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Resignation from NATO

04-12-2004, 20:44
Some of you who have frequented the NATO boards as members know this already.

The Sadistic Dictatorship of Witzgall and it's Militaristic Empire has fully and entirely resigned from NATO. We cannot shine light on the many reasons, but it is somewhat due to some corruption in the alliance, as well as the fact that those powers who asked me to join have now begun to leave NATO themselves.

I will not name names, not give out any detailed information regarding my resignation.

I am out, finished, quit. I have left NATO with a saddened face, even if I was not an influential member. Those members of NATO who read this will most likely brush it off their shoulders and move on. Good for you.

Many of them are not aware of what is wrong with NATO, as is the situation with the nonmembers and the "enemy" alliances.

Well, I hope all NATO members soon find out what is wrong. I hope they come to their senses and see it is dead. NATO no longer exists as it once was.

Have a nice journey with the alliance, and hopefully we will cross paths once more.

Also, seeing how I am out, any nation who wishes to ally themselves with me please TG me or email email is

The Island of Rose
04-12-2004, 20:46
Witzgal, can't you stay and at least wait for things to change?
04-12-2004, 20:50
No. I have explained that on the forums. Sarctic asked the same thing.

I have come to see that many of the "less influential" nations such as myself have no place in here.

This is mainly a "corporate" alliance, made of powerful nations with somewhat biased views. Some of you even have totally biased views, which makes me wish to leave even more.

I will not stick around, sorry to disappoint you. I fear that this new system with one "ringleader" will even throw NATO into a larger pit. I am aware that I said it was a good idea, but it isn't now that I look at it as a nonmember.

It may seem good, but it just isn't right.
04-12-2004, 21:00
04-12-2004, 21:22
So then, no more comments?

Ok. See ya guys on the other side or something. :)

Enjoy the new NATO.
04-12-2004, 21:22
So far i have counted 3 nations that resigned from NATO. What the hell is going on?
04-12-2004, 21:35
More than 3, my friend.

NATO is falling apart internally. A changing of the system has left many members confused and distraught. This is one of many reasons for why I am leaving as well.