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War RP (nations population under 100mill)

01-01-2005, 16:48
Basically I want to do a modern tech war rp based in the real world with sensible numbers and realistic operations. The scenario can be discussed before we start the actual RP. Anyone intrested say so here!
Beduin Arabia
01-01-2005, 16:50
ooc: Im up for that
01-01-2005, 17:01
I was thinking that prehaps you take over 1 country and I another, we agree on some catalyst that starts a war and we start. Also we both submit Armed forces inventory lists so we know exactly what we are up against, then during the game you can moblise new units and increase war production which makes for a far more realistic game. What do you think?
Beduin Arabia
01-01-2005, 18:49
sounds good. How about an assasination for the catalyst
02-01-2005, 09:09
Good idea. I suggest we get on with our inventory lists as that will be the basis of the game. Also we need to pick contries in the real world (although your nationstates information will be transferred to this country). After picking countries we can Rp the assaination and get on with the game.

For the Armed Forces list anything that will be in service by 2010 will be allowed and any designs of your own will have to be checked by the other player. I reckon 300,000 men will be a good amount to have to start with and these men do not have to be split evenly between the services (you only need to mention main equipment, jeeps, trucks etc are taken for granted. Also Logistic troops must be mentioned). Another thing we have to decide upon is the RPing of countries who are not under our control. Anything you want to change just say.
02-01-2005, 09:12
OOC: Interesting idea; what happens if a nation that's involved goes beyond 100 million? Do they suddenly drop out of the RP? :D
02-01-2005, 09:25
Your population will be taken from when you join the game, but it dosent really matter as everyone will have the same amount of men fighting and such like.
02-01-2005, 20:10