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Island War

History lovers
09-12-2004, 01:36
ZYX Urgent News Report
Broadcasting from the Presidential Palace in New Constantinople, New Byzantium

"Hello, I'm Rivjo Smipit, broadcasting from the Presidential Palace, where the President is about to make an anouncement"
Suddenly there is loud cheering as President Puller Lunphi walks to the balcony of his office.

"People of the Republic of History lovers: I have sorry news for you.
On this day, less than two hours ago, nomads from the island Yoomaras attack the semi-autonomous section of New Pennsylvania, striking Philadelphia and ensuring that the entire population was decimated. We are sending support to help our remaining forces in Fort Derom."

This has been a ZYX Urgent News Report.
09-12-2004, 01:53
10 tank divisions
1st-9th Panzer divisions
10th Patton division
10 tanks per division
five people per tank
5 Air squadrons
1st-4th Sopwith Camel Squadrons
12 fighters per squadron
two persons per fighter
5th Stuka Squadron
4 fighters per squadron
one person per fighter
4 Infantry Corps
1st-3rd Rifle (K98) Corps
4th Submachinegun (MP-38) Corps
12350 men per Corps
10-12-2004, 03:02
OOC: I give authority to History lovers to state factual things about both of our armies.