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New Planet Thrashia's new capital

12-12-2004, 20:57
With Planet Thrashia now complete the constuction of a new capital city has been finished. The City of Jukova ( is a beautiful city where up to 30 million Thrashians live. The city itself is over 100 miles in area. And the Imperial Palace takes up about 30 miles of area.

Besides the city the Emperor has built his war factories only 20 miles from the city so as to be acsecible to his viewing at any time.

Admiral Alabar himself has been given a continent on the southern hemisphere where he has built his own home and command station as well as his private scientific factory and laboratory. And with it he has begun making the Emperor a gift for his 60th birthday, three years for it to be completed.

OOC: Hope you like the city pic, and the b-day gift is something good, a new toy for my Emperor Shadaum to use which Alabar will have done within that space of time and hopefully outfitted when its done. ;)
12-12-2004, 21:46
Greetings from Xeraph!

Xeraph would be honored to establish ties with Thrashia. We have available in our capitol of Xeraphia a splendid, 40,000 square foot embassy complete with HeloPad. If yo prefer, you can dock your ship at our OSS-1 and beam down to your embassy.

Congratulations on the completion of your capitol.


Prince Vlad of the Grey Phoenix, in the Name of the Emperor
12-12-2004, 21:52
Embassador Kealano stepped off the helopad. He greeted the represenatives and started alliance talks.

OOC: Sry for rushed rp but I got other things more pressing at the moment.
12-12-2004, 22:04
" Ambassador Kealano, I am Vlad, ruler of the nation of The Grey Phoenix, of the Empire of Xeraph. I welcome you to Xeraphia. The Emperor is awaiting you and your entourage. Please be aware that while weapons are permitted in the Palace, any that you or your people have in your possession must be in plain sight at all times. This way, please."
12-12-2004, 22:07
Kealano with his four ceremonial guards (las rifles in plain sight) followed Vlad into what looked to be a grand palace.
13-12-2004, 00:05
Kealano followed Prince Vlad thru several ante-rooms, and down a number of halls. For the most part, the architecture was fairly gold, marble, or diamond chandeliers in sight. The overall effect was of a citadel, though not a heavily guarded one. The walls were of a neutral color, sort of a flat tan, with olive-drab undertones. The curtains were of a similar hue.
" Functional", thought Kealano, "If a bit drab."

" Ambassador Kealano, may I present His Majesty, Emperor Alaric of Xeraph, of the Eternal House of Tanith, Councilor Prime of GAPTS, 7th Lord of....."

Alaric stood up, " Yes, yes, yes, and so on ad nauseum. Welcome, Ambassador Kealano. Name's Alaric. Would you like a cigar? Castro's grandson gave me a dozen of his grand-daddy's stash. Got to be a hundred years old...perfectly preserved."

Alaric appeared to be about 26 years old. Six feet, 4 and one-half inches tall, athletically built, with long, dark brown hair flowing over his shoulders, and a short, close-cropped beard. He wasn't carrying his SP-48 semi-auto rifle, but he was armed to the teeth otherwise: Katana sword on each hip, Glock 9mm pistol in shoulder holster, Walther PPK in an ankle band, various knives strapped on various parts of his body. A body covered in tribal tattoos.

Kealano thought, " Quite imposing. No doubt the effect he is shooting for."
13-12-2004, 01:39
Rebeled Elves
13-12-2004, 02:12
13-12-2004, 08:17
"I am here your highness, to organize an alliance between our two nations. I hope it will be a mutual benefit to both our country's," Kealano said as he took a cigar. 'Nice flavor,' he thought.
14-12-2004, 02:51
Alaric stared at the Ambassador for a few seconds. " No doubt, the benefit will be greater on your end, eh Kealano?"

Kealano had heard of the Emperor's direct way of dealing with people. No bullshit here....."Yes your Majesty, I..."

" Alaric, the name is Alaric. All of my people call me by my name. No titles, unless we are in a royal situation of some sort."

" OK, Alaric it is. Your'e right. Thrashia would no doubt be more needy of the resources Xeraph has than the other way around. But I'm sure we have something you may need...or want."
14-12-2004, 03:43
14-12-2004, 08:38
"But on whose terms indeed would be when who will be wanting who..." Kealano looked at Alaric. "Our Fleet has become one of the most powerful in this system and growing, our millions of legions added to the 80,000 (and growing) number of battle droids in our droid army, as well as another surprise that Admiral Alabar has for the Emperor's birthday are a key factor in our present government."

"So I will cut through the red tape of deiscusion. Do you wish for an alliance between your country and the Empire of Thrashia?" Kealano watched Alarics face carefully for any show of emotion.
14-12-2004, 23:20
" Youv'e got balls, Kealano. OK, let's say we'll align ourselves with Thrashia for the time being. Formal alliance somewhere down the road. Embassy exchange to proceed as planned. Agreed?"
15-12-2004, 08:46
"Agreed. Farewell. Our own embassy with be here within the month, send your at any time." Finished, Kealano turned and marched back to his shuttle. Getting on it it took him back to his Shadaum. Within 5 hours he was once more back in Jukova typing his report to the Emperor.
15-12-2004, 09:30
The Exquisite Daemon Empire of Ankhmet offers you an opportunity to establish an embassy in the Ankhmeti capital city of Ankh. The building is roughly 100,000 square feet, a truly massive product of the first settlers and the STC, has an attached landing pad for shuttles and is capable of accepting drop pods in a drop pod bay.

Ra the Savage,
Greater Daemon of Nurgle, Emperor of Ankhmet, Grand Duke of Ankh
Lessr Tsurani
15-12-2004, 11:21
The Tsurani Empire will give you an embassy on the space Port Shizzunia. While not seeming like much, this is the cultural Center of the Empire, that and the fact the Home world is mearly three jumps away.

Signed Lord Delawere, Master Eldar Farseer.
15-12-2004, 13:20
"I am Grand Admiral Alabar, on behalf of the Emperor I accept your proposals and welcome the support and ineration of the international community. Our Ambassadors will be ariving at the locations specified within the month. Thankyou for the opertunity."