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14-12-2004, 04:05
Welcome to the Store!

Hi! and welcome to the store, we have a variety of items and I hope you enjoy them all. Remember, our store is growing constantly, so if you dont like what you see, come back later and we will probably have what you want. Thanks and Enjoy!

The Rules:

Do your own Math.
Have a little RP in your post. i.e. "Hello, I am the representative of yournation and I would like blahblah for some random purpose.(if you want purposes)"
Those who buy in bulk will recieve discounts! Those discounts are negotiable, which is good because if you are very articulate, you can get huge discounts.
Please post in this thread and not on the storefront webpage.

The rest of the stuff in this post is store junk, move down to see my wares.

Ok, The storefront has been moved to this thread, but there is still more to be moved, remember to still check this website:

Please,Post your orders in this thread! You dont have to, it would just be convenient if you were nice enough to do so. Hope you make a good order!

14-12-2004, 06:09
Land Vehicals for Sale:

Standard Tanks:
BYL-8 "Bet Your Life"(Which is shortened to 'Bill')
(Picture not available for time being)
This is probably the best tank around, it has a high powered engine, a dual cannon, a rocket launcher, and a .50 Cal. This tank has heavy armor and can be found at $12,000,000!

"Blue Standard"M2-184 Tank-
Stats To Come. Known as the 'Blue Standard' Because Klington troops have come to judge other countries tanks by the M2-184, this tank is reliable and well-rounded.
Price: $1,000,000

Super Heavy Duty Tank-
Stats To Come. This is one of our strongest vehicals, it is used in situations when Klingtons forces are greatly outnumbered, this is a very strong and reliable tank, yet slow and costly.
Price: $5,050,000

Tesla Electric Tank-
Stats to Come. This tank uses electricity to destroy its targets, this tank is good for killing infantry and mechanized units.
Price: $ 1,750,000
16-12-2004, 03:48

Prism Tank-
Stats to Come. This tank uses several lasers and focuses them into one magnifying glass to make a high powered 'death ray', a very powerful weapon, usually used to destroy fortifications.
Price: $2,500,000

Multiple Turret Support Tank-
(Picture not available)
Stats to Come. In the Begining this tank was a dream for ground forces, now it eliminates the threat of ground forces being outflanked with its new Multiple Turret System, get one today!
Price: $1,555,555

R2-18 "Coffin" Light Tank
Stats: Two Gattling Guns, and Two Alternating Lasers or Cannons.
This tank is ideal for a fast and hard attack.
Price: $900,000

G4-21 "Halo" Heavy Tank
1 High Powered Cannon
This tank isnt very well rounded, but it is perfect for a strong and powerful attack.

A9-E Anti-Personal Tank
(Picture not available)
Stats to come
Need a riot to suppress? Trying to get rid of pesy revolutionists with no real armor support? Then this is the tank for you! This tank was built with the suppression of people(wether for the cause of a dictator or a liberator is up to you)in mind.
17-12-2004, 03:41

AR-7 Multi-Purpose Tank
Too many to count.
This tank is, well, multi-purpose, from support to anti-air to artillery, and navigation to sensors and communication this tank has basically it all.

"Shocky" AR-4T('arefort' is another common nickname)
(Picture Not Available)
Two very high powered tesla cannons.
This tank is very very very powerful, the only drawbacks are that it takes 2 minutes to recharge, and is very slow and costly.
Price: $8,000,000

"Big Momma" RK-09
(Picture Not Available)
Double cannon and a .50 Calibur, as well as a huge artillery cannon.
This artillery weapon has mobility and is able to defend itself, add to the fact that is one hell of an artillery cannon, and got something good.

So, your on an unbreathable planet full of aliens, you cant use any real firepower against these guys because your d**n spacesuits are so slow, what do you do? USE OUR SPACE TANKS!
I4-12 "Plantary Defender"-
This Tank Has:
One high powered laser(recharges in about 10 seconds, after every shot.)
One Powerful Sensor Array.
Use this old puppy to tear the alien invaders to shreds 8-).

Multi-Purpose Vehicals
Mole Miner
(Picture not available)
One .50 Calibur on the front, mine deployment system.
This vehical is good to place mines throughout enemy territory, and if your in the UN, claim that your enemy did it.

Hammerhead Mine Flail KR-12
(Picture not Available)
A Mine Clearer and A mine Dispenser.
Pretty basic eh?

Searcher Mech-
4 Laser Mini Lasers, and 2 Mini Gattling Guns.
These Mechs will seek out any enemy on the field... *arnold voice* and termine them */arnold voice*

Klingtonian Recondo School!

In 1966(Vietnam War), the MACV Recondo School was established to train Special Forces Units in long-range recon tactics and commando operations. Graduates of this school were capable of performing many duties, including infiltrating into enemy-controlled territory for long periods of time without being resupplied. These highly skilled graduates were called "Recondos" and they exemplified courage and confidence. They endured some of the toughest training around and there last mission actually involved enemy troops and was called "Bet Your Life." Klingtons Recando school is based on this great military school.

Klingtons Recondo school is a very prestigious training camp where mice will become men, or men will become an efficent killing machine to help your army fight its hard battles. Some of the training includes running 8 miles with a 40 pound pack, and having a final mission in which one actually partakes in a real battle where their life is in danger. This school is a must for your star soldiers, I would recommend it to most.
$400,000 per session, per person.(I.E. 1 Person would equal 400,000, 2 People would egual 800,000)
18-12-2004, 00:49
New Werewolf Serum!

The werewolf serum isnt meant to kill thousands of people. No, its meant to kill leaders. Just one dose into the senate, and then you will have one blood-thirsty senator killing everyone in congress. Then he will eventually be shot himself. Works great for killing presidents and etc!

$20,000 Per Vial!
18-12-2004, 00:58
Anagonia will take shares in your company, perhaps more later on...

$200,000,000 Million Universal Standard Dollars/United States Dollars spent on Klington Corporation Shares.
18-12-2004, 01:00
Anagonia will take shares in your company, perhaps more later on...

$200,000,000 Million Universal Standard Dollars/United States Dollars spent on Klington Corporation Shares.

Thanks! Klington Corporation offers you one vial of werewolf serum for your money, er.. generosity!
18-12-2004, 01:08
Takes serum and runs and hides.

"I shall take over the world, Mwahahahahahahaha!"
27-03-2005, 19:32
Welcome to the Klington Tank Store, we have a wide array of Tanks and Multipurpose vehicals, come here to find the state of the art weaponry your country craves, nay, needs!

NEW MODEL! The Klington Hover Jenk!
Tired of your generals being killed because they dont have adequate protection in their jeeps? Tired of your troops not having enough firepower behind the ol' jeep/hummer? Want a mobile and speedy tank? Then Klingtons Jenks are for you! We have combined the praiseworthy speed and mobility of a jeep with the strong armor and firepower of tanks. Comes in Hover Version and Normal Version.
Hover Version:
Comes with one .50 Calibur Machine Gun(Laser Capabilities will be installed at your own descretion), Two Main Heavy Machine Gun Turrets or Small Cannon Turrets.
The Cost is $850,000

Normal Version:
(LOL! Just Kidding, the Sherman isnt a Jenk.)
Comes with one .50 Calibur(Laser capabilities installed at your own discretion), and one medium-powered cannon or two small heavy machine gun turrets.
The Cost is $250,000

More to Come Later!


The stealth jenk is one of Klingtons greatest achievements, it is still under development as far as Radar, Infared, etc. goes. But we ask for investments in this project. You will gain the rights to produce these projects if you invest. The great promise of this vehical lies in its state of the art cloaking system.

The Stealth(Visual) Jenk Abilities:
Darkened Jenk:

The Cloaking System in Action:
-Activating Stage:

-Effect Stage:

Final Stage;AKA Your Dead:

Ok, I hope you like it! The Genius of the Stealth Jenk lies in the fact it isn't invisible, but it inhibits the sight of the enemy(as well as your own infantry, at this point in R&D), which can help to slow down the enemy, have them go in the wrong direction, and throw off there entire plan! So please invest today.