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Geographical Society Exploration of South Madigascar Jungle (Open RP)

05-12-2004, 13:34
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The Royal B'Stadsia Geographical Society, Formally The Ganderorland Zoological society, Formally the Royal Southern Madigascar society. Plans and expendition into the Gertsburg Jungle.
(Map included in attachment)
Seeks international backers for funds, expertise or equippment. Backers can send a representative on the expedition.

Expedition is to locate the fabled Red Guerilla. Similiar sightings have been recorded in Kenya.
OOC: Yes they really have in the real world.
Sightings report a red coloured Knuckle walking creature that feeds of vegitation. Some scientists believe them to be the last in an old line of ancient mammals.
Fossils of a knuckle-walking chalicothere called Chalicotherium are found in the Late Oligocene of Asia, but fossils are rare. Knuckle walkers are thought to have evolved in Asia much earlier.
(Picture reconstruction included)
05-12-2004, 15:34