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Trouble Brews....(ATTN. All "Evil Nations" & "Good Nations")

Dracun imperium
04-12-2004, 21:39
The Chancellor's popularity had soared over the past 3 years as Chancellor. People adored him, children hoped to become him. Leaders would have a tough time ousting him from his seat as Chancellor. This absolutely sickened the foreign minister, Joseph Elkins.

He was a former leader of the revolution that had brought about the change from tyrannical rulers, to beloved Chancellors. Joseph had thought he had the election in the bag, after all he had done the most for the rebellion not the military leader & current Chancellor, Jason. All he had done was win a few battles that's it. How could he had gotten so much popularity when it was him who had done everything?

These thoughts swirled through his head as he sat with a few high and trusted aides of himself.
"You called for us Joseph?" his aide Markato asked

"Yes, I did that is why your here, is it not?" Joseph said coldly

"True what is the reason Joseph?" Jacob asked

"Watch your tone Jacob..." the coldness in Joseph's voice was obvious now.

They all gulped.

"Now as we all know it was I who should have won the election ... not Jason. We are here for that reason" Joseph told them

They all looked confused but through silence they all figured it out and gasped and lowered their voices
Jacob was the bravest and spoke first "You speak of treason sir, we can't do that the entire Imperium would be against us"

"True young Jacob, but that is why we have mercenaries and rouge nations. They will be contacted and we will use them to seat me as "chancellor," then you will all be rewarded with powerful positions you would all like that wouldn't you?"

They all nodded

"Good get to work, contact anyone who can be considered rouge understood?"

"Yes sir" they all responded

Now the stage was set, trouble was on the horizon and Dracun knew nothing about it.

ooc: Any "evil nations" and mercenaries please post here in OOC so we can RP a meeting, thankyou
Dracun imperium
04-12-2004, 22:14
The Horned Rat
04-12-2004, 22:21
OOC: I assume this is future tech?
I am interested, but could you describe the imperium, please?
Dracun imperium
04-12-2004, 22:24
The Horned Rat
04-12-2004, 22:27
OOC: excellent, now I don't have to worry about nova torpedoes destabilizing a star/planet and killing everything.

So, what is your nation like(ie: Island, continent? General location in comparison to earth), and other valuable intel necessary to survive.
Dracun imperium
04-12-2004, 22:28
ooc: Dracun is an Island, will supply the map when I find it. It is a very unstable reason just beggining to re-stabilize. It is near greece in fact only a around a 100 miles away
The Horned Rat
04-12-2004, 22:35
OOC: so what type of message would have been sent out? Or am I unworthy for this?(which is perfectley understandable)
Dracun imperium
04-12-2004, 22:46
OOC: Any time of message but make sure you encode everything and such to make it belivable
The Horned Rat
04-12-2004, 23:21
OOC: So I'll assume it was a request for a meeting.

IC:At Skaven Blight:
Outside the tower of the horned rat, a heavy fog was there, as always, it seemed to be devoid of life, except to those who knew what to look for. Red eyes darted from the shadows, here and there, a shadow flitted inside an alleyway, but the gold covered deathvermin at the doors did not flinch, not move. A few chambers inside were some fancy gadtetry, it was nearly half of the foreign equipment in the country, as foreigners were not to be trusted. It was one of the best computers, built to serve a main purpose, to send and recieve messages. It was virtually occupied all day, as message traffic was laden with reports of premotions, uprisings, the crushing of fore-said uprisings, assassinations, deaths, weapon and vehicle production, and other various information that made the massive cogs of any goverenment turn. even though foreigners weren't to be trusted, all messages to and from foreign areas had a higher priority than anything else, except of course, the council. A deathvermin who was seated at one station, just recieved one such message...

/Level 24 Encryption/council eyes only/
Even though his face didn't change, his heatbeat picked up, a message with this encryption had only been used only when some campaign was about to start, or, a foreign power needed aid of some form. Kritch turned to the scar leader that was supervising, "Sir, message for the council, this one is important, am I clear to relay it"

Scarleader Ritticus pondered this, which was worse, to interrupt the council with something that might only be a call for humanitarian aid, or keep information from the council.... He had seen many soldiers flayed alive for both, but usually worse fates awaited those who commited the second, risking life, he keyed the comm system that went into the council chambers. He was not worthy enough to even speak to them, which is why a grey seer was present and had spoken up. "O most powerful council of thirteen, a message has just arrvived from the outside, it is listed under urgent". Ritticus knew the conversation was over and released the button, "You are all clear to send it".

Inside the Council Chambers:

Twelve figures sat in the darkness around a tble that was horseshoe shaped. They had heard the message, none had acknowledge it, except for the on next to the center seat, which was vacant. The message was displayed on a large screen that was in the center.

"So, more political squabbles by the surface dwellers?" this voice was full of annoyance.

Another voice, that had a tone of challenge spoke up, "Of course, is it not so here too?"

This voice, was full of wisdom and patience, but was filled with a patronizing tone, "It is not the same, we labor for the inhertiance, they squabble for their own power"

The challenging voice spoke up again, sounding full of something...hope? "This can be used to our advantage, I suggest we do send a representative to this..."Imperium" "

"The first voice retorted, full of anger and determination, "We are in a careful place, we should not be rash, unless we undo everything that our race has labored on for centuries"

The one who sat next to the unoccupied chair finally talked, his rank, just like his voice dominated all those present, except of course, the horned one, "We shall meet with them, and the horned rat shall guide us through this time, and we shall inherit".

A messgae that was simalarly encrypted, was sent back soon afterwards.

The council has expressed intrest in your proposal, but, where would you have their representative meet you?
Drum Gods
04-12-2004, 23:32
OOC: Are we evil? Well we're not saints so I guess the Empire could get a price.....if you were interested.
Dracun imperium
05-12-2004, 04:21
"Joseph, we have recieved one applicant so far"

"Excellent continue to keep me informed on the applicants"
05-12-2004, 04:40
Quick tag,
Dracun imperium
05-12-2004, 14:47
Dracun imperium
05-12-2004, 20:07
ooc:come on *waves and does wierd hand motion* you wish to join
The Horned Rat
05-12-2004, 20:11
Threaten people with destruction, you also get a warm friendly response back :D
05-12-2004, 22:49
The Dictator (how long had it been since he had been known by his name and not his position he thought to himself, maybe this would change that) looked at the computer screen in front of him. As ruler of the Holy Dominion the decision was his and his alone. Would Dyethylamide intervene? That was the question. What if this "coupe" failed? Where would that leave him and his country? What if it succeeded though? Increasing his influence in the world could be invaluable to Dyethylamide's future. He had brought the country out of political darkness and stablized it. He had a sizeable, well equipped military that was occupied with nothing more than military excercises. They needed to flex their wings, maybe this was the way. He thought about it some more and fired off a message.

encrypted communique' to Joseph Elkins


What is your proposal? I am interested.

Dictator & High Priest for Life,
Adolph Syrinx
The Holy Dominion of Dyethylamide