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Tremors, etc.

11-12-2004, 18:56
A volcano close to a town has erupted, before it came the tremors. This meant that gas pipes have broken and fires have started. Landslides mean that the hospital in the town has been severly damaged. People are missing and many feared dead. There is falling ash from the volcano so take precautions and beware of any second tremors etc.

Seems like an interesting enough scenario. Nothing too eccentric please.

No hospital means, of course, limited aid is available from this end.
11-12-2004, 19:14
--||Khwarezmia sends aid and troops.

Khwarezmia is able to send 40 Khwarezmian Guard and aid in 5 Albatross transport helicopters.

Is there anywhere that they can successfully land and unload nearby?
11-12-2004, 19:34
On the behalf of the World Humanitarian League, we would like to send a WHL taskforce to your nation to provide food, medical aid, temporary shelter, and firefighting. If you wish them to come, they will be landing by helicopter. Could you please give us the co-ordinates of a suitable landing site?
14-12-2004, 09:56
Khwarezmia regrets that due to an escalating situation in H2, it can no longer support Siberiana with aid.

Khwarezmia regrets this moce strongly but there is no other option.

We hope that you will recover with all rapidity from the disaster.