light, mainly because they can't keep up with the cougars, and always get to the front just as the lines have been shattered. Not much left to fight when they get there, and they aren't complaining one damn bit."

"Comms from the German Representative! He says they've told him they're gonna go after Italy next, followed with Spain!"

"Whad'dya think the pope will say to that?"

"Apart from 'AAAAIIIEEEEEE!'? Not much."

"ALRIGHT YOU LOT!" Shaw bellowed. "Quit talking during the damn show. I'm trying to keep tabs on our work in Mexico, because SOMEBODY is getting distracted by the other theatre!" He gave an accusing glare to the first Adjutant.

"Oh shit, sorry sir."

"You'd better be, AND WHERE THE HELL IS THE INFO ON THAT OTHER FLEET?! Do I haveto start shooting people again?!"
06-01-2005, 04:06
-= the americans advanced on the Mexico/Texas lands. They were armed with m-16s, and some advanced cannons for their time. They were being led by General Davy Crocket. He was still upset about the loss of the Texas lands and still wanted to give Santana a run for his money.

They pushed into the mexican lands, opening fire on any Mexican police or army detachments that they could find. They had so far met little resistance, and the men were having great fun with it. They were wasting a lot of ammo though, not used to the use of automatic weapons. Though with the promise of more weapons if they kept the mexicans busy, they didn't mind too much.=-
Green Sun
06-01-2005, 04:12
"So, Green Sun is just a tiny, inconspicuos nation?"
"Who can make a lot of commotion if we want to. There are millions of othe rnations, we're just one of them. We like snooping our nose in otehr people's buisness and we try our best to buy all the companies we can to expand our economy. Recently we made a progarm that is going to help us monopolize the galaxy's trade."
((Damn, I wrote that really fast.))
"So, we're based on our economy?"
"That, and the color green. It's the president's favorite color."
"We're run by a Senate and a Congress. President Earnest Equanant's been dead for twelve years. He was shot three times, five if you hadn't jumped in the way."
Commander Jones lifted his shirt and looked at his tide to see it was true. He had two scars from taking two bullets for the president, but in vain.
"Dammit, he was the best person I knew..."
"He was elected best President of the Outer Rim when UziCorp was giving away HyperJump ships. Now that's ancient history."
"Not if I can help it. Are we there yet?"
"Two more minutes."
"Step on it. Having Black Sun still alive disgusts me."
((Damn, I type fast...Never realized how fast^^))
06-01-2005, 04:18
((I'm going to need you to RP your future self, Slinao. I'll edit this post when you confirm that you will.))
(( go ahead, though caution would be advised, still watching the sky for attacks ))
06-01-2005, 04:21
-= The Supreme Diety watched the view screen, watching the updates on the Urth Conquest. He was going to send in some heavy machine factories next, so that his colony could start its production of mass mineing, as well as to start rolling out some tanks. He had held these back because he didn't like to have too many targets, but with the recent addition of 7 more SAM sites along the colony borders, he felt now was a good time to begin.

He had also moblized several long range artillery cannons to be built, they were hoping for a range of 20 miles, though they hadn't tested the range yet. =-
06-01-2005, 05:53
The Cougars were deployed on a scatter / hunter pattern. Roaming in packs of five, they would search out enemy forces, initially laying into them with heavy blaster fire from their assault cannons, then rushing in with fang and claw when deemed appropriate.

Couriers were attacked as they rode off to prevent them from notifying the enemy of the oncoming scourge. As the massive Cougars converged upon the main bulk of the enemy force, several groups bolted ahead and cut off supply lines and escape routes.

Then they struck. Some two hundred and fifty Cougars charging the American force from all sides, splaying blaster fire and flame in their path and letting loose with unearthly shrieks of rage and hatred for all those that would dare oppose them.

A hastily set up satellite uplink revealed to Santa Anna the ferociousness of the cougars and their imminent engagement with the Slinao-Backed American forces.

"Effective, are they not?"
06-01-2005, 05:55
"Oh good. I really must apologize for my abruptness at that point, but I suspect no other means would have gotten your attention quite as swiftly.

"Strings Attached... ah, like a puppet. I see. The analogy does not see much usage where I come from. Well, I suppose the only way to explain that is to tell you... well... everything we know.

"Presently, there is a rather well armed and well established group of people from what can only be called another world, yet this world at the same time, in the process of setting up a base in the mountains of california. I do believe that is sovereign territory of mexico, correct?

"Anyway, we believe they are also making overtures to the Americans... I admit I was uttering somewhat of a falsehood when I threatened to bring our proposition to them, but rest assured they know nothing of me. Back to the point, we believe they are attempting to supply the Americans with arms sufficient not only to bring you under heel, but to essentially eliminate you entirely. What. We. Need. From you, is something akin to numerical assistance. We are willing to sell you the presently purring machine you see over there, along with some five hundred of its brethren, to be maintained under your control, as well as enough guns and randomized explosive THINGS to match those Manifest Destiny pricks up north gun for gun, and then up the ante until they drown in it.

"We do not ourselves care much for outright conquest and domination as such, but the people that are working with the Americans recently got on our bad side, and oh what a bad side we have. In fact, most of our concern is with respect to profit. And I suppose that brings us to the strings. Gold Boullion equivalent to THIS figure..."
"Will net you five full divisions of that deceptively pleased Cougar over yonder, along with enough training and tools to maintain them, as well as approximately fifty thousand Godulan S-70 assault rifles, with decent compliments of explosive ordinance and such, and even the blueprints to assist you in constructing more of the Godulan S-70s. That figure may seem large, but we are providing you with a specific bargain. In return for a full third of the price being shaved neatly off the top, and essentially being given a clear go-ahead to end those uppity Americans expansion efforts once and for all, you agree to assist us in driving back the fools that WE oppose."

"I want an exaple of this S-70. How soon can it be arranged?" Santana asked as he shoved the note into his side pack. He had no idea what an s-70 gun was. Could it be a 70mm cannon? Surely not. He understood this man called it a rifle. He had rifled muskets already. Either way, this man was asking a figure that could buy two sets of clothes, a musket, a rifle, and 100 minne balls for each man in the army and militia and still have some left over. Unless this new gun was much better than their new Rifled muskets then he was going to have to turn down this man. "You do of course realize how much you are asking, money wise? I could buy 50,000 cannons for what you are asking for 50,000 rifles. How much would you charge for just those purring machines, the cougars, and how hard is it to use? Is it harder than a steam locomotive?"
06-01-2005, 06:15
Acrimoni: You'll have to pardon me, I had to accelerate the plot slightly to match the fact that you were being invaded. Consider negotiations as having happened several weeks before.

"COUGAR ACTIVE!" Mirnan screamed at the big cat. The Cougar jumped to its feet and stood at attention, growling at everything in general. "DEPLOY MAIN ARMAMENT!"

The Mexicans wouldn't have been able to describe the thing that popped out of the Cougar's back, but it was essentially a Minigun. An Assault Blaster Cannon, to be precise.

Mirnan picked up the gun that was jammed into the ground, displaying it to Santa Anna with his upraised arms.

"THIS is an S-70! Fully automatic, capable of firing 180 bullets per minute, explosive bullets, weighs but fifteen pounds total, 30 bullet ammo clip!"

Swiftly taking aim, he shot the hats off of every single soldier manning the blockade in front of him. Sending the majority of them screaming into the distance.

"And accurate up to five hundred yards.," he concluded. "COUGAR! DESIGNATE ABANDONED ARTILLERY EMPLACEMENT AND COMMENCE FIRE!"

The Cougar scanned the blockade for the single cannon that had been left abandoned by soldiers running away after their hats were shot off. Settling on this target, it commenced firing what looked to be a constant beam of pure white heat at the cannon and everything around it, leaving it nothing but melted slag and burning wood.

After the smoke cleared, Mirnan smiled. "Easy as pie to use. You just tell it what to do. We can provide you with a self-powered command center and a temporary consignment of personnel to assist you in the control of your charges. And what was that about the rifles? Did we mention that you recieve a hearty amount of ammunition for each and every rifle free of charge with every purchase?"
06-01-2005, 07:32
-= the comms went wild in the Regional Diety's office. He checked them, and couldn't believe what he was seeing. His ops officers were reporting that the american forces had been over run, and routed. Screens showed pictures of the cougers, as well as the advanced rifles that the mexican army was using. He switched on his comm and sent a hasty message to his airfield. =-

"Send out package 23 in the cargo planes, drop the package 100 miles outside of the battle front" he barked into the comm

-= withen moments he could hear the cargo jets going up into the sky. He turned and radioed to the Supreme Diety, informing him of the happenings. He knew the supreme Diety wouldn't be happy, and he wasn't =-

"Regional, you should have done better intel before launching the attack. Now we will have to use more force just to get the americans from turning and running." yelled the Supreme Diety into the comm

"I know sir, I've sent out package 23 sir. I am sorry sir for the lack on intel work" the Regional said.

"Not as sorry as you will be" the comm went dead

-= 4 of the black death walked up to the Regional Diety, they pulled their stunners and dropped the Regional into a coma like state and carried him out. The staff that saw this happened didn't even flinch, they recognized the uniforms as the top officers in the Slinao Home guard. They knew that they would have a new Commander within the hour, and they knew that things were going to be strict for awhile. They all returned to their jobs. =-
06-01-2005, 09:07
Sensor probes relayed the bird's eye view of the situation in the Mexican north, revealing in ghastly detail the gory nature of the Cougar's successful workings.

Silence lay on the bridge like a ton of bricks, eventually broken by one Adjutant saying one word:


As if that one word were a cannon shot into a damn, everybody on the bridge began chattering like madmen, commenting on how much of a one-sided attack it had been, and other generalized stuff.

"SIR!" one of the adjutants blurted, "We've got airborne contacts on an approach vector to the Mexican/American battlefield!"

"Confirmation of Airborne Type?" Shaw replied, not one bit perturbed by the horrific scene on the Rio Grande.

"Transports or Bombers sir, hard to tell."

"Right. How many StarSpiders do we have in the area?"

After a quick wave of his fingers over his control panel, the Adjutant replied with "Six, sir."

"Order them to mobilize, but keep on standby for the moment. They're about to pull something, and I have no damn clue what it is. Bombings would be virtually useless against the Cougars, so what the hell are they planning?"

After a moment's thought he realized something. Pressing the general comms panel on his command console, he signalled the entire fleet.

"Move to Geosynch Earth Orbit and set up a string-of-pearls orbital bombardment/surveillance formation. I want better scans of everything on that rock and a chance at punching those people in California right in the goddamn face. Its not like we need to mask our presence anymore, might as well make the best of it."
Green Sun
06-01-2005, 13:16
Commander Jone's personal craft touched down on an ancient yet highly funtional base.
"Gte me the best damn scientist is Quantum Physiscs!" he shouted as he walked out. Soldier were scrambling all over the place. One of the walls blew up, then Slinao's tanks sped through it. They were under attack.
06-01-2005, 14:40
Santa Anna's head was spinning. He was arguably the greatest military mind in the world as far as traditional European style conflicts. This was by no means a traditional conflict. The cougard had no need for formations. His best rifles, the repeating rifle, oculd fire 14 rounds per minute and his muzzle loader rifles 4. This cougar, when it used its weapons instead of what could only be described as tooth and claw, had the equivelant of artillery, but far more powerful than anything exept his sea pieces. Of ocurse, his sea pieces were much less acurate and could not be used on land. And this new rifle! 180 rounds per minute? That was the same as about thirty to forty of his men now.

"Your price has been confirmed Commador, though I hope you will let me pay in installments. We can pay you the amount now, but it will leave Mexico's treasury nearly empty."

Santa Anna still had no idea what he was going to do. WHo could command these cougars, not the Commadore, as he had come to call him, for though he now liked the commadore, he did not want a foreigner in cahrge of the armed forces. Santa Anna still had no grasp of what conflict would be like with these cougars, but he knew his men could do no better.

"Commadore, I would ask you to be co-commander of the Mexican artillery until I get used to using these "cougars". That, of course, is where the cougars will be placed in the army. You will be given the commision for a Lieutenant General, though you cannot be paid more than a brigadier General for as depleated as our treasury will be. This will put you a rank above the commander now, but he will have seniority. Technically, you will outrank him, but when we use our artillery I recommend you let him keep the reigns, so to speak. As for the S-70's, I will equip our specialists teams first, then the rest of the army. I think with proper training we can incororate these quite well."
06-01-2005, 18:58
Icing on the cake, Mirnan thought to himself. Being offered a temporary commission in the mexican army was sure to net him a little extra gold to make up for the discount he'd offered.

"As you wish... heh... sir. We go to great lengths to make certain that the buyers are proficient in the command of the cougars, and in their maintenance. You'll will likely find the fact that some of your workers are learning how to hand craft one of our strongest metal alloys, free of charge, just to make certain that the cougars receive all the attention they require. Until that point, I would gladly take up any command post you offer me, until such time as you no longer require my services.

"And trust me, the appelation of Commodore is completely unneccessary, I assure you. I am but a lowly company representative. Perhaps when night falls and we acquire a telescope I can show you who MY commodore is."

He began sending deployment orders for the Cougar Divisions and the arms shipments through his internal comms unit. Within minutes, everything was on its way down.

"Full deployment pattern will be reached inside the hour."
Green Sun
06-01-2005, 20:14
((Slinao, I need you to reply to my post...))
Green Sun
07-01-2005, 00:39
07-01-2005, 01:21
Commander Jone's personal craft touched down on an ancient yet highly funtional base.
"Gte me the best damn scientist is Quantum Physiscs!" he shouted as he walked out. Soldier were scrambling all over the place. One of the walls blew up, then Slinao's tanks sped through it. They were under attack.

((ooc: I have no idea what is going on here. Is he landing in my future zone? Cause there is no war there....))
07-01-2005, 01:22
OOC: As my FT is fairly rudimentry (I'm actually Post-Modern, not Future), my ships didn't detect Godular's vessels because they folded straight to the planet's surface. So, I only know Slinao is on the alternate world, currently. Anyway...

Nicholas leaned back in his chair. "You make an interesting proposal, Admiral. I must say, it is hard for me to believe, but I guess your arrival from the skies has proved you are capable of many things." He waited for the captain to translate his message, and tried to read the senior officer's face. He couldn't; it was a mask better than most in the theater.

"It's fairly simple. A trade, if you will. You give me the time and the men I need, and in exchange I will give the most important thing of all: information."

"Concerning what, this information?"

"The overthrow of the Russian empire and the fall of the House of Romanov," was the translated reply. Niocholas' eyes grew wide.

"You must tell me!"

"Don't worry; you have a good 64 years before the first revolution, and twelve more before the shit hits the fan. Excuse my language."

Nicholas gulped. He knew he needed this information. He would do what these men asked. "How many do you need?"

"Oh, ten thousand ought to be enough." Nicholas gulped again, and nodded.

After they rose and shook hands, Johnson and Zaitzev left the palace, and started to walk back to their ship. They noticed a man running towards them. "Admiral, sir! The foldspace generators are broken. They won't respond!"

Both officers stopped. "Hell," Johnson muttered. "Captain, go inform the Czar that our plans may have been set back. He has more time to gather his men, now." Zaitzev nodded, and sprinted back the way they'd come. Johnson looked at the enlisted man. "I guess they're trying to fix them?" The salior nodded. "That's all I can ask, I guess." This is going very badly, he thought.
Green Sun
07-01-2005, 01:29
((Did you pay attention in the OOC thread?))
07-01-2005, 01:32
-= Package 23 landed, several huge crates had been dropped down. They burst open, and tanks emerged. There were 30 of them in total, 10 of them looked like normal tanks from the Slinao army, though now they bore a flag much like the american flag, with the Slinao lizards in replace of the stars. 10 of them were the new advanced antipersonal hovertanks. There heavy solid plasma rifles ran through there warm ups, and their rapid fire solid plasma guns prepped themselves too. The next 10 were heavy gunned hover tanks, they had a solid plasma cannon for their weapon. They formed up quickly, the hover tanks leading. They quickly took off towards the battle front, traveling at a good 60mph.

Across the nation at the Slinao Regional base the new Regional Deity was overseeing things. Security had been locked down, and he had ordered his jets to do an assualt on the southern border where the mexican government had been seen setting up some military bases. The F-16s had a simple attack order. They were to fly in fast, and drop several dozen Hades bombs, turning the Mexican Army into flaming wastes. The Regional Deity had also sent out a detachment to set up another airfield, this one closer to the Mexican/California border. It would be used for the attack helicopters, he felt that air troops would be needed against these new ground beasts that had been seen fighting for the Mexicans. The Supreme Diety had briefed him of the other alien force here working against them. Even though they faced being out numbered and out gunned, he felt confident that he could use tactics to help him, and eventually turn the tide. =-
07-01-2005, 01:35
((Did you pay attention in the OOC thread?))
((yes I did, you said you were sending someone to Modern Slinao to talk to them. I didn't see anything about me being attacked and having my tanks engaged and such.....So I'm not sure how to respond to your post...need more input.))
Green Sun
07-01-2005, 02:19
((Let's talk in the OOC thread^^))
07-01-2005, 04:04
"Sir, those airplanes dropped what appears to be a number of... tanks."

Shaw snorted, then grinned. "Oh, so now they're gonna play rough, eh? We can play rough."

He toggled the fleet comms and messaged Mirnan down on the surface. "You've got hovertanks incoming. North by northeast respective to your main force."

"Tanks. HA! They don't call our Cougars Anti-Vehicular for nuthin' you know!"

"I do know! Make them learn, Mirnan."

"I'll do you one better. I'll make them dead."

"Above and beyond the call, I see."

"Shit dude, its fun! You want in? I know you've been itching for target practice for a while."

The comm went dead. Orbital surveillance showed that some two hundred of the cougars broke from the main battle force and began running full speed towards the advancing tank group. At the same time, Shaw took Mirnan up on his offer by ordering the DawnRunner's main batteries to lay suppressing fire on the tanks.

Godulan vessels were MADE for frontal fire. Orbital bombardment was just one of their specialties.

The Flux Cannons from the main Dreadnought would knock the tanks around a bit, then cut out just as the Cougars arrived. The Cougars themselves would focus primarily on the main turrets of the tanks, slagging the barrels of their main cannons at earliest opportunity. Then, the Cougars would cooperate in ripping the tank turrets off and using their mouth-mounted flamethrowers on the occupants.

While that engagement was taking place, Shaw ordered the secondary anti-fighter batteries to open up on the Slinaoan Bombers as they flew back to their base. He also ordered the StarSpiders to approach the Tank column and stand by for further orders.

If by some stroke of good luck they managed to break through the Cougars, they'd be easy pickings for the planetary assault mechs.
07-01-2005, 04:28
-= the tanks went active as the bombardment began, the standard tanks had to drop back to better handle the shots, some of them throwing treds and having to pull out completely, the others were ordered to break away and put as much distance between eachother, making the range of fire much more then what it was before. The hovertanks responded by excellerating up, the heavier hover tanks breaking to the side and pushing their engines up to 70, a speed they were not intended for, the faster anti-personnel tanks brought up their speeds 90, a speed topping a bit higher off their standard speed, but the extra engine stress was a more postive future then being hit by a planatary assualt.

The tech officers radioed back to regional base, letting them know they had met with orbital defenses. The order from regional responded fast, they ordered the tredded tanks to return home, they would have a recon team meet up with them at a mountain pass and bring them home. The bombers were sent an order to get as far from the drop zone as possible, and that they would activate whatever defenses they could, though they weren't as prepared for orbital attack.

The Supreme Diety listened to the comm channels and didn't like what he was hearing. He sent orders to his techs to push assignment green dragon. They would have to push up their time frames a bit to counter this new threat. This was not something The Supreme Diety liked, unforseen problems, though he would find a way to overcome it, he had to, he was the Diety after all, he could not fail to his people. =-
07-01-2005, 05:11
Keep them off balance. Counter their counters. Keep them scrabbling for purchase and they cannot hope to kick back.

It was something of a more cumbersome version of "The Best Defense is a Good Offense", but it spoke more to the Godulan penchant for matching the enemy move for move until the enemy couldn't move anymore. Checkmate Tactics, they called it.

Either way, the mantra was cycling through Shaw's head quite happily as he watched the Cougars initiate something of a pincer move around the disoriented and weakened tank brigade. Pushing their servomotors to the limit, they were maxing out at around 85mph pushing 100 whenever they hit open ground.

The Cougar Divisions were set up into three lines. One Frontal attack line, that would draw fire and attempt to disable the enemy's turrets, while the other two lines, forming up the claws of the pincer move would circle around and tear the tanks apart. Ripping off hatches and even entire turrets, then incinerating occupants with their flamethrowers, and hopefully causing any ordinance contained within to cook off and finish the job.

The frontal assault line would likely take the highest casualties, as they would be the only ones not moving during the beginning stages of the attack, making them deceptively easy prey. The tanks would likely get off one, maybe two full salvos before being overwhelmed from the sides.

If the tanks tried to charge, the frontal assault line would simply break up and attack from the rear, laying harassing fire until a backup force from the main battlegroup maneuvered to close a second pincer on the tanks.

Then they would simply lay waste.

"Alright, the Cougars are almost there. Cut the suppressing fire and focus all attacks on the retreating aircraft. If they try to pull anything again, I want that shit knocked out before it gets fifty feet from their base, you hear me?"

"Aye sir!" came the response from pretty much everywhere on the ship.
07-01-2005, 05:26
OOC: There's not to much for me to do but cool my heels here unti lyou get deeper into Mexico when the Mexican troops take up arms as well. Id just like to make a note, you said something about the Mexican/California border. THere is no more a Mexico/California border now than there is a US/Virginia border. In RL at this point Mexico would still own California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and parts of Colorado. In this time, however, We also have Texas which is texas today and a good deal of Oklahoma, including the entire panhandle.

Before too long you will have Irishmen and other Catholics deserting the U.S. army to join the Mexican army forming the San Patricio Battalion and if the Mexicans can hold long enough, we may have alliances with England, who still owns Oregon territory and Canada, and even the Russians, who hold Alaska. The French in Haiti are likely allies, though none too helpful, and even Spain could be convinced to join us if the were to beleive their possesions in the carribean, including Puerto Rico and Cuba, were being threatened by the Americans; not to hard seeing as how we have FT people here who can tell them ALL about the Spanish American war. Of course, the Native Americans would love to have their land back. Really the United States right now is not in a very advantageous situation.

You only have about twenty four states, maybe twenty five, and your territory including Kansas, Nebraska, and the Dakotas is too unruly to pass through safely to get to Texas with all those Indians around that you would have to give up some very valuable FT resources for an escort to get through. This essentially limits you to the Louisiana border, not very large, if you want to use US soldiers at all. If you want to use only your own troops then you can use your bases in California, Mexican territory I will remind you. Trust me, the locals will fight you, however futile their efforts may be, but it will be enough to let Santa Anna know that you are in his sovereign territory. This will make him angry, you won't like him when he is angry.

For a map of the US in 1840, look here (
07-01-2005, 05:45
OOC: Oh good, I was afraid saying the battle against the Americans was on the Rio Grande was a tad too northerly, considering that Slinao had stated they'd made significant advances before being splattered by the Cougars. But now I see that it was right on the money, pretty much.
07-01-2005, 05:59
OOC: There's not to much for me to do but cool my heels here unti lyou get deeper into Mexico when the Mexican troops take up arms as well. Id just like to make a note, you said something about the Mexican/California border. THere is no more a Mexico/California border now than there is a US/Virginia border. In RL at this point Mexico would still own California, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and parts of Colorado. In this time, however, We also have Texas which is texas today and a good deal of Oklahoma, including the entire panhandle.

((I have a responce to this in the ooc thread ))
07-01-2005, 21:44
-= the Regional Slinao military pushed farther into Mexico at the California front, pushing to drive back the military they found there. The Californians were quick to support themselves as a government, and Slinao had given them that chance. It was in the wake of the freedom craze, why america had just had their fight less then 100 years ago. The Dons also liked the idea of having more power over thier lands, rather then always being subject to Mexico's taxes and laws.

The Regional Diety had order his men to push the mexican army to border of what, in their dimension, had been the american border with mexico. He had ordered the California milita to take up arms as well. Seeing Mexicans against mexicans would be a moral dropper for the Mexican army.

The Commanches would fly in first and take out any military buildings and strong holds, easily dodgeing the cannon fire returning fire, and taking out any of the heavy guns that could damage them long before reaching them. Here, where the Cougers weren't to yet it was an easy battle to push the border lines back.

On the other side of the mountains the tanks sped forward, the would meet the Cougars head on, and they would open fire at will. As they came upon them they saw the non-moveing enemies and the heavy fire tanks opened fire, there slavos igniting the air as they flew towards their prone targets. The anti-personel tanks took up points of guard, forming themselves in a circle around the heavier gunned tanks, they were taught never to take the most easist course of action and prepared themselves for a side assualt. They radioed in to command and gave them the details.

The regional diety looked at the data and didn't like what he was seeing, it had to be a ruse, but one that he couldn't back out of. He sent an order to his Special Ops, telling them to activate Project Morning Glory, a fail safe line of attack that would require heavy loss, but should prove useful in this war they were seeing unfolding before them. =-
07-01-2005, 23:44
The shit's really starting to hit the fan, Admiral Johnson thought to himself. The original plan had been to take a contingent of Russian troops armed modern weapons and take them down through Alaska to figure out what the hell was going on in the Americas. However, now that the Prussians were running around with some crazy things called "Cougars," Nicholas was demanding that he guard the western border. On top of that, the Japanese, armed by Slinao with M-16s, were casting eyes on mainland Asia. To that end, Johnson had sent the cruiser Kilburn High, along with two support ships, to Vladivostock to establish a garrison to persuade the Japanese to move south rather than north into Siberia. The ships carried with them a regiment of Fleet Marines, and a regiment of crack Russian troops armed with Malkyeri weapons. The total was some 6,000 men, and Johnson hoped that would be enough.

He had done all he could about the Japanese. Now he had to think about the Prussians. He'd stationed a regiment of Fleet Marines at Smolensk, and a battle cruiser at Kiev. He had a regiment of Marines at Warsaw, and two assault boats to evacuate them at a moment's notice if necessary. His flagship Eon Blue was hovering over St. Petersburg now, and could be at Warsaw in an hour, or Kiev in an hour and a half. Despite this considerable strength (for the 1840s, at least), he was worried about reports coming out of Europe. Prussia was running wild in the west, and would most certainly turn east once the industrialized nations were finished in a coup d'grace. These "cougars" of theirs sounded very impressive. His best hope, he figured, was to offer the Prussians aid in conquering Africa or South America, in exchange for leaving Russia alone. Johnson was the de facto ruler of Russia now, though he didn't quite know why. Maybe the Russians liked the space men better than the Czar. He shook his head to clear his thoughts and get back on track. He needed to figure out how to approach the Prussians. He figured Colonel Goertz would be the best, as he was of German descent. Johnson called in his staff for a conference, and hoped things wouldn't go to hell to quickly.
08-01-2005, 00:55
When the tanks began their assault on the Cougars, then formed a cordon around the most heavily armed of their number, the frontal assault line bore down on the muzzle flashes, focusing two, three, or even four cannons upon the turrets before breaking formation and charging the enemy, waiting for the time between salvos in order to bolt under enemy fire and rip them to shreds.

Several of the Cougars were incinerated in the firefight, melting slightly, then detonating in what could on be termed as what happens when space shatters.

At the same time, the two claws of the pincers opened up with shots more carefully aimed, letting loose with a single salvo on the turrets before charging in themselves.

All in all, about 180 Cougars came crashing into the tank column all at once. About half remaining back to lay suppressing fire while the front line did its work personally.

Mirnan watched the scene unfold on his command console, set up along with several other apparatus.

"I smell self destruct mechanisms. Initiating the blow-them-before-they-blow-you protocol."

In response to their curious glances, he continued: "Basically, all but one per tank back off, then the Cougars detonate themselves, shattering reality around them and essentially rendering the tanks... well... dead. You'll be reimbursed for this little engagement, as this is essentially our battle here."


"Sir, word from our Cannon Cruiser over the western coast! They're opening a second front!"

Shaw's eye quirked in surprise. "Who are the patsies this time?"

"Looks like... Slinao corrupted the local dons. Its a mexican force sir, out of California."

"Stupid. REALLY stupid. Send a message to Mirnan, tell him to notify Santa Anna of California's betrayal. Further, message the Cannon Cruiser, tell them to start laying into the Californians with the Disintegrators. Let those bastards think they just incurred the wrath of GOD."

"Aye sir!"

"HELM! Bring us about to a position between the two fronts. WEAPONS! Assist the Cannon cruiser in laying waste to those Californians with our Disintegrators, and commence precision fire with the Flux Cannons and Torpedo Launchers on any and all structures that look like they shouldn't be there. If they try shooting at us, shoot their shots down and blow their guns up. I swear I am about to order air strikes.

"COMMS! Message those vessels over Russia. Exact message:

"We don't know who you are, but you're not Slinao, you're either with us or against us. Since the japs with gats are attacking your eastern flank, I'm leaning to 'With Us'. Respond now, and dammit... IDENTIFY YOURSELVES!"
08-01-2005, 02:56
Captain Harold Cressy onboard the Kilburn High was the first to hear the message from Godular. "Lieutenant Speer. Type this message as I dictate."


This is Captain Harold Cressy of the Malkyeri High Fleet. We are indeed on your side. We are heading to Vladivostok now to deal with the Japanese. We are over Charobosvil, and should arrive within ten minutes. Once this is finished, we may be able to send forces to California to help you there, but I cannot promise anything, as it is not my decision. Admiral Johnson, the leader of our forces here, will get back to you as soon as he is able.

Captain H. Cressy,

"Hell," Cressy said, "the Japs have already started attacking. Inform the regimental commanders, Colonels Roberts and Rushkov. We're going to land on these guys like the wrath of God. To them, it'll be the end of the world."


The Japanese officer looked up when he heard the roaring in the sky. He saw something in the sky, coming from the west. It was moving so fast! Before he could shout orders to his men, massive explosions began to tear apart the ground. His men fired wildly with their new rifles, but the thing was too high. Either that or it was impervious to bullets. He started to run back to warn his surperiors, and was lifted into the air when an artillery shell exploded behind him. There weren't any pieces of him big enough to notice when they hit the ground.


The Kilburn High was firing all of it's cannons, including the massive sixteen-inchers meant to destroy heavy fortifications from miles away. At point-blank range against exposed and surprised infantry, they were as the sword of the Archangel. The Japanese had come out of Korea, and were headed to Vladivostock from the south. The majority of their force, numbering probably twenty thousand if Cressy counted properly, were in the open. As one of the support ships flew north to reinforce Vladisvostok, the Kilburn High kept up the ferocious bombardment, and the other ship began landing its regiment of Fleet Marines. Colonel Howard Roberts gave his men the pre-fight briefing.

"We're slaughtering them, men. The ship disoriented and scared them, and now it's our job to move in for the coup d'grace. Now, they outnumber us maybe six to one, and they've got good guns, but we have several things they don't. Training, experience, and a huge spaceship blowing the crap out of everything. Just 'cause you give a man a good gun, that doesn't make him a good soldier. We'll take 'em down, and make 'em hurt for awhile," he said, finishing his speech as the ship landed.

When the men got on the ground, they met a broken enemy. Over the course of the three-hour battle, almost two thousand Japanese surrendered, and the Marines killed between three or four thousand. Adding that to the massive casualties inflicted by the Kilburn High, Roberts couldn't really blame the Japs for running, in the end. In their shoes, it's what he would've done. That doesn't make me pity them, though, he thought. The Imperial Japanese Army was broken, at least for now. Now, they could move east, to the Americas, and do some more killing.
Green Sun
08-01-2005, 03:55
08-01-2005, 04:59
"Sir, they've responded to our hail."

"Lets have it."

Shaw read through the message as it displayed on the main screen. As he finished, he nodded slightly. Then turned to one of the command adjutants.

"How many StarSpiders we got in that area?"

The adjutant typed some commands into his screen, then answered. "Twelve, sir. They moved in when word of the Japanese being supplied by Slinao arrived. They are presently standing by and awaiting orders."

"Tell them to go nuts. Link up with the Malkyeri Russians and rain death and destruction upon the enemy hard enough to make them give up guns forever. Tell any cannon cruisers in orbit over asia to adjust position and commence tactical bombardments.

"COMMS! Send a message to the Malkyeri vessels to expect several very very very very large scorpion like robots to pretty much land right on top of the enemy forces. Tell them to just follow those robots wherever and provide cover fire... and tell them that, if they have sunglasses, to put them on.

"Let the Malkyeris know that while we may have a horrific bad side, we also have a good side..."


It really was a lot like a classic Godzilla film. Several giant matte-black spheres erupted from the waters some ways away from the Russian-Japanese battle front, moving directly towards the fighting and deploying their bladed legs, siege cannon arms, and assault cannon / shield tail.

When they came to the front, the slammed right down into the middle of the Japanese force, letting their bladed legs slam down upon soldiers and weapons alike and scything through their numbers like giant robotic reapers from hell.

From one of the stomping titans issued a single voice, its controlling mind being the only one fluent in Japanese.

08-01-2005, 05:36
As the giant metal...things...started ripping apart the fleeing Japanese forces, Captain Cressy muttered under his breath. "I need to remind the Admiral not to get on these guys' bad side." He ordered the Kilburn High to shift its cannons to cover the robots, and the Japanese learned why not to play with the big boys.
08-01-2005, 06:43
-= The Regional Diety looked at the screen, wondering what had happened. The Japanese were to attack the Chinese, but not till after they had gotten their factories up and running, building their massive navy. He wondered what had happened over there, and why they caused the Russians trouble first, since it didn't make any logistical sence.

On the battle front with the Cougers the tanks formed up, the center ones bringing up their shields, over lapping themselves and and started alternating their shots, making it so there wasn't a moments break in between, 2 tanks facing each of the cardnal directions, and the remaining two filling in the gaps. The outter circle put up their shileds and kept up their rapid fire assualt, taking aim at the feet and chests of these mechanical beasts. They played out this tandum as long as they could, though they weren't fareing the best, the shiled system couldn't handle the firepower that was facing them, nor the numbers.

In California a launch went up, from hidden silos they shot long range missles, they were targeting the ship in orbit. The missles were a combined tech, using the shielding tech from thier previous war with the super strong alloy from the other enemy. These missles were designed to take as much damage as they could, using multiple shielding systems, one kicking on after another as each one failed. Its payload was a small tactical nuke device, nothing massive, as most of the room went to the shileds and the rockets and the computer guidence structures. There were 5 missles in all, each one taking up a 300 yard distance from each other, though they all were aimed at the ship that had been pelting the tanks.

Another launch, and another series of missles went off, these much simalar to the first ones, only aimed at ground targets, they were aimed at what their infiltration officers had told them was the mexican military HQ. These bombs weren't the nukes that their counter parts were, instead they had a cluster bomb installed. They would hit and a slavo of super hot plasma rods would go flying, spreading out for a 1/4 mile radius. The center cluster would also release a biological weapon, small pox, a virus that was mostly unheard of on the Slinao home front due to massive vaccines for them, though here the medical practice was much different. Not only would the cluster bombs do heavy damage to the ground base, it would leave a contaminent to the mexican people. =-
08-01-2005, 11:33
OOC: Keep in mind, Geosynch Orbit is... what... twenty thousand-ish miles up? Barring this minor glaring oversight, we've got several freakin' hours before them things actually hit. I'm gonna elaborate some more on the dire straits a DawnRunner Battlegroup presents in the OOC thread.

"Sir! Missile launch detected!"

Shaw gave the sensors Adjutant a disbelieving look. "They wouldn't DARE."

"They did. Targets heading upwards toward us and towards the mexicans."

Immediately, he responded with the following:

"HELM! Back us up to give us a little more time, and get me a targeting solution to poof us some twenty thousand klicks off. TACTICAL! Pound those missiles with everything you have. Focus three or so beams on each one so that shatterspace can crack through whatever shielding they might have placed on them, just take as many potshots as you need. Focus all power to the forward shields and prepare for a Probability Iteration if too many manage to break through our flux bombardment.

"COMMS! Send a message to all the Cannon Cruisers not presently engaged in the conflict over Asia, in addition to every single one of our Support Carriers. Slinao just launched nukes. BLOW THEM THE HELL AWAY. For the Carriers, send out fifty fighters to knock down the missiles heading for ground targets, and the rest come after these nukes and help us with knocking them the hell out. We're quite a ways away, so it'll be a turkey shoot, but either way, I'm keeping that Probability Iteration on reserve.

"The problem with conventional missiles is that we can DODGE THEM. And the great thing about our Protium Arc Disintegrators is that we know where they launched from, and can now proceed to lay waste to anything and everything that moves in California with our Cannon Cruisers.

"Oh, and also, send out a message to the StarSpiders hanging back, tell them to start picking apart California piece by piece, and order in every single StarSpider on the western damn coast to join them. Should put it at... what... thirty of them? Tell them to go nuts."
09-01-2005, 04:33
-= the missles engines engaged, dropping the standard rocket boost that had been pushing them, they engaged the thrusters, tripling their speed in moments. The shields twisted a bit, shifting power systems. They were being shook up by the counter measures, one was down to its final shield setup so it would soon kick in its failsafe and self destruct, keeping any of the nuclear fall out from entering the atmosphere. It bolted straight upwards, killing its course towards its target, shunting all reserve energy into the thrusters.

The mexican headed missles also did simalar steps, kicking in the much faster thrusters, though they didn't accelerate quite as fast, having to deal with atmosphere more then their counterparts had to. They swooped low, closing in low to the ground, and engaging counter measures and flying evasive, adding long arches and then cutting them early, trying to shake any locks that could be on them. Simple AI computers doing the measurements=-
09-01-2005, 06:50
OOC: Countermeasures? Dude, The DawnRunner is cutting loose with full salvos on those missiles. All 96 Heavy Flux Cannons, plus token Disintegrators and Torpedos, Fighter strikes, and enough shielding to deflect an oncoming asteroid.

The Defense Directorate Command Center had gone silent. Adjutants previously engaged in watching the activities on the conflicted alternate Earth now stood at attention, sweating profusely.

Even Corbox was stunned. All attention was focused on the entrance to the gaping chamber.

"Archon Longarm," Corbox eventually stammered, as Cassius fumed into the room and laid a scorching glare upon the situation screen.

"Who... authorized... the sale... of COUGARS... to a... Pre-FTL... civilization?"

Corbox knew instantly everybody in the room was screwed. Cassius turned to stare daggers at Corbox. "WHO... AUTHORIZED... THE SALE--"

"I did at Admiral Shaw's request, Archon Longarm."

"And WHY, may I ask, did you not inform ME of the decision?"

"We thought we had it under control, sir. We weren't expecting much resistance, and Shaw said we might as well make a little profit out of it. I was not inclined to disagree."


He stepped back, closed his eyes, then sighed. "I want this fight ended. Then I want all efforts expended to recall every damn one of those cougars back to Godulan hands."

"That might be difficult sir... The Germans and Mexicans have become heavily supplied, and the enemy force we went in to drive out has begun firing nukes at our DawnRunner."

"Sooooooo? You make this sound like a problem. Voidshield the damn things. Has it been so long since you idiots have been in a real engagement that you forgot that we can simply shift the missiles into protospace? Incompetent loons. Why has it taken this long to knock out the incursion in the first place? They shouldn't have had time after the initial attack to fire spitwads."

"Shaw expressed a wish to... give them a chance to fight back."


"That's... one way of putting it."

Cassius seemed to simmer on a slow boil for several seconds. "How... many... dawnrunner fleets... do we have mustered?"

"Thirteen Total sir. One fleet over the Incursion force, another fleet over Prime Universe Slinao, One fleet escorting Kelvin and the Three Jedi Masters to Corneliuan Prime, and the other ten on token mobilization in response to a situation report from our allies under Enigma."

"Send orders to the fleet over Slinao to shift over to the contested area and commence orbital bombardment of the Incursion area. FULL bombardment. Orders to the main fleet will be the same. Get all personnel on the ground out and burn California to hell. Comms message to the ten DawnRunners will be to call in personnel to seventy-five percent carrying capacity and move out to continue the bombardment."

"Isn't that going a little overboard sir?"

"It wouldn't have been if Admiral Shaw hadn't allowed them to become so well established, and if YOU hadn't allowed him to do so!"

"Point taken, sir."

"Now its down to damage control. Trying to get back the Cougars is going to be an issue in itself, but lets stay to the here and now, shall we? Get it done while I entertain thoughts of making our wayward admiral pay for his incompetence."

"Yes sir," Corbox finished, then began barking orders to the Various Adjutants.


On the DawnRunner, still backing away from the Missiles and pounding them with all of its weapons at once, a single comms message broke through:

"Sir! Message from the Directorate! They want us to shift into Protospace!"

Shaw jerked his head away from the main screen. "Do it!"

One of the Adjutants had enough time to shout out "Missile Impact Imminent!" before the entire bridge shook like a rattle.

The same Adjutant who shouted the warning managed to get back into his chair. "Shields down to 20 percent on that one nuke sir! All other missiles have been shatterspaced!"

"Belay protospace order, those were the only missiles... what's the status on the other ground missiles?"

"The Fighters identified several of the warheads as biological weapons and managed to burn them down, but the non-biologicals thrusted out before they could be whacked. We're hoping the cougars will shoot the rest down before they hit."


"What the hell?"
09-01-2005, 10:37
-= the regional Diety watched his screen, seeing how much firepower he was up against he began a different set of protocols. He had already signed much of the command base over to the local dons, foreseeing such quick knock down of the weapons that were against him, though he had hoped for a bit more damage from his missiles. He watched as only 6 of the cluster missiles had even made it past the alien forces. He knew they would never make it to their targets, not with those damned metal beasts out there, so he typed in a secondary order. The missiles shifted thier aim and went down, hitting at points along the Mexican Military, the rounds raining fire down on running soldiers, making a rather nice mess, though not as nice as the missiles had been intended for.

The Regional Diety walked outside, standing aboard a warship flying a green dragon. He looked around and watched the ocean around him and found that he actually enjoyed the smell of salt water on the breeze. He knew that about this time the Don's were filling in to their new military bases, enjoying their new uniforms, and having fun with the limited number of tanks that were left for them.

The Supreme Diety watched his screen, and then tapped a few commands into the console. The rifts went offline, and the last of the scientists were removed from their labs and scattered across the nation. His troops set off several plasma explosives in the labs, just as the rip gates turned off, looking as though they had overheated and exploded. The Supreme Diety sent out a broadcast tellling his people that terrorists had hit in several science labs. He also informed his populace that all was taken care off, and the Terrorists that had killed the innocent scientists would be rounded up shortly and tried for murder. =-
10-01-2005, 20:32
"They're doing WHAT?"

"Cassius himself showed up at Directorate Command," Corbox replied, as the last of the ten DawnRunner fleets from the homeland arrived. "He flipped the hell out. And, truth be told, after he explained what both you AND I had done wrong, I can see WHY he flipped out."

"What?! What did I do wrong?"

"You let it go on for too long, and I allowed it. You let them get too well established, and I didn't tell you to skip being a 'good sport'."

"Sir!" One of Shaw's adjutants shouted from their control console, "Two of the Slinaoan missiles just struck a Mexican military force before we could shoot the rest down! Initial reports are sketchy but it seems like the number of dead is around six thousand."

"--And because of your work to keep this conflict a challenge for you and those under your command, Cassius ordered me to hold you accountable for any and all deaths beyond what would have happened if you had just made it look like california were hit by a comet or meteor shower. All American, Japanese, European, and now Mexican lives ended because of your work to keep the odds somewhat even, are now going into the charge of Negligence that Cassius demanded be levied against you."


"Don't be shocked. I'm getting one too. From this moment onward, however, I'm commanding the fleet for this one last maneuver before we both face the music."

"What... do you intend to do?"

"Slag California. Orders to all ships in the fleet are to commence bombardment positions and begin fire at my mark. Then we have to get to undoing all those sales you made to Pre-FTL nations. Recalling cougars is a bitch."


It took the Twelve DawnRunner Fleets only a few minutes to get into Orbital Bombardment formations. Corbox waited until confirmation of position was relayed from each of the fleet commanders, then gave the order to initiate primary bombardment.

Every area designated as having had an energy signature or riftsign went first under the full fury of Disintegrators and Flux Cannons from a combined 60 capitol ships and the massive numbers of support craft. Then, radiating outward, the bombardment took an area some five hundred miles in radius around the Slinaoan bases, turning California and the surrounding area into nothing but a giant lake of molten rock, and causing rather violent disruptions in the Pacific.

When it was done, Corbox assed for a summarized impact report before boarding the shuttle to Shaw's DawnRunner.

"California is glowing red under the onslaught sir. If there's anybody still alive down there, they're likely in the process OF dying. We spotted a few strange warships heading out some time before the bombardment began, but a good number of tidal waves made certain that a goodly number of them were sunk instantly. Do you want us to knock the rest of them out?"

"No. Slinao destroyed their own rifts before I arrived. If any activity starts up again, our detectors in Vizion will spot it and we can blast them before they try anything again. Our main concern now is in getting those damn Cougars back."

"And the guns?"

"We'll never be able to get those back. Those are too easy to reproduce. Thank you for the report, Adjutant, now I have to shoot a subordinate."


"VICE ADMIRAL MANNON SHAW. You stand accused of Negligent Genocide, Tech Smuggling, and Reckless Endangerment of Godulan Property. I am here to ask how you plead."

"Reckless Endangerment?"

"You let them fire NUKES at you. If you had slagged them upon first entering the dimension, they wouldn't have had the CHANCE to fire nukes at you."

Shaw bowed his head and sighed.

"If you plead innocent, you will be taken before the Godulan Governate to stand trial for your crimes, and likely face a sentence of Pain Stimulants for a period of time lasting no longer than the remainder of your natural life. If you plead Guilty, right here, right now, I am empowered to show mercy and end you painlessly."

Shaw sighed again. "I served my country, and failed. I should have ended it when I could. I am guilty."

"So be it."

Corbox took out his bulky Sabot Pistol, took aim, and fired a single round into Shaw's head. The explosive round didn't cause much in the way of blood spray, as Shaw himself was nothing more than a brain in a CyberBody. Bits of gray matter and blood still flew onto the walls of the main bridge, however.

"Clean it up and get another head on him for burial," he said as the Shaw's body toppled to the ground like a toy soldier. He toggled the command console's comms switch. "All ships but the two originally assigned to this conflict prepare to return to Godulan Earth. Commence operations to recall all the Cougars involved in the conflict, and pick up the StarSpiders."

As he turned to leave the room, he regarded Shaw's body one last time. "When you get the new head on him, bring him to my shuttle. He at least deserves a military burial service. I only hope I don't need one too."
11-01-2005, 00:38
-= The regional Diety watched as the waves came, and then watched again as many of the ships sank. He ordered his troops to disembark on the submarines that they had installed under the ship. They then did a recovery mission for what ever troops that were left behind, though most had already drowned in the massive wakes of the waves.

The Japanese fleet had lost 25 of their 40 ships sent out, though most of them had been the ships carrying the heavy equipment that the Regional Slinao Military had been bringing along. It was a loss, but not one they couldn't survive from. They would drop a silent marker and come back later for some salvage operations later. Right now they had a mission to fulfill. They were to setup a simple base of operations in Austrialia, and lay low. They were forbidden from using any tech other then the rifles that they had brought the Natives to this world, along with the cannons and metal workings the Japanese had bought from them.

It wasn't much, but there goal was still set. The Japanese wanted to invade mainland China, as well as South America. They had already dispatched "Pirate" groups to harass the South American Coast, as well as planned expeditions to set up colonies on the shores.

The Regional Diety didn't know how long he would be stuck in this place, but he wanted to keep himself high on the food chain. =-
11-01-2005, 01:58
The battlecruiser Kilburn High, fresh from fighting over Siberia, flew south along the Korean peninsula. It's commander, Captain Cressy, contemplated his orders. Admiral Johnson had been adamant.

"Harold, I want to be absolutely clear with you," he'd said. "We don't have the resources to fight the Japanese here, the Germans in Europe, and Slinao in North America. We have to teach these people that are cannot trifle with the Malkyeri Fleet and expect to come off unscathed. I want you to fly to Tsushima, and sterilze the place."

Cressy understood the ironic implications in such a move. Like most Malkyeri officers, he was well studied in military history. Tsushima had been the site of the decesive Japanese naval victory against Rozhdestvenski in the Russo-Japanese war, which in this world would not be fought for another sixty-three years. Even so, the sterilization of the islands was a drastic step, in Cressy's opinion. Well, he thought, if it gets the Japanese out of the war, perhaps it will be worth it.

He awoke from his daydream when a lieutenant came into his office announcing that Tsushima had appeared on radar. Cressy hurried to the bridge, where he ordered the ship to head to orbit. Strike without warning, Johnson had said, no ambiguity. No mercy. Once the ship had reached orbit, Cressy fired the tungsten allor spears that served as the ship's ortillery platform. Each spear had a kill radius of approximately 200 meters, being meant mainly as bunker-busters. They also had no weapon on them; they relied on the kinetic energy of a fall from orbit at 36,000 feet per second to destroy the target. Once hits were confirmed, the Kilburn High headed down to the islands to finish what they'd started. Once the island came into visual contact with the ship, Cressy readied his massive cannons, sixteen-, fifteen-, twelve-, and even a few eighteen-inch cannons. He readied the ship's vulcan guns to clear out individuals. He opened up on the first town at about six hundred feet of altitude; he wanted to be sure he didn't miss. he continued with the bombardment for ten minutes, until he was pretty sure no one was left alive. Then the cruiser flew on to the next town, continuing the rain of fire...
11-01-2005, 06:29
-= the regional Diety looked over the report that the Japanese soldier had handed him. He read through the oriental writings and frowned. He read how the Japanese described a great ship coming down from the skys after spears had rained from the sky. Of the mass destruction and death in the islands that the spears had fallen in. The Regional Diety knew it had to be another space attack, though he it didn't match the same description of the massive melting of California.

He sent a message to a naval ship far from the mainland, and it launched 3 of the few remaining cluster shiled missles. Its target was the ship that had done the attack, radar had tracked it's course and once the missle got within range it would engage its own computer tracking devices.

After the launch the naval ship engaged its engines and started to a new location. It looked like any other fishing ship, though inside its hold it held a launching pad and ammo bays that could hold 3 missles at a time. The Regional Diety had started their production just before the rifts were sealed. He had ordered most of the ships to be retrofitted for less advanced missles. Simple fire bombs and napalm missles were being made. Not as effective as the previous missles, but it should still prove effective in any up coming infantry battles.

The Regional Diety hoped that the missle launch would do some damage, though he didn't think it would do much. He wished he would have had some of the tactical nukes left, though he knew he had seen his last nuclear device for a very long time.

Else where, on the Austrilian mainland the Japanese and slinao scientists were working in think tanks, using old and new technologies to make "new" weapons that could be made with modern sciences. They were in touch with the USA using some encrypted message devices they had set up before the rift sealing. They were working on produceing larger rifled cannons, to use against any more heavy metal attacks. Though they had slipped into a more defensive stance =-
11-01-2005, 09:48
"Let me level with you, Corbox," Cassius said, "What you did was stupid, really stupid. But I can't overlook the glowing service record you've shown over these past years. Shaw wasn't so lucky, he'd only just been given that post and I suspect he was drunk with the power.

"Back on track, I'm not going to have you shot."

"Sir?" Corbox asked, barely masking his relief.

"Let me put it down for you: After serving as High Commander of the Defense Directorate for... well over one hundred years now, you are approximately the tenth richest man in the Dominion. You spent so much damn time in the command center that you never spent any of your salary. I see you still had time to put it into investments though. Lets just say that while I can't have you around as Defense Directorate Commander, I still want your expertise within easy reach."

"What are you saying?"

"You are aware of what makes an Archon, correct?"

"Footing the biggest part of the bill for district maintenance..."

"Two Archons have agreed to retire in order to make room for you. Take your pick: Manhattan or Tripoli."

"You're forcing me to become an Archon?!"

"You would rather I shoot you?"

Corbox lowered his head slightly and sighed. "No... its just I never thought I'd be in the same boat as Wintergreen."

"Hey, he still wanted to be useful after we no longer needed a Navy, and he's on cloud nine since we found Kelvin. I still want some use out of you too."

Corbox thought for a moment, then replied: "Manhattan. I've always liked fish, and I hear the Metallurgy plants are a thing to behold."

"I can't accuse you of doing your homework, at least."

"Oh ha ha. Suppose I might as well get it over with, when does the transfer take place?"

"Gotta wait for Fenris' retirement paperwork to get through, but I'll make sure it gets the express treatment. Likely just a few days."

"Ah," Corbox nodded, then thought for a moment. "Pardon my asking, but who's taking my spot at the Defense Directorate."

"A Caleshan."

"Really? You're pulling 'em from the Principalities now?"

"No, she's just that good. General Lear has shown massive amounts of skill in multi-force commands and tactics in a great deal of theatres and against a great deal of enemies. I'd say she's a jack of all trades, but I'd prefer to use a higher card."

"Sounds like a dream commander."

"Eh... she's nowhere near as experienced as you, but I do suspect that she will make the Directorate a force to be reckoned with."

"And I didn't?"

Cassius coughed. "Face it Corbox, you were great for developing the Directorate, and you still will be, but when it comes to tactical prowess, she kicks your ass to hell, back, and back to hell again. I've seen her work. She scares me. If there were a god of Ruthlessness and Guile, it would bow to her."


"Damn skippy."


Mirnan stood out in the main courtyard of Santa Anna's mansion, gawking at the four Godulan Officers chatting with the Mexican leader. One of them, Commodore Daven-Cameron, taking over the DawnRunner commander spot after Shaw's death, spoke with perfectly accented Mexican.

"Unfortunately, your honor, the Prussians have expressed the utmost resistance in returning their Cougar Anti-Vehicular robots. We have reports that Slinao fled to Australia shortly before we destroyed california, and is even now still collaborating with the Japanese and Americans. At the moment, the Godulan High Command is caught at an impasse. We would have LIKED to have just returned everything to the way it simply would have been, but the new guns that all sides in our conflict are flinging about with no thought to consequences have forced us to change tactics.

As we do not intend to further supply unprepared nations with weapons as devastating as these cougars, we find that you must become our current go-to group with respect to assitance, beyond the Malkyeri Russians. Much though we hate to do it, we find that we must exert all efforts to preserve your nation in this horrid hellpot of a world my predecessor helped create and was executed as a result of."

One of Daven's adjutants placed a massive number of what appeared to be notebooks and schematics folders.

"These translated science journals and technology specifications provide you with the complete technology chains and suggested lines of developement you will require to reach a generic technology level at the range of what we would call 2010. We will no longer provide you with Robots, however we will do our best to see that your nation is preserved as much as possible, and that you receive the best intelligence on the planet. We will also be reimbursing you for all the robots you return to us, and I wish to formally apologize for providing you with weapons and machines that you should never have even known of.

"The StarSpiders have also wished to remain behind and combat the Japanese, claiming some form of unfinished business exists between them. Word of advice, I would take this chance to try unifying South America. We'll make certain that the Americans never get close to you, but we also suggest you begin constructing fortifications on your northern border as quickly as possible.

"Beyond that, I am also raising Mirnan over there to the post of Godulan Advisor to the Mexican Empire, and will provide you with any answers to your questions through him. Should you need anything further, simply ask him and we will work to accommodate whatever you require."
11-01-2005, 14:28
OOC: Ill respond this afternoon, Im too busy for a long post right now. I would like to point out that if this is 1840 then the Japanese have a surprise coming anyway on December 11 this year as their emperor passes away. (

Oh, and in June the Germans also have a tragedy ( as their King also expires this year.

In November William Henry Harrison will replace Martin VanBueren as President of the US. Pedro II is declared "of age" and takes control of Brazil (a major part if I try to unify South America) and on March first, only two months and two weeks after the British first colonized New Zealand, the Governor has a stroke and is incapacitated. The US, Japan, Germany, New Zealand, and Brazil are all changing leadership in 1840.
Im sure you picked 1840 somewhat randomly, but it does make this RP very interesting...
12-01-2005, 01:05
-= The Japanese pulled all their forces back from any Russian Engagement. It was one fluid motion, they went from armed combat, to a organized retreat from Russian fronts and return home. They seemed to be shifting to a more defensive formantion of their military.

Ships of war dropped back to the mainland. They took up positions around the Imperial Holdings and Trade Routes. Most of the military went home and started farming again, fishing boats started filling the waters around the Japanese lands. War seemed the last thing on their minds.

A message went out from the Japense Government to all of Europe. Delegates carried these messages under the flag of Truce. The message said that the Japanese Empire wished to end its fighting with the European nations and open Trade routes again. They sent a Caravan to the Russian Capitol. It was filled with silks, spices, and other Orient Goods. It too carried a message of peace and the hope of trade.

In south america the Japanese ships continued to roam the coastlands, laying siege to any ships they found in the open waters. They had set up many outposts on the South American contient, they kept them small and as far from locals as possible. They had been attacked a few times, both sides taking heavy losses, though the Japanese had relied on their cannons to put down the fighting.

A ship sailed towards Mexico now, flying the colors that showed they carried delegates in peace. They too carried trade goods from the ortient, as well as a plan of peace and trade.

It seemed the Japanese wished Open trade with the world. They were stockpiling on spices, herbs, foods, silks, gunpowders, and other Orient goods. They also brought exotic animals found on their Imperial Lands, koala bears, kangaroos, and other marsupials. =-
12-01-2005, 01:31
"Captain Cressy, there's not much left on the islands. Should we leave now?" The ensign at the helm, Jacob Mowenstein, waited for instructions.

"Yes. Put us in orbit over the Philippines. I want to able to observe the Japanese for a little while longer. And check our defense systems. I expect Slinao to try to stike back at us for hitting Japan so hard. Send a message to Admiral Johnson. I want to know how the repairs are going."

"Aye aye, sir," was the reply. Then his expression changed. "Sir, we have inbounds, coming fast! Radar sig looks like, uh...missiles. Orders?" The sailor knew full well what to do, but he didn't what to seem like he was overstepping the captain's authority.

"Evasive manuevers! Inform Gunnery we have three hostiles approaching fast," he shouted. Even before he was through, the ship's batteries of SAM-2s fired at the incoming missiles, and destroyed one. Several people on the bridge cheered. A vulcan cannon began shooting, spewing 6,000 rounds a minute at the two missiles. One was destroyed, but the other was too close.

"Missed it by a **** hair!" Someone else yelled, "Brace!" as the missile slammed into the ship's midsection.

A powerful shockwave rocked the ship in the air, and a loud explosion caused most of the crew to lose their hearing for a few seconds. Cressy shook his head clear, swore, then looked to the nearest man on the bridge. "Damage?"

The man turned to look at his computer screen for a minute before answering. "Minor. Some fires in midship, but the automatic sprinkles should take care of them. Casualties, at least forty wounded. No report on fatalies yet. The armor held up pretty well."

"Good. When we get home, I am going to insist that the War department allocate funds for shield research." The other man laughed.
12-01-2005, 01:51
The message went out to the StarSpiders informing them of Japan's seeming cease-fire. They grudgingly complied with the command from Daven to stand down, but the Commodore was quick to point them in the direction of further conflicts with the Japanese in South America.

"Are you sure that's wise, sir?" One of Daven's adjutants asked cautiously. "Using the StarSpiders so liberally, that is."

"Cassius himself stated that the StarSpiders could remain, and should remain in order to provide us a token influence in the recall. If this is what it takes to keep up their morale, then I will do so gladly. They will keep the Japanese skirmishers busy enough for Mexico to consolidate. As will precision strikes upon the Slinaoan collaborators."

"Then why do we not just place the Japanese empire under full scale bombardment?"

"Because we would also have to do the same to America, and we would still have the issue of recalling the Cougars. If we can bring Mexico up to the strength of Slinao's incursion force, we would not have to expend so much in resources to support them."

"What do you mean?"

"With Malkyeri Russia as a primary ally, they should fend rather well against Slinaoan advance. In numbers, technology, and intelligence resources. We can't stay here forever, you know... laying waste to every little stronghold that those wretches happen to erect. If we take that course, pretty soon we'll have annihilated half the planet. If Shaw had just wiped out California in the first place, none of this would be happening..."

He laughed to himself. "And I'd still be answering to Corbox."

He turned towards the Weapons Adjutant. "Keep an eye on those Japanese skirmisher vessels off the coast of South America. If you have a clear shot, take it. One shot should be enough to send them to the bottom. Feel free to take more if necessary, however."
12-01-2005, 02:15
Admiral Johnson began typing the message.

To Godularan Leadership,

I fear I must ask you to grant me a favor. Upon our arrival into this new dimension, our foldspace generators were destroyed. These devices are what allow us to travel between the stars, and in this case, between dimensions. I have done everything in my power to rebuild the generators, and though the work of my engineers is commendable, I fear I will not be able to repair them. This leads me to my question. Once this unfortunate conflict is resolved, would you be so kind as to transport my command and men back to our dimension? I await your response, and know that I will do everything I can to aid you in the Americas.

Admiral Richard Johnson
High Fleet of Malkyer
12-01-2005, 04:40
To: Admiral Richard Johnson
From: Commodore Daven-Cameron Harley, Commander, 12th Godulan DawnRunner Battlefleet

We will assist you in whatever means you require. Should you wish it, we can also send word to your home command that you survived transit.

It also looks like you need some support over in your neck of the woods. You appear to be decidedly more vulnerable to missile strikes than our vessels. We are willing to allocate a force of three Cannon Cruisers, three Support Carriers, and no less than twenty Shrike Torpedo Corvettes. If the Slinaoan Japanese try to fire anything at you, we'll make certain that their missile launch silos are single-use only.
12-01-2005, 20:33
-= In Europe, somewhere near the English city of London a small squad of infiltration units started handing out fliers and putting up posters. It was a simple poster, one denounceing the alien forces that had brought war to the nations of the world.

Nations of The World
We are attacked from another world. These aliens attacked to "defend" from genocide of the masses. They said they acted in fear that another power, a Slinao Government that came from the stars would bring war upon the nations and bring death with them. Yet these people unleashed great daemons upon your soils. They have given your enemies weapons that make your rivers run with blood. The Slinao Government came, and the Aliens made the Mexican Government attack their allies with the United States. When resistance was made, they destroyed an entire eco system, thousands died for them to end a "threat of genocide". They killed innocent Californians, ones that had wished for protection for the barbarian general that had allied with this aliens. They were destroyed without remorse in a moments notice.

-=a picture of the Californian population, rejoicing with Slinao troops=-
-=another picture of California glassed over and destroyed=-

The Slinao Government has unified the Eastern Empire of Japan, and they have opened thier trade to the entire world. They have brought gifts to the Royal families of Europe. The Japanese Empire now is being harassed by these Aliens again.

-=a picture of a Japanese Delegate shaking hands with the Royal Family=-
-=a picture of a japanese ship being destroyed from above and another of wreakage and dead bodies floating in the water=-

They have been assaulted from the air while defending their colonies in south america from the Savages found there. People of Europe, Slinao offers you technology, they offer you a chance for peace. It may be a long fight, but the world need to be rid of these alien forces. Unite and fight the hoards. Your military has been given knowledge to defend itself, though it may not be enough. These are powerful aliens that attack the Earth, but a united force can change their path.

-=a picture of the world with all the flags of the nations on it=-
12-01-2005, 22:42
"Sir, dispatch from our intelligence units over Europe. Its the Prussians."

Daven took the small dispatch and skimmed through it. Then crinkled it up, scowling. "When was this spotted?"

"Just a few hours ago. The GMA representative is supposedly providing them with the information."

"If I get my hands on him I'll break his neck. That's treason! Thank you for bringing this to my attention Adjutant."

The Adjutant saluted and strode from the bridge.

"Combustion Engines... by the Archons they have missiles now! Ops, send the orders for my shuttle to be prepped, I need to talk with some Turks."

"Sir!" The intelligence adjutant came running back. "More news from Europe. Something's riling up the British. They're starting up some sort of major anti-alien campaign."

"Damn Slinaoans just can't leave, can they? Send word to Mirnan, tell him to watch those Japanese peace delegations REAL close. Send word to the Malkyeris too, keep an eye on the Japanese and if/when the Ottomans come looking for an alliance, to accept with all possible speed.

"COMMS! Get the StarSpiders in the Atlantic on the horn, tell them to mobilize in the north sea and stand by for further orders. I may regret doing this, but if the Prussians try to take Britain, I'm going to let them."
14-01-2005, 03:14
-= Off the southern coast of the Empire of Japan's Royal Lands (austraila) a large fleet sets forth. Their course was for the South Pole. They travelled swiftly, propelled by both sail and a newly designed motor system. They traveled low in the water, carrying supplies to set up a new outpost in the cold desert of the South Pole.

Within a short amout of time they had landed. They unloaded what appeared to be modified tanks onto the frozen lands. The weapons had been removed and instead carried radar and extra heating coils. They also had long wagon style tanks as well, they carried building supplies and heaters. They started their treck outwards, though a good amount stayed behind.

The ones that stayed started setting up a base camp. They quickly had several domed buildings up, each one haveing a radius of 100ft. They were a total of 15 total. 5 of them showed greenery inside, they were obviously greenhouses, set up for food as well as air purifying. Others were blackened out perhaps they were sleeping areas. 3 of them were obviously powerstations, having wires running outwards to each of the domes, as well as having steam vents above them. Each dome was connected to others through a series of tunnells that were put up.

The ships turned and started on their return to the Empire homeland, having done their mission of dropping off their cargo and occupents. They were to return home and do trade missions, being a new transport ship that was to head to europe with a fresh supply of oils, teas, herbs, and other exotic items from the Japanese Empire. =-
16-01-2005, 04:18
-= the south pole colonies built fast, and dug deep. They quickly had set up fields of missle silos. Factories sprang up too, building the missles that were needed to fire from the silos, though so far no war head was being made. They lacked the needed materials for the warheads, though they hoped to make the break through within the year.

The Japanese Government pulled its fleets out of anylands that had come in contact with the cougars, not wishing to be attacked next by the metal demons from the aliens above. They feared them, mainly because they seemed to destroy without reason or pause, and they were destroyers of all. They kept their trade open with all other nations of the world though.

The Americans were busy building a great wall, much like the one built in Japan, and for much the same perpose. There were trying to keep the attacking Mexican military back. They were building the wall 100 miles back from the farthest conflict point with the two nations was. They had sent messages to the Mexican government telling them they were asking for a ceasefire, as well as perhaps a trade agreement. =-