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Dimitri Ackbar makes tennis understood once again

The eternal-dragons
04-12-2004, 20:26
====News Report by N.Albanian News agency========

Northern Albanian leaders son, Dimitri Ackbar, will today start his worldwide tour in a bid to increase support among the youth.

Greg Valachek with more on the report:

====Screen switches to young Dimitri Ackbar playing tennis on one of the many courts across the world=======

He is young, a mix of Russian and Northern Albanian, and the N.A leaders son. But today in a bid to gain support by the WTA (World tennis association), Dimitri Ackbar will visit various leaders and tennis courts around the world, in a apparent attempt at gaining support for the sport.

Strangly enough his father was much agitated at this action by his son, and stated in a brief interview that he should follow his socialist brothers and refuse to access capitalist nations.

However despite this warning, Dimitri shall continue to visit kids of all types of government, a ploy that may in turn anger his own governement. But wherever this Russian born superstar may go, the national chamption of Northern Albania shall continue to influence many young kids hearts.

Now this is Greg back to the studio..

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05-12-2004, 16:39
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05-12-2004, 20:31
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