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Earth V - Invasion of Georgia

13-12-2004, 19:51
OOC: Khookai, for simplicity's sake, shall we assume this RP is taking place from the time Tenebricosis's and Vineyard's troops crossed Georgia's border. For this time, Armenia and Azerbaijan are still neutral, but upon completion of this RP will be as if the previous military campaign had already happened.

According to the RP that had already taken place, 230,615 Tenebri infantry and 100,000 Vineyard infantry are now in Georgia. The Tenebri are coming South from the base of the Caucasus and the Vineyards have invaded from the west by the Black Sea.


Tenebri Barely Encrypted Military Channel:

GIANT ANNOUNCEMENT! One of the HIPPO Transport Flyers has crashed into the Caucasus Mountains after the pilot apparently defected. All the crew and 385 soldiers are dead.

Remaining infantry successfully parachuted to the base of the Caucasus and began combat in Gagna, Sokhumi, Zugdidi, and Kutaisi. Air raids have begun on these and other cities including Tbilisi and Rustavi.

Vineyard re-enforcements have landed and are assisting in the battles taking place in Sokhumi. They will also later help in the seige of Batumi.

The Office of the Tenebri Premier:

Senior Military Advisor: Sir, one of our transports was shot down over the Caucasus. Everyone is dead.

Pr. Dreft: WHAT? They've killed all our soldiers already!? How can this be?

Senior Military Advisor: N.. No, sir, only the troops in the one plane are dead. I'm so sorry if I confused you, sir. The divisions we sent are already assaulting border villages and slaughtering civilians as you commanded. Only seventeen troops have died in skirmishes so far. I expect that number will skyrocket as soon as we approach major urban centers.

Pr. Dreft: Oh. Well, in that case, how are the air raids going?

Military Advisor 2: We haven't gotten enemy casualty reports yet, but thirty of our five hundred fighters have already been shot down by AA fire. We expect many buildings in the older cities will have been damaged.

Pr. Dreft: Very well. Procede as planned. Perhaps we can capture Zugdidi by the end of the month.