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Alien versus Predator RP

The Supreme Yautja
16-12-2004, 21:09
Hey. This is an Alien vurses Predator Role Playing thread. The setting is on an island where humans have stated to build a small town. This is also the site of an Alien hive where the Predators go to hunt every 50 years...
The Supreme Yautja
16-12-2004, 21:12
Etchande looked over at his comrades. They were all waiting for the ships 'speakers' to confirm the hunt. Suddenly they blaired and the Predators were off to their launch pods. This is going to be exciting Etchande thought with a smile underneath his mask.
Final Fantasy Heroes
16-12-2004, 22:45
OOC: Can I RP with a SeeD member?