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Northwest Passage open for all!

The Canadian Tundra
02-01-2005, 23:36
OOC: This thread is to show that the Northwest Passage (blocked largely by ice during certain parts of the year in RL) is now open thanks to global warming). Also, this thread is to try to get trade relations and possibly gain some new allies.

After years of speculation over the northwest passage being a viable trade route between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, the Northwest Passage has been finally cleared open for all by the Tundric government, and TDF and Free Provincial Alliance naval assets are clearing out of the passage. The passage is finally fully open thanks to weather trends attributed to global warming, which have melted away the ice that has cause the passage to be near impassable.

To help aid shipping companies, the Tundric government is investing in numerous small ports to better acommodate bulk freighters and similar vessels, and is carrying out investments to expand the industrial and resourcing capabilities of these more remote areas, to turn them into primary centers of international trade.

Also, the Tundra is offering subsidies and other benefits to help draw foreign investors and add greater diversity to the economy, and is opening up areas of large mineral wealth, oil drilling operations, and is citing the Tundra's advanced genetic engineering programs and other technological advancements to draw corporate R&D facilities into setting up shop in Tundra, where laws regarding many facets of R&D are already being loosened as part of the attempt to draw foreign investment.